U guys ever have an intimate dream about someone and after waking up you’re feelings are mcfreakin ten places at once making u feel some type of way

4th August 2015 ⭐️ How can I quiet my restless mind? @dec0nstruction #70starotchallenges
Through cleansing rituals to let go of what no longer benefits me and allow room and space for relaxation and positive thinking. 🌻💖☀️

openwatch asked:

How often do you meditate ?

I say a chant every morning during the week, I meditate randomly throughout the week and during my practice where I’m lying on my mat so I can’t give a definitive number. There’s no set time or appropriate number for meditation and you don’t have to be on a yoga mat or completely silent for it to happen. Quiet your mind or reflect on the good things wherever you are…

Don’t hesitate… #meditate 👳🏾 • I practice kundalini yoga everyday (Sadhana) to keep my mind clear and to follow my divine intuitive innate wisdom… The reason I chose to live a super clean and clear life is because I have my anchor ⚓️ which is the one and only #God 🐚🔑 • The Angels are just waiting to assist you and guide you - once we quiet our mind and listen 🌸 • #sacred #practice #kundalini #yoga #sadhana #magic #life #lover #white #tantra #waheguru #satnam #hollywood #bliss #goddess #temple #music #gratitude #angel #baby #candy

Before you it was really bad.
I feel like my entire life has just been a slow progression of it getting worse, and that is when I was at my lowest.

Right before I met you I was about to start a prescription for Xanax.
I never told anyone.
The amount of anxiety I felt on a daily basis kept me suffocated.
I couldn’t go anywhere, do anything, talk to anyone without panic following.

I was spending a lot of time drinking to quiet my own mind, because even I can’t handle myself.

Then I met you.
I should have been even more anxious.
I should have been incapable of breathing at this point, but I wasn’t.
I was calm.
For the first time I felt at ease.
I was nervous as hell but it was a sweet feeling unlike what I was used to.
You grabbed my hand and my heart raced but my mind cleared.
You kissed my neck and my muscles collapsed, but I was breathing better.
You talked to me and somehow the words came to me as easy as I always imagined they could.
You saw a side of me, I had never even seen before.
It felt like heaven.
Like this is how I should have been feeling my entire life and it was the only way I wanted to live for the rest of it.

I wrote to you once and told you to “make me talk”. Make me talk about my problems and issues.
I said it for a reason. I needed it more than I could explain.
I needed someone to help me.
But I couldn’t let it show

You thought I was perfect.
I wanted to be so badly.
But I broke apart and you saw all my flaws.
I’m no different, I said from the beginning I’m not special.
And now I think you see it too.

Am I that same sweet angel you thought I was?
Do I matter?
Am I special still?
Was it all a dream you woke up from and don’t plan on returning to?

I hid all my bad things.
I knew they would push you away.
They push everyone away.
It keeps getting worse and you keep getting further away.
I can’t breathe again.
There are days when all day feel like an up hill battle. These days I have to try so hard to tell myself I’m okay. Remind myself to breathe. Remember things will be alright. Take deep breathes to stop my heart from pounding or to stop from crying.

I’m a mess.
But loving you, was the only thing I knew how to do.

—  Something I never told you, but would it matter?
Quiet the Mind (Radio Edit)
  • Quiet the Mind (Radio Edit)
  • IAMX
  • The Unified Field

IAMX - “Quiet The Mind

There was light before the rain began
and there was hope behind the suffering joke
Lies come
Lies they go
Even the sun is tired
Under the surfaces there is a benevolent drone
Do you feel it

So brutal when the words are on the tip of your tongue
So strange when your tired eyes won’t shut your brain down

Hold back the melancholy
Hold back the fear
Darling, it’s a crime

Hold back the fear
Hold back the melancholy
It’s a crime
(Quiet the mind)

Sometimes I can taste my death like a candy bar,
So sweet and complete as infinity takes me
Before that, I create to keep that dog at my bearable door
I’m a hologram in my egocentric universe

Oh, you’re the life but you know that the wire under you is bending
And the truth is only terrible to be immune to everything

Hold back the melancholy
Hold back the fear
Darling, it’s a crime

Hold back the fear
Hold back the melancholy
It’s a crime
(Quiet the mind)

Hold back the fear
Hold back the darkness
Hold back the melancholy
Hold back the melancholy
It’s a crime

(Quiet The Mind)
(Quiet The Mind)

Who is running this? I think Irving is running this.

In the 5 days since People Magazine released the initial “pregnancy” rumor story, I, along with much of the fandom have been suffering from whiplash as we try to hold onto the ride.

So much has happened, it’s all so shady, there are so many bits and pieces to collect that I haven’t had a moment of quiet mind to stop and figure out where this is all coming from and why.

This is my first attempt at doing so.

All ideas subject to change!

- Briana’s family is fame-hungry, industry connected, and lives in Calabasas, California.

- Irving is an industry kingpin, outrageously connected, and lives in Calabasas, California.


I believe that for the right payout and the opportunity to have Azoff support, Briana’s family would do A N Y T H I N G.
Debase themselves, play the fame-thirsty role, whatever. If you have an Azoff hookup in LA and you are industry, YOU ARE SET.

Also, don’t forget Hendall! There is a historical precedent for Azoff involvement in One Direction stunting.

I also think 1DHQ was pushing for a much nicer role for Briana which also brings a much stronger het-affirmation for Louis.
We all know about the wedding anon rumors so I think that it is very possible they were originally sold on the idea of a engagement/pregnancy scandal, not the super weird “just friends”/pregnancy scandal that we see playing out.

So why the “just friends” narrative? Tamara Bell.
Tamera is a publicly known friend of Harry’s. 1DHQ doesn’t have power over her.

I think Louis didn’t want the engagement story.
I think he solicited a friend of his (who is more known to be Harry’s friend- natch) to hold his hand in semi-public for a split second at a major music industry event and Azoff made sure those photos reached some press and in doing so, Louis completely destroyed the potential for a Louis/Briana coupled up storyline in the press.

What about Simon’s quote to The Sun?
Obviously they could print a correction with a few small words added or retracted that could easily change the entire meaning of his statement. Simon could also say he was quoted deceptively and out of context.
Simon could also be going off script because he’s pissed he didn’t get the engagement story he wanted (we know it’s a fave of his).
That said, Simon has a lot to gain by making an ally of Azoff so who knows, maybe it will become apparent at a later date how that statement plays into this whole thing.

What next for Briana?
They could go SO MANY ways. I can think of a zillion possibilities. I think the strongest one is Gold digger/slut shaming. It’s also the grossest one so hopefully not. We’ll see. I’m sure she’ll be VERY well compensated for whatever happens.

What is the endgame?
Louis coming out. absolutely.

What about Harry?
I know that I’ve said in the past that they would never come out solo, and I still think they would in all likeliness come out together, but IF IF IF one were to come out first and alone it would have to be Louis.

If Harry came out alone, most of the world would say “ok! I guess Larry isn’t real since it’s just Harry.”

If Louis came out alone, everyone would immediately say “what about Harry?” and then go watch 19 hours of Harry’s-campy-moments-on-stage videos. And then later that day Harry would wear a Pride flag speedo whilst throwing glitter from his vintage Mercedes on Sunset Blvd or something.

Is there a baby?

What next?
NOOOOO CLUE. I expect them to advance the narrative this week - most likely on tuesday afternoon via people but who fucking knows man. Anything can happen. Someone might tweet something that changes everything.

Big thanks to Scruff, Cass, Mags, and E for helping develop this theory. Hopefully things start making more sense soon.