practical tips: exam day

a v. important, no frills post on what you should do on exam day. just a few tips from a medicine student :)


eat: protein (high energy), fresh fruit (low GI + fructose), any other common breakfast staples (don’t be adventurous with your food today! keep it simple)

have eggs/tuna, apples (makes you more awake than caffeine), wholemeal toast

avoid: heavy carbs/turkey (makes you sleepy), caffeine (excess can make you jittery), excess gum (laxative effect), excessively greasy/dairy/spicy/sugary food (nauseous effect), alcohol

don’t have pasta from last night, energy drinks, curries, bacon

what to bring*

  • water bottle! (pls sip if you feel tired/stuck on a question! it helps i swear)
  • transparent pencil case
  • student ID
  • 2 pencils (eraser tips would be good!)
  • 2 pens
  • clear ruler
  • eraser 
  • calculator/protractor etc. for certain subjects

* check your exam notification on the type of pen/pencil, whether calculator is allowed etc. DON’T bring white out- usually not allowed in exams, but again check for your school.

on the way

goal: stay calm and quiet

action: sit in a quiet carriage of a train, play white noise in headphones, avoid noisy/stressed out fellow exam-takers

reason: boosts your focus, confidence and calmness. enables you to utilise any last minute revision time effectively

on the way: revision

goal: active revision (avoid just reading over stuff!)

action: redraw diagrams, verbalise definitions, solve harder past paper questions from scratch.

reason: it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking ‘i know this already’. revising like this solidifies what you know and ensures clarity and depth in your answers.

reading time

this depends on which subject the exam is for but here’s a general guide

1. reading over long response/essay type questions and think about your stance/arguments to support it. 

2. skim through whole paper for questions on hard/difficult-to-memorise topics. keep a mental note to do those first (brain dump the info first while the knowledge is fresh!)

3. start solving multiple choice type questions mentally so that you’re ready to fill in the answers once you’re allowed to pick up your pens

Poetry Tag Statistics March 2014

I have already posted my weekly sonnet, so I’ll use my Monday-evening-post to finally get the poetry tag stats for March done.

My weekly poem, which is totally meta and cool and also describes the process how I write sonnets, can and should be read here:

How To Sonnet (A Sonnet)

Seriously, check it out!

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And now let me present you March stats. A comparably slow month, judging from the total number of featured posts. Maybe I wasn’t the only one taking a vacation.

Total number of featured posts: 1028

  • The top 10 contributed 12.5% of all posts.
  • The top 25 contributed 23.6% of all posts.
  • The top 50 contributed 37.4% of all posts.
  • 437 different contributors were featured.
  • Each contributor was featured 2.35 times on average.
  • 201 contributors have been featured multiple times, 236 only once.
  1. renebofene, 19
  2. uutpoetry, 16
  3. r-ybanez, 14
  4. lulu-llama, 13
  5. labelledamesansdice, 13
  6. wordrummager, 13
  7. mickeymichal, 12
  8. viperslang, 11
  9. victim-of-convenience, 9
  10. chucklingpecan, 9

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Poetry Tag Statistics January 2014

I’d like to start of this month’s statistics with a few additional stats about myself. I’m trying to post a new sonnet every week now (Monday evening seems like a good time) and of my last 8 sonnets, 7 have been featured. So thank you whoever was responsible for that.

My longest feature streak was 5 and the current is 2 (unless some editor decides to feature Locked Away which would combine them to a streak of 8).

I have recently reached 400 followers and I thank you all for your support. If you want to further support me, recommend me, reblog me, , follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook. You know, those places that are not as cool and friendly as tumblr. I really don’t seem to get any exposure there at all.

So without further ado and rambling, here are the stats for which you’ve come here in the first place. (I hope you stay for my poetry though.)

Total number of featured posts: 1465

  • The top 10 contributed 9.6% of all posts.
  • The top 25 contributed 19.9% of all posts.
  • The top 50 contributed 32.1% of all posts.
  • 629 different contributors were featured.
  • Each contributor was featured 2.33 times on average.
  • 266 contributors have been featured multiple times, 363 only once.
  1. viperslang, 20
  2. wordrummager, 16
  3. mickeymichal, 16
  4. mj-orchard, 15
  5. the-art-of-misdirection, 14
  6. esn13, 13
  7. vagabondkingpoetry, 13
  8. inkskinned, 12
  9. loqui, 11
  10. ladymycroftmansfield, 11

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