quiet sunday afternoon


There’s nothing like a quiet Sunday morning or afternoon to help relax me. I used to hate Sundays, to be honest. But that was when I was younger and before I started learning about introversion and before I realized I was an introvert. Now, I welcome Sundays as if they were an old friend or a warm blanket during the winter nights. What comes to mind for you guys when Sunday comes around?

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We crave your time. We crave you in the quiet of a Sunday afternoon, in the thunder of a Thursday storm. We don’t need much, just bring us your heart, pinned to your sleeve. Just bring us your mind, cupped within your palms. Bring us your closeness, your unhinged ribcage, your dreams and your aspirations. Bring us the key to the world you hold within you, and we will explore it. We will always explore it.

We crave your understanding. We crave the ability to be who we are — the over thinking, daydreaming, messy hearted human beings who have the loudest worlds tucked beneath their skin. We crave acceptance — your arms around us when we need to leave the party, a smile on your face as we walk towards the exit, a nudge that says “It’s okay to be drained. It’s okay.”

We crave your patience. We crave time — time to figure out the feelings that jump and leap and shout inside us. We tread so deeply, we sometimes drown. Love overstimulates us, it plants seeds in our lungs and sometimes it gets hard to breathe. We crave permission to pluck the weeds from within our chests, we crave permission to learn how to wade in our depths, until we know how to swim. We crave your confidence in us, in our ability to dig up what we want to express to you. Because we do care, we do; we just want to be sure of ourselves, we just want to be sure of our heart, before we allow someone to make a home within us.

We crave your distance. We crave room to stretch our limbs, soft moments where nothing is expected of us. This is how we connect with our softness, this is how we connect with our quiet. When this happens, we crave the ability to be alone without hurting you — without causing you to retreat into your mind; without making you believe that you did something wrong or that we have lost interest. Trust me — if we love you, we love you, but we crave your compassion, your empathy, because moments alone with our hopes and our dreams are just as important as the moments we spend with you. They are our strength. They are our comfort, our fuel, our paradise.

But most of all, we crave your knowledge of us. We crave the way you see the small things we do as declarations of our love. See, when we do extroverted things with you, when we come out with you and dance with you and laugh out loud with you, we want you to know what that means. How we love seeing you happy. How it makes it all worth it, even if it makes us weary.

And when we invite you into our heads, when we show you our favourite dog-eared books or cry in front of you while watching our favourite movie, when we share with you these extensions of who we are, and what shaped the very foundation of our souls, we want you to know what that means. How hard that is for us. How we try for you. How we will always try for you.

—  Bianca Sparacino, “This Is What Every Introvert Craves In A Relationship”
The Twins

hi! would it be possible for you to do a fred weasley oneshot? you can do anything but can you make it really fluffy? thanks! X

(Disclaimer: I know Fred would have been dead long before any of these events, but I have written it as an AU of what I think would have happened if he didn’t die.

Also I hope it is fluffy enough for you; I was trying to get the balance right, because there is a fine line between fluff and cheese!)

  • Warnings: Fluff and slight references to smut.
  • A/N: All characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling
  • One-shot masterlist is linked here: [X]

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon, and this weekend had been one of the rare few in the busy month of December that Fred had taken off work. With George and Angelina about to become parents at any second, the twins had shut up their shop, spending their well earned weekend off with their loved ones.

Today, you and Fred had decided to spend the day at home; not bothering to go out anywhere extravagant after a busy weekend of visiting family. You had agreed that as long as you spent the day together, you didn’t care what you were doing, and the idea of a relaxing day in appealed to both of you.

Fred’s success with the shop meant that you had recently been able to buy your first home together; a small, rickety, stone grey cottage, which had a tall triangular roof that was scattered with many chimneys. It had large black bay windows, a round mahogany front door and the outside stonework at the front of the house was nearly hidden with ivy and wild plants.

The pair of you had fallen in love with the cottage immediately and its location in the suburbs of Hogsmeade was ideal for Fred and the shop, as well as meaning that you were secluded. After all that you had been through, a peaceful life with Fred was the only thing that you wanted and you would never tire of the peace and quiet that the cottage provided you with.

You were currently both squashed on the small patchwork love seat in your lounge. Due to Fred’s size, he was as per usual, unintentionally taking up much of the tiny two-seater sofa. You had learnt to squeeze in around him, never daring to get rid of the sofa; the pair of you loved how it gave you the excuse to cuddle close together.

You were resting a copy of the daily prophet on his lap, lying on your stomach on the remainder of the sofa; your legs dangling over the arm behind you, idly kicking the air. As you read, Fred was absentmindedly playing with your hair with one hand; knowing it was something that you found deeply relaxing. With his other hand, he was petting your purple pygmy puff; laughing at the fact that it had followed you to the sofa.

