quiet people like us

so during lunch a few weeks ago, i was chilling with 2 of my friends at our usual table (because the rest of my so called “friends” abandoned us) and the canteen was crowded. so, halfway when we’re eating, 2 boys from our level who we have never seen before asked if they vould sit there (they were hot). and we went all “umm.. okay” and soon after that, their friends were joining them at our table (all the hot shits) and because our school has a dont use your phone during lunch else it would be confiscated policy, we were forced to communicate with each other.

it started out very awkward. like “hi..” then they would say “hi..” and like total silence. soon the guys realised we werent the most outspoken people and decided to chat among themselves, talking about basketball? and my and my two friends also chat among ourselves.

now you need to understand that me and my two friends are like those quiet people but once you get close to us, we are like crazy. so my friend actually stole my food. and i turned into a cursing monster like “fUCK YOU GIMME ME MY FUCKING FOOD BACK” kinda shit. and my friend who stole my food was shielding herself with her feet like kicking me and my other friend was quietly stealing my food too.

so when the boys heard the screaming and laughing coming from the exact table they were sitting on they just turned and stared at us.

i would like to imply that there were 7 hot boys staring blankly at 3 girls. one of them was close to stabbing another girl, who was kicking her, in the eye with a fork and the last girl was quietly eating with her hand, like shoving the food in her mouth as quick as possible.

we soon realised that they were staring and we just sat back down awkwardly. aND THE BOYS STARTED LAUGHING LIKE OH MY GOSH THOSE VOICES OF AN ANGEL we exchanged names and numbers and the next day they actually came back and acted like we were all best friends. like b r o s

and those friends who abandoned wanted to like come back to us because they wabted to be near hot boys but those boys were all like “no.” like straight up said in their faces “no.”

and when we were sad for whatever reason
they would always buy us flowers just to cheer us up. and there was once i needed pad because periods. they actually went to every girl they met and asked them for a pad. like i am touched.

when we went out, they be there just chilling with us even though they could stay at home. and we had sleepovers on several occasions and it was cool. like alot of shiet happend (maybe i would write another story about the things that happened during our sleepover)like they are nice hot guys.

and now we are like best friends.

moral of the story kids: let your bitchy friends abandon you for whatever goddamn reason and be best friends with guys. especially if they are hot.


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Boss: "Are you okay?" Me: "I'm sorry?" Boss: "Are you okay today?" *concerned look* Me: "Yes..." *quirks eyebrow* Boss: "Well you're just so quiet, I can never tell." Me: *nod of affirmation that I am, in fact, quiet* Boss: "I'm used to loud people like me, and you're always so quiet! I can never gauge how you're feeling!" *walks off* It's called being introverted. Y'know, that thing you don't understand, being a loudmouthed extrovert, and all. Stop acting like it's a bad thing to be quiet.

My Beloved Boys - (Poly!DemoReps x Reader)

WARNING: Major Character Death, Mentions of Suicide, Affairs, Mild Sexual Content, War, Abuse, Sexism, Misogyny, War, Depression.

A/N: OKay HeRe It iS! !! It soooooo long I am so sorry, it took me a really long time making this and I am so glad that I finished it. Also, this is kind of like a Les Misérables crossover so there will be more tears than usual. (S/O) is still you btw. If the warnings above triggers you please don’t read.

Thomas looked at the crowd, he blinked his tired eyes at the celebration of the people as they waved their flag in vigor. Time do really go by fast, doesn’t it? The people sang their hearts out as they threw their arms in the air, overjoyed at their new found freedom. The monarchy was no more, Thomas closed his eyes a wave of emotion and memories flooded back in his mind that he had repressed for so long, it was overwhelming.

It all started one afternoon.

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this might be a weird question but why do you ship yoonkook/sugakookie? Its my otp as well but idk id like to hear why haha

Alright anonnie! I am going to spam you with some of my favorite sugakookie moments (although I can never cover all of them). They’re one of my (and BigHit’s) top ships for a reason and I’ll show you why! THIS GOT SUPER LONG (I WENT OVERBOARD AGAIN) so I’m going to put half of his under the cut.

First of all, I really love the dynamic Sugakookie has. They complement each other really well if you look closely. They’re both incredibly hardworking, quiet when they need to be and not-so-quiet when the time is right. People like to use that whole father-son thing, but I beg to differ. Yoongi takes care of Jungkook in a way that shows he wants to protect him and cherish him. In my trash shipper mind, Yoongi is treating Jungkook like a lover he wants to care for no matter the cost and protect him from the world. He has an incredibly obvious soft spot for Jungkook and he lets the maknae get away with things the other members wouldn’t be able to get away with. All the hyungs have a massive soft spot for Jungkook, but Yoongi’s soft spot for him is different in a sense. He looks at Jungkook fondly and defends him (when the other members tease him) and spoils him (with lots of food). They’re comfortable with each other. Their moments are subtle but very meaningful. Each touch has a purpose and says a lot about their relationship. I’m going to give a few lot of moments and explain them.

