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BTS Reaction to you having cute moans

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Seokjin - He would definitely be taken aback by your unexpectedly adorable moan, but he wouldn’t be too fazed by it, and would simply continue to trail kisses down your throat, nipping at your sensitive skin, letting him hear more of your soft mewls as a small smile creeped onto his plump lips.

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Yoongi -Honestly, Yoongi wouldn’t care how cute your moans were, as long as you were letting him know how well he was doing at pleasing you, and the sounds escaping past your lips did just that. He’d probably even get so cocky about it that he’d tease or touch you at random to just hear your sweet moans again.

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Hoseok - His immediate reaction would be to pinch your cheeks and coo at you, the sounds of his outbursts leveling over your quiet pleas for him to let go of your face. Although the mood had subsided, Hobi would cover your face in kisses as he admired your bright smile and flushed cheeks.
“Ahh, my girlfriend is so adorable!”

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Namjoon - To be honest, Namjoon would love your moans, and he would love the fact that they were cuter than he had expected. Not only would they turn him on more, but they would definitely give him a huge boost of confidence that would only give him the chance to let him hear more of you.

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Jimin - His hands would stop at your hips as soon as you moaned sweetly at his touch, his entire body freezing as he shyly looked up at you with a small grin. He would then laugh quietly to himself, and of course, feeling embarrassed, you’d playfully hit him, only causing him to burst out into a fit of laughter, eventually drawing you in to join him.
“You’re so cute, jagiya!”

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Taehyung - His face would be buried in the crook of your neck as a smirk spread across his lips, proud of himself as he got you to moan in such a beautiful way that only made him crave you more. He’d look up at you and bite down on his bottom lip, staring intently at your embarrassed expression before rising up to connect your lips with his, continuing the sensual moment between you two.

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Jungkook - As soon as you let a soft moan to escape past your lips, you covered your mouth with yours hands from pure embarrassment, heat flushing to your face at the fact that your boyfriend had heard you moan for the first time. However, he would simply grab your chin and press his lips against yours, letting you know that he wanted to hear you as his hands roamed your body, making you melt at his touch.

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“What exactly do you think you’re doing?” Seeing Harry rummaging through your clothes wasn’t a huge surprise, but nonetheless, catching him red-handed was always pretty fun. 

“I… I was jus’ helpin’ yeh fold up some laundry?” Harry offered, shooting you a sheepish smile when he realized there wasn’t even a laundry basket around to help him out with his little white lie. 

You didn’t really need to ask him what he was doing because you already knew what he was up to. You liked stealing t-shirts and button-ups from Harry, and in return, Harry liked stealing your skinny jeans. You weren’t surprised that Harry could squeeze into your jeans with those gangly giraffe legs of his, and it wasn’t like you really minded considering you borrowed his shirts most of the time, but… Well, you’d notice your jeans disappearing one by one, and you really didn’t want to invest more money in overly-priced jeans. 

“You’re trying to find the ones with the rips in the knees, right?” You asked, walking over and kneeling down next to him while looking at the bottom drawer full of black jeans. (Obviously your favourite colour.) “Don’t you already have like, ten of those?” 

“I know, but I like yours better.” Harry whined, scowling when you swatted his hand away when he began reaching for your newly purchased pair of shredded blue jeans. 

“Your jeans are from Gucci. Mine are from Topshop. Are you insane?” You joked, sitting down on your bum and watching as Harry began rummaging through the drawer once again. “Why can’t we just go to Topshop and buy a couple pair of jeans for you? You don’t have to steal mine all the time.” You grumbled, mentally counting how much money you had probably spent on jeans alone. Topshop was expensive! 

“I’m not stealing your-” 

Yes, you are.”

“Fine, but I’ve only taken, like, two-” 

“Five.” You corrected, getting up off the ground when you heard the kettle whistling from the kitchen. “

“I just really like your jeans, alright?” Harry huffed, pulling out the new pair of jeans you had swatted his hand away from earlier. “Y/N?” You paused when you heard a quiet plea of your name, turning around hesitantly. A slow sigh slipped past your lips when you noticed him hugging your jeans to his chest with a cheeky little smile. 

“That’s the last pair you’re stealing from me. You’re not allowed to, y’know,” You gestured to your jeans drawer, “Get into my pants anymore.” Harry was silent for a moment before he spoke up, his head tilting slightly. 

“…We both know you thoroughly enjoy me getting into your pants, Y/N.”

“Okay, well, you know what I- I was trying to say- Just- No more stealing my jeans, Harry!” 


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Lips Like Liquor

Scenario: Your friend really should’ve taken your phone. Now you’ve drunk texted Yoongi and there’s no turning back.

A/N: @zicosbabymamma here it is, boo. As pure usual, I’m a grumpy Gus about this. At first I liked it, but now I’m not so sure. It is what it is and I at least hope you enjoyed it.

Genre: Suga x Reader

Words: 6009

Disclaimers: As always, the gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!!

Warnings: Smut. Smutty Smut Smut.

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You hadn’t regretted the dozens of texts you sent as much as you did when you saw him enter the bar. A dark blue baseball cap pulled low over his eyes as they scanned the dozens of faces. No doubt looking for a hint of your location inside the crowded room.  

You were trying to become one with the pleather booth. Not giving a damn about the food crumbs stuck between the headboard and seat or the old smell of sweat and booze stained inside the broken cracks. The only thing your drunk ass cared about was not being spotted; groaning inwardly at your idiotic idea to keep your phone on you.  

The regret not weighing enough to stop you from sending him that first text:

Let’s fuck.

You’d received “Kekekeke” almost seconds later. Only to send him another message that informed him what you’d implied wasn’t a joke. You wanted him, and wanted him for months, but you were just his friend. Your texts back of, “Yoongi, I just want to feel you one time. Just once. Please. We don’t have to mention it after…” Making him call you seconds after you sent it.

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BTS - Reaction to You Accidently Hitting Their Crotch

As requested. :)

This one received multiple requests lol.


You had warned him not to tickle you. It didn’t take too long before you kicked up and hit him in his manhood. He had stopped tickling immediately with a pained groan and fell forward into your chest. “Baby, that really hurt.” You wrapped your arms around him feeling guilty, “I did tell you not to.”

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King and Reaper

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Allura had told them once that Voltron was their destiny.

If anything, Keith thinks, Lance had proven that while finding the lions might have been on the dime of some greater plan, compliance to their supposed fate was not strictly required in any remote sense of the word.

In fact, by Lance’s standard of doing things it was all rather bullshit.

(Or: The story of the destruction of Earth and its aftermath, feat. questionable science in regards to weapons of mass destruction, gratuitous Star Wars references, theoretical chess games with the emperor of most of the known universe, explosions, the greatest bromance of all time, the worst romance of all time, far too many guns, concussions, extreme misuse of the French language, awkward flirting, and Lance in an overly-dramatic trench coat.)

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender

Relationships: Keith/Lance, platonic Lance & Hunk and Keith & Hunk

Characters: Keith, Lance, Hunk, Allura, Shiro, Pidge, Coran, Nyma, Rolo

Written for @klangst-week‘s Day 7 Prompt: Destiny/Choice. A couple days late, but in my defense, this was a nightmare to power through.

Full thing + content warnings are under the cut.

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Chapter Four

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader | Word Count: 3515
Warnings: Smut, swearing, devious Garry. NSFW 18+

Song: All to Myself by Marianas Trench

Your secondary shadow paced you through the halls, his face frozen in a mask of displeasure those who passed him couldn’t help but flinch at.

Steve was very unhappy, clearly, but there was nothing he could say that would change your mind. The decision was made, and it was for the betterment of the team.

Striding through your bedroom door, you waited for the slam but were destined to be disappointed when it shut behind him with deceptive gentleness.

“(Y/N)… are you sure about this?”

