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Bts reaction to you being British please xx

Being a British person myself I always question the same thing

So the answer will be from my perspective. Also you can look at this from whatever perspective so like you lot are friends, gf/bf, best friends etc. Lastly, you have to imagine that they are living in Britian. 

- He would probably LOOOOOVVEEE IT. Seeing as he is the only one who can speak fluent English, he would make fun out of yor accent and try to act British himself. He wold probably always think that you want tea and scones but low key you just want noodles. He would want to go sightseeing with you around London and pretend to be a British born. You both would go around and say “You got no jams” to Jimin in a London British accent
Overall he would be soo happy and when you two argue, he will alWAYS TRY TO IMITATE YOU WHICH WOULD MAKE YOU MORE ANGRIER (whether your friends, bf/gf whatever)

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He doesn’t mind that you’re British. You two would have marathons on British Soaps and shows that come on the TV. He will actively try to listen out for British slang and use it in funny situations. Jimin would also try to be sophisticated and pretend that he is the queen. He will wear black turtlenecks and drink tea and talk about the weather just to take the piss out of you.

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He abSOLOUTLEY LOVES THE IDEA OF BEING FRIENDS WITH/DATING SOMEONE WHO IS BRITISH. He has always respected the British culture and absoloutely wants to take you everywhere around the U.K. Just for you, he would probably rent out a little cottage in the countryside just so that you two can have little bit of quiet time after concerts, shows, events and dance rehearsals. 

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Just like the others, he loes the fact that you’re british. He always wanted to date/be friends with a foreign girl. But unlike the others, he is more interested in the night scene and wants to take yu clubbing and raving. After that you two would have kebabs at like 3am and go to the local parks and have deep conversations. The only thing he doesn’t like about living in Britiain or you being British, is the weather. He likes the cold and the winter and Britians weather is very unpredictable.


JIN IS IN HEAVEN!!! The countless amounts of foods from different cultures all in one country anD HE JUST CAN’T TAKE IT. The countless episodes that he will now film with you starts to become a bit ridiculous, but oh well at least it keeps Jin happy. He wants you and him to go on everyday adventures. e loves hearing your British accent and thinks its cute when you try to pronounce korean words.

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He loves it lowkey, but finds it a bit awkward as well as he has never been with anyone that is british. He has a hard time trying to understand how the British people work, but that soon changes when you show him how they work in bed (Wait what? Yeah you read right lol. Took an unexpected turn didn’t it) He soon gets used to it, you always offer to eat something other than dumpling, noodles and pasta but he always brings like 10kg of everything s you go out and buy 10 boxes of pizza and you two have marathons on Anime

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JunG HOSEOK/J-HOOOOOOOOOPE(In the voice of Min Yoongi)

HE IS TOO EXCITIED. ASDFGHJKLL. HE CAN’T CONTAIN HIMSELF. He loves the fact that you’re British and wants to take advantage of it too. Just like Jimin, he wants to learn the slang words and wants to use it when he is talking to you. Just to embarass you, he will take you for a day out and try to talk to other tourists in London in the ‘slang’ language and you’ll slysly walk away from him. He wants to be a hardcore Biritish like you and so he goes out and gets a britiain flag tatooed on his ankle, so that he can see it but its covered up when he is performing. 

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Baekhyun and Suzy (Dokyeom and Jihyo Cover)

Love Yourself, Listen To Seokmin’s Beautiful Voice ♡

Rogue one insecurities Headcanons

Jyn: Her size
She always wants.it to be known that she is strong and should be heard. Her being so small along with her being a young woman makes her feel like she is seen as lesser or weaker even if it’s not the case.

Cassian: His accent
Though Cassian does take pride in where he comes from, he knows it’s not as important to his teammates. As a captain he needs to give quick orders and having a soldier asking him to repeat himself embarrasses him. He knows he can’t change it, but every speech he makes he silently hopes everyone understood him.

Chirrut: Liars
Yes, he can tell a lot of things through the force but he’ll never be able to really tell what a person looks like. He’ll never get to see those looks. He can hear it in your voice, but he wants to see it.

Baze: His words
Baze always feels like he can’t find the right words to say. It’s part of the reason he stays quiet all the time. Showing he cares was something he used to think showed weakness, and now that he knows that’s not true, he has trouble showing he cares.

Bodhi: His Stutter
It comes out more when he’s particularly anxious, but Bodhi does have the tendency to trip over his words. He always worries he’s wasting people’s time and wants to yell at himself to spit it out. He’ll just get a little tongue twisted, but he dwells and gets stressed.

