quiet the steady

i want love that’s warm and sickeningly sweet like honey… the kind that makes your insides all gooey and causes your heart to flutter uncomfortably and causes heat to blossom on your cheeks… but i also want the cool and calm kind of love, the love that’s quiet and steady and stable, where they make you feel like you’re coming home.

Essays in Existentialism: Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day coming up, how about a themed Clarke and Lexa story?

The hospital swirled with the quiet steady of patients and doctors, all taking their time getting anywhere at all. Nurses stations filled with deliveries of bouquets and cards and chocolates, while the halls were littered with cardboard hearts and babies with little wings and bows. Reds and pinks of every shade and color turned the fifth floor into a haven of sappiness and commercial love.

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Gruvia Week Day2 Prompt: Quiet

He brushed back his hair, soaked in (her) rain, and clenched his jaws. Quiet and steady, Gray marched on.

Jungkook Scenario: Lazy Mornings.

Request: WELL THIS BLOG IS MY LIFEU. I LOV U GAIZ SO MUCH😭💙 Can I ask a “waking up in the morning inside Jungkook’s hug” scenario. (super fluffy plizz >o<)

Genre: Fluff.

Everything was warm, too warm if you dared to say but you weren’t complaining, and in fact you couldn’t do it in your current state, deep into slumber but not quite. It was somewhere halfway of it, making you conscious enough that you were half asleep and really aware that you didn’t really want to change that soon.

You felt warm, yes, but now you could also feel something else. You were trying to force yourself back, push your curiosity away but you couldn’t, the sensation was getting the best of you. There was a quiet and steady rush of air near your face, it was soft and peaceful so you unconsciously moved your face closer to the source, your eyes were still closed, refusing to open to the new day. It had to be early, you could say it for the sunlight that reflected upon your eyelids, yet you didn’t really care for the hour of the morning, you knew you had noting else to do for that day.

Your forehead met a firm surface and you furrowed your eyes, but the thing that really made you open them was the rhythmical heartbeat you could now notice under the fingertips of your left hand and the pair of arms firmly coiled around your body. Blinking slowly to coax your drowsy eyes to focus, you realized you weren’t alone on the bed.

At first it was surprising, then that surprise evolved to a much pleasant feeling, the one you could only get when finally staring up to the person you’d been using as a pillow for the whole night. And part of the morning, you thought with the ghost of a smile dancing around your lips, before reaching a little to the front and leaving a tender loving kiss on the mole he had on the left side of his neck that you loved almost as much as you loved him.

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I can already tell that I’m going to have a world of trouble getting that no-powers achievement in Dishonored 2. 

Not because because of gameplay but because when given the option to make Emily a shadow-walking witch queen, how can I not???  

If Outsider powers reflect their user, then holy shit does marked!Emily have some interesting development coming up. 

Steady, quiet Corvo was all about stealth, even when devoured by rage and grief.  He was stopped time, unseen motion, bodies devoured with no trace left behind.  

But Emily? 

Emily gets dark tentacles, and claws, and eyes that mesmerize.  She is fucking beast.  An apex predator.  She must have so much suppressed anger over all of the bullshit in her life, and I can’t wait to see it. 

Dear self: Going to bed super early to get some catch-up sleep only works if you actually then sleep until normal wake-up time. Not so well if you then wake up equally early and lie in bed with a cat stomping all over your kidneys, thinking to yourself, “but what about a fic where Yurio’s Angels adopt Otabek and he’s really confused because his own fans are quiet steady calmly appreciative people and suddenly he’s surrounded by high-key Yurio fans showering him with stuffed cats and loudly having feelings at him all the time.”

I mean, yes, I will probably write that, but I could have done with the three extra hours of sleep, and saved the idea-having for another time

Feet or Tails

Summary: Maiden’s Cove has always had legends of merpeople living nearby. Y/N finds out that those legends might hold some truth to them.

Warnings: gabrielxreader, merman!Gabriel, human!reader

Word Count: 713

Author: Gwen

Might write more if people like it…

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Sunny rays filtered down onto the ocean and onto the lonely fishing boat. It was nearly quiet with the steady rocking of the waves breaking the total silence, along with the fishing net being hauled up from the depths. It was a perfect day to be out at sea and the perfect weather to catch some fish.

Just as the last of the net was hauled up, the silence broke with the old fisherman crying out. “Balls!” He threw down his trucker hat before marching over to the sliced holes in his net. “Damn net!”