You twisted your body at an angle which allowed you to see Fred’s face. “Hey Fred, I’m reading this thing about floo powder mishaps and did you know that this one witch got it so badly wrong one time that she ended up somewhere in Australia…and she lived in England,” you began laughing maniacally at this, Fred quickly joining you.

“If you ask me, you would have to be a right idiot to get it wrong at all,” Fred scoffed, “of course that didn’t stop Harry from messing it up that one time.” You snorted with amusement at this, happily going back to your previous position and continuing reading your article; Fred’s hand finding its way back to your hair.

These kind of afternoons were your favourite; you loved how you could enjoyably sit in silence with Fred- the pair of you feeling so comfortable with each other that you didn’t always feel the need to make conversation.

Noticing that Fred’s hand was now motionless and no longer playing with your hair; his soft snores confirmed your suspicions that he had fallen asleep. Folding up the newspaper, you stifled a yawn and rolled on to your side so that you were facing his steadily rising stomach. 

Removing his now redundant hand from its position on the top of your head, you held it tightly with the hand that you weren’t lying on; entwining your fingers with his. You settled your head on his lap, preparing to join him in a nap as you got cozy. Your’s and Fred’s locked hands were also comfortably situated on his lap, and they were positioned just in front of your face as you fell asleep.

A loud smash, followed by a painful squeal woke you and Fred up with a start. Both of you attempted to jump up with alarm, causing your heads to smash together due to the close proximity in which you were sleeping.

“Jesus Fred, are you trying to give me concussion?” you groaned, rubbing your head with your hand, feeling grouchy from your abrupt wakening. Fred, who had slipped out from underneath you, was now kneeling in front of you. He kissed your forehead sweetly as he spoke.

“Sorry love, but it isn’t my fault that you can’t resist being apart from me while I nap,” he joked. You began to chuckle as Fred moved over to the window, now pointing at the owl which had woken you up and was steadily beginning to slide down the glass.

“It was only ruddy Errol flying in to the bloody window again…even though the window over here IS OPEN,” he moaned, directing his annoyance at the brown mess of feathers which was stuck to the glass. “Mum and dad really need to get a new owl; Errol was already past it when we were at blimmin’ Hogwarts.”

Fred peeled the owl off the window, bringing him in to the house and placing him gently on the windowsill so that he could recover. Shaking out his feathers, he clumsily dropped a letter folded in brown parchment to Fred, before flying back off the way he came.

You were now in the kitchen getting a glass of water, leaving Fred alone to read the mail from his mother. Still feeling groggy from your nap, you were splashing your face with water from the kitchen tap when he began shouting at you from the other room.

“(Y/N), get some shoes on, we need to go out NOW!” There was a frenzied tone to his voice and as you walked back to the lounge, you looked at him with confusion as he was putting on some rather small shoes on in a maniac rush.

“Fred those are my shoes,” you amusingly pointed out, crossing your arms over your body. “Slow down will you? What could possibly be that important?” you asked as he threw the pair of shoes at you, grabbing some of his own. You slipped them on effortlessly, leaning on the wall in the lounge as you watched him.

“George and Angelina have gone into labour,” he yelled, getting his words in a muddle before frantically shaking his head. “I mean Angelina has gone in to labour…oh whatever,” Fred gave up with trying to explain himself. “You knew what I meant; come on, we need to go!” You swiftly walked over to him; finally understanding and feeling excited as Fred gently took your hand. Following the directions in the letter from his mother, he apparated you to the maternity ward of St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.

You immediately recognised the hospital as the same one that Arthur had been sent to after being attacked by Nagini during the second wizarding war. Still holding Fred’s hand tightly, you greeted his parents first, hugging and kissing them both lovingly. You could see that Hermione was also present with Ron, Harry was sitting quietly with Ginny and you were pleasantly surprised to even see Charlie sitting and talking to Bill, Fleur and Percy. 

You quickly moved over to greet the rest of Fred’s siblings and your close friends. Patiently sat among your love ones, you were comfortably tucked under Fred’s arm, laughing and joking as you waited for news; no one but George being allowed to be present with Angelina.

When he eventually emerged from the room, George’s face was plastered with a beaming grin and much to the hospital staffs annoyance, he was met by loud cheering from you and the rest of the family. He cleared his throat as he made an announcement.

“So guys, I guess it could be said…that…twins run in the family,” George dramatically prolonged his speech, smiling widely at the unexpected turn to the day; only planning to become a father to one child today. Molly let out a cry of happiness, hugging Arthur as Fred leapt up; tightly engulfing his twin in a hug, congratulating him on the news.

“I’m so happy for you both, George. When can I see Fred and George Junior?” Fred joked, looking at you as he laughed at himself, earning several shakes of the head from his family members.

