quiet room bears


Quiet Room Bears - session 30


Marilyn Manson owns this Bear now. While I didn’t get to meet him, he did say he thought this was craaaaaaaaaazy, that he loved the teeth in it, and that he wants to pass my information on to the FBI’s ‘watch list’ because I’m fucked up. Again……..Marilyn Manson thinks I’M fucked up. Achievement Unlocked - Level : Awesome.

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Who loves horror????

HORROR FANS!!  I NEED YO’ HELP!! Today I had 2 people send me messages that they saw on the Rue Morgue FB page AND on the cool site Geekologie that there were some OTHER ‘scary bears’ that were dangerously close to my Quiet Room Bears. They are cool, to be honest, and more like 'zombie bears’, they are out of the UK and luckily only have less than 50 Likes on their Facebook page. But to be honest, I am afraid they will be REALLY big, then what I have been doing for 12 years will look like a comparison, or like I ripped them off. Please, reblog and encourage people to LIKE my FanPage, you have no idea how much I would appreciate it. 

Dropped off the Quiet Room Bear that will be headed to Marilyn Manson next week, as he comes to my town and plays a concert!! A friend of mine works at the stadium, and organizes this gifts for the artists as a ‘thanks for playing in our town’ & when he knew of Manson coming, he immediately thought of me and the Quiet Room Bears. So I delivered 'session 48’ to their offices today. It was so awesome to see the reaction it got from everyone in the office. Fear and horror and shock and laughing. It’s always my favorite thing to get to see people’s reactions. And then, call it a coincidence, but I’m calling it a 'good sign from the Universe’, but when I left there, I got in my car, started it up and IMMEDIATELY, 'Sweet Dreams’ by Marilyn Manson started playing on the radio. There are exciting times ahead. This I can feel.


and then I could see a boy in a hallway, standing still, staring at the door at the end of the hall. The door at the second floor. The one that always looks like it’s slightly dirty, but never stays clean. Then a man swiftly walks up behind the boy, grabbing his collar and drags him to the door & throws him in the room. The boy screams. He’s not an inmate & has no reason to be in the Quiet Room at all.


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