Okay, this is from a recent photoshoot. Here you see that Yoongi has both hands on Jungkook’s shoulders and his head pressed again Jungkook’s. He didn’t have to do that. He could of just put one arm around Kookie’s shoulders and call it a day. But he didn’t, he leaned against Kookie and put both hands on him and it’s a sign of unconscious protection and care. I’m probably looking way too into this, but I can’t get over it. Call me trash, I am trash.

Now this…I’m not gonna talk about the obvious thing I’m thinking because I’m pretty sure you notice it too. The fact that Jungkook is pressing his body against Yoongi’s (and Yoongi is letting him without any sign of discomfort or unfamiliarity) may show that he’s done this before. It isn’t anything new for them. See how Jungkook’s hand squeezes Yoongi’s shoulder? I like to think that he may have picked up that gesture from Yoongi who loves to hold Kook by his neck.

RUN ERA WAS A BLESSING. Jungkook is so comfortable laying down on Yoongi’s thighs. He even adjusted his position. While they’re filming a behind the scenes video, Kookie doesn’t get up, he just continues laying there. 

This glorious V Live nobody should ever forget. This is a prime example of them being comfortable together. They have no qualms about skinship at all and Kookie just leans on Yoongi which implies that he trusts Yoongi a lot now imagine them cuddling. In this video, Jungkook told Yoongi to wink with him. At first Yoongi resisted, but caved and did it just to satisfy the maknae and see him smile. If that’s not being whipped I don’t know what is.

Another huge thing is Yoongi defending Jungkook. In both of these cases, the other members are teasing Jungkook. Yoongi is always the odd one out that defends Jungkook. The moment in the second gif is particularly meaningful to me. In that situation, all the members were saying that they were scared of Jungkook hitting them because he has muscles. I think Kookie looked really uncomfortable and even a bit sad. He may have a felt a bit guilty but also a bit hurt that his members think of him that way even if it’s just for show. Yoongi is very observant and he probably noticed Jungkook acting a little off too (Kookie wears his emotions on his sleeve if you take the time to notice these things) so Yoongi calls him cute to soothe him. He wants Jungkook to understand that they don’t mean he’s a bad maknae and that they still love him and think he’s adorable. Plus, that look they shared and they both smiled right after. Look at Kookie’s nose scrunch. Then Yoongi defending Jungkook’s scent preference after Jimin said he liked women’s perfumes. He doesn’t want Kookie to be called a pervert even if it’s just teasing.

This, just this.

THIS IS LEGENDARY FOR SUGAKOOKIE SHIPPERS. I couldn’t stop screaming about this for days. The thing about this is that THEY BOTH reached for each other. THEY BOTH couldn’t stop smiling. Look at the tight hold they have on each other and then Kookie proceeds to nuzzle his hyung for a bit more. Yoongi doesn’t look like he minds the affection AT ALL. Jungkook can throw himself at Yoongi without hesitation because he knows Yoongi will catch him and hug him back. 

I thought this was really cute. When Jungkook said “Hyung!” without specifying which one he was talking to, Yoongi whips his head around SO QUICKLY. It’s like he expects Jungkook to be referring to him, that he doesn’t need to specify which hyung if it’s him. Again, I may be looking too into it, but let me live. I’m trash for Sugakookie. Anyways, this is another example of the more subtle sugakookie moments.

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I actually do sound like a child, but it's really interesting. You know how when people grow up their voices change? Even girls? Mine didn't, according to my mom, all that happened with my voice was it got quieter.

blimey, i couldnt imagine that ! i think my voice got higher in pitch and thats about it, if im honest ..



could you do a SpencerxReader where she’s new to the BAU and instead of being the usual quiet, shy little butterfly he is around new people he actually like uses a really nerdy pickup line on her and she gets it and he’s surprised and yeah idk uwu

Requested by ouijawinchester~

Meeting the entire team was an exhilarating experience. These were the people you were going to be working with, after all. The last person you walked up to was Dr. Spencer Reid; as your new boss had told you. Clearing your throat, he instantly looked up and gave a small smile.

“I’m Y/N. The new member of your team.” You introduced, holding out your hand.

Reid stood up and took your hand, his smile becoming a bit easier and more genuine. “I’m Spencer Reid.” He replied. He paused for a moment, straightened up a little, then released your hand. “And you’ve stolen both my hearts.”

