quiet genius

Cool//Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Reader.


“We just don’t…spend a lot of time alone, that’s all babe.” You caress Stiles’ cheek.

“I know. I get it.” He turns and kisses your hand.

“We’re always doing pack things..the only time we get together is when you walk me to my locker.”

“Then let’s change that.” He sits up.

“How? When we aren’t in school we’re with the pack, when we aren’t with the pack we’re doing homework, when we aren’t doing homework we’re investigating.”

“I have a proposition.” He quirks an eyebrow.

“Pray tell.” You lean forward on your elbows.

“We have a word. One word. Whenever someone says it, we make out. Any time, any place. No matter how inconvenient.”

You smirk, “Stilinski, are you proposing constant make out sessions with me?”

“Maybe I am, Y/L/N. What’re you going to do about it?”

You giggle, “I think I have to accept.”

He presses a gentle kiss to your lips, “What should our word be?” He asks in between kisses.

“Hmm..definitely not werewolf.”

He chuckles, “Good idea.”

“What about…no…too common.” You start.

“No, babe. Anything’s up for grabs, what is it?”

“Cool.” You shrug.

“Cool? Cool it is.” He nods.

“We just said it three times.” You smile.

He flips you over on the couch and hovers over you, “Cool.” He smirks before kissing you. You snake your arms around his neck as he pulls on your bottom lip with his teeth. You sigh, giving him the opportunity to slip his tongue in your mouth. His phone rings, the ringtone was one he shared with Scott. It was the Batman theme song.

“Babe…” You whisper against his lips.

He pulls back slightly, “Any time, any place, no matter how inconvenient.” He mutters before continuing his assault on your lips. You settle down into the couch, moving your hands around front. You slide them under his shirt, the warm skin making you hum in delight.

“Baby..” You whisper.

“Yes, princess?”

“This is getting too heated. Your dad will be home soon and we need to see what Scott needs.”

He nods and sits up, his lips swollen. “Okay, yeah. Let me call him back.”

You take a deep breath, collecting your thoughts as Stiles’ grabs his phone. He always knew how to handle you, it was one of the best things in the world.

Stiles returns, sighing. “We need to run over to Scott’s.”

“I figured.” You stand up and run a hand through your hair. “Let’s go.”

You both climb up into the Jeep, instantly lacing fingers. “I could’ve gone longer.” He mutters.

“I don’t know about you, but any longer and…” You raise an eyebrow.

“I know, and we both know what happened last time you spent the night.”

You’d spent the night with Stiles last month. His dad said he was going to be at the station all night, so you took the opportunity. You quickly learned that Sheriff Stilinski liked to come inside Stiles’ room on the morning to wake him up. He’d come on the room and found the two of you tangled up. He didn’t say anything that bad, but it was still earth-shatteringly embarrassing.

You pull up and hop out, Stiles leading you inside. “What’s going on?” He asks as he sees Lydia, Scott, and Malia crowded into the kitchen.

Malia was having a problem with Peter, she explained it to everyone, Stiles coming to the conclusion she was overreacting.

Stiles dropped you off at home, you somehow both wanted someone to say your word, but also prayed that it never came up.

Everyone was sat outside during lunch, Lydia looking around. “It’s so nice outside. I saw this morning that it was supposed to be hot, but this breeze really cools it down.”

You and Stiles exchange a look.

You glance down, trying to find an excuse, “Great, I forgot to do my physics paper. I’m going to go grab the notes, I’ll be back.” You stand up and Stiles follows suit.

“I’ll walk you.”

You giggle as he smacks your ass, pulling you into a janitor’s closet. He pins you up against the wall, pecking your lips repeatedly. He places his hands on the wall on either side of you.

You slide an arm around his hips, pulling him forward so your bodies were inches apart. He slides his tongue across your lip, making you shiver. You smash your lips together desperately, Stiles taking complete charge.

“I miss you.” He mumbles.

You know exactly what he means, the two of you were too exhausted to do this when you finally got your ten minutes of peace and quiet. Stiles was a genius.

“I miss you too,” You melt into him and he pulls away.

“That’s enough for now.” He grins, “Especially since we’re at school.” He kisses your nose.

“Okay, okay..” You pout. “Let’s go.” You nod and follow him back out to the quad.

“Where’s your notes?” Scott asks.

“Oh, I couldn’t find them.” You shrug. “I guess I left them at home.”