K-2SO: His imperial symbol
K2 is proud that he was repurposed, but he’s more proud of what he was repurposed for. He doesn’t like the up and down looks he gets from some of the rebels.

i’m getting so :) fucking :) tired :) of seeing a collective voice within my own community yelling about how l3xa is specifically the Biggest, Most Important Representation™ that mattered to the entire lgbt+ community that watches the 100 and how now that she died that rep is gone or moot when we still have a fucking bisexual leading lady on a network tv show!!!!!!!!!!! and a gay mixed race man in an established interracial relationship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

don’t fucking tell me that clarke being bisexual and miller being gay isn’t ~representation enough~ just because it’s not a conventionally attractive able bodied cis white lesbian. that’s a fucking disservice to people like me. be mad about this show using a harmful trope with l3xa’s death but don’t take away from people that feel represented by other lgbt characters on this show.

Some great discovery associated with it may hereafter make our most sanguine forecast of today seem poor and mean beside the reality. That its collections must increase is the law of its being. To it are coming, and will continue to come, things rich and rare from the four quarters of the globe. No limit can be set to its expansion along the lines already so wisely laid down, nor to the results which may flow from it. This is the century of wonders, and its closing years are like to be the climax for all which have preceded them. Men of science tell us that the problem of aerial navigation is on the eve of solution, mainly through atmospheric observations and the study of the motion and structure of birds, carried on it part in collections like this. It is said that the mighty power of electricity has not even shaken off its swaddling clothes, and is yet to tower before us like genie of the Arabian tale from the unsealed vase. If these things be true, and if other revelations of which we do not even dream are to remake the world in these or some of these, it may well be that the institution will have an honored part.

Mr. Edward G. Mason, President of the Chicago Historical Society, “The Message of the Museum to Chicago and the World.” 

Field Museum opening day and dedication ceremony, June 2nd, 1894. 8,000-10,000 people in attendance. 

Reading this passage gave me chills, putting myself in the position of those at the ceremony, their place in time and history. The fact that when the Museum was opened - the same collections I work in today - that aerial flight was on the horizon, and electricity was in its earliest, infantile stages, is awesome in every sense of the word. Many of these words have endured* more than 120 years and uphold the mission we carry out today – No limit can be set to its expansion along the line already so wisely laid down, nor to the results which may flow from it. 

If these people thought then we were at the brink of discovery, then now we are just beginning the gradual downward slope into the infinite spiral. At the center of that spiral lay our increasingly important museums and the collections they house. 

*some have not..

One day I was playing MGS5 with my brother in the living room and my mother came home from work and looked just in time when Quiet shows. And she become anger and ask to us “what the hell you’re playing?” “An game, Mom” And she laugh laud enough to scare my dog “Why has an millitary dominatrix in your game?” “Mom, really, her story it’s sad” “ That does not justify she go to a shootout dressed in a bikini my dear”

Head Down Low (Twenty-Two: All I Want)

Summary: Dan isn’t right. He’s not like most of the others, he’s not genetically pure. He has no destined path, he has nothing going for him in life. He’ll be lucky to get himself a job in a fast food kitchen, and everyone looks down on him like he’s a piece of dirt stuck at the bottom of their shoe. Except one person: Phil Lester.

Warnings: Non-con/dubcon, later consensual sex, mentions of depression and low self-esteem, references to ocd, references to ptsd.

Last Chapter || Masterpost || AO3 link

Important a/n: During the piano scene, please listen to this as you read.

Dan has never been one for believing in miracles.

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Happy April 6th!

4 years ago today the stupid losers known as Kensi Marie Blye and Martin A. Deeks met, and over time their relationship turned into a love story.

Opening Night.

It was madness backstage as the cast was getting things ready for opening night. Actors were dashing behind the curtain to get their costume, actresses were warming up their voices, and techies were getting the stage set up for the first scene. Chris was putting the finishing touches on the fake scar that took up half his face and covering it with the mask. “Ten minutes till show time people let’s hustle!” the director shouted above the music the the crowd was listening to until the show started. One of the ticket workers dodged people and came up to Chris.

“You asked me to let you know when a Kim got here right?”

“Yeah, is she here?”

“Yep, she just got escorted to her seat.”

“Thanks for letting me know." 

"No problem. Break a leg.” he said before dashing off. 

A few minutes later he could hear the music stop and the crowd begin to go quiet. “Show time.” he said as he tied his cape on. 

also, on another note! i’ve seen some posts circulating where people “apologize” for turning into bellarke trash today/tonight and like, i get where you’re all coming from because a lot of fandom has been dormant regarding them (for obvious reasons) and there might be increased blogging about them after 311 airs, but. you do not need to apologize to anyone. you do not need to feel bad about enjoying one thing about this show, even if it’s a ship. if you’ve acknowledged the terrible things about this show and want to keep watching and enjoying certain aspects of it – you can! and you don’t need to apologize to anyone for it. we use this website first and foremost for ourselves, no? and if someone doesn’t want to accept that you’re going to be blogging avout something you like and they don’t? that’s their problem, not yours.

have fun tonight and don’t let anyone drag you down with their negativity. we already have enough of that on our own ;)