A shadowy figure nearby smirked, knowing that the planned worked as he could hear the old fisherman’s shouts. Careful not to be seen the figure swam away, diving deeper so he wouldn’t be detected.

“I know you’re out there!” The fisherman narrowed his eyes at the gentle lapping water.

The salty air smelled like home to you as you biked your way down to the docks. You smiled over at some of the fishermen you knew, getting a friendly ‘Hello’ back. You slowed your speed as you neared the fishing boat you had set out for, Karen.

“Bobby!” You called out, coming to a stop near the beat-up boat. Sure, it still worked, but it could use some paint. “It’s Y/N.”

“Ya, I know who it is.” He came out of the cabin, greeting you with a hug. “Only girl that comes hollering for me these days.” He chuckled.

“Oh, I’m sure you make all the ladies weak in the knees at the Roadhouse.” You smiled.

“Don’t know about that.” He turned, grabbing a small cooler from the boat.

“What’d you get today?” You leaned over.

“Not much.” He popped the cover off, showing off a few small crabs and small fish. “Damn nets got cut again.”

“Third time this week, huh?” You searched through your purse for the money you owed him. You had a good arrangement with Bobby as he sold most of his catches to Crossroads the fancy restaurant in town, but the smaller catches he sold to you. Any other fisherman would’ve thrown them back in the ocean, but Bobby knew your father when he was alive and wanted to make sure that you were provided for. It was sweet and over time, Bobby became like a father to you. “Don’t tell me you pissed off the wrong person.” You handed him over the money as he set the cooler in front of you.

“More like thing.” He muttered. “Called Maiden’s Cove for a reason.” He didn’t bother to count the bills as he slipped them into his wallet.

“You mean those mermaid legends?” You rolled your eyes.

“Legends start from somewhere.”

“Okay, Bobby.” You gave him a small smile, taking the cooler and strapping it to your bike. “See you tomorrow?”

“Sure, if Crowley doesn’t skin me alive first.”

“I’m sure lots of fishermen have problems with their nets. Maybe try a different location.” You suggested, getting on your bike. “And maybe this is how mermaids flirt.” You teased. “Gotta get your attention somehow.”

“Sure.” He rolled his eyes.

“See you later, Bobby.”

“Take care, Y/N.”

Gliding past the fishing boat from earlier in the day, the figure made his way to the sandy beach. His whiskey eyes darted over the land, making sure no humans were in sight. Thankfully most were occupied in the nearby Crossroads restaurant or the Roadhouse.

Solid feet pushed against the sand and the figure walked out from the water. He grabbed a hidden duffle from the shed that everyone ignored. It was worn with half the roof collapsing, but it wasn’t a problem so no one ever bothered with it.

He quickly dried himself off, then slipped into a pair of dark washed jeans, a maroon button up and some boots. Sweeping back his honey brown hair, he was satisfied that he looked good and hid the duffle back where it was.

He sauntered up the sidewalk and headed toward the Roadhouse. The only clue he left behind of who or what he was, was the small golden scale in the sand. But with any luck, it’d be gone by morning. Washed away with the tide, much like the figure who emerged from the ocean.

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  • Aries: Wildfire, raging and uncontrollable, just like them - with a beauty in its madness.
  • Taurus: The hearth, quiet, homely, and steady, always there for you when you need it.
  • Gemini: Fairy lights, bright, twinkling and exciting - millions of them but each is unique.
  • Cancer: Moonlight, beautiful and mysterious, pale and romantic, the light of love and dreams.
  • Leo: Sunlight, bright and dazzling, as full of happiness and laughter as a child's smiling face.
  • Virgo: Power-saving light bulbs: practical and tidy, clever and efficient.
  • Libra: Elegant lamps, carved out of glass to make the prettiest and most amazing glows.
  • Scorpio: The dull wink of the last few stars going out at 4 am, finality, beauty in endings.
  • Sagittarius: Glo-sticks, waving in the air at a concert, whole-hearted appreciation and joy.
  • Capricorn: All the lights of the city, a place for fame and success and business and determination.
  • Aquarius: A lava-lamp, unique and constantly morphing, never quite what you expect.
  • Pisces: The bright dawn, showing new hope and new happiness and new possibilities in the world.
Az/Mor Headcanon

If Mor has nightmares or is upset Azriel will hold her close to him, put his scarred hands around her and draw her in against his body, against that quiet, steady calm that’s anchored her for centuries.