“Too bad. I can grab mine for you during class.” He nods. You glance up at Stiles, his lips were red and puffy, you wondered if yours looked the same.

This happened for days, it turns out, every single one of your friends said the word cool on a daily basis.

“Baby girl..” Stiles looks over at you from his spot at the kitchen table.

“Hmm?” You look up at him, the look in his eyes makes you smile.

“I think we should dial it back.”

“Oh thank God.” You breathe out, “My lips hurt.”

Stiles chuckles, “Once a day?”

“Once a day.” You nod.

“Bet you never thought your boyfriend could kiss you so well your lips hurt.” He smirks.

“Don’t get cocky now.”

“Oh, I’ve always been cocky. You love it.”

eva x sana headcanons

because honestly i adore this ship

-eva x sana happens slowly. it takes them both a while for them to realize their feelings for each other as romantic rather than just as friends because of comp het

-things start to develop faster after noora leaves for london. there’s a gap in the girl squad, and everyone can feel it. eva misses noora for a lot of reasons, and not all of them ones she can understand, but she misses noora’s sensibleness and quiet genius, and vilde is great, eva loves vilde, but she’s not the same

-then one day eva gets a 4 on a paper that she really needed a 5 or higher on, and sana finds her quietly panicking in the bathroom, on the verge of tears, and after a bit of prying from sana, because eva’s gotten so good at hiding her feelings, and she has trouble opening up even to someone she’s known and trusted for a year, eva finally tells her that her grades are slipping, and she doesn’t know how to make it stop.

-they sit on the windowsill and watch the birds swooping around the courtyard below, and sana just listens while eva talks, about how her mom was so disappointed in her after her house got totally trashed, and how eva can’t ever bear to see that look in her eyes again, but no matter how hard or long she studies she just can’t get it.

-and sana sits there in silence for a while, but when eva seems to be done talking and thanks sana for listening, sana takes her hand and tells eva that she wouldn’t have gotten into nissen if she hadn’t been capable of handling the work, and offers to help her if she needs it

-and that’s how it starts. eva and sana start meeting up about once a week, and sana chooses some chill music and eva often spends a lot of time studying, so the two of them spend a lot of time in silence. sana does her homework if she needs to do any, and if not she brings a book to read. and that becomes a tradition for them, they meet up at a coffee shop and just relax and enjoy each others’ company

-and one day sana can tell eva’s feeling a little on edge, and asks her what’s wrong. and eva tells sana about her conflicted feelings surrounding jonas and his new girlfriend. and sana comforts her and tells her that of course it’s natural to feel weird about an ex dating someone else, but then eva tells her, “the thing is, i don’t know who i’m more jealous of: jonas, or isabel.” and sana realizes.

-after that, they start to tell each other everything. they can always tell when there’s something on the other’s mind, and they’ll look the other in the eye and say “spill” and the other will sigh and tell. eva tells sana more about her discoveries about her sexuality, and sana tells eva about how hard it is sometimes when she’s at parties and surrounded by drunk people, and they grow closer as they share more and more

-and one day eva asks sana a question about islam that’s been on her mind for a while, and eva sees how sana’s eyes light up and she smiles as she talks about her religion, the most vulnerable and open she’s ever seen her, and eva realizes–it’s not just friendship she’s looking for

-once she realizes this she has no idea how she could ever have not seen it. now, whenever the two of them are together, eva can’t help looking at her, watch the way the sun shines across her face and turns her to gold, the dimples in her cheeks when she smiles, the way her eyes turn down and she blushes when she’s embarrassed, and eva just falls. so much in love

-and she starts asking sana more and more questions about her religion because she can tell sana loves answering them so much, and eva starts learning more and more about islam

-and sana doesn’t really know where it comes from, but one day eva asks her what her favorite verse from the qu’ran is, and just smiles and looks sana right in the eye the entire time she answers, and as she talks, sana just feels something welling up inside of her, so much that it feels like it’s about to overflow and she can’t quite tell what it is. and then she and eva reach for the same pencil and their fingers brush, and then sana feels it again, like sunlight spreading all throughout her body, and everything is so much brighter. and sana–sana knows.