With a snort, you gave Spencer Reid a tilt of your head. “Is that a Doctor Who pick up line? Like, with the Time Lords?”

At your words, Reid’s grin grew and he nodded his head enthusiastically. “It is! You watch Doctor Who?”

“I love it.”

i had this convo about how like good people can be really Aggressive online which is completely foreign to me bc even if i can do the fake rude thing i actively avoid any conflict i can bc like where im from any sort of outburst is seen negatively.

my mom spent time in nyc and she had a lot of trouble fitting in bc she got so forward and just plain rude and honestly? it made it difficult to me bc i was and still am gentle and low and used to people being like, quiet. she wanted to live a Country Life to protect her kids but it really was a completely different world she never fully adopted to while i being young did and that really made her completely misunderstand me which is probably for the best actually.

anyway i just dont get how some of you can like Discourse and actually like, say what you think about other people and what people are doing and shit right on your main blog like, the most i can manage is a subtweet on my private twitter after the fact. im a mess when it comes 2 communicating but communicating or speaking or writing roughly at all is completely impossible how do you do it.

i had somewhere i was going with this but i forgot it rip

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When it comes to leslie jones' character in Ghostbusters, she's always been comfortable that her personality is close to the "loud sassy black woman" stereotype. Do you think black women should steer away from this stereotype because of how it is portrayed in media & treated in real life? I feel like this stereotype is associated with "frowned upon/poor" jobs a lot, like in the movie, even though it's possible to have this kind of personality and be a scientist or be in other high paying jobs.

Listen, this is all very complicated and layered, but if you’re asking whether real live Black women should alter their personalities or their behavior in some effort to avoid being stereotyped or fulfilling a stereotype, the answer is a loud, full-throated no. Respectability politics won’t save us. Black women can be as quiet and meek and humorless as possible and anything we say will still be interpreted as “loud and sassy” because of implicit racial biases. Also, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being loud, funny, or sassy.

To all my sisters, I say LIVE YOUR LIFE! BE YOU! DO YOU! Because the reason said stereotype is associated with “frowned upon/poor” jobs is because it’s associated with Black people and white supremacy will turn anything associated with Blackness into something white supremacy deems bad or wrong or less than. That’s it.  We are always going to be Black (and are lucky and should be proud to be so). We can’t perform our way out of Blackness.

Now, do these white writers need to stop only writing Black women as stereotypes or have their pens and jobs snatched away from them? Hell, yes. But I’m not gonna tell a Black woman trying to make it in the industry what kind of jobs she should and shouldn’t take when she’s trying to make a living given the dearth of acting jobs for us period.

Leslie Jones is hilarious and I’m glad she’s getting work. But that doesn’t erase the fact that the WRITERS choosing to only have one WoC in the cast, and made her, as a Black woman, the ONLY one not in a STEM field perpetuates anti-black racism.

I don’t begrudge any Black person how they choose to navigate and deal with anti-black racist oppression as long as we aren’t condoning or perpetuating it. We aren’t the problem.

Find the Light - Part 5

Words: 2503
Dean x Reader
Warnings: dramatic scenes, angsty for a bit
Summary: Y/N tries to cope with the consequences of the hunt for the Djinn.
A/N:This is part of a series! Read the other parts first! (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4)

Your name: submit What is this?

”Y/N…” A voice. “Y/N. Wake up.” A familiar voice. “Come on, Y/N.” Sam. Sam’s voice.

Your eyelids fluttered and dragged open. You immediately regretted the action. Consciousness was feeling sick to your stomach. Consciousness was burning pain across the back of your head. Consciousness was the abhorrent awareness of what had happened.

Sam was leaning over you. You stared up at him with dead eyes. You managed to blink seven times before the tears began to cloud your eyes. Was this an improvement? You couldn’t remember. In fact, you couldn’t really remember much of anything after… You bit your bottom lip to prevent it from trembling.

”Hey, hey…” Sam furrowed his brow in concern, still leaning over you. He grabbed a hold of your hand and squeezed it. “It’s alright…” he trailed off.

You looked up into his face, your eyes shiny with tears. He looked tired. “Sam.” You paused, considering your words carefully. “Have you slept?”

He gave you a sad smile and let out a small exhalation. “That’s what you’re worried about?”

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I will sit on this bed and erase you. I will stand at the sink and kiss the mirror with lipstick that could make ice blush. I will paint myself as the morning sun, a brightness that overwhelms the darkness so well that artists never shake the image out of their brainstems.