He’ll let her press against him and scream or curse or cry, whatever she needs while he holds her and absorbs it all. Sometimes he’ll take her into the sparring ring and let her work it off that way. Some nights he’ll make her a warm drink and some food (Azriel is a surprisingly good cook) Some nights he’ll make the shadows that wreathe him like smoke dance in front of her just to make her smile again.

And the times when it’s utterly unbearable for her, he’ll wrap his wings around her and shield her from the world and what it’s done to her entirely. He’ll keep her close and contained within himself until she’s ready to emerge and face her ghosts again.

On nights when it’s particularly bad he’ll fly with her, out over Velaris until the sights of the city and the steady comfort of his presence remind her how to laugh and breathe again.

The Signs Best and Worst Qualities part 1

Best: You are full of energy and warmth, you ignite everyone around you with your endless passion, you are protective and determined, you inspire people with your charisma and adventurous spirit.
Worst: You are quick-tempered because of your soft heart, you are impulsive because of your blinding energy, you are competitive because of your ambition.

Best: You possess a quiet strength, you are steady, you are full to the brim with charm and independence, you are witty and engaging, you are observant and know how to make people feel loved.
Worst: You are stubborn because of your passions, you can be selfish because you are afraid to lose, you are possessive because you love so strongly.

Best: You are effortlessly clever and funny, you are an absolutely sparkling conversationalist, you are open-minded, you are creative and quick-minded, you make people feel special, you always have the best ideas.
Worst: You can be unpredictable and sharp tongued because of your constant need for movement, you can be moody if you are not satisfied, you can be flaky if you don’t feel confident.

Best: You are sensitive to other’s hearts, you are intuitive and introspective, you know how to read people, you are compassionate, you genuinely care for people, you are brave and inspiring and full of love.
Worst: Because of your sensitivity you can be moody and overreact, you can be unintentionally manipulative, you can avoid confrontation, you get too wrapped up in your emotions.

Best: You are so brave that being with you feels like an adrenaline rush, you are bold, you can speak your mind, you are so caring that your love could fill a room, you are intelligent and sharp.
Worst: You are at times insensitive because of your confidence, you can be vain because of your pride, you can be stubborn and refuse to see other people’s perspective.

Best: You are analytical, your mind is sharp and clear and cunning, you are so inspiring in that you always work hard, you are beautifully selfless, your love is pure and kind.
Worst: You are critical because you analyze everything, you can be insensitive because your brain gets ahead of your heart, you are easily stressed and anxious.

eye of the storm

take me to that beautiful place
the godhead
raise me like a zombie please
cause im dead,
and dying already.
living and growing
balanced and steady
a quiet sense of knowing.
hunger steady growing
as I’m showing
my inner self to the outside.
hunger for the satisfaction
a life without lies.
emptiness with no distractions
is my leverage in battle action.
see, all I am is water,
water floating in the sky.
thunderstorms my alma mater,
expressing love, anger, and pride.
that resentment and vindictiveness
colder, crueler than lightning is.
bolder and fewer but fighting this
with a warm, calm heart.
and I played my own torn part
we were torn, yet united
born of the righteous
we have it in our blood
we weren’t told to be like this.
born out of a contradiction
made to feel like
somethings always missin.
prayed for real life
and it was given.
a slave to real life
is not my vision
an office can be an infinite world
but it’s haunted,
haunted by infinite words,
and labels and concepts, ideas.
then they look at me like im weird.
then they look for me like im here.
as if I wanna be.
happy, it’s what I gotta be.
because as the world gets colder, my heart is only overcast.
there’s always a sun behind it,
and it stay warm.
I’m in the eye of this storm.

Grand Fermata (who could love this disaster) - zenelly - Kingdom Hearts [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Grand Fermata (who could love this disaster)

Summary: He waits there, waits for the voice that usually comes to him, waits for a hooded figure. Waits and waits until he finally wakes up, and it’s only when he does that he realizes there was a doubling of his breath, his heartbeat, the quiet, steady awareness of someone else.

He wonders if, maybe, he can find them again.

Notes: Written for the @kh-worldsconnected event on tumblr! The theme was “Time” and while I know I got a bit esoteric with following it, hopefully the idea comes through. I got the distinct honor of working with the lovely @cloudcastor for the event, and BOY HOWDY did they pull through! Their art is absolutely incredible, and you should all heap love on them.

I have their permission to post it here, but I’m sure they’ll have a separate post too, which y’all should all reblog. <3 Thank you so much to the mods for hosting this event, because I haven’t written KH in a while, and it’s always good to reignite the old flames.