“Sorry Freddie, but you won’t be seeing Fred and George Junior, because I am actually now the proud father of two twin baby girls,” George stated, earning another round of cheers and applause from all.

“How about (Y/N) and Hermione junior then?” You suggested, setting Hermione off in laughter as Fred made his way back over to you, kissing you proudly on the cheek.

“And that is why I love you,” he snickered, slinging his arm around your shoulders. He was holding you close, and you placed one of your hands on his torso, smiling back at Molly when she smiled warmly at the pair of you.

Because the hospital room was too small to comfortably hold any more than four adults at a time, you visited George, Angelina and the newborns in pairs, also not wanting to overwhelm them. Molly and Arthur went in first, leaving the rest of you to impatiently wait for your turn to visit. 

Some of the others were in more of a rush due to their jobs and families; you and Fred were in no rush, and therefore didn’t mind waiting until last. Sharing a hot drink and snacks while you quietly chatted, you watched the waiting room gradually clear out.

When you had said your goodbyes to Hermione and Ron, you were the only members of the Weasley clan left and you eagerly made your way in to the small private hospital room. You quickly walked over to Angelina, hugging her and congratulating her; Fred following in pursuit. 

George and Angelina kindly let you hog their babies, knowing that they would have all the time in the world to hold them later and you were thankful of this, not being able to get enough of the beautiful babies. Being the last two visitors, you and Fred stayed a lot longer than the rest had, chatting to George and Angelina about possible baby names as you cuddled and cooed over the tiny newborns. 

You had been taking it in turns with each; you and Fred swapping every so often to divide your time equally among the babies. George and Angelina smirked knowingly at each other when they noticed Fred watching you for the third time; a longing smile on his face.

It wasn’t until the smaller baby grabbed hold of your finger tightly and you looked up to show Fred, that you realised he had already been watching you. You couldn’t read his expression as you smiled at him in return, Angelina giggling as you turned to look at George who had begun speaking.

“So me and Angelina were thinking, if you want to- we would like you both to be the babies’ godparents,” George proposed, waiting patiently for your reply as he sat on the end of the hospital bed. Fred didn’t even need to ask you, already knowing what your answer would be from the huge smile on your face. 

“It would be our pleasure. Those poor babies are going to need some place cool to come and stay when you start driving them mad,” Fred responded, earning chuckles from all. 

Shortly after this, you said your goodbyes to the new parents, not wanting to overstay your welcome. You begrudgingly placed the sleeping baby which you were holding and had already grown attached to, back in Angelina’s arms- Fred doing the same with George. Leaving the new family to get some rest, you gently kissed the babies on the head and promised George and Angelina that you would visit them very soon.

After disapparating back home, it had gotten quite late and you and Fred went straight up to bed; the day’s events having tired you out. After settling down, you lent over to turn off your bedside lamp, easily finding your way back to Fred’s warmth in the darkness. Lying on your side, you placed your head on his chest. Fred immediately responded to this by placing his arm tightly around you, holding you close to him; his cheek resting on the top of your head.

“Today was amazing,” you yawned quietly. “They are literally the most perfect babies ever.” You spoke into the darkness as you laid on Fred’s chest; a small smile on your face.

“Ours will most definitely be a lot cuter,” Fred disagreed, his competitiveness with his twin emerging.

You lifted your head off his chest, propping your body up with your elbows as you leant on your side looking at his face; your eyes had adjusted enough to the darkness to be able to make out his facial features.

“What do you mean…ours?” You quietly questioned. You had never properly discussed starting a family with Fred. You had speculated over the idea of marriage and children, but it had never been something which you had both seriously discussed.

“Oh don’t sound so surprised (y/n). I love you, of course I want to start a family with you,” Fred nonchalantly stated. “Today made me think about it a lot,” he confessed.

“Ouch, I bet all that thinking hurt; your brain isn’t used to it,” you teased, feeling his body shake beside you as he chuckled.

“I think we would make great parents, and I kind of feel ready for it, you know?” Fred admitted, feeling like he could entirely express his thoughts to you.

You hadn’t really thought about it much until today either, but similarly to Fred, today had left you feeling broody. “I get what you mean,” you agreed.

After a moments silence he continued, “Don’t get me wrong, they were bloody cute babies. But with a mother as beautiful as you, and a smoking hot father like me…we will obviously have the better looking children; it’s just how science works,” Fred joked. Leaning forward, he softly kissed the tip of your nose before lying back down, pulling your head back on to his chest like before.

Not being able to find the right words to respond, you let your instincts take over. “Well I guess there’s only one way to know for sure,” you sultrily prompted, once again lying on your side next to him. Fred knew where you were going with this; propping himself up before cupping your face with his hands.

Lightly stroking your cheek with his thumb, Fred sat up properly, his forehead resting on yours. You both lent in, meeting with a sweet kiss, which promptly grew more lustful. The kiss, now heated and no longer innocent, resulted in Fred flipping you over gently; using his elbows to hold his body above yours as he initiated the nights activities.