Turning to face him, you blinked in surprise for instead of the frosty anger you’d been expecting, you found worry and concern had coated his face. “Steve…”

With a sigh, he sat heavily down on the edge of your bed. Shoulders slumped and head hanging, he rubbed his palms down his thighs. “I don’t like it,” he muttered, shaking his head. “And I hate that I don’t like it cause I know what you’re doing.”

Stepping between his spread knees, you cupped his face, tilting up his chin so his baby blues were easily seen. “Oh, Steve,” you sighed.

His arms wrapped around your thighs, drawing you closer. “He’s deceitful, baby. I don’t like how he hurt you. I don’t like how he treated you.”

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Bi Rogers

(A/N): Heyyyyyyyyyy, guess who’s so sorry about her fanfic recently :D it’s me!

Summary: Steve is officially Bi, he’s known it since the forties, his only problem is how does he tell (Y/N)?

Warnings: none

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor, @livandlilah

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   Steve gulped as (Y/N) stirred beside him; he had to tell them- he needed to tell them. They pressed against him, nuzzling their face into his chest, shivering a bit when the cold air of their apartment seeped through their sheets. 

   He couldn’t keep this from Them, this secret was too big, it was something they needed to know. He could barely stand to lay next to them knowing he was lying to them like this, pretending to be something he wasn’t.

    A shaky sigh falls from Steve’s lips as (Y/N) presses a sleepy kiss to Steve’s chest, their lips slowly curving upwards in what Steve assumed to be a smile. 

   "Good morning,“ Their voice was hoarse, raspy, and oh so cute. 

    "Mornin’” is all Steve whispered, his voice cracking even with the small word.  

   "You sleep well?“ (Y/N)’s lips move against his chest with every syllable, nearly sending him into a giggling fit but not now- not with such a serious issue hanging over him. 

    "Well enough,” Usually Steve would ask them how they slept as he swept them up in his arms, holding them to his body as he pressed a tirade of kisses to their skin but that wasn’t the case today. All he wanted to do today was get away from (Y/N) as quickly as possible. 


    “I guess you could say that,” (Y/N)’s messy head of hair perked up at his statement, their sleepy eyes looking at him curiously as though he were some strange animal.

    “Is something wrong Stevie?” Fuck- if there was one sure fire way to get him to melt it was to have (Y/N) call him Stevie, or any nickname for that matter. 

   "No, no, sorry, I just- mission stress and all,“ (Y/N) nods in understanding, pursing their lips in thought.

    "Do you need to go workout?”

    “Yeah, a workout would be great,” Steve sighs, finally grateful for having an excuse to leave (Y/N) behind.

    “I can make you some food afterwards?” Steve nods even though he knew he wouldn’t be able to eat until he told them.

    “Yeah, food sounds great doll,” Steve threw in the pet name for good measure, hoping it would convince (Y/N) he was fine. With a tired smile (Y/N) kissed Steve softly and even with all his guilt and shame he’d be crazy not to kiss them back. With their lips pressed to his he felt as though he could almost forget about the nagging little thought in the back of his head, screaming at him to tell (Y/N) about his huge secret but as soon as they pulled away the scream returned, louder than ever. That’s why when (Y/N) began to pull back Steve pulled them back in, whimpering against their lips, a quiet plea for them to continue. 

   "Steve- Stevie,“ (Y/N) broke away from him, leaving his lips tingling and feeling cold. "Are you sure you’re okay?” Now, now would be the perfect opportunity to tell them- 

    “Yeah, I’m fine,” Steve smiled softly, “I just- I love you,” (Y/N) smiles at him gently as they reach up to affectionately ruffle his hair, something he rather enjoyed.

    “I love you too Steve, now get that cute butt down to the gym,” (Y/N) gave his leg a firm smack and flashed him a wink before they sauntered off into the bathroom to get ready for the day. Steve watched them longingly, wishing for nothing more to join them, take a bath with them, kiss their hair as he rubbed the tension out of their shoulders- no, he needed to go to the gym, hit a few punching bags until the sand began to bleed onto the floor. Yeah, that’s what he needed to do. 

   Steve quickly got dressed and grabbed some materials before heading down to the gym, locking himself inside so as not to be disturbed by anyone for a few hours. As soon as he stepped foot into the gym he was eyeing the punching bags as he wrapped his hands up tightly, perhaps a bit too tightly. He hoped by the end of his session the punching bag would be nothing more than a sad bag of leather and a few grains of sand- guess he had been quite right because by the end of his workout the punching bag had been beaten into nothing, all the sand having dribbled onto the floor. He knew he should clean it up but the promise of food upstairs and a warm shower was too tempting.

    “Jarvis, can you clean the floor up or send for someone who can?" 

  "Certainly sir,” And with that and a shaky sigh Steve tracked back up the stairs, up to his floor, and into his kitchen where (Y/N) was no doubt cooking him breakfast.

    Steve was silent as he walked in, his throat full off too many words, so many that if he opened his mouth they would come spewing out without an warrant so instead he kept his mouth closed and locked, not even the slightest distance between his lips.

    “Hey big guy,” (Y/N) smiled as they turned to face him, a pan in one hand and a spatula in the other. Steve gulps as he takes a seat at the kitchen island, his eyes trying desperately not to rake up and down (Y/N)’s form. “I’m making pancakes and coffee, sounds good?” Sounds delicious is what Steve wanted to say but all they got in reply was a small grunt of approval. (Y/N) eyes Steve warily but they dismiss it, after all they had earlier asked if he was okay and he had responded with yes so why question it again?  So with a concerned gaze (Y/N) goes back to cooking, unable to shake the feeling that something was wrong with Steve. 

   “Here ya go cutie pie,” (Y/N) placed Steve’s food before him, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek as they did, not even caring about the sweat still dripping off his body. 

   “Thanks,” Steve’s voice was hoarse and raspy, just as it had been this morning but a thousand times worse now. He winced softly as he took a sip of his coffee, letting the warm drink soothe his nerves a bit. 

  “I’m gonna go shower and get ready for work, are you gonna be okay while I’m gone?” Steve nods his head as he takes a bite of pancake, barely registering the taste in his mouth.

   “Yeah, I’ll be fine,” 

   “You sure? I can take the day off if you’d like-”  

   “(Y/N),” Steve’s tone was soft but firm, his captain side starting to shine through a bit. “I’ll be fine, promise,” (Y/N) sighs softly, giving Steve one last look before muttering an ‘okay’ and making their way towards their bathroom leaving Steve to sit all alone and dwell in his thoughts. 

   His coffee had small bubbles rising to the surface and his pancakes were slowly starting to soak up the copious amounts of syrup (Y/N) had piled atop them (Steve had always been a sucker for anything sweet) as he sat there alone, wallowing in his thoughts. 

   Steve had known he was gay the minute he reached elementary school, he remembered looking at the boys and liking them just as much as he had liked the girls but he was too young to understand what that meant and even into his early teen years when he started to develop crushes on the neighborhood boys he still didn’t quite get it. It wasn’t until he was nearly 25 when it suddenly clicked for him; he was gay. Not completely gay, just a little gay. He had actually found out using an unsecured laptop (Tony was always so nosy) that he was actually bisexual and from there it just clicked for him. He had accepted it and he was finally comfortable enough to admit it but was he comfortable enough to admit it to (Y/N)? The answer was no and that’s why he could barely been look at them right now. 

   So many things could go wrong if he told them- what if they found him repulsive or strange? What if they resented him for not telling them sooner? Or worse what if they left him? Steve chokes a bit on the tears caught in his throat, a sad whimper leaving his lips at the action. God- he was so pathetic, here he was, a grown man, crying all alone in his kitchen. And of course that’s exactly when (Y/N) decides to walk in (they always had the best timing) when Steve is whimpering and wiping at his eyes, a towel wrapped around their body as water drips from their hair. 

   "I forgot soap and- Oh my god Steve, what’s wrong?“ (Y/N) rushes to the man’s side, more than concerned with the way he was sniffling and rubbing at his eyes. 