Song of justice

A/n: part 2 to song of love. Sorry it’s long

The steady quiet beeping filled the tiny hospital room. Damian tried his best to keep the tears from showing but a few slipped out and made their way down his cheek. He felt his lip quiver and he bowed his head so his silent grief would go unnoticed.

He wouldn’t. He wouldn’t let himself be weak in front of her. Even though she was unconscious, just the thought of her being present while he had this moment was embarrassing. A simple moment to let his guard down and become the vulnerable and broken child he was inside. But it was over a soon as it began.

Damian knew he had to be strong for y/n. He had to be by her side, so that when she finally woke up he would tell her. He didn’t know if she blamed him for her attack, but it didn’t matter. He had to tell y/n he loved her if it was the last thing he did. If she rejected him, so be it. It would be worth it to get the secret off of his chest.

A tiny feeling of unease worked its way into his mind. Something was wrong but Damian couldn’t place his finger on it. That’s when he realized it. Silence. It was too silent in the room.

Normally, Damian loved it when it was quiet. He could focus his mind on whatever he felt like. Sometimes he even searched for absolute silence. But this… This was wrong.

It was never silent when y/n was around. She and Damian would always be deep in a conversation. Or she would be singing for him. Tapping her foot to a beat only she could hear, humming quietly while they worked, the noises she made when words couldn’t express what she was feeling. There was never silence, only her and the music she had. Not the type you hear everyday but the music of life.

Damian took a shaking breath as he dared to look at her again. Looking at her pale sleeping face, it made him want to do something. To shake her until she woke up, and then beat the shit out of the people who caused this.

“Beloved, I’m so so sorry. I don’t know if you can hear me, but I don’t care. I’m sorry for leaving you that night, for leaving you alone. I’m sorry for not being there to save the day. To save you. It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t left, the bastards who hurt you would’ve stayed away.” He felt more tears well up in his eyes and he wiped them away quickly. He reached out and gently grabbed her hand, holding it in both of his.

“I promise that I will find the ones who did this. I swear that I will make them feel the exact way you do now. And after that, I’ll be with you always. To protect you from the evil in this city. To love you like it is the only thing I know how to do.” He brought her hand up and placed his lips on it. When he removed his lips, he stared at her hand for a moment, mentally willing her to squeeze it. To give him some sign that you were awake and that this was all an elaborate prank by his brothers so he would finally say the words, I love you.

But y/n did nothing. She laid there still as a corpse. “You’re always trying to convince me to sing to you. You never managed to be successful though, beloved. Since no one will hear, I’ll do it this once.

I don’t want them to know the secrets. I don’t want them to know the way I loved you. I don’t think they’d understand it, no. I don’t think they would accept it, no. I loved and I loved and I lost you. I loved and i loved and I lost you. I loved and I loved and I lost you. And it hurts like hell. Yeah, it hurts like hell.“

Damian leaned down to kiss y/n’s forehead. He stood up from his chair and went to the door but not before turning around to see her as he shut the door. “I’ll be back beloved. And when I am please try to be awake.”


It had taken a little bit of time but Damian had tracked down the boys he had seen the other night. They were hiding out at an old warehouse and Damian decided to let Robin give them a visit.

None of them knew what happened. One minute they were joking about the girl they had grabbed the day before and wishing that the h/c haired girl hadn’t made such a scene.

The next, they were all being dragged off into the shadows and unfortunately for them, there were a lot of shadows. Soon they all were tied up and on the floor, while looking up at the boy in a cape.

“You are all suspects in the assault of y/n l/n. I suggest you confess now, it’ll make the trial much easier to handle.” Robin said as he glared at each of them. There were three boys. Two of them withered under his gaze but one of them was a lot braver or stupid than the other two.

"y/n? Oh yeah, she was that bitch we grabbed yesterday. Why do you want to help a slut like her? She was practically asking for it anyway.” He said. Definitely stupid. Only someone who’s brain was dead or nonexistent would confess in that way.

"After all, going to a club like that all alone. It was funny actually seeing her fight my friend here. Who would’ve known that a common whore could hit that hard.” The idiot continued. Maybe he wasn’t as stupid as originally thought though. He had noticed the way that Robin said y/n’s name. It was with so much familiarity that they had to know each other.

Robin looked at the one boy and almost laughed when he realized that the boy’s nose had been broken. He had seen y/n fight one or two people before and he recognized her handiwork.

The idiot continued talking, noticing that Robin kept getting angrier and angrier. Now readers, it is not a smart idea to anger someone who currently has you tied up and is obviously restraining themselves from killing you. This dumbass just had a death wish I’m guessing.

