I am a mosaic of contrary inclinations:
(Lucky number 13)
The sharp exhale to intake of breath,
(Blue cheers me)
Crowds make me antisocial
(I wax friendlier with fewer and build rapport with one)
Silence answer to the taunting attempt
(People who try to make me mad make me indifferent)
If I’m not fine or sweet enough for your taste
(I will always be too potent for some to take)
You’ll find I increase in attempts to moderate
(Less is just less of more, more does more of the same)
They go to sleep early,
(I frolic till quite late)
No pink and frilly femme fatale tricks
(I’ll stick with bandying banter, Berettas & bat'leth)
Just try to condescend-
(I’ll blunt edge ego’s bluff till bent)
Etc., so forth and so on,
Don’t tell me it’s time to quit or go home
(I’ll do until I drop & go till it’s done)
Don’t tell me to smile because then I’d be pretty
(I’ll snap and snarl inwardly and bare sharp teeth gritting)
Shoes are a prison or guard against extremes
(I’m barefoot in winter, only shod on the street)
Others hide from thunderstorms and shiver in fear
(I dance in the rain, a barefoot banshee)
They cling to the comforts of dry & AC
(I love rainy days & flourish in heat)
Who tells me what to do that does not agree with conviction or duty
will not for long be endured in my personal jurisdiction
(Orders may be taken as suggestion to do quite the opposite of expressed intention )
Authority is to be questioned and tested
(Truth isn’t an exclusive executive privilege)
Challenges are to be ignored if irrelevant
(I don’t take a dare - unless I dare myself)
Or if needed for improvement or growth, overcome and bested
(Who are you to say how I should live or what I meant ?)
Surprise- you’re not me,
You don’t know my entire history,
(I do what I will, choose how I learn or what to dream,)
Nor can you contain the extent of my capabilities-
Tell me what limits exist,
(I’ll test before I accept their authority)
Not that I’ve no fear
(I won’t readily reveal vulnerability)
But I know each aspect, and learn weaknesses’ extents
(If it’s better to stand and face it why run from it?)
And prepare in advance for the test
(Why rush to trouble if it isn’t here yet?)
Where brashness repels and antagonises,
(Strange enough, helpless frailties draw me)
The indifferent conflicts with certain sympathies
(I’m passionate for the cause of those oppressed unjustly)
The strong need not my aid, nor the well remedy
(My soul yearns for the broken, lost, and in need)
Maybe it’s fit that a misfit find outcasts to be kin
(If all loved as brothers, then maybe I might blend in…)

love makes souls bold enough to stand strong on their own

but gives open friendship so no one has to go it all alone

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend some fics where draco works for harry or he is harrys slave

Hey anon! I’m not huge into slave fics, but I’ve got plenty where they’re working together or for each other. Enjoy these, and remember to leave comments and kudos for these wonderful authors!!

Drarry Recs: Draco Works for Harry

Give Me a Quiet Mind by calrissian18 - PG-13, 16.5k - Draco is Weasley’s assistant. Except for the week he’s not. Whose brilliant idea was that again? Featuring offices in Edinburgh, an epic Measley Bromance (that no one will admit exists), several unrequited crushes, fantastical revenge scenarios, coffee snobbery, the dreaded – yet adorable – toddler terror, promises of organ swapping, a play about Scottish history (no one cares), sequins, and the League of Snarky Secretaries!

Harry Potter and the Incredibly Organized Personal Assistant by megyal - PG, 2.5k - Harry Potter’s new assistant is snarkily organized.

Legs of Distraction (Or How Draco Got Promoted Three and a Half Separate Times) by olimakiella - NC-17, 12.5k - Harry gives us his version of how Draco re-entered his life.

Last Christmas by crimson_stained - PG-13, 6k - Landing a job as Harry Potter’s new secretary, Draco finds that he has more to offer than a nice cup of coffee.

The Motivational Benefits of Sleazy Men by fantasyfiend09 - NC-17, 16k - Draco was resigned to being groped until his creepy co-worker was named his Department Head. Blaise assured him he needed a powerful lover to protect him. Draco agrees, just not the way Blaise wanted him to.

My Universe Will Never Be the Same by undrsomestairs - PG, 12k - When Draco accepts a dare to spend a year without his parents’ fortune, he doesn’t expect to have any problems. He learns fast that earning your living is harder than it looks. Meanwhile, Quidditch team owner and entrepreneur Harry Potter is looking for a personal assistant. Draco gets the job, and Harry finds himself wanting more from his assistant than he’d originally planned. The feeling is definitely mutual.

Rock Hard Vice (or Twelve Days ‘til Boxing day or In which Harry Denies He’s Gay Eleven Times) by dadomz - NC-17, 5.5k - Just how many times can you read the work sex? 

Rumour Has It by patientiapudor - NC-17, 6k - Draco may have taken the job out of post-war necessity, but that doesn’t mean he’s not enjoying it.

Quiet the Mind (Radio Edit)
  • Quiet the Mind (Radio Edit)
  • IAMX
  • The Unified Field

IAMX - “Quiet The Mind

There was light before the rain began
and there was hope behind the suffering joke
Lies come
Lies they go
Even the sun is tired
Under the surfaces there is a benevolent drone
Do you feel it

So brutal when the words are on the tip of your tongue
So strange when your tired eyes won’t shut your brain down

Hold back the melancholy
Hold back the fear
Darling, it’s a crime

Hold back the fear
Hold back the melancholy
It’s a crime
(Quiet the mind)

Sometimes I can taste my death like a candy bar,
So sweet and complete as infinity takes me
Before that, I create to keep that dog at my bearable door
I’m a hologram in my egocentric universe

Oh, you’re the life but you know that the wire under you is bending
And the truth is only terrible to be immune to everything

Hold back the melancholy
Hold back the fear
Darling, it’s a crime

Hold back the fear
Hold back the melancholy
It’s a crime
(Quiet the mind)

Hold back the fear
Hold back the darkness
Hold back the melancholy
Hold back the melancholy
It’s a crime

(Quiet The Mind)
(Quiet The Mind)