   "I-it’s nothing (Y/N)-" 

   "That’s bullshit Rogers, tell me what’s really wrong.” Even though their words were harsh their hands on either side of Steve’s face were soft and kind, more caring then anything else. Steve sighs shakily as he unconsciously rubs his cheek against (Y/N)’s hand, sniffling once again.

    “I have uh- I have something to tell you. I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time but I never had the courage and- god,” Steve sighs as he slumps back into his chair, rubbing at his aggressively red eyes.

    “C'mon Stevie, you can tell me, I won’t get mad,” Yeah right, like they wouldn’t be mad the man they’d been dating for nearly a year suddenly decided to tell them that he was gay. 


    "I promise,” as extra reassurance (Y/N) presses a kiss to Steve’s eyebrow, allowing their lips to linger there before they pulled back, looking at Steve waitingly. 

    “So- so, I’ve been hiding this for years,” Steve bites his lips as the words finally reach the open air, something he had wanted for so long. He’d never admitted to anyone about his feelings towards men, back in his day it was frowned upon and he couldn’t stand the thought of being ridiculed even more. A sickly, small gay man? Steve was sure to get the hell beaten out of him for sure. So for 70 years he kept his secret with him, that was until now. “I uh- fuck,” 

   “Take your time,” (Y/N) gave his hand a reassuring squeeze, the small bit of contact grounding him back to earth. 

   “I um, I’m- fuck it- I’m gay,” Steve blurts out, feeling the words fall from his lips almost instantaneously. 

   “W-Wait, you’re gay?”

   “Not completely gay….” Steve trails off, biting his lip as he attempted to figure out how the hell to phrase his words. “I’ve always viewed men and women the same…I don’t really have a preference is all,” Steve mumbles, feeling his tears pricking his eyes once again. Now was the time (Y/N) would yell at him, punch him maybe, demand they break up, probably call Steve a whole slew of names but suddenly (Y/N)’s reaching up with their hands to cup Steve’s cheeks and run their thumbs under his eyes to collect his tears. 

   “Is that why you’ve been so strange lately?” Steve nods meekly which rewards him with (Y/N) gently kissing his forehead again. 

   “Why were you so scared to tell me?”

   “I thought you’d resent me, maybe you’d hate me, I thought that if I told you that I liked guys too then you wouldn’t love me anymore…” 

   “Steven Grant Rogers, that’s ridiculous,” (Y/N) kisses his lips firmly yet sweetly all the while wrapping him up in a nearly bone crushing hug. “I could never stop loving you and I don’t care that you like guys too, okay? I accept you the way you are and I wouldn’t have you any other way,” (Y/N) smiles at him their hands slowly playing with his hair at the nape of his nec. 

   “R-Really?” Certainly Steve was dreaming, (Y/N) wouldn’t be this calm about Steve being gay, it wasn’t just possible-

   “Really,” (Y/N) smiles at him. “I’ll love you no matter what, got that Stevie?” Steve smiles up at (Y/N), sniffling just a bit. 

   “I love you too (Y/N),” 

   “I still have to shower and I’m pretty sure you do too, how ‘bout I show you just how much I love you, hmm?” (Y/N) gives Steve a little smirk (one that had him nearly whimpering) and their hands upon his face suddenly feel like they’re burning his skin but in the best kind of way. 

   “I’d like that,” 

   “Then get your cute little ass into the bathroom,” (Y/N) gave Steve’s lips a peck before sliding off his lap, looking at him expectantly. Steve smiles as he slides out of the chair, following after (Y/N) as they led him towards the steamy bathroom. 

   (Y/N) accepted Steve as he was, they loved him despite the fact that he just so happened to like men and women and that’s all that mattered to him. 

Her Eyes

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: PTSD, alcoholism, death of a child, language <— see I do post warnings. 

A/N: Kate Bishop y’all - enough said. 

Summary: A mission left you clinging to alcohol as a coping mechanism and the team wants you to get help. 

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(I got bored on the plane… inspired by Felicity’s party dress, Marc’s birthday words: Surprise / Cake / Fun, and the lyrics of Missing by Bruce Springsteen)

Oliver grinned and clapped Diggle on the back as he saw him out of the loft. With everything going on, the last thing he’d expected was a surprise birthday party. When Felicity had asked him to come over, he honestly hadn’t been sure what to expect. They were in a much better, but still undefined, place since their talk in the bunker. When they’d first gotten trapped down there, he’d been pissed… But he was grateful for it now. He shut the door behind the last of their friends and turned his eyes to look at where his mind had wandered… where it often was these days… to Felicity. Her back was to him as she loaded wine glasses and plates into the dishwasher. She wore an orange floral dress that was just short enough to make his heart race every time she bent forward to place something on the bottom rack of the machine. Her heels were in the path between the door and the kitchen and she stood there barefoot, adding an intimate domesticity to the scene before him. The cut of her dress left both sides of her back bare with one strip of fabric running up the middle. A couple times that night his fingers had encountered her soft skin… Once, when following her into the kitchen, his hand had found its way to her lower back. A habit born in their time together that was hard to break. Another when he’d casually touched her waist to gain her attention. She’d looked back over her shoulder at him with a smile and then turned towards him causing his fingers to graze along her skin before his hand fell back to his side. But it had always been brief, too brief. He missed being able to linger. To hold onto her. He shook himself out of his thoughts and started collecting the last of the dishes in the living room. “You don’t have to do that,” she called. “You’re not supposed to clean up your own party.” Her voice was lilting and teasing and he found himself smiling again. The muscles in his face were sore from repeating the unfamiliar action so much this evening. He hadn’t felt much like smiling this past year, but tonight had reminded him of all the reasons he still had to do so. When he walked into the kitchen, Felicity quickly relieved him of the plates he was carrying. “No more,” she said, setting them aside. “I’ll finish this up later.”

“Felicity…. Thank you.”

“It’s no big deal. The dishwasher does most of the work,” she said waving her hand dismissively. “Luckily. Or I would only use paper products.”

“No… Not,” he chuckled and his head dipped for a moment before catching her eyes. “Thank you for THIS, Felicity. For this party. For this night. For…”

“Oliver,” she rested a hand on his chest, right over his heart and he knew she felt it rise and fall deeply beneath her palm. “You don’t ever have to thank me.” She tossed his words playfully, but sincerely back at him with a little smirk.

He nodded. “I had a great time.”