"She would’ve been lots of fun to play with, but she started screaming for help. We had to shut her up so I put a knife into her gut a few times. She screamed so loud i swear my eardrums would burst. Is she dead?” Robin glared at him with fire in his eyes before answering. “No, fortunately she lived.”

“Well, after I get outta here I think I should go to the hospital and pay her a visit and finish the job.” The idiot responded. At that, something inside Robin snapped. The lesson he had been taught since coming to Gotham, justice not vengeance, was forgotten.

All he wanted to do was make the boys in front of him hurt. He wanted them to hurt the same way y/n did when they stabbed her. Without thinking, he punched the dumbass with the big mouth. He had done it so hard that the kid went flying three feet away.

Robin walked up to him and grabbed the kid’s arms. “Which arm? Which arm did you use to stab her with?” He asked, his eerily calm voice not showing any anger. The dumbass stayed silent for once, and this only enraged the vigilante more. He twisted the other boy’s arms and broke them both. The kid screamed and tried to twist away which only made the injury worse.

Robin stepped away and glared at the other two. "If any of you try and escape before the cops arrive, I’ll hunt you down like the dogs you are. And next time I won’t be so forgiving.” He threatened as he walked out of the building. His phone started ringing, so he opened it with a sigh.

“Damian? It’s y/n. She’s awake.”

A/n: hey thanks for reading:) I know it’s bad but I might have to do a part 3 because this one was longer than expected.
The Signs as Types of Drivers
  • Aries: Hella road rage, honks at people but drives the safest out of everyone
  • Taurus: Drives slow, then fast, then slow again, then fast
  • Gemini: Drives 10 miles under the speed limit, hits curbs & trashcans
  • Cancer: Drives hella slow and then apologizes to the drivers behind them making a line
  • Leo: Drives hella fast, cuts people off
  • Virgo: Hella cautious about their car, tells you not to eat in it
  • Libra: dirty ass car and breaks too hard
  • Scorpio: Best at driving manual/stick shift, turns up their music really loud
  • Sagittarius: eats while driving, doesn't signal, gets speeding tickets and is the reckless of them all
  • Capricorn: Quiet af when they drive, steady and safe, hella awkward for the passengers
  • Aquarius: Road rage & a reckless driver but not as reckless as Sagittarius
  • Pisces: the person who says they can drive manual but they can't, drives slow af or doesn't drive at all


It was quiet in Simon’s bedroom—quiet aside from the steady rhythm of the rain tapping against the window panes. It was dark, nearly pitch black, lit only by the flickering light coming from the candle on Simon’s nightstand.

He had fallen asleep hesitantly. The same nightmares had haunted him relentlessly ever since the Mage’s death, and sleep had become a sort of nightly horror for him. It was so much easier to stay awake until sleep forcibly caught him and dragged him back into its inky depths—the  nightmares weren’t as vivid this way. Penny had argued with him about this method after finding him passed out on the kitchen counter, half dressed, scone filling in his hair (he really had no good explanation for that).

“It’s just not healthy, Simon,” she had scolded him, arms crossed firmly over her chest. And Simon had shrugged and promptly changed the subject.

The only thing that really worked was Baz. When Baz slept next to him, Simon slept deeper and longer than he ever had before. It was easy falling asleep with Baz’s arms around him. Simple, even.

Unfortunately, Baz had been out of town for a week visiting with some old rich businessman (he hadn’t really specified the details) and Simon had been plagued by nightmares worse than ever before. He wasn’t due to return until tomorrow night, and frankly, Simon couldn’t wait. He was exhausted.

So now, with the storm picking up outside, and the window panes beginning to shiver dangerously against the wind, Simon tossed and turned fitfully, a thin haze of sleep keeping him under.

“No…” he mumbled, despair heavy in his voice, his eyes moving rapidly beneath his lids. He saw it all with blazing clarity, the Mage dead, sunken and small in his arms. And then the Mage’s eyes flew open, bright red and filled with fury.

You’re a monster and you always will be, he hissed. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

A crack of lightning split the sky outside, illuminating the interior of the room for a brief second, painting everything in harsh shades of white. Simon woke with a start, tears forming in his eyes before he could process a single thought.



The flight had been a long and tiresome one, with some bratty kid kicking the back of his seat for the last hour. It had been a relief to step out of the claustrophobic space and into the fresh air—even if a storm had formed to greet him. He ducked into a cab quickly, shaking the water out of his dark hair.

