I know this is probably asking too much, but I really want a domestic Bellarke scene.

One bringing the other food because they know they’ve forgotten to eat. One falling asleep in an inconvenient location and the other covering them with their jacket and turning away anyone who comes near. A quiet conversation that’s not about anything they’ve been through or the next day’s troubles, but is instead about gossip around camp or Raven’s newest invention. Them sharing the same space together, sitting in comfortable silence.

The weight of the world is so heavy upon their shoulders, and they stand so tall to bear it. Let them be small together. Let them be human.


Commander Masterpiece

hogwarts house christmas/winter aesthetics

Gryffindor: spontaneous snowball fights, the smell of cinnamon pine cones, obnoxiously blasting “all i want for christmas is you”, strings of popcorn on the tree, shreds of wrapping paper on the floor, getting tangled in twinkle lights, slipping on the ice, chasing people with mistletoe, laughing with tinsel in your hair, eating sloppy christmas cookies with a milk mustache and icing-stained fingers

Hufflepuff: piling marshmallows into hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, catching snowflakes on your tongue, crackling fireplace, sitting on santa’s lap, the smell of warm vanilla, jingle bells, freshly baked cookies, the christmas radio station playing in the background, door-to-door caroling, bulging stockings, lights reflected in the eyes of wonderstruck children, the happy sleepy feeling when Christmas day finally comes to a close

Ravenclaw: crisp sprigs of holly, white lights with red bows, the smell of cold air, the glitter of department store holiday displays, a quiet nativity scene, smooth blankets of powdery snow, neatly wrapped gifts with elegant bows, the chill of peppermint in your mouth, the fizzle and clink of champagne glasses, the smell of the heat when it kicks on

Slytherin: sucking on a candy cane until it gets sharp, the smell of pine trees, strategically placed mistletoe, the crunch of the snow under your feet, eggnog, carol of the bells, garland wrapped around the banister, dark chocolate truffles, flickering candles, the zing of the scissors when you curl ribbon, sitting in the dark with just the glow of the christmas tree


And I see war on the screen
And it is cruel and unclean

The amazing thing about this scene is that it’s not an end of an episode scene. This is an end of the season scene. The quietness of the airport where all you can hear is Yuuri’s thoughts and his breathing and his feet and the things he focuses on, like Makkachin and Viktor. The soft music. The credits rolling during the scene. The aural focus on only them, drowning out the bustle of the airport and making it sound like they’re the only ones there. This is the kind of scene you see in the final episode of an anime, not episode 9, when the show is telling us how we leave the characters behind, with endings and new beginnings, tying up loose ends. We see it in almost every anime.

This isn’t a To Be Continued, it’s a The End.

And that’s exactly what’s happening here. This is an ending. This is a The End. It’s the end of Viktor’s career as a competitive skater. It’s the end of an era, the era of Viktor Nikiforov as a competitive skater. It’s the end of Yuuri fearing he can’t make it without Viktor, and the audience fearing Viktor will leave. It’s a proposal, which is basically the end of Act I in any love story.

And just like a good ending, we get to see new beginnings form at the same time. We get hope. This is the beginning of Yuuri’s era, Yuuri’s time to shine. It’s the beginning of ViktorandYuuri, their lives together. It’s the beginning of Act II of their relationship, and Yuuri’s career.

Episode 9 may as well have ended season 1. Episode 10, in that case, may as well be the beginning of season 2. And it’s really freaking incredible how well this show framed an end of season scene at the halfway point that gave us everything a good ending should.

Fan asked Jensen why Dean was way more bothered and concerned about Cas being possessed by Lucifer. Jensen says Sam is more concerned about the big picture but Dean cares about Cas and then he goes..I don’t know which episode it was..have you seen the scene yet? Audience is quiet. You know the..scene..there’s a scene coming uo explaining why Dean cares more. It’s gonna be a ‘big scene’ then he took a big gulp of apple juice and is quiet for a second and then he goes..“I think you’re gonna like it..I hope?”

The video features a group of unnamed black kids, purportedly from Ferguson, reciting parts of a script that’s clearly been written by adults. A script that will make you think race is solely a black and white issue, by the way. Even if the children are from Ferguson, it’s unclear if or how they’ve been compensated. Either way, the idea that these kids are from Ferguson is paraded for consumption.

Towards the end, a white adult and a black adult make nice and encourage viewers to buy a FCKH8.com T-shirt. Five dollars from each shirt will supposedly go to unidentified “charities working in communities to fight racism.” Which charities? Who knows! What communities? Can’t tell you.

The video concludes with a dedication, “For Mike,” and a quiet scene from the Ferguson street on which Michael Brown was killed by officer Darren Wilson more than a month ago.

The company behind the video, FCKH8.com, has made a name for itself selling what it calls “LGBT Equality Gear” (which sort of covers some LGB themes, but sort of leaves the T part out). It’s now trying to do the same with its “Anti-Racism Gear.” According to its website, FCKH8.com “recently became owned and managed by Synergy Media,” a corporate branding firm whose clients include Magnum bodybuilding vitamin supplements and pretty offensive “Buckeye Boob T’s” (the latter despite the fact that FCKH8.com says it’s anti-sexist).

There’s an entire economy around black death—and this ad campaign illustrates it all too well. Ironically, this economy’s profit margins depend on upholding the very racism this video claims to want to eliminate.

So there you have it, folks. Everything, it seems, can distilled, packaged, bought and sold—including racism.


This is the T-Shirt Company Making Money Off of Ferguson by Aura Bogado

TLDR: do not buy the shirts being sold by fckh8! 


Laura Roslin: (…) I’m going to be slipping away from this life very soon. And I’ve gotten kind of curious as to what that’s going to be like, and so I did some research. And there are some people who say that when people are getting closer to their death, they just don’t care as much about rules and laws and conventional morality.
Gaius Baltar: Are you threatening me?
Laura Roslin: No, I’m just saying have a quiet life, and I’ll die a quiet little death, and everyone will be happy. It’s just that I’m not in the mood any longer to indulge you. And that’s… all.