-and then eva has a really huge test coming up in her science class, one that could really make or break her grade, and suddenly her world is just studying nonstop for it, and since science is sana’s specialty she helps eva with her notecards and quizzes her and always makes the best study playlists

-and when eva gets her test back and she’s gotten a 5 on it, which is enough to bring her grade up to where she wants it to be, the first person she runs to is sana to tell her. and sana’s so happy for her that she actually picks eva up and spins her around in a circle, and then she kisses eva on the cheek and everything. stops. and sana puts eva down and the two of them are just…looking at each other for a second

-and then, carefully, tentatively, ever-so-slowly, sana leans forward and kisses eva softly, right on the corner of her mouth, and it’s the softest thing that eva’s ever felt, and somehow it invokes more emotions than she’d ever felt when she was with jonas. and eva moves her mouth so she’s kissing sana back, and they’re so close eva can feel sana’s eyelashes brushing against hers. and they just stay like that for a bit, together

-and that’s when everything really begins

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hey there, I've searched through a few tags but I can't find any fics where one/both of them are like a genius or something like that. Maybe they're a mathematician or scientist or something (not really a teacher though). I was just wondering whether a fic like this exists somewhere, or if you knew of any?

Parallel Universes (wattpad) - Phillip is a scientist who is studying Parallel Universes. After what he thinks is a tragic loss where his boyfriend, Daniel, goes into a coma he builds a machine which sends him into a different world. In this world there are no hover cars and holograms, just taxi’s, tea and crumpets. When he enters a less advanced version of his world, he then meets Dan - the spitting image of his supposedly deceased boyfriend, Daniel. How will they react when Phillip and Phil meet? How will Dan and Phil handle a doppelgänger from a different universe?

We Could Be Immortals (wattpad) - (tw) Dan is a genius, who invented a time and space manipulating device he calls ‘yūgen’. It creates wormhole like bridges across time and space, which he is able to cross. One day he runs into an old friend called Phil, except Dan has never met him before.

We Were Shoveled Up Like Muck (Set The Night On Fire) - Skins AU in which Phil is the pill-popping party animal, Dan is the quiet musical genius, Peej steals from houses, Hazel is his sarcastic girlfriend, Louise chews gum and Jack is just along for the ride.

Like these? :)

- Emily

what if..

imagine if Hinata got the remembering disease instead of mikan… 

Hinata would be a whole other person.

what would his classmates think of him?

they would be terrified.

the cheerful, hopeful and friendly Hinata would become an emotionless, quiet genius with everybody’s talent. imagine how things would have gone differently if he had remembered.

Sakura’s hair whipped about her soft features in the breeze, her luminescent green eyes were sparkling, as she cast a look to her comrade… Her friend, the boy she had so loved and still does, always will.

The onyx haired nin could sense her look and he slit her a glance, his lips turning up at the edges.

Ebony, almond eyes travelled up her face, sparring a moment to lock eyes before making his way to the delicate mark, perfectly centered on her forehead

A testament to the power she has possessed, the skill she has coveted and mastered.

Sasuke spared an honest smile.

“You’ve become an amazing women Sakura.”

Pink and blushing, she smiled back, feeling a rush of pride and joy. Before all she had wanted was Sasuke, but that dream had molded, evolved into meeting Sasuke and Naruto where they were.

Years of bloody fists and tears, she had finally found her own path, she was Sakura, her own, poised with hidden strength, a quiet genius, a control and healing that matches her unbridled physical, destructive power.

She had found something that is hers alone in the family of team seven.

“Thank you, Sasuke.” She whispered, sweetly, softly, filled with something akin to peacefulness.

“I wonder where Naruto is.” She sighed, suddenly.“He was suppose to meet us for the rundown on the mission over fifteen minutes ago.”

Pink lips turned into a scowl as Sakura imagined knocking the rowdy, annoyingly lovable blonde in the back of his head.

Sasuke cocked a brow at her, right before they both mumbled.


spencer had a massive migraine already, his foot bouncing as he sat on the bench, thinking and trying to breathe. he was crazy – that was the only explanation to all this – crazy and having vivid hallucinations – except he was cognitive of the reality of them and they were too real. he didn’t look up as the bench squeaked beside him, drawing a bit further into himself, nervously. his eyes eventually moved over to look at the other, “–it is seattle, then?”

