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hey! could you do how being friends with benefits w ten would be like?? :D

A/N: I hope this format is fine

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  • It’d start off as being friends, obviously
  • As a boy/man his age his hormones are quiet high
  • It’d be triggered by just his intense desire to do smutty things. Media nowadays is very sexual and suggestive so it’s on his mind a lot.
  • He’d kind of end up pushing his fantasies onto you, noticing your body and gentle curves more and your supple lips every time he saw you.
  • It wouldn’t rlly be suggested, it’d just happen as one thing leads to another and he has you trapped beneath him on the sofa.
  • From that point on he’d be a bit awkward, but try not to be- like he’d want to throw off any suspicions anyone had of you two so he’d come off as quiet and stuff around you.
  • Eventually you’d both work out a plan in private.
  • He’d be a really sweet lover bc he’s not there to just fuck n leave. He’s your friend, remember that, so he’d be gentle and seek your approval often, not too shy about his inexperience since he’s comfortable with you.
  • He’d be fr sweet tho and I think pay more attention to you than previously, leik if you’re sick before he’d just send a text, now he insists on taking care of you, etc…
  • He’s clingy tho and doesn’t rlly like it when other guys mess with u bc 1, he’s your friend and cares about you and 2. he wants to be your special secret and wants all your attention and goods. [greedy much?]
  • I’m not sure how things would end up? One party always grows feelings for the other… 
  • I can see a weird pact forming out of the f with benefits relation, leik u both agree you’ll marry each other when you’re 37 if you’re both unmarried or smthng.

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About Grimmy not mentioning Liam as Cheryl's baby daddy - Grimmy has also been VERY quiet on Louis' baby stuff. Like just said casual things or nothing. Though he did have the whole r1 breakfast crew make fun of Briana going to the London shows.....

Grimmy has shady insiders telling him what’s up :)

My first test animation of Wheatley finally jeez

I did this in pretty much a week before I took off to CTN haha oops. He’s pretty rough, but after a year of not being able to animate, I’m just happy that I finally got to animate him!  

I want to work on GLaDOS next, very excited~!

i don’t have time for people whose response to other fans criticizing the content they’re watching is “go watch another show”

especially when fans are rightly commenting on the quality of the writing, animation, pacing, and execution of a show. no show is exempt for criticism, not even if it’s your favorite


Birds in the sky
Carry these words for me.
Life tasted sweet,
It let me live,
It let me breathe.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💘

i cant believe that the second episode of asoue ended with gustav plucking that dart out of his neck and falling face forwards onto the grass and jacquelyn finding him there, rolling her eyes bc he looks like a fool with his face in the dirt like that. and then they go welcome the baudelaires at uncle monty’s house and they all go to peru together the end

I haven’t found any Rp sites so I’m just gonna dump my ad here and see what happens.

I’m lookin’ for an RP buddy. Here’s my criteria.

  • Gotta be 18+. I’m not interested in Rping naked bedonkadoo, but I’m thirty one and anyone younger than that would feel odd.
  • A neutral modern fantasy setting is a plus, but I’m pretty flexible.
  • Please be sane and not possessive or controlling. Been there, done that, not a fun or healthy experience for anybody.
  • My free time usually falls around 8 pm central to 4 am central (USA time). I work evening shifts, so it’s been hard finding someone in that time frame.
  • My usual go to character is Jacky. My other OCs bleed in over time.

Lastly, I am so flakey. I’ve been KINDA OKAY lately about replying to posts or at least apologizing and explaining when I don’t but I’m a work in progress. This is why I’m looking for new faces. I’ll hate myself if I flake out on my friends again. Also, meeting new blood is kinda cool.

Just comment or send me a message or whatever works. I may not be able to respond to everyone ;; but I’m gonna check this post!

*Just sayin’ y’all should add to your comments whether or not you want to RP with others because you could potentially use my post to shop for more RP partners.