Summary: Bucky’s nightmares are getting worse, but Y/N is bound and determined to find a way to help him cope with the pain of his past. Word count: 1.9k

Bucky x reader. HURT/COMFORT, FLUFF (mostly fluff). TW: none.

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon in the tower that day. Most of the team was either out on a mission or spending the day in the city, enjoying the fresh spring air. For Bucky, the quiet days were often the hardest. When he’s busy, he can sometimes put the horrors of his Hydra days on the backburner and focus on something else, but when it’s quiet with nothing to do, there’s nothing to fill his mind other than the memories of what he did.

Luckily, even though most of the team was away for the day, Y/N stayed in. Bucky was so glad to have her around—she always had a way of making the bad things seem not so bad, and even bringing the good things to the surface. He watched as she gracefully sauntered into the kitchen, her steps as quiet as a mouse. “Hey Bucky.” she said with a smile as she pulled the orange juice out of the fridge. “Got any plans for the day?” she asked. Bucky shrugged and replied, “Nope, but you might not wanna drink that. I think Sam has been sneaking sips straight from the bottle again.” Y/N stuck the bottle back in the fridge with a grimace on her face. “Not worth the risk. That’s so icky! Like, how hard is it to grab a glass out of the cupboard?! UGH! What’s so funny? Bucky, why are you smiling?!” Bucky stood there, arms crossed with a smirk on his face. “You’re cute when you’re mad.” he said. Y/N rolled her eyes and looked him square in the face.

“You okay, Buck? No offense, but you look like you haven’t been sleeping very well again… Nightmares back?” Y/N asked with genuine concern in her voice. Bucky still felt deep down like he wasn’t deserving of anyone’s time, much less concern, which is part of the reason why he has a hard time opening up to people, but never Y/N. He can tell her anything. “Yeah. It’s like every time I close my eyes it all comes back, and it’s so vivid it feels like it’s happening all over again. I just—I just don’t know what to do anymore.” Bucky stared at the ground in front of him with a look of utter defeat. Y/N put her hand under his chin and guided his face up until he was looking her in the eyes. With determination in her voice, Y/N grabbed his hand and said “Look Bucky, you might not know what to do, but that’s okay because I think I might know how to help. Come with me.”

Bucky was a little confused about what was going on but he trusted Y/N, so he followed along as she pulled him over to the big couch in the lounge. They sat down on the couch, still holding hands, when Y/N smiled at him and said “So here’s the thing. We all have bad stuff in our past, some of us just have more than others. The trick is to find a way to deal with it. Just think of what our friends do—Steve takes out his frustration on a punching bag down in the gym, Tony builds stuff, Nat draws, Bruce spends time in the lab—I guess what I’m trying to say is that everyone has a different way of coping, and we’ve gotta find one for you. I have some ideas, so how about we get started and try out a few of them?” Bucky was skeptical, but figured it was worth a shot. At this point, he was willing to try anything if it meant the nightmares would stop. He squeezed her hand a little tighter and asked “Okay, so where do we start?” “Go put on some clothes you can move in and meet me in the gym.”

When Bucky got to the gym, Y/N was standing in the corner wearing yoga pants and a tank top, trying to connect her iPod into the sound system. She put on some quiet instrumental music and pulled out two yoga mats. “Okay Bucky, just relax, clear your mind, and do what I do. No talking—only inner peace.” Y/N smiled and started going into various yoga poses, first some simple ones that Bucky could follow pretty easily. As the poses began getting more difficult though, Bucky started getting frustrated. His metal arm was less flexible than his other arm was, which made some of the stretches not particularly feasible. Bucky broke out of some weird pose and laid on his back on the yoga mat and said “This is definitely not working. Let’s move on to the next thing.” Y/N turned to him and smiled, then walked over to the duffel bag she had set down next to the sound system. She pulled out some books and a pencil pouch, walked back over, and plopped down on the floor next to him. She unzipped the pencil pouch to reveal dozens of colored pencils. Bucky looked at the books and groaned. “Coloring books? Seriously?” He said with audible skepticism. “Yes. Coloring is a mindless activity that gives you something to focus on. I color all the time. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.” The two of them sat on the floor and worked on the coloring books chatting here and there about their favorite books and debating about which pizza place in New York is the best. After about an hour, Y/N looked up from her coloring book and asked “So Bucky, how are you liking the coloring book thing?” Bucky smiled at her and replied, “Eh, I could take it or leave it. I don’t think I find it any more relaxing than anything else, but I’ve enjoyed spending the time in here with you, so there’s that.” He felt bad that Y/N was trying so hard to help him, but so far no dice. Not only did he want something to work just so he could get some sleep again, but he also wanted to be able to tell Y/N that it was her idea that got him through. She’s already gotten him through so much, and he wants her to see that what she does is really helping.