shadowhunters fluff/sitcom/everyone is happy universe episode 1: pet shop

jace wants to get a pet to therapeutically heal from the falcon story and the gang goes along for moral support

once confronted with all the pups and kits and adorable faces the gang is suddenly much more invested and investigate ‘for jace’

luke is kind of bummed at first bc he used to love animals but now that hes a werewolf animals are always scared of him. but he doesnt want to ruin everyone elses fun so he tries to stay out of trouble and drifts to the back where he finds a wall of reptiles. one thin green one seems to be looking right at him. ‘just like harry potter’ luke thinks, smiling to himself. it is just like harry potter, luke. he tentatively reaches into its cage and picks it up. it wriggles around in his hands contentedly and wraps itself around his wrist. its smooth cold skin is refreshing since luke usually runs pretty hot since the change. he turns around to show someone his new friend (hopefully simon since hes always been terrified of snakes) and sees magnus holding a 30 pound yellow python around his shoulders. ‘just like britney’ whispers luke. ‘JUST LIKE BRITNEY!’ cheers magnus.

izzy and alec, meanwhile, gravitate towards the kitties and puppies respectively. they playfully banter over the differences between cat and dog people, quickly becoming less casual and more competitive. they give each other a look. cut to 10 minutes later theyre giving their troops battle speeches before they send them down the racetracks and obstacle courses they made out of treat boxes, jimmy jabs style

clary and simon go with jace to look at the hamsters and mice and bunnies. jace, with at least 2 tiny soft little furballs in each hand and a tear in his eye: ‘theyre okay i guess.’ simon and clary politely ignore his sniffling, even when he uses a guinea pig’s fur to dry his tears. clary and simon are good friends. theyre all amusing themselves picking out animals that remind them of the rest of the gang when simon says ‘guys. uh.’ by some wacky twist of circumstance simon has managed to release every single rodent in the store. ‘we should tell someone’ simon says intelligently, eyes wide with worry. ‘NO WE SHOULDNT WE CAN HANDLE IT’ jace and clary whisper frantically, eyes wild with determination. as it turns out, they can not handle it. they can not handle it at all.

I am a Slytherin

I am the cold whisper of wind in the deep of night, the breeze that rustles the leaves overhead and makes you shiver. I am each pinprick of glittering light on the black velvet sky in the dead of night, a distant watcher you can’t possibly know. I am the poison lying dormant in the benign wildflower and the snake hiding beneath it. I am the silent danger in a deserted alley that tightens your gut and makes your vision narrow because you know you shouldn’t go down there. I am the tightening in your chest when you stand on the edge of a cliff and look down at the water glinting far below, the urge to jump just to see what will happen.

I am the stony front standing before a warm home, the kindness never shown but to those who have proven their worth to me. I am the loyalty to a few and the ferocity of an entire army. I am the line never to be crossed, because the consequences are rarely worth it. I am the risk you take because the pros outweigh the cons, the plan formulated so long ago that the enemy realizes only when they fall that they’ve been nothing more but pawns on a chessboard the entire time. I am the knowledge kept to yourself because you would never relinquish your advantage to make the circumstances fair, the wisdom to know when is the time to be brave and when is the time to lay low and watch how things play out. I am the half-truth that works so much better than the lies, and the truths told as lies so that they will never be believed.

I am the winter morning and midnight in spring, the burn of firewhiskey and the crackling of the dying fire. I am the embers that fly into the air when a log breaks and falls, landing in the grass with the potential to grow into a wildfire. I am the blood in your veins and the one that turns it to ice in the face of fear. I am the goal that others tell you is too high to reach and yet you fight for it all the same. I am the drive that runs you into the ground, drenched in sweat and breathing hard, and the drive that picks you up and sets you back on your feet and points you straight ahead again.

I am the serpent. I am cunning, I am resourceful, I am ambitious. I am danger and a sharp tongue. A careful heart and a warm hand. I am wise courage and quiet genius, selective loyalty and venomous pride.

I am a Slytherin, proud and true, and I dare you to take that away from me.