“Me too.” She smiled a beatific smile and almost shyly said, “happy birthday, Oliver” before moving the hand still resting on his chest up to his shoulder, then around his neck. Her other arm followed and he bent his knees slightly to accommodate their height difference and following her lead, wrapped his arms around her small waist. Each of his hands ended up on the opposite side of her back, resting against the warm, smooth, exposed skin. Her head easily found its place on his right shoulder and the familiarity and rightness of the hug had him wrapping his arms a little tighter, the tips of his fingers sliding just slightly beneath the fabric on the sides of her dress. Her breath caught and her hold tightened as well. The fingers of her left hand dug into his back and her right moved up his neck and carded into his hairline, holding him to her. They embraced. The full length of her body was pressed to his and he gently turned his nose into her soft hair to inhale the sweet vanilla scent of her shampoo. He was afraid to speak, to break the spell or lose this lingering moment he’d been craving, but he couldn’t stop her name from falling from his lips in a whisper “Felicity,” he breathed… It ruffled her hair and her arms broke out in goosebumps. She turned her face into his neck as his hands started to smooth up and down her back slowly. She shivered and released a stuttering breath against his skin. His fingers dug into her back and her nails scraped his skull. When he dipped his head to her shoulder and brushed it with his lips, she pulled back to look at him. He kept his grip tight and their bodies aligned, but leaned his head back as well to meet her eyes. Their faces were so close together she barely had to lean forward to nuzzle his nose with hers; her eyes drifted closed and he took the moment to appreciatively admire her dark eyelashes fluttering against her porcelain cheeks. “Stay,” she whispered. Her breath ghosted over his lips or he might believe he’d imagined the quiet plea. Her eyes opened again and their gazes crashed together. “Stay with me.” There was no reason for her to phrase it as a question. There was no question. No choice to make. After 441 days apart she was in his arms and he had no plans of letting go as long as she was happy to stay there. He’d imagined this moment; woken up from dreams of it. It had always been desperate and fast, laced with the fear that it would slip through his fingers. This was so much better. He moved towards her slowly, pausing when he was a hairsbreadth from her lips. He was dying to taste her, but he waited for her to close the distance. She didn’t make him wait long, pushing up onto her toes she firmly pressed her mouth to his. They stayed there for a moment, lips pressed together almost chastely, breathing each other in. As the kiss softened, she whispered, “I’ve missed you,” against his mouth. Before he could respond he tasted salt. He pulled back slowly until their lips were just barely brushing. His chest constricted sharply at the sight and taste of her tears. He met her watery eyes. “Felicity,” he murmured, “hold on to me tight.” She looked confused for half a second before he lifted her feet off the ground. She tightened her arms around his neck and lifted her legs to bracket his hips. He moved one hand from her waist to under her thigh for support and walked them towards the living room. He sat down on the couch with her in his lap. He wiped the wet streaks from her skin with the rough pads of his thumbs and they talked and kissed for hours before eventually falling asleep with her ear pressed to his heart and his fingers in her hair. Oliver woke up feeling whole and content for the first time since the last time he’d slept with Felicity in his arms. But he woke with a little less warm woman and vanilla scent than he’d anticipated. Sitting up and rubbing his hand over his face, the stillness of the loft struck him and his good feeling started to abate. He shook his head; she was probably just in the bathroom. “Felicity…” He called out. His voice echoed in the empty loft and he got to his feet slowly. He urged his body to move faster, but dread was weighing him down. He moved up the stairs, calling her name with a hint more desperation. “Fe-licit-y!” Finding the upstairs empty, his body finally cooperated and he ran back down for his phone, tapping her contact picture. He half expected it to ring at the house and he breathed a sigh of relief when it didn’t. He implored her with his thoughts to pick up the phone and say she was just at the coffee shop down the stre–

“Oliver!” A dreadfully cheerful voice answered the phone and everything in Oliver’s body rebelled. No, his brain screamed. His jaw tightened painfully and his blood ran cold. “Where’s Felicity?” He growled through clenched teeth.

So, I had a thought .

What if ‘May the Dread Wolf take you’ used to be a blessing? Fen'Harel was the breaker of chains and the freer of slaves, after all. He sought to over throw the ones who would set themselves up as gods.   Why would a people living in fear not wish him to steal them away?

“It inspired fear in my enemies and hope in my allies.” It sounds to me as though there were plenty of people who would have taken sincere oaths by the name of Fen'Harel. The name inspired hope in those who followed him, it stands to reason that they would have prayed, whether he wanted to be viewed as a god or not.

What if ‘May the Dread Wolf take you’ used to be a sort of quietly desperate prayer that he would come to their aid? Something akin to 'God go with you’.

Imagine how much it must have disturbed him when the quiet pleas for help gradually turned in to cries of anger, of rage and fear. It was no longer a prayer asking for his help but a slap to his face with every utterance. Another reminder of just how badly he had failed.

Is it really any wonder, then, that he has so little respect for the Dalish when they turned something that was, if not entirely pleasant, at least something to be proud of into an insult to his very nature and everything he tried to accomplish?

Because it used to be “May the Dread Wolf take you” with an unspoken 'And keep you safe.’ And now.. its not…


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Prompt: "Come here" Regina asks of Emma

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma frowns in confusion as she walks into the mansion to find it completely dark even though it’s only two o’clock in the afternoon. She only popped home to grab her sneakers so she could go for a run after work but upon finding the place shrouded in darkness she forgets about it entirely. 

She freezes as she hears a groan coming from the living room before moving towards the noise, her magic rising to the surface just in case. 

When she walks into the lounge it’s to see Regina shivering on the couch, one hand clutching her head as tears run down her cheeks. 

“Regina?” Emma whispers, “Are you okay?” 

“Come here,” Regina croaks out, the plea quiet and pained. 

Emma drops down beside her moving to run her fingers through Regina’s hair smiling as the brunette sighs softly in response. “What’s wrong?” 

“Migraine,” Regina replies, “Shouldn’t you be at work?” 

Emma nods, “I came home to get my sneakers.”


They remain silent for a few moments before Regina asks again, “Come here?”

Emma smiles softly as she lifts herself carefully upwards before curling around her girlfriend, “You never need to ask.” 

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Drabble Idea/Request: Set after the kiss in 7x16, they're in bed together and have a serious pillow talk. they talk more about the library kiss, the 5x05 kiss, what paige said to ali, and how they always thought of one either no matter who they were with (Paige, Rollins). Bonus points if the iconic quote from Great Expectations is used (:

I have a prompt idea that maybe you could do of Emily making sure Alison is okay after she fell at the school. But this is after they talked to the girls after there nursery was ruined. Or maybe of Hanna finding out what had happened to there nursery.

Not sure if I could’ve managed to fit Hanna into this since Emison’s in bed together, so I’ll save her for another drabble.

Anyway, I enjoy these two all cuddled up and surrounded by fluffy warmth:

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Last Name (Batfam x Batsis!Reader)

Request?: Yep: Anonymous requested: “can I request #54 with batsis x batfam where the reader is the same age as Damian and when Bruce wants to take her in she refuses at first but then she meets the boys or something idk sorry if you don’t want to haha thank youuuuuuuuu”

54: “I don’t need your help.”

A/N: I absolutely loved writing this one, and I got a bit carried away, anyways, hope I got your prompt correct, and hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 2576

Warnings: Mugging, mentions of rape, mentions of kidnapping. 

Patrolling the streets of Gotham alone one night, Batman heard a quiet plea for help. As he made his way to the alley he heard the sound from, he noticed a small girl in the corner. She was staring at the crime taking place, wide eyed. A man had pulled a woman into the alley, and was forcing her to give him her purse.

He quietly observed from the rooftop as the girl grabbed the closest heavy object to her, which happened to be a wooden board, and slowly walked up to pair, completely unnoticed. The woman was shaking, handing over her purse, as the man was getting handsy, but before he could grab the purse from her hands, the girl lifted up the board and hit him over the head.

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She's Like The Wind - Part Seven

Summary: You have been blind for over 10 years. During the apocalypse, you use your utmost strength in order to survive while also fending off your mixed feelings for the big bad leader of your community, the Sanctuary.

Pairings: Negan x Blind Reader

Warnings: language. moderate violence.

Note: this chapter is a bit shorter than usual, but it sets up for a great part eight!

Negan led you down to the meeting area the same way that he led you to his office. He had his arm wrapped tightly around your waist, with your body pressed securely against his. You tried your hardest to fight the burning urge to lean your head against his chest. As Negan led you through halls and down some stairs, your mind was spinning out of control.

He had told one of his men to ‘call for a meeting’ and you were unsure what it was all about. You really hoped that Negan wouldn’t blurt out what had happened to you in front of everyone. It was still drilling into your brain, the fact that you had almost been raped. You felt a tear fall from your eye and trail slowly down your cheek as you thought about it. You quickly wiped it away as discreetly as you could, hoping that Negan hadn’t noticed. This would take you months, years probably, to even attempt to come to terms with it.

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Hwarang :: Sam Maek Jong x Reader

Oh man this took so long to write haha! I’m pretty proud of this one I hope everyone enjoys it! And if you do please send me some messages I love hearing from you guys! It makes me super happy and motivated to write! Part 2 will come shortly :)

Was I mad? Not really. Deep down no one makes people like us do anything.