 Y/N grabbed the duffel bag and tucked all of their coloring supplies back in while Bucky rolled up the yoga mats and put them back in their little cubbies. “You ready for idea number three?” said Y/N with a devious smile on her face. “Umm, I guess so, but that look on your face… I know that look. You’ve got something up your sleeve, don’t you?” Y/N giggled at his response. “Well Bucky, you might not like this one at first, but just give it a chance. Wait there.” She ran over to the sound system and changed the music from peaceful, relaxing tones to more upbeat songs. They were 1940s-era swing tunes. “Hold on a minute,” Bucky said inquisitively. “I know this song! Are we just gonna sit around and listen to old music? Why don’t we head back over to the lounge for that and—. ““Nope!” Y/N interjected before Bucky could finish his sentence. “We’re dancing!” she said with excitement. “Uh-oh. I don’t know how this is gonna go, Y/N. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any dancing. Like, the last time I danced was when this music was still playing on the radio.” Y/N took a step forward and grabbed his hand. “No worries, Buck. I’ll teach you.”

The two of them moved to the middle of the gym floor, and after a little practice counting out the beats from the music and a refresher on some of the basic steps, they decided to try stringing some of them together. First they danced a slower number, but once Bucky started to pick it up he wanted to try something faster. Y/N and Bucky spent the next two and a half hours doing the Lindy Hop in their workout clothes and socks, laughing and smiling the entire time. Eventually, they both started getting hungry and decided to stop for the night and grab some dinner. Bucky ordered a pizza while Y/N took a quick shower.

The pizza showed up just as Y/N came out of her room with damp hair, wearing pajama pants and an old oversized t-shirt. They sat down next to each other on the couch and started eating their pizza (Tony hates it when people eat on the nice furniture, but he wasn’t there to complain about it so they did it anyway). “So Bucky, how was the dancing? If it’s not for you that’s okay, I still have some ideas we can try tomorrow if you aren’t busy.” Bucky took Y/N’s plate out of her hand and set both of theirs down on the ottoman. He then took both of her hands in his and stared straight into Y/N’s eyes. “The dancing was wonderful,” he said with excitement in his voice, “and I’d like to maybe try it again sometime, ya know, if you want to of course.” A giant smile came across Y/N’s face. She was clearly glad that she had been able to do something good for Bucky. “Yay! I was really hoping you would enjoy it. I love dancing, but I never have anyone to dance with. I guess I’ve finally found myself a partner! And look, Bucky—I understand that sometimes the bad stuff resurfaces in the middle of the night, so I’m just putting it out there now that if you ever feel like you could use a Lindy Hop at three in the morning, I don’t mind waking up for a dance.”

Bucky, still holding Y/N’s hands, pulled her toward him and he kissed her. They had been close friends for quite a while, and had always been really flirtatious with one another. Bucky had known for some time now that he was in love with her, but was afraid that he would screw up their friendship if he told her how he felt. However, after the amazing day he had just spent with Y/N, he knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. Bucky laid his heart out on the table and said “I love you, you know. Actually, I’ve been in love with you for a pretty long time now. If you don’t feel the same way that’s fine, we can just be friends, but after all you did for me today I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how I feel about you.” Y/N dropped one of his hands and placed hers gently on his cheek. “I love you too, Bucky.” They kissed again and then settled back down and went back to their pizza.

“I don’t think anyone else is gonna be using this room tonight since it’s getting pretty late. Wanna watch a movie?” said Y/N. “Only if you pick. I still don’t know very many movies.” replied Bucky. The two of them spent the rest of their evening snuggling on the couch watching “Footloose,” until both of them fell asleep. They woke up the next morning still in each other’s arms. “Good mornin’ you two little lovebirds!” someone yelled from the kitchen. They sat up and saw Sam drinking OJ out of the bottle. Y/N and Bucky looked at each other and smiled, because that was the first time in ages that Bucky had slept through the night.


Quiet Sunday afternoon with my babes @blunts-not-binary and @high-horticulturist

I  Want You (Peter Parker x Reader)

I decided not to promise anyone a certain time to post their imagines anymore :D I was normally going to post this yesterday but as you can see I couldn’t, again. I apologize the two people who requested this that I don’t post this on time but my excuse is that sometimes I stuck and I need to work on an imagine more than I should have. Anyways, enjoy :)

Request: #21: “I don’t wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your neck.”

                #16: “Come here. Right now.”

Word Count: 1,282

Warnings: Make out

A/N: I’m aware that these prompts were actually for a smut imagine, I would write it if I could :D I tried to make it as heated as I could.

