Preaching To The Choir Invisible, Part 1
Quiet Company

Quiet Company | Preaching To The Choir, Part I

So you say you’ve got a peace about it?
I propose you could live without it
Because we’d all love to invent the mystery
We’d all love to deny the history
But love lead me on, let me say what I think;
That we all belong to the earth and the sea
You say the truth sets you free? Sounds good to me!

Open up the pit! He swallows or spits
And I’ve swallowed that shit for so long
Now what should I think of faith?
It ain’t noble or brave, I don’t need to be saved or chosen
Love leads me on, lets me say what I think;
That we all belong to the earth and sea
You say the truth sets us free?

Well it calls to me and it offers no empty promises
Because there’s probably nothing more than this: “Just today.”
So can you see that we are all where we belong? 

Company of Silence

I immerse in the silence
Of the midnight hours
Demands are put to rest
Requests are slumbering
And I
I am alone

There is a certain enjoyment
In this solitude
There is a feeling of freedom
And there is loneliness

I wish for chest and shoulder
To lay my head upon
I wish for legs to entangle
I wish for whispers
Of sweetest adoration

But instead I take this silence
And wrap it tightly around me
It shall be my companion
And I have come to love
Its quiet company

open ;

He had spent his time in Rome in the stables, with the horses more, than with the people. Somehow enjoying their gentle and quiet company a lot more than people who tried to talk politics with him every chance they got. “Let’s wait for the right time and place” he’d always say for their hidden motive clear enough and malicious intent something he did not quite appreciate. It was peaceful here for not many prefer to be here and not in the beautifully decorated french halls.

And yet, he saw, out of the corner of his dark eyes, a figure near the building. He was quick to extend a greeting as he passed them by, “I wasn’t really expecting anyone to be out here.”


wanted to do the pokemon variations thing!

i think these actually came out p bland to be honest

Purebred Eevee are spontaneous and great for pokemon trainers looking to evolve an Eevee. For those who want a more predictable Eevee, the variations are for Eevee enthusiasts looking for a lifetime buddy who won’t be evolved.

Smeargle and Eevee breeding can produce an an Eevee with a knack for the arts called an Artistry breed. Despite two excitable and personal pokemon being bred together, neither of their attitudes show in the offspring, who is very art-critical and prefers quiet company. It’s not odd to see one of these ‘Artistry’ breeds at galleries and film festivals. To get an Artistry Eevee to appreciate your piece is thought to be impossible, but one who latches onto your work will refuse to leave it’s view. A piece that one of these Eevees hates will get defaced with the ink from it’s tail.

Tauros and Eevee create what is often called a Worker breed. Tauros eevee do not get along well with other pokemon, and can be extremely territorial and hard to tame. Because they won’t take commands very well, they’re not as great for battling as one would think, but they’re great at herding Mareep or other pokemon on farms. Much like a sheepdog, Tauros bred Eevee’s are loyal and willing to be lifelong partners if a strong bond is made.

Meowth and Eevee create this Companion breed Eevee, These Eevee love to laze about and look cute, and are entered in Beauty competitions. The fur patterning on these Eevee’s can be random, making for many unique coats and patterns. If left to their own devices/abandoned by owners, they can get into all kinds of Mischief, much to the disdain of other purebred Eevees, and to the delight of Persians and Meowths.

Furret and Eevee create this Spontaneous breed eevee. The amount of energy from the Furret is seen in this mix, and can be hard to handle.Spontaenous breeds will be energetic and excitable, followed by a solid hour of rest before waking and going off the wall again. These breeds are often kept in daycares, as they’re able to keep up with the energy of handfuls of children, and are sometimes given as service Pokemon to those who suffer from Narcolepsy to keep their attention and keep them from sleeping in dangerous places.

@askchrisschistad cont

She’d been just about to jump at the loudness of the roar but ended up slightly jumping from the feeling of his hand suddenly on her thigh. His hand felt cool compared to the warmth of her own skin. At first, her eyes darted down, just to make sure that it was actually there. It was a bold move. But it was Chris, and bold seemed to be his thing.

Her eyes trailed up his arm until her head was facing him, quirking her eyebrows at him a little. Her thighs pressed shut around his hand, trapping it where it was, enabling further movement whether it was up or away from her. “What are you doing?” The hints of a grin tickled her lips, keeping her voice quiet enough that their company wouldn’t overhear.

anonymous asked:

When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then send to the last 10 people in your notifications anonymously.

Thank you Anon xD

  • Sleep
  • Drawing & writing
  • Quiet time
  • Good Company (mostly close friends)
  • A good book
  • Sarcasm