Today was the day my parents, also known as the King and Queen of Goguryeo, sent me away to Silla. Their plans were to marry me off to the faceless King of Silla but regardless of their intentions I knew that in the end if I were to say no my wishes would be made. So I took this opportunity as a get away from the palace and have an amazing adventure with my closest keeper, Seok Hyeon. But we shall call him Seyeo for short!

“Are you seriously wearing that?” The annoying voice I hear too much on the daily basis rings out. “Seyeo, you’re annoying.” “And you only ever wear black. You aren’t attending a funeral, you will be meeting your potential suitor.” I roll my eyes, “Of course I know that, why else would mom give me this huge stack of etiquette scrolls?” I ask gesturing towards the enormous pile dominating the corner of my room. “Maybe to fix your manliness.” I cross my arms with a raised brow at him, “I will have your head.” “There you go again with your empty threats, hurry we need to leave soon Princess (Y/n).” “Understood, and don’t call me that. You know I hate it,” I sigh strapping a sword onto my hip while passing an identical one to Seyeo. “Her majesty won’t let you carry both swords?” He laughs strapping it beside his own sword, “Nope, apparently dual wielding would scare away the potential men.” Seyeo barks out the loudest laugh and I found myself joining along with him just as loud. We walked out of the palace to see a large group of men and a carriage set up for my long trip to Silla and I shook my head. I turned around to see my parents standing off on the side a waiting to say their parting words with me. “The trip to Silla is a long one, take care (Y/n),” father pats my head affectionately before my mother embraces me and chimes in a “Remember to behave!” I nod with a smile, “I will return soon, make sure to take care of my people while I am away.” “(Y/n) that’s no way to talk to your parents, you talk as if you are already in charge of Goguryeo! But yes they will be in good hands,” mother sighs but I didn’t miss the small smile that graces her features at my assertiveness. “I love you, and I won’t be taking anyone with me besides Seok Hyeon,” I say before bowing and walking towards Seyeo who stood beside two horses. I gently caress the soft cheeks of my onyx hair coat horse before jumping onto his back to set off to the Kingdom of Silla, but not before looking back and smiling at my parents and all the dumbfounded knights of the palace who were supposed to assist me on my adventure.

The ride to the capital of Silla was not quiet. I’m not sure if mother gave an order to Seyeo but he tested me on mannerisms throughout the entire ride. “Before eating what do you say?” I sigh closing my eyes, “I don’t have plans marrying that stuck up King. He doesn’t even care enough to show his face to his people! I would never wish to marry someone like that. Besides he might be a really gross old man!” I dramatically fake gag causing Seyeo to laugh. “He shouldn’t be too much older than you (Y/n). And try to hold that tongue of yours when we enter Silla,” he says casually but I could hear the warning in his tone. I ignored his comment and shortly the view of the tall stonewalls of the capital came into view.


The gates open as we approached. Whispers and chattering filled up the streets as we continued our way towards the palace. I only stopped when I saw a rice cake vendor amidst the crowd of people. “Seyeo! Rice cake!” I exclaim looking up at him beside me and he shook his head, “I’ll get some for you later, look ahead the other Princess is here already. We should head to the palace immediately.” I follow his line of vision and I see an elegant carriage being carried on the shoulders of a bunch of middle aged men, how distasteful I thought. “I want four,” I say which Seyeo nods to and I followed his suggestion obediently. We approached the palace while tailing the carriage. The Princess gets out and walked towards the guards who automatically opened the gate for her. Following her actions I hop off my horse and tied the reign onto Seyeo’s horse and made my way towards the gatekeeper. “State your business.” I raise my brow confused, “I’m (Y/n).” He gives me a blank look and I accidently scoffed, I embarrassedly cleared my throat trying to pass that rude action as a cough and I smiled, “I’m Princess (Y/n) of Goguryeo.” He curtly bows, “My apologies, you may enter. However your guard must stay here.” “Okay!” I smile and waved at Seyeo who stood beside our horses, before he could open his mouth to protest I gave him the thumbs up and scooted backwards into the now open gates, “You can go get me my rice cakes while you wait!”

I sucked in a deep breath preparing myself to be on my best behaviour. I couldn’t embarrass my kingdom, but all hopes ceased to be useless as I met the Queen of Silla and the Princess from earlier. “Your majesty,” I greet with a bow before facing to the Princess and doing the same. The Queen nods, “Princess (Y/n).” I physically constrained myself from yodeling out a ‘That is I!!!’ but thank god I managed and I just forced out a large smile. “I have lot’s of explaining regarding your stay,” the Queen says, “Let’s go inside for some tea as I shall inform you both.”

What a bummer. I didn’t even get to meet the King. Not that I was interested in him or anything, but I thought I would at least see his face as I have a 50% chance of marrying the guy during this trip. He really does seem like a stuck up jerk, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that he just has his hands full on other things. What’s interesting though is that the Queen wanted both me and Princess Sookmyung to stay with the Hwarang, apparently the kings harem of beautiful men, or knights, I wasn’t really listening after she mentioned beautiful men. I exited the palace with the rather quiet Princess to see Seyeo leaning on a nearby tree with a giant parchment roll stuffed with more than the amount of rice cakes I previously asked for. I run up to him with grabby hands and he tutted with a shake of his head, “How was your behaviour?” “At it’s best,” I immediately replied all the while staring at the fluffy rice cakes. He places the large bundle into my arms and I grin, “Thank you!”


The gate opened for the Hwarang house and I was beyond excited to meet the apparently beautiful men. “Please don’t embarrass me,” a quiet plea leaves Seyeo as he pulls the two horses along while I ran ahead with rice cakes in my arms. My ears perk up at the sound of music and I couldn’t help myself from following it. I turn the corner to see all the Hwarang practicing in front of Wi Hwa, I didn’t want to intrude so I quickly hid behind a pillar to stay out of sight from the group. Taking a seat on the shaded steps I unravelled the parchment to see eight rice cakes. I munch onto the sticky sweet dessert as I watch the Hwarang practice their dance and music. They were all handsome indeed. I hum amused, “Enjoying the view?” I look up from my seated position to see Seyeo leaning with crossed arms on the pillar beside me. Without pausing in eating I pick up another cake and handed it to him, which he gladly took. Suddenly the music stopped, much to my dismay, as Princess Sookmyung made her presence known. Wi Hwa introduced her and the large majority of the men were in awe. I quietly snicker as Princess Sookmyung got quickly riled up by just a single comment from one of the men inquiring her abilities. Without being asked again she made her way onto the practice ground, “Princess (Y/n), care to join?” I looked up at Wi Hwa who spotted me in my crouched position with stuffed cheeks and I gestured to the cake in my hand. “Don’t you want to join? Sword fighting is your favourite,” Seyeo asks while squatting to my level, I nod, “I’m occupied.” “You’re eating.” “Hence, I’m occupied. Besides I want to see how this goes,” I say before stuffing the entire rice cake into my mouth so that I could carry the other five to a better viewing spot to watch this thing go down.