Originally posted by tiltingcolors

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon in the Stark Tower. You were shocked that no one was making noises, you thought everyone was out and left you in the Tower all alone. Normally, you wouldn’t mind having peace for a while but, you were hurt because they all went outside together and left you alone. You went to the kitchen to have lunch, by yourself. You put the last night’s pizza to the microwave, and waited for it to get heated. You were really bored and you couldn’t believe yourself that you weren’t enjoying being alone for once. You decided to call Peter, your best friend from the Avengers. You and Peter joined them at the same time and he was the same age as you, so you two being best friends wasn’t shocking. You went to the same school and this was your last year.

The phone started to ring and you hoped he wasn’t on a mission or something. He quickly opened: “Oh, hey Y/N!” His voice was cheerful, you wondered if he was with the rest of the Avengers. “Hey Peter. I was wondering if you were available? Everyone on the Tower is out and I’m really bored here.”

“I was actually with Aunt May. She dragged me to the mall, you know we are trying to find the perfect tuxedo for me. I told her I wasn’t going to the prom but she insisted. Ugh.” Prom? You totally forgot about your senior year prom and it was next week. You used to care about prom, but ever since you joined the Avengers, you seemed to forgot about these little things about your normal life. “Oh my god Peter!” Your voice was higher than you planned it to be. “What?! What’s wrong Y/N? Are you okay? What happened?” His voice was anxious so you quickly said: “Nothing! But I completely forgot about the prom! What am I going to do? I have no dress, I don’t know how my make up and hair will be and the worst is… No one has asked me!” Peter froze for a second: “Hello? Peter? Are you there?”

“Y/N, I thought you were in trouble or something! I nearly had a heart attack?!” He was shouting at you but you could hear his little giggles in the background that he was trying to hide. “Sorry Parker. I will ask Nat to help me with all these things well except she can’t find me a partner but that’s okay. Not everyone has to go to the prom with someone. Who are you taking?” You teased Peter and he didn’t answer you: “Peter Parker, are you not telling who you are taking to prom, to you best friend?!” You shouted at him sarcastically. “Technically, I’m not taking anyone, but a friend of mine told me there is this girl who was waiting for me to ask…” You got excited: “Come on! Ask her! What are you waiting for?”

“I don’t want to ask her. I was planning to ask someone else…” He murmured the last part but you clearly understood what he was saying: “Who?” You were really curious.

“You? Like, as a friend, you know we are best friends and I actually wanted to spend the prom with you so I don’t want to ask someone else, we would ha-“ His voice was shaking a bit but you tried to ignore it.

“Okay, Peter, calm down. I will go to the prom with you.” You smiled, hung up the phone and dialed Natasha’s number because you needed to find a dress immediately.

“Come on Y/N, our Prince Charming is waiting for you in the living room!” Natasha shouted from downstairs.

“I need a minute, my hair and I are having some problems over here! “You shouted at her trying to fix the part of your hair that was ruined. Once you were done, you ran, well, tried to run downstairs with your heels. Everyone was waiting for you, you didn’t know why but through the whole week the Avengers were really excited about your prom.  Peter was surrounded by Tony, Steve and Sam, Wanda and Natasha looked at you, and you realized Nat had a tear on her cheek. Bruce and Thor were just smiling at you. “Okay if you guys would let my prom date go, we need to leave immediately because we are already late thanks to my hair.” Now Steve, Tony and Sam were looking at you too.  They all seemed like they were going to cry. You came closer to Peter, who seemed like was in a shock because he wasn’t moving. “Earth to Peter? Are you with us?”  You joked and he shook his head: “I-I…You-“

“Kid, haven’t I teach you anything? This is the part you need to tell she is gorgeous?” Tony sighed. You were trying really hard not to laugh at Peter’s face expressions. He sighed, closed his eyes then opened them again: “Y/N, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.” He said. The words really quick but you understood them all. “Thank you Peter. Now we should leave. “ You smiled and linked your arms to Peter’s.

“Wait! We didn’t take a photo of you!” Steve shouted. He seemed like he was really afraid, you guys would leave without a photo. He proudly took the photo and wiped the single tear on his cheek. “Old man? Are your crying?” Tony teased him, while sobbing.