Here, Hamilton reprises some of Eliza’s words from “That Would Be Enough.” In that song, Eliza attempted to empathize with her husband’s troubled mind and help him think about the future in a new way. This time, it is Hamilton that acknowledges his wife’s pain. The frequent use of the inclusive “we” implies that Hamilton is really trying to bridge the gap between them and remain a team. This is the one time in the show that Hamilton says anything “would be enough.” He’s never been satisfied before, much to Eliza and Angelica’s sadness and frustration, but if he could make Eliza happy again, if he could somehow bring Philip back, that trumps all of his other grand ambitions.
The signs as TV tropes

Aries: The Warrior, Cocky-Asshole, Warrior, The hero, Hot blooded

Taurus: The gentle one, Loyal till the end, Guided wiseman, the stubborn one

Gemini: Brilliant mind, Simple Genius, The sunshine in the darkness,

Cancer: Mama Bear/Papa Wolf, The crazy sweetheart, Nightmare dressed as a daydream

Leo: Heart of Gold, The Leader, The Commander, Hero Complex, The most Loving Badass

Virgo: Mastermind, Adorkable, Pure Heart Dirty Mind, The Pleaser, Down to Earth Angel

Libra: Son/Daughter of Aphrodite, The Charmer, Justice Seeker, The Peacekeeper

Scorpio: Mysterious goofball, Sneaky Manipulator, The Phycic one, Quiet Genius,

Sagittarius: The Adventureous one, Passionate traveler, Brutally honest, Brave Heart

Capricorn: Quiet Warrior, The Cynical one, Heart of Steal loving Soul, Lone Wolf, Guided spirit

Aquarius: God Complex, The Rebel, Anti-Hero, The Humanitarian, Jerk but is an actual sweetheart

Pisces: Head in the Clouds, The dreamer, gently passionate, wise soul, aged with grace

monsta x as types of kids in school

shownu is the jock. he’s always working out, always wearing athletic clothes, and always in the school’s gym. he lives and breathes sports and is probably on most of the school’s sports teams. he’s the kid you get scared of in the hallway because of his large frame and toned body but in reality is kind of a shy sweetheart.

wonho would be the flirt. he’s good looking and he most definitely knows it. he knows how to use his looks to his advantage and his charm is not apologetic on anybody. if you caught his eye, he would be winking, lip biting, and basically driving you crazy because as much as you hate to admit it, he’s probably one of the hottest guys in school. 

minhyuk is the queen bee. he knows everyone, everything, and everyone’s cousin. he’s always talking to whoever is willing to listen. he’s easy to approach and is the type that would willingly spend the day with you, showing you around and making you feel comfortable if you were the new kid in school. 

kihyun would be the teacher’s pet. every teacher in the building loves him and even though no one will say it out loud, everyone one wants to be him. hey, being a teacher’s pet has its benefits! he’s usually getting coffee for a teacher, cleaning their whiteboard, and chatting with them after class. his kindness and aegyo gets him out of a lot of things that you could never seem to get around. 

jooheon is the class clown. he is always cracking jokes, doing dumb things, and pulling childish pranks all for the sake of making someone laugh. he has an obnoxious sense of humor that no one can resist and never fails to put smiles on faces.

hyungwon would be the kid who is constantly falling asleep in class. he lives and breathes for sleep. he can’t get enough of it. he is the kid always sitting in the back of the classroom with his head down. he is the type who would ask to go to nurse’s offices and just lie on the beds there for an hour or two. life is really sweet when you’re a sleeping beauty.

i.m is the quiet genius. he isn’t extremely outspoken until you get to know him but everyone already knows that he is going to be the valedictorian of your class. he’s in every ap class there is and is always getting the best grades. the worst part is that he does have a life outside of school, making it seem as if he gets great marks without any effort. don’t fret though, as the gentleman he is, he would probably tutor you after school if you asked him. 

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Do you know if there is one of those PowerPoint posts about the 1975? I'm a new fan and I want to know more about them rather than just reading basic Wikipedia info. Can you tell me about them a little bit (if you have time)? Thanks and sorry to bother

ive been waiting for a question like this ever since i joined tumblr tbh


MATTY: for a start, we have our bae matthew timothy healy, who prefers matty if we’re gonna do it properly.


matty is the lead singer who you can easily recognize by that fucking accent. you may also hear him called ‘truman black’, which is his alias (truman capote = his favorite author, black = his favorite color). he was born on april 8th, 1989 and has been killin it ever since. i wont get into the typical wiki stuff bc thats just a given, so lets get into the stuff you probably dont know! hes an avid weed/cig smoker and is a red wine and tequila enthusiast (also a bit of sangria mattyhewhealy). he has a black belt in karate! he prefers womens clothes over mens, and his style is black and expensive. youll usually see him in the infamous floral shirt:

his other signature is his black jeans with the hole in the knee. did you know he follows an account for said knee on twitter? now you do! his hair game is the strongest hair game known to man. his best friend is george daniel (hes up next). he HATES mint chocolate. just brush your teeth and have some chocolate, its fuckin hell to him. there are many sides to matty healy: youve got your weird-ass dorky stoner muppet matty, who likes to enthuse about hot raisins and the impeccably shiny legs of interviewers. then, youve got your intelligent genius side of matty: just watch an interview and youll see. you might have to break out your dictionary. maybe its a manchester thing, or just a matty thing. who knows? he loves cinema and the cinematic effects that belong in everyday life, and his skinny little noodle legs are something else. humbling, juxtaposition and aesthetic are a few of his favorite words. he also likes to say “we’ve been a band for ten years”. basically, hes a dorky little shit who has a habit of making girls fall in love with him. 

GEORGE: next up we have george bedford daniel, who is our favorite tree man in the entire world.


george is the drummer of the 1975, and while doin his thing hes got some hella fine drumming faces, like this one:

hes a stud, isnt he? hes 6’4 and has some good style. he was born on march 26th and is 25. youll usually see a resemblance to p diddy. his alias is bedford danes. as well as matty, hes quite an avid weed/cig smoker. he has the cutest/weirdest laugh in the entire universe and has a bad habit of eye-fucking cameras. hes matty’s best friend, ever since he dove into a port-a-loo and broke it when they were young. hes a stellar producer and he makes all the beats in the 1975 songs! in short, hes a pretty fre$h guy.

ROSS: ross macdonald, where do we begin?


ross is the bassist of the 1975, and he does a hella good job at it. he has a penguin tattoo on his arm that means nothing, to anybody. well, to him it just means he likes penguins. ross is our little penguin baby, ross is cool. he was born on june 6th, which makes him the youngest at 24. hes not a big fan of grouses. hes a pretty quiet guy, but hes also really intelligent. hes like a big snuggly bear. we love ross.

 ADAM: adam brian thomas hann has the longest name in the 1975. he is usually known by just “hann”.


you can hear hann’s specialty on the guitar in ‘girls’. he plays a fano JM6, which is his baby. hes extremely quiet and doesnt talk much, but when he does its usually something really intelligent. hes kind of like a less-dorky, soft-spoken, quiet version of matty. well, he’s a bit dorky. his birthday is june 20, so he’s 25! hes also very tall, hell, every member of the 1975 is a fuckin tree. but we love them:) hann has an extremely cute smile which never fails to make us smile along with him. he prefers eating tim tams with milk, because the consistency of milk is much better than tea. hann is our little quiet genius cutie pie. 

JOHN: finally, we have the newest member of the 1975, john waugh! youll often hear him referred to as “waughy”.


waughy is the saxophonist who has only recently started touring with the 1975! you can hear his fabulousness in songs like “me”, “pressure” and “heart out”. he has the hair and the face of an angel. john is also a member of the bands “extra curricular” and “the new standard” and has been a good friend of the boys for well over 10 years. did you know he graduated with honors in jazz studies at leeds college of music? yeah, hes pretty good. his curls are out to beat matty’s! 

THE 1975 IN GENERAL: they’ve been together for over 10 years, and have gone by previous names “big sleep”, “me you vs. them”, “the slowdown”, “talkhouse” and “drive like i do”. they hadnt gotten signed during that 10 years, so they put out 4 eps (sex, music for cars, facedown and iv) and a self-titled debut album by themselves. their album reached #1 on the charts! im gonna fill you in on the current name of the band, bc asking people will only piss them off (its SUCH a redundant question, just watch a few interviews). when matty was around 19, he went on holiday and met a local drunk character, who gave him loads of “jack kerouac, beat poetry literature” to bring home with him. one of the books has been used as a diary of sorts by the previous owner, which jumped form 1st to 3rd person and was quite mad. the pages were dated “1st june, the 1975” and something about the grammatically-incorrect use of the “the” preceding the year stuck with him. when they were looking for a new band name, he remembered the 1975 and tattooed it on his arm (below the mortal kombat logo lol).

hopefully i summed everything up well! youll have lots of fun here :) xx

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What do you think of Grant Morrison's writing for Dick, and how he wrote Dick and Damian's relationship? I know he gets a lot of flak from fans for how he wrote Jason Todd and Talia Al Ghul, but I don't know what fans think of his Dick Grayson.