What I saw ticked me off. Princess Sookmyung was skilled indeed but it was unnecessary to ridicule the men by pointing at their throats with a sword, “Well, something like that.” I shook my head with the rice cake still in my mouth. Wi Hwa looks at me with a knowing smirk as I place the half eaten cake into Seyeo’s already awaiting open palm. Seyeo starts to unsheathe my second sword and I shake my head unsheathing the one on my hip. “I don’t like people who belittle others,” I say making my way onto the practice grounds, all the while making eye contact with the Princess. I could hear some whispers among the men as the Princess faces towards me, anger evident in her eyes. “Come on,” I smile. She was graceful with her sword, I’ve seen so earlier but I had the speed and the strength to push people until they couldn’t keep up. As she tried to thrust the sword to my stomach I sidestepped and using my own sword I flicked upwards, easily disarming her of her weapon. However, the Princess didn’t accept defeat as she lunged for her sword. I sigh feeling slightly bad for what I was about to do. I smacked the hilt of my sword into the back of her neck causing her to flop onto the dirt ground. “Know your value, you don’t need to prove to others what it is,” I say while holding out a hand for her to take.  She looks up from the ground and got up by herself, ignoring my gesture to help. “It’s embarrassing to get angry over small comments like that. And even more embarrassing by ridiculing others so that you can feel more superior.” I watch silently as her facial expression changed from anger to a calmer state as she walked away. One of the younger Hwarang started clapping with awe plastered onto his face causing me to laugh at the strange sight. And before I knew it the entire group started to join, which ultimately made me feel bashful. “That was excellent, everyone can learn a thing or two from you today Princess (Y/n). Is there anything advice you will like to share with everyone?” Wi Hwa asks and I nod. I turn to face all the Hwarang with a giant grin, “Everyone did wonderful today. I can tell how hard each and every one of you is trying and it makes watching you all that more exciting so I can’t wait to see you all perform at the festival. Good luck.” I exclaim with a smile before bowing causing the others to bow as well, “Oh yes, one more thing. Just call me (Y/n). No need for formalities, starting from today we are all friends. Dismissed.” “W-Wait you can’t call dismissal,” Wi Hwa says with a laugh and I waved him off, “They worked hard enough for the day. The sun is setting they should have dinner and get some rest.” Before Wi Hwa could reply I grabbed my parchment full of rice cakes and left the area with Seyeo quickly following behind me with my half eaten cake in his hand.

From a far I see the group of men chattering away, as I made eye contact with them they abruptly stopped, so being the person who loves to make people feel uncomfortable, I approached him. “What are you guys talking about?” I inquire and I was surprisingly given an answer quickly by the young Hwarang who started the clapping moments ago, “About you (Y/n)! You are so awesome!” He exclaimed with widen eyes. “Oh! You are so adorable!” I gush shoving a rice cake into his open mouth. He smiles with closed eyes while letting out a muffled, “I’m Han Sung.” I nod and looked at the others awaiting to learn their names.

After a very draining conversation with the extremely hyper bunch of men I walked off to the side see a pavilion overlooking the area. I excitedly climbed up the wooden stairs to see a person already using the space, “Mind if I join?” The person turned around in their seated position and it revealed the most handsome man I have ever seen in my (y/age) years of living. I awkwardly stood there in silence as he gave me a once over with his deep, very deep eyes, before he nods. I clear my suddenly tight throat and sat beside him, I could barely use my voice to ask him his name so I decided to do what I did best, make people feel uncomfortable. I grabbed his hand and placed my last cake into it. He chuckles quietly, “Thanks.” “Just eat it,” I say and instantly I cringed at how rude I came across, “I-I mean if you want to.” He chuckles again before taking a bite and chewing on it as if in deep thought, “It’s quite funny how cool you were earlier and now you are a shy spluttering mess.” I mock a dramatically shocked expression causing him to flash me the sweetest smile, “I don’t even know your name and you are already attacking me.” He smiles again, but it never ceases to make my heart skip a beat, “It’s Ji Dwi.” “Wow that’s a really weird name,” I laugh loudly without thinking, “I-I mean, nice to meet you?” “And you are a weird Princess.” “I would want to say a Princess with much potential to do something great and different.” He hums thoughtfully looking into the night’s sky, “I see.” “It’s dark, none of us can see anything,” I bluntly add and his amazing sounding laugh fills my ears as he understood my lame joke. “I think I will come to enjoy your company.” I nod with a smile but it quickly disappeared as fast as it appeared, “So you don’t enjoy it now?” Ji Dwi reaches out his hand to ruffle my hair gently, “It’s getting late. I will walk you to your room,” I nod following him down the stairs. Shortly after a few minutes we made it to the enormous room that I would be occupying for the time being. I look up at Ji Dwi and gave him a warm smile, “Thank you, I much appreciate your gesture in walking me to my room.” He scoffs with a smile while looking diverting his eyes to the side, a cute habit I noticed that he had, “Why are you suddenly talking like a proper Princess? It doesn’t suit you.” I raise a brow at him stepping up into his personal space, “Excuse me, I am a proper Princess!” I huff poking into his chest playfully causing him to chuckle. “A proper Princess would know how to keep her hands to herself,” he muses grabbing my wrist into his large soft hands. “Shut up,” I laugh pulling back my hand but his grip tightened, “Oh, what is that? A profanity?” Seeing this as a challenge I flick my wrist, slipping out of his hand which allowed me to quickly grab onto his wrist instead, “Good night~” I chime swinging his arm side to side before letting go and slipping into the comfort of my room.

“That took long,” Seyeo states from behind me causing me to yelp in surprise. “Oh you scared me! What are you doing here?” “I needed to make sure that you turned to your room before I could peacefully sleep myself,” he states in a matter of fact tone. I nod with a roll of my eyes, “Well I’m safe and back will you please leave so that I can sleep?” “Of course, good night (Y/n).”


Right at peak of dawn I awake to the sound of metal clanking against one another. I excitedly jump out of bed, throwing on a random (F/c) hanbok before running out to the practice field. I was genuinely happy to see Ji Dwi among the men who were up early to get started on training. I walk up to him and patted his shoulder, causing him to turn around. “Good morning,” I greet with a smile and he returns a smile himself before adding a, “Good morning my Princess.” “Oiyah, who said that you can call me such a name?” I mumble as blood flushes to my cheeks, he flashes me one of his annoying grins. I butt his shoulder with mine playfully before walking away and taking a seat on the stairs so that I could observe their sword fighting skills, and perhaps step in to give them a pointer or two when necessary. Although each and everyone of the men were skilled I couldn’t take my eyes off of Ji Dwi, even if I tried to pay attention to Han Sung as he waved at me to watch him, my eyes would somehow find it’s way back to the tall fair skinned male. “Wow he’s so handsome~ I want to marry that fine piece of meat~” “AISH!” I yell, smacking Seyeo’s thigh aggressively, “Will you stop that! Someone might hear!” He hums, plopping down beside me before handing me a cup of green tea, “What if the king heard? I wonder if he would be happy to see his potential Queen ogling at one of his knights hm?” I tut with a shake of my head, “I can’t help but ogle if I’m surrounded my handsome men, especially that one!” I whisper yell pointing at Ji Dwi. Much to my surprise he sees my gesture and raises a brow, and started to make his way towards my seated position. “Oh look, your man is coming this way,” Seyeo deadpan states but I could feel the amusement oozing out of his every pore, that evil bastard. “(Y/n) would you like to join me instead of just staring?” Ji Dwi smirks while holding out his hand for me to take, I shake my head with hot cheeks, looking anywhere but up into his content face. “She would love to,” Seyeo cheekily answers on my behalf, my jaw dropped and before a word of protest could make its way up my throat he unsheathes two swords for me.