Music was really loud and everyone was already dancing when you arrived. You held Peter’s hand, not to lose him because it was really crowded. You saw one of your friends near the drinks, you dragged Peter there. You talked to them at least for twenty minutes, then you realized Peter was about to die out of boredom. You came closer to his ear and said :”Hey! We should go and dance!” Then smiled. It was obvious Peter didn’t like the idea, he had an awkward expression on his face and was clearly trying to find an excuse not to dance. You dragged him to the dance floor before he could answer you. When you arrived, a slow track started to play. You smiled at Peter and although he hesitated for a moment, he grabbed your waist. You wrapped your arms around his neck. You were staring into his eyes but he was trying to avoid yours. “Peter…” you whispered. He finally looked into your eyes. “Why are you acting so weird? It’s me, Y/N, you can look into my eyes. I’m your friend.” You laughed lightly. He avoided your eyes once again and sighed. You were worried something was wrong about you so you frowned. He looked back at you once again: “I-I don’t wanna be your friend-“ You were shocked: “What?!” “I wanna kiss your neck.” He sighed and then kissed you without hesitation. Now you were really shocked, you didn’t know what to do for a second, but then you got used to the situation and kissed him back. You felt like his kiss was becoming rough so you dragged him away from the dance floor. Your kiss broke. You held his hand and lead him to one of the empty halls of your school. He didn’t know what to do, you leaned your back to the wall and dragged him by his tie: “Come here. Right now.” You demanded. He started kissing you again but he didn’t know where to put his hands. You held them and put them back to your waist. A few seconds later he lowered them. He broke the kiss, you were both barely breathing: “I want you.”

Baby Steve

Summary: requested by @iamwarrenspeace Something happened that cause Steve to become a baby and the avengers have no idea what to do with a baby.(btw I hope I did it justice. Sorry if it kinda sucks..)

Warnings: cussing

It was an quiet Sunday afternoon in the Avengers tower. You were working on some paper work and having a nice cup of coffee. Everything was peaceful but like always that didn’t last long in the tower. You heard a loud noise come from the lab down stairs followed by everybody yelling. You sighed and took off your reading glasses and began to walk down to the lab.

On the way there you asked F.R.I.D.A.Y what was going on. “It seems like an incident happened to Mr. Rogers ma'am.” You had a puzzled look on your face. “What kind of incident?” “Hard to explain Ms. Y/L/N.” You rubbed the temples of your head. What did they do now?

You arrived to the lab where you see everyone standing in a circle. “Guys wha-” before you got to finish your question you heard a baby cry. Everyone turned to look at you with wide eyes. You eyed everyone questionably until you’re met with the “incident.” You look down at your feet when you’re met with a baby.

“Guys what the hell? Why is there a random baby in here?!” You put your hands on your hips and look at everybody with annoyance. Everybody pointed at Bruce and Tony. “It was them Y/N.."Sam quickly defended with his hands up. ”..it wasn’t us.“ You look at Bruce and Tony with your foot tapping on the ground waiting for an answer.

Tony was the first to speak. "Okay okay before we go any further in this uh situation..” He pointed at the baby. “..that isn’t just a random baby but in fact its..Steve. The baby is Steve Y/N.” You look around the room and notice that Steve is in fact the only one not there. Just as you were about to speak again the baby or Steve began crying. You look at every body else waiting for someone to do something but of course no one flinched. You rolled your eyes and picked up Steve and began to hold him.

Bruce was the next one to speak. “We don’t know what happened.. We were messing with this serum that we found and all of a sudden Steve walks in saying we shouldn’t be messing with something that we have no idea what it does and then every one began arguing then the next second we-we don’t know Steve was a baby I-I…” Bruce began running his hands through his hair not knowing what to say next. He looked beyond stressed.

You looked at every body not knowing what to do next. “Well guys..” You looked at baby Steve. “.. Any one of y'all know how to care for a baby until Bruce and Tony figure out how to switch him back?” Everybody shook their heads. You rolled your eyes. “Of course what was I expecting y'all are not the baby type of people..” You groan as you take baby Steve with you. “I’ll be up in my room.. Until then Natasha, Wanda can you two go grab diapers and baby clothes, and other baby things until we get this whole thing settled?” Natasha and Wanda nod and walk out the lab. You then looked at Bucky and pointed your finger. “You, you’re coming with me.” And with that you turned around and started walking to the door with Bucky right behind you.

Once y'all arrive to your room you start to hand baby Steve to Bucky.

“Here hold him while I place some pillows and blankets down for him.”

“What? No no I don’t want it!” Bucky quickly threw his hands up taking a step back. You throw your head back in annoyance and groan.

“First okay Buck he isn’t an it he’s your best friend! Just shrunken in size..and who drools..and who poo-okay never mind just hold him for me please? Just for a minute.” You ask with begging eyes. Bucky rolls his eyes but obligates. He takes Steve and holds him..awkwardly. You laugh to yourself as you began making a palette for baby Steve.

Less than five minutes later you had it all ready. “Okay here give him to me.” Bucky quickly gives you baby Steve as you lay him down. You look down at him and then you walk to your bed and get your stuffed bunny that Bucky given you and you lay it next to him.

“Y/N! I gave you that why would you let him play with it?!” Bucky frantically yells and tries to take it away from baby Steve. You swat his hand away and look at him as Bucky grabs his hand.

“What was that for?!”

“Bucky calm down what is a baby going to do it? Besides it gives him something to play with something to keep him occupied.”