(Batman and Robin #5)

For me personally, I have about 90% love for Morrison’s Dick Grayson and 10% annoyance, so I don’t have many bad things to say overall. I’m definitely one of those fans who complains about Morrison’s treatment of Talia and Jason– and I also hate how he wrote the Joker, which I don’t think gets commented on often. 

In fact, it really bugs me, so give me a second to rant about how Morrison wrote the Joker first, and I’ll address his writing of Dick and Damian second. 

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Other Youtubers Included

A Weak Charade - crescendohowell

Summary: Dan and Phil are still trying to keep their relationship secret from most people but they fail horribly at acting in front of Jim and Alfie.

Brighton Bound - cafephan

Summary: After a series of frequent Skype calls, Zoe and Alfie invite Dan and Phil to stay with them in Brighton, as collabs are long overdue, but Zoe and Alfie have an ulterior motive.

Draw Out The Hate - troylerftphan

Summary: Cat gets a lot hate after she tweets that she’s filming a video with Dan and Phil, and then she gets upset about all the hate she’s getting. Dan and Phil find out why she’s so upset and they comfort her and make her feel better.

Faking It/What A Fucking Mess - amazingphilia

Summary: “TheLGBT panel, you idiot! It’s not some free panel anyone can walk past and deeminteresting enough to be staying for like my panel: it’s invite-only, and those who are, they are actually gay! Dan makes the mistake of “outing” him and Phil on a live show after a misunderstanding, even when there’s nothing to “out”. What a fucking mess.

Here We Go - dantiloquent

Summary: In which PJ’s shooting a ‘kinda romantic’ film, Phil’s dancing with other youtubers and Dan is just along for the ride.

Just A Dare - anonymous

Summary: Chris deciding it would be a great idea to play truth or dare.

Just Like In The Books - camisadan

Summary: Dan and Phil are total strangers that just happen to catch each other’s eyes at a coffee shop one day.

Magical - trysomecats

Summary: Dan has an existential crisis during Playlist Live, and Phil saves the day. Featuring OY such as Louise!

On Set - amazingphilia

Summary: K-Pop!verse AU, sequel to PR Stunt written like a news report. Main vocalist of Orange Excuse Dan Howell has travelled to Norfolk to visit his fellow member (and rumoured boyfriend/fiancé) Phil Lester, who is currently filming for his lead role in the BBC sitcom ‘52: The Jokers’.”

PR Stunt - amazingphilia

Summary: K-Pop!verse AU. Dan is forced to date actress Kalel Cullen for a PR stunt to widen their fanbase for their next comeback, as well as for more people to watch Kalel’s upcoming movie.

Quiet - cuddlephan

Summary: Cat stays at Dan and Phil’s, and Dan and Phil share a bed to make things easier but Dan wakes up with hard on/wet dream.

Scotland Vlog - not-another-phanfic-blog

Summary: Dan, Phil and Cat are up in Scotland for the week, and Cat’s struggling to keep their relationship off-camera.

Separated - trysomecats

Summary: Dan loses Phil at Disney World and goes on a wild goose chase to find him.

The Midnight Game - phanwriter

Summary: An old mansion, and dimly lit candles. Watch your back…he’s coming.

Through The Viewfinder - phangirlingforphan

Summary: Phil is a freelance photographer hired by SITC to take photos of the onstage events, and there’s one guy he keeps seeing through the viewfinder he can’t stop taking photos of. Dan.

We Were Shoveled Up Like Muck (Set The Night On Fire) - kizziewrites

Summary: Skins AU in which Phil is the pill-popping party animal, Dan is the quiet musical genius, Peej steals from houses, Hazel is his sarcastic girlfriend, Louise chews gum and Jack is just along for the ride.

What Happened To We’re All In This Together? - dantiloquent

Summary: Dan, Phil, and some other YouTubers have a High School Musical sing along partay.

What The Fuck, Anthony! Don’t You Know How To Knock?! - wanabewriter

Summary: Sex in a hotel room after live performance at vidcon.

Where Have You Gone? - glueontheceiling

Summary: Phil is a 19 year old homeless boy with a horrible past. He lives on the streets of miserable London and at times feel as if his life is over. One day he meets a bubbly young 18 year old named Dan who shows him that his life is worth living and opens up doors to Phil every single day. When fate finally decides to tear him and Dan apart Phil is left alone again with only the memories of his friend.