I was never nervous when it came to sword fighting, I was good at it and I very much knew that. So why was I awkwardly twirling both swords? I don’t know maybe because the certain man in front of me just makes my brain turn to mush. “Are you ready?” Ji Dwi asks, taking his ready stance. I nod, twirling my sword, positioning one in front and one behind me. He flashes me a smile before lunging forward to take the first strike. As the steel of his sword clashes with my defense sword the powerful vibration travels up my arm waking me up from my daze. I flick my wrist to catch his sword under mine before swinging at him with my free sword. His eyes widen instantly as he slips his sword from under mine before deflecting the coming attack. While taken aback from my attack I lunge forward with both swords in unison, many wouldn’t be able to pull off the perfect defensive on this attack but I was very pleased when he swung his sword full force from underneath, successfully throwing my attack off course and into the ground. I tried to be serious but I could help the wide grin break across my face, he was very impressive. This motivated me to up my efforts so that I could impress him back. Ji Dwi swings at me and I easily side step out of the way. I throw one sword out but before he could connect it with his own I retreat it quickly so that I could pull off a full forced swing from behind. I see his eyes widen in the split second signalling his defeat. I grin victoriously rotating the blades to its blunt side before going through with the swing to smack him gently in the behind. I take a side back and dipped my head to look up in his flabbergasted expression. I giggle at his gaping mouth and widened chocolate orbs. Sheathing one sword I offer my now free hand to him which he gladly takes and shakes firmly, “I’m very impressed Ji Dwi.” He does his little signature scoff and smirk, “I can say the same for you. I never seen anyone duel wield like that before.” I shyly scratch my cheek with my index finger, “T-Thanks…” I grinned as it seemed to be impossible to do anything else but that around him. The intense staring contest we seemed to have was put to a halt when I felt a soft pat on my shoulder. Turning around I see a smiley Han Sung, “Hello Han Sung, what can I do for you?” The man-child claps his hands excitedly before speaking up, “That was amazing (Y/n)! Can you please teach me?” I blush happily, “O-Of course! I would love to!” A chorus of “Me too!” was erupted from the Hwarang and I couldn’t be any happier. I nod excitedly and bowed, “It would be my honour to aid you all in your practices, all I ask is for you to try your best!” I throw a fist into the air to hype them up and they didn’t let me down as they hollered and threw theirs up as well. I quickly ordered some drills and the men were quick to jump to their partners to start their new practice. I turn around to see Ji Dwi and flashed him a grin but what I didn’t expect was his slightly off smile, it didn’t reach his eyes like it usually did. “What’s wrong?” I ask stepping in front of him to get a better look at his face, “Did it hurt when I hit your butt?” He chuckles, the sparkle evident in his chocolate brown eyes once again, “No, It’s just that it was my idea for you to train with me and now you are helping everyone else.” I coo reaching a hand out to caress his cheek teasingly, “Why jealous that my attention is else where?” He rolls his eyes with a smile, “Stop teasing,” he sighs pushing my hand away. “Can I tell you a secret?” I ask leaning forward and he curiously lowers his head as well, my smile against the shell of his ear, “My attention will always be on you. Do you know why? Because you are sooo annoying!” I giggle pulling away. Looking up at him I felt no regrets teasing him if that meant that I could witness his pale cheeks flush red.

Later that night I watch the Hwarang turn to their dorms. I patiently wait until I spot the particular pretty faced male. I quickly run up to him and grab his arm, all the while dragging him with me to the place where we first met. He chuckles not even out of breath as I pushed him onto the bench. “Ji Dwi! Can you tell me a story?” He playfully rolls his eyes, “Are you a child?” I shrug lowering myself so that I laid my head comfortably in his lap, “I just want to her your voice as I fall asleep. You can talk about whatever you like.” I mumble closing my eyes contently as I felt his long slender fingers run through my long locks. “So there was once this very, very, very annoying Princess named-” I gasped in mock shock, slapping his chest, “Hey!” He chuckles with me joining him almost instantly, “Say (Y/n)…what kind of Queen would you wish to be like one day?” I look up thoughtfully at him from his lap as he looked down at me warmly. “I hope a good one,” I giggle and he smiles, “A warm one?” I add and he nods quietly so I continued, “No death penalties, everyone can enter and leave the Kingdom as they wish.” He hums, “What if bad people enter?” and I nod, “That’s easy. The strong protect the weak. I want to become strong so that I can protect everyone with my two hands.” Ji Dwi chuckles, tucking a long strand of hair behind my ear, “That does sound like a good Queen.” I nod happily, “I can do that all by myself if I try hard enough! But it would be nice to rule with a King by my side. A nice one that shares the same beliefs as me.” A comfortable silence envelops us and I tilt my head in his lap, reaching out with both hands to cup his cheeks. I squish his cheeks gently causing his lips to become pouty, “What’s on your mind?” I inquire and he smiles with his eyes closed, “Nothing.”


After taking up the position in teaching sword fighting I woke up early each morning to help with the Hwarang’s practice. And honestly it was the most fun I have ever had in my (Y/a) years of living. However today was slightly different, Princess Sookmyung observed practice. What I didn’t expect was for her to call a meeting with Wi Hwa immediately after. “The Hwarang is nothing but a tool,” she starts. I patiently stood on the side listening to whatever she had to say but it just got ridiculously annoying. I had trouble holding my emotions especially regarding those who I cared for so when she ordered that there will be a life or death battle I was livid. I haven’t been in the Hwarang house for more than a week but I consider them all friends already, so I couldn’t keep my mouth shut any further, “The Hwarang are trying their best in practice and are improving dramatically. There’s no need for such violent practices.” Princess Sookmyung turned around and stared at me with a blank gaze, “It’s not in your place to decide what’s good for them or not.” “And it’s not in your place to tell them to go die,” I shot back immediately which she scoffed at. “I’m a Princess it’s their job to do as I say.” I take a deep breath trying my best to contain my anger, but it was evident that I was angry to everyone in the room seeing that my teeth were gritted, “They are human and have their own choices to make. I do not care if you are royalty. In the end when we die don’t we all return to the same soil?” I could tell from my peripheral that Wi Hwa was genuinely amused by the scene before him, however Princess Sookmyung was becoming impatient. “It’s not in your place to say,” she reasons and I cut her off, “Then who says that you have a place then?” Her nostrils flare at my stubbornness, “It’s not your place to say,” she repeats and I shake my head. I hated using my title as an excuse but I needed to put an end to this before the Princess could get her way. “It’s my place to say as I am Queen of Goguryeo. You, Sookmyung as a Princess have no say. I have been entrusted with this title before leaving my Kingdom to come here, hence I have authority over you. The Hwarang will not be fighting to the death against one another, but working together to build an unbreakable bond.” I huff slightly out of breath, Princess Sookmyung stares at me with her same blank gaze but anger was evident under her calm façade. Looking towards Wi Hwa he chuckles, “You both do not have a say in this matter as I am in charge of the Hwarang. I will consider the more intensive practice.” Princess Sookmyung looked pleased for once since I met her a week ago. Closing my eyes, clenching my fist and jaw to contain my frustration, I wasn’t surprised when even that didn’t help me calm down. “You are both not human,” I spat running out of the room. I was furious, I can’t let his happen, how am I supposed to protect a whole Kingdom of Goguryeo when I can’t even protect a handful of men were right in front of me? Hot angry tears blur my vision but I didn’t stop running until I bumped into a hard chest. “Whoa there!” Ji Dwi coos steadying me by holding my arms, “Hey what’s wrong?” I look up with hot tears still boiling over, “I-I’m sorry I can’t…” I sob facing the ground in defeat. He pulls me into his chest tightly and hushes me, rocking me side to side slightly in hopes to calm me down. “Why are you apologizing my Princess?” I wrap my arms around his back and tightly hold onto him, allowing his warmth to seep into my shaking frame, “I’m sorry I can’t protect you.” Ji Dwi nuzzles his nose into my neck, “I don’t need protecting, silly.” I shake my head against his toned chest, “You don’t understand.” He nods slowly, “Let’s go back to your room so you can explain everything to me so that I can understand okay?” I shake my head, pushing him away, “It’s okay. I’m…I will figure something out.” Nodding my head as if assuring myself I start towards my room but Ji Dwi grabs my arm tightly, “Who made you cry? I don’t care who it is…I will kill whoever did this to you.” I turn around to look into his eyes and his expression as unwavering, he was dead serious, “You…you shouldn’t say such things. I don’t want you to get into trouble.” “I don’t care about that! Don’t you see that all I care about is you? Just tell me what’s wrong or god help whoever did this to you because I will kill them on the spot!” I open my mouth but nothing came out. Closing my eyes to collect my thoughts I nod, slipping my hand into his larger one to quickly pull him along into my room.