I will be Helen of Troy, sister of the stars, of Castor and Pollux: and still her own fire. I will make myself in her image, a woman not as victim but as someone so brilliantly burning that ships will taste the golden sand at the bottom of the ocean just for a glimpse of me. I will become the emblem of war, of blood, of froth in the mouth of steeds. 

I am done crying over you. Have you not heard the drums? Have you not heard the cry which springs from my ribs on nights like this? I am done suffocating the nightmare which I lived. I will let it free and I will give it wings, together this bird and I will fly into our own successes and hold ourselves the way you never did and find a nest that doesn’t have your fingerprints all over it. 

Go ahead. Pick up your spears and your small army of slander and come at me. Come tell me that you miss me again so you can rip my heart open in the morning. Come after my new courage and pride and confidence. Tell me that you’re suddenly alight with desire now that I have folded all of the lights of Paris into my spine.

I am my own angel, I am my own lighthouse, I am my own salvation. 

I will find my own happiness. I will find Helen and I will tell her: I understand, my love, I was hurt too, once. People like us, we don’t deserve quiet lives of waiting for love. We go out and hunt it, even if we have to leave razed towns in our wake. We were always too much passion for flaky half-hearted men anyway. I will hold Helen in me, I will be my own battle cry. Watch the glory, the song, the banners in me fly. Watch me now that we are finally done.

Watch me. Watch me. Watch what I become.

—  I’m over you, loved one // r.i.d

Please don’t use quotes like “quiet people have the loudest minds” to write off people who talk a lot as stupid or vapid. You never know, that person could be talking because silence makes them anxious, because they’re really excited about what they have to share, because they enjoy your company and want your opinions. Extroverted? Great! Introverted? Also great! But please don’t let such simple categorizations alter your judgement of a person or what goes on inside them. Everyone around you has a mind so much louder and more vibrant than you could ever imagine.

Lover's Knot

A short drabble for loonyloopy in the hopes that she will survive her leg cramp <3 

“Yes. Right there. Just like that: don’t stop!”

Cullen raised an eyebrow as Elysse lay back on his bed, sighing softly. His thumbs continued to massage tight circlesalong her right calf.

Really?” he asked.


“It’s just…” He sighed, shaking his head a little. “You’re making more noise now than you do when we—you know.”

“Oh?” She laughed and his cheeks warmed. “I’m afraid I don’t know, Commander. What are you referring to?” She leaned up and kissed along his jawline when he started grumbling. “I thought you liked me being quiet: less likely to have people interrupt us.”

“Yes, well…” Cullen stared down at the tense muscle he was working, hoping it would distract him from the blush spreading down his neck. “It wouldn’t be so bad if you were sometimes just a little more… vocal.”

Elysse was grinning when she tugged on his shirt and kissed him. “I’ll remember that for the future.”

Honestly………. I’ve kept quiet for so fucking long about this and it’s slowly eating away at me because I’m a firm believer that everything truly does happen for a reason and maybe the words I’ve been holding back could be of such purpose to someone and that alone is enough for me to unlock this safe of words that I obtain so I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say what I feel like I need to. I’ve kept up with this kesha incident since the moment I heard about it literally months ago and after hearing today that the judge ruled against her, I just like, honestly could start crying because I feel her pain first hand and all that this situation is supporting as a whole is for people like us to keep quiet and to not feel secure or any sort of comfort in seeking not only legal, but simply help in general. It’s reasons exactly like this why people like myself keep quiet because this proves that there is no fucking justice! Whether the judge believes her story true or not, or any outside opinion other than kesha’s for that matter, is of no importance to literally anything. GET HER OUT OF THE FUCKING CONTRACT. This is evil in its’ purest form and I just don’t even know I feel like if I don’t stop typing now I never will so please just know and hold dear to your heart that you, you who are reading this, are so fucking important and don’t let incidents like this deter you from getting the support, guidance and/or justice you may very well need. You are so loved and people fucking suck and you can’t ever forget that. Just use wisdom in the future steps that you take and be so aware of your surroundings because there are people out there that will use you and use you and use you until you start to feel and even believe that you are nothing and you are something.

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Like you I suffer from bouts of depression and I have PTSD and anxiety, In June I'm stepping far outside of my comfort zone and volunteering at the Denver Comic Con in June. Do you have tricks, tips of dealing with crowds, keeping anxiety in check?

Most cons have a quiet room set aside for people like us who need a few minutes to get away from the noise and excitement. Talk to the organizers and volunteer coordinator about it. Also, be aware that there is a LOT of background noise, and it can get overwhelming without you realizing what’s happening.

And don’t forget to have fun! You’re doing a cool thing by volunteering, because you and the other volunteers make it possible for everyone at a con to enjoy themselves.