Bucky rolls his eyes and huff. “Fine whatever let the drooly crying baby play with your bunny.” He throws his hands up in defeat and walks over to your bed and lays down. You shake your head and walk over to the bed to lay down with him. You sigh as you turn to look at Bucky.

“This wasn’t the way I was expecting to spend my Sunday. I had so much paper work to do today and I-”

Bucky quickly interrupts you with a kiss. “How about we..” he begins to bring his hands down to the ends of your shirt and starts to pull it up. “..do something else to take your mind off it this whole problem.” He wiggles his eyebrows at you as he kisses you again. You didn’t hesitate to kiss back but just as it was getting deeper baby Steve began to cry.

“God dammit Steve!” Bucky yelled. You sigh as you put his hand on his chest then you give him one last kiss as you stand up and walk over to baby Steve and pick him up.

“Where the hell is is Natasha and Wanda. I think he’s hungry..” You began bouncing him up and down trying to calm him down. Just as you calm him down the two walk through the door.

“Here Y/N we got everything the ba- err I mean Steve needs.” Wanda says. She sits the bags down and her and Natasha leave the room. You look at Bucky and you tilt your head towards the bags.

“Can you get out a bottle and some formula?” Bucky nods and walks over to the bags and gets the items out. He hands then to you and you give him baby Steve.

“I need you to hold him again while I run to the kitchen and fix it up for him.” Bucky hesitates but takes him and nods.

“Yeah I got him you go ahead.” You smile and touch Buckys face and walk out the door. You come back ten minutes later to see Bucky sitting on the bed with baby Steve. You smile at the sight as you walk over to Bucky and take him away.

“Okay I gotta feed Steve..shit that was something I thought I would never have to say.” You laugh as you walk over to the little couch with Steve and began to feed him. You look over at Bucky and he’s staring at you with a huge grin on his face as he watches you take care of baby Steve. “Can I help you with anything sir?” You laugh as you turn back to baby Steve. Then you hear Buckys food steps walking towards you. Next thing you know he’s sitting by you with his arm around your shoulders watching you feed baby Steve.

Baby Steve finally finishes eating and yawns you smile and put down the bottle and look at Bucky.

“I think it’s time for him to take a nap.”

“Yeah I need one too.” Bucky sheepishly smiles. You laugh as you get up.

“Wait..first we need to change him.” You look at Bucky with wide eyes.

“Oh fuck no. Sorry Y/N but that’s all you.” Bucky quickly replies. “That’s a part of Steve that I NEVER wants to see.” Bucky makes sure to exaggerate the never. You roll your eyes as you take a deep breath.

“Well I guess I got it..” You rub your head and take Steve to the bed and lay him down. You began to take off the diaper. “You know…” You say to get Buckys attention. Bucky peeps his head up at you waiting for to go on. “..when I first signed go to help out here..this wasn’t what I expecting.” You laugh at yourself as Bucky laughs with you.

“Trust me I would never have guessed that my best girl would be changing my best fiends diaper.” He throws his head back in laugher and you turn pink. You roll your eyes as you go back to changing baby Steve diaper.

“Steve..let’s never talk about this again okay?” You say in your best baby voice. Baby Steve just smiles and laughs which causes you and Bucky to laugh. Finally after you’re all done changer his diaper you pick him up and lay him down on the bed and you lay down with him. Steve quickly falls asleep and you slowly start to drift off with him when you suddenly feel a dip in the bed. You turn over and see Bucky staring right you.

“Sorry Buck..” You yawn. “.. I’m just so sleepy.” Bucky cheekily smiles at you.

“No you’re okay. You go ahead and sleep I’ll stay up and watch over y'all two.” He winks at you as you smile and close your eyes. After you fall asleep Bucky keeps his word as he stares and watches over you and Steve sound fully and peacefully sleep.

When you wake up you see that Bucky and baby Steve are already up. Bucky is playing with baby Steve on the floor with the little plush bunny. You smile to yourself as you walk over and pick up baby Steve and take him over to the couch to feed him again.

“Hey Buck can you go make him another bottle please?

"Another one? How much does babies eat?!”

“Hush and just go make one.” Bucky does so and brings the bottle back to you. He watches the way you feed baby Steve. You laugh when you notice him staring.

“Anything I can help you with there?”

“No..its just…” Bucky walks over to you and sits down right beside you. “Looking at you taking care of him makes me think. Maybe we can have our own family one day?” You instantly smile and kiss Bucky.

“Absolute without a doubt yes Bucky.” Bucky smiles at you and puts his arms back around you and Steve and holds the two of y'all like y'all are his everything.

Fabrics and skin in the studio with J-photoArt

A hot and quiet Sunday afternoon in the San Francisco Bay area, and I spent it with James Bennett in the studio creating these images.
I like them, A LOT!