Sitting in the middle of my room with Ji Dwi as company quickly calmed me down to a state where I could at least properly talk. “Princess Sookmyung insists that the Hwarang were just tools and should be put into life or death sword fights.” Ji Dwi nods but stays silent for me to vent everything out, “I can’t allow that. Even though they are knights they are still very human and their lives shouldn’t be seen as any less valuable than that of a royalty…I couldn’t even reason with those two. How can I protect my Kingdom if I can’t even protect my friends much less the person who I truly cherish…” By the time I got everything off my chest I started to sob again but luckily Ji Dwi was there to pull me into his lap to comfort me. He rubs my back with soothing circles to calm down my erratic breathing. “Is that person you truly cherish me?” He smiles against my temple and it for no reason caused my tears to burst out a full strength, “It’s not funny! I want to protect the people I love!” He chuckles lifting my chin up with his thumb and index finger, “You love me?” he whispers his breath ghosting over my lips. “You just said you would kill the person who made me cry! Why are you surprised! Anyways you aren’t seeing the whole picture you are-” I lost all train of thought when a pair of warm soft lips pressed against mine. I moan taken by surprise at the turn of events. Ji Dwi’s warm hand cups the back of my head, pulling me deeper into the kiss. Pulling away for the need of air I look up into his glazed orbs, it didn’t take me a second longer to dive back in to get another kiss from the male. Accidently exerting too much force I cause him to topple over, allowing me to straddle him. I pull back in surprise, “Hehe…sorry…” I giggle, running my fingers through his long silky onyx locks. “Don’t be sorry, just kiss me again,” he smirks pulling me down for another kiss. I pull back reluctantly, “I have a secret.” Ji Dwi nods from underneath me signalling me to continue, “I hope the King chooses to marry Princess Sookmyung.” He cocks a brow, “And why’s that?” I grin, “So I can marry you!” Ji Dwi purses his lips, “Is that so? But I’m nothing but a lowly man with no royal blood what so ever.” I smile cupping his cheeks in the palm of my hands, “That doesn’t mean anything to me Ji Dwi, you make me happy. And I know you will make many happy as well. You have a good heart, a good heart for the perfect King everyone is waiting for.” The reaction I got from him was extreme confusion, but once a few moments passed complete glee replaced his unsureness, “I don’t think the King would be too fond to hear that. I heard rumours that he wishes you marry you (Y/n).” I shrug casually, “I don’t care. If the King isn’t you, I have no interest what’s so ever.” Ji Dwi nods contently with the brightest unwavering smile plastered on his face, “Then I will happily be your King if that means I can see your smile everyday.” I groan at his words, “I’m very happy and glad…but I’m sorry I can’t help but worry for the Hwarang.” He hums, “That means you will be a good Queen, worrying for all. Your heart is in a good place.” I sigh hugging him tightly, “It doesn’t do any good if just my heart is in the right place.” “That’s true, but have faith that it will all work out.” “I just want to ensure that no one gets hurt…especially for no reason.” “Don’t worry, I promise on my life that I will fix all this. Just sleep peacefully, and when you awake everything will be okay.” I groggily look into his deep chocolate orbs, “You are tired, please rest with no troubles in mind.” Heavy eyelids drop and I couldn’t peel them back open, “Please…stay…” I mumble throwing an arm around his waist in which he chuckles in response. “As you wish my Princess,” he presses his lips against my temple, his arms tightly pulling me into his warm body. With the feeling of security I was able to quickly fall into a deep comfortable sleep.

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I’ll Be Good - Part 10

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Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter – Natasha gives you a reality check and the team argues about your place among them.

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1465

Author’s Note: Soooo I tried for like 3 days to not leave you like this on this part, but alas, I must leave you here, and pick it up in part 11 because I’m a devious b. I’m super excited about 11 and 12 though, so I will be itching to post 11… but I also don’t have much free time this weekend… so we’ll see.

Note about tags: I didn’t have time to respond to all the more recent notes yet (I will I promise! I adore and appreciate you all so so much!!), but I really wanted to get this out before my busy weekend hiatus. I THINK I got everyone, but if I missed you, please shoot me an ask and I’ll definitely catch it for 11.

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You woke to the sound of slightly raised voices down the hall, but you couldn’t be bothered to care. Rolling over with a groan, all you could think about was the hangover raging through your skull. You pinched your eyes closed trying to shut out the memories from the previous night. Bucky.

The volume of the argument increased slightly as Natasha opened the door to enter your room. She handed you some Aspirin and a sports drink and you gratefully gulped them down while she eased onto the bed beside you.

“I didn’t know spiders liked to cuddle,” you teased. She smiled at you, but it was half-hearted, which was alarming.

“Have fun last night?” She quizzed.

“Mhmm” you hummed, taking another sip.

“It looked like you and Barnes were having fun, but he seems moodier than ever this morning, so what did you do?”

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14 & 23-Kylo Ren

14. “Because I love you dammit!”
23. “Come back to me, please.”

Kylo Ren growled as he walked the perimeter of the room. You faced him, expression unwavering. Your arms were at your sides as you faced the man. Nothing about your posture suggested fear or regret.

“I can’t believe you,” Kylo Ren muttered angrily, “After everything we’ve been through…”
“I’m not the one who threw you out to the streets like a rabid Rancor,” you hissed, “This is a byproduct of what you did, not me.”
“You didn’t have to join the Resistance!” he shouted, “That was your choice!”
You grit your teeth. “You know as well as I, if I hadn’t joined, I’d just be on a planet your men would decimate and conquer. What if I was one of the casualties of such a thing?”
“I never would’ve let that happen!”
“Wouldn’t you?” you shouted, hot tears threatening to fall, “After all, I was just another soldier to you. Nothing special. No longer worth your time. Isn’t that what you said?”
“No, I-” he attempted.
“Or have I imagined the last five years of your voice ringing through my ears?”
“Y/N, pl-”
“Or moving from building to building just waiting for you to turn around?” you shouted, a few tears falling, “If it weren’t for the Resistance, I’d be dead!”

The room fell silent. You kept your posture, though your fists had curled tighter. Despite the pain and emotion behind your words, they had somehow come out even and strong. After a moment, Kylo Ren removed his mask, keeping his back to you. Had the room not been so quiet, you would have missed his quiet plea.

Come back to me, please.
You scoffed. “Why would I do that? It’s not like you actually care. You made that pretty clear.”
Because I love you dammit!” he shouted, “I let you go because-because-”
“Because why?”
He let out a shaky sigh. “Supreme Leader Snoke had other…ideas for your service to the Order.”

You swallowed, understanding exactly what malice lay behind that statement. Regardless, you couldn’t forget your years of abandonment. You may not be well liked across the Resistance, but you knew they would never leave you the way Kylo Ren did. The man turned to face you, eyes red and puffy. Your stare remained hard.

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rdshepard-deactivated20170807  asked:

There's something I noticed when I was re-watching season 5, in the episode where Lucifer kills all the pagan gods. Sam says "its him" - even though everyone seems unaware - even Kali says "how?" Like did Sam sense Lucifer? Can Sam feel Lucifer's presence? Idk I have questions my dude

 Ah, these delicate little moments mean so very much to me. I really loved the way they kept that subtle “bond” between Sam and Lucifer for the entirety of S5. The moment he was freed, you see the way it just sort of hits Sam, and it shows itself again when Lucifer manages to find and reach out to Sam, even if it can’t be in a physical sense. 

They are definitely on a different wavelength than everyone else, and I certainly get the feeling, quite a few times, that Lucifer just knows that Sam feels the bond between them as strongly as he does. When he speaks to him, there is always this underlying feeling of melancholy - like he’s so desperate for Sam to just acknowledge that he already knows everything he pretends to not understand. For example, saying things such as “You know I’d never hurt you,” and “You of all people should understand,” those little things always stuck out to me as quiet pleas for acceptance of this thing they share. 

I really wish they’d kept that little nuance of their relationship around in the newer seasons, but - ya know, the writers just happened to forget about their whole M.F.E.O. status. Even so - that connection was solid, man, and we have all the proof we need that they are two halves made whole. 

{”True Love,” Dean. The answer we were looking for was “True Love.”😈}