As the car sped forward, he couldn’t help but feel a twist of worry. He knew that Simon had been having nightmares, and Baz seemed to be the only one that could cure them. His stomach clenched at the thought of Simon alone in the dark, tired and haunted by images his mind had cruelly procured.

Luckily, he had been able to cut his meeting short and head home early.

Baz arrived at Penny and Simon’s flat just as a crooked streak of lightning split the sky apart, so close that the thunder that followed seemed to shake his very bones.

Quickly, he let himself inside using the key Penny had given him, setting his suitcase down by the door and slipping his shoes off.

Up the stairs, up to Simon…

The sight that met him as he swung the door open was a heart wrenching one. Simon sat in the center of his bed, the comforter pooled around him in a messy tangle. He held his face in his hands, visibly shaking.

Oh Simon…

With a grace he didn’t know he possessed, Baz slipped off his traveling cloak and let it fall to the floor. He slid under the covers next to Simon, wrapping his arms around him.

Simon looked up with a start.

“Baz?” he whispered, his eyes darting over him, as if he couldn’t believe that Baz was indeed there, nestled beside him. “I thought you weren’t coming home until tomorrow.”

Baz brushed the hair from Simon’s forehead, kissing his cheek gently. “Trip ended early,” he murmured. “Nightmares?”

Simon nodded, tucking his head under Baz’s chin and breathing in deeply. His eyelids dipped closed.

“Stay,” he mumbled, the word muffled against Baz’s shirt.

“I wouldn’t want to do anything else,” said Baz, holding him tighter.


And for the first time in a week, Simon was able to sleep.

anonymous asked:

Not sure if you take prompts, but just in case: tony purrs like a cat when hes happy/content and he cant control it ( steve (or/and bucky)/tony, please?)

I have to admit, I kinda went “Purring? Really? Ehhhhhh” but then I thought about it and was like CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

I set it in the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes universe, but you shouldn’t need to know much about it in order to enjoy the story. I was gonna work Bucky in but I ran out of steam. So this is Steve/Tony, Teen and Up, lots of purring. :D 


The first time Steve heard it, he wasn’t even sure what it was. Nobody else seemed to be picking up on the low, quiet, but steady bass rumble, or if they were, they weren’t bothered by it.

Perhaps it was something in the house. He hadn’t had much time to familiarize himself with Stark – now Avengers – Mansion before Zemo was trying to blow up parts of it, but now that the hazard was past, the Avengers were gathered in the still-intact grand dining room, chomping away at a massive assortment of strange foods in small white cartons. (Tony said it was Chinese; most of the Chinese that Steve had encountered before the war ran steakhouses.)

He’d picked something that looked mostly recognizable – meat and vegetables stirred up with noodles – and he had to admit it was great. But it was one more strange thing, and so he’d been focused on that when he’d heard the hum, and hadn’t noticed it at first.

No, not a hum, more like a purr; it had a sort of vibration to the noise. Perhaps Tony kept a cat. He seemed like the kind of fella who might even keep a big cat like a tiger, and let it prowl around at dinner. Or –

He cast a glance at Hulk, who had plucked an entire roast duck out of the mass of food and was systematically eating the whole thing, though Hawkeye – Clint? – was nipping little chunks of it when Hulk wasn’t looking.

But as he listened, the sound seemed to be coming from the other side of the table, near to Tony and Jan, who were amusedly watching Thor try to make conversation with Ant-Man – oh, what was his name, he’d have to ask someone – who was carefully feeding sweet sauce and bits of broccoli to a small swarm of very well-behaved insects. Maybe it was the insects.

He cocked his head, turning his ear to get a better sense of the sound. Jan was talking, but Tony –

That was it – Tony was humming, almost below the threshold of hearing now, a deep purr, not a song or a tuneless amble but a solid bass noise. Tony with his strange gold eyes and brain and mouth both going a mile a minute (though at the moment he wasn’t speaking), and his startling kindness.

(More behind the cut; if you’re reading on mobile you may not see a cut link below, but there is more fic to be had.)

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I went with an animal, the American Eagle. I saw it on National Geographic, and observed how that bird flew higher than everybody else and looked down on everything and calculated strategy. Very stoic. Very quiet. Closed mouth. Steady neck. Fierce eyes. I basically just emulated it. I was like ‘I don’t know where else to pull from’, I’m not going to go to D.C. and interview somebody because I’m never going to get the truth. And it helped so much in believing that is your environment and your wingspan is broader than everybody else’s and you know how to attack your pray without being caught.
—  Robin Wright on how she moves and emotes in the role of Claire.