Beginning . Accusation . Restless . Snowflake . Haze . Flame . Formal . Companion . Move . Silver . Prepared

Harry’s sort of a nerd who, despite all of his knowledge, doesn’t quite understand why Niall’s always hanging about.


“Is this seat taken?”

The voice asking the question is deep and Irish and when Harry looks up from his chemistry book to see who it belongs to he’s a bit surprised to find the fairly new and already incredibly popular Niall Horan standing across from him. Niall has dyed blond hair, bright blue eyes and an accent that’s made nearly every girl at Holmes Chapel Comprehension School fall madly in love with him. Harry knows this because his older sister, Gemma, told him so three weeks ago.

Harry blinks, taken aback, because nobody ever wants to sit with him. While the majority of his peers wouldn’t mind using him for help in, well, any subject, they wouldn’t be caught dead socializing with him. He’s a bit of a nerd – ok, he’s a huge nerd if his grade-point average is anything to go by – and most 16 year-olds tend to shy away from the quiet, boy-genius types. Quite frankly he’s sort of ok with that.

The boy in front of him is still staring at him expectantly, a small smile tugging at his lips by the time he remembers to respond. “Erm, no,” he murmurs, reaching long arms across the wide table to gather his assortment of books onto his side to make room for Niall and his own book.

“Thanks, mate!” Niall chirps happily as he pulls out the chair directly across from Harry’s. 

Harry nods once before turning his attention back to the chemistry homework that has yet to be assigned. He makes a mental note that there’s a perfectly unoccupied table a few feet to his right.


“Is this seat taken?”

Harry looks up from his algebra homework to find bright blue eyes looking back at him, wide and hopeful. He blinks, his brows furrowing together in confusion because once again there’s a perfectly unoccupied table right beside him. It’s not that Harry minds sharing his table, which is different from the one he’d used the week before – it’s not even that he thinks he has some kind of claim on it – it’s just, well, most people would rather have a table of their own if the table is available. 

“It’s just, I rather like the lighting at this table, ya know,” the blond boy says, gesturing up to the light in the ceiling above their heads. 

But Harry actually doesn’t know because it’s the exact same kind of light bulb used in every other light. He doesn’t, however, want to turn the boy away so he shakes his head and gestures for the boy to sit down.

“Thanks, mate. I owe you one.”

Harry shrugs. “It’s just a chair,” he says before immediately turning his attention back to his algebra homework. 


“Is this seat taken?”

Harry looks up from his law textbook to find Niall standing directly across from him, an explanation already on his tongue. 

“I like the air quality in this section of the library,” the Irish says.

Which Harry thinks is strange because he’s never noticed a difference in air quality in any other part of the library. He also thinks it’s strange that Niall feels the need to provide an explanation. 

“Go for it,” he says, reaching across the table to move his other textbooks out of the way.

“Thanks,” Niall says, smiling crooked, white teeth at him. 

Harry’s stomach flips at that and he realizes his sister wasn’t lying when she said “the new boy has a really cute smile.” He blinks, ignores the way the back of his neck starts to feel warm and drops his gaze back to his textbook.

“What are you studying?”

His gaze snaps up, collides with the blues of Niall’s eyes. Niall’s staring at him curiously, his own textbook still closed firmly shut under the weight of crossed arms. “Erm, law.”

“What kind of law?”

“Family. Well, actually, in class we’re studying criminal law but I’ve finished the assignments so I’ve started reading the next chapter which is family law.”

“That sounds interesting,” Niall says encouragingly. 

Harry clears his throat. “It is,” he says, looking back down at his textbook.


He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand why Niall always wants to sit at whatever table Harry’s occupying at the time – especially since every time he has there’s been plenty of other unoccupied tables available. 

Nor does he understand why Niall even comes to library to begin with considering he never gets any work done – he just spends the whole time he’s there either staring at Harry or asking Harry all sorts of questions about what he’s studying. And he’s pretty sure Harry isn’t doing himself any favours with the “cool” kid(s) when he’s spouting on and on about quantum physics and the different levels on government in Britain. 

That’s not to say, however, that Harry doesn’t enjoy the company because he does. He rather likes having someone to talk to, fancies the idea that someone is actually willing to talk to him in return. 

It’s just an added bonus that Niall is rather pleasant to look at as well talk to.


He’s mid-rant – about psychology and Sigmund Freud – when he notices the lost, clueless gleam in Niall’s eyes. They’re sitting across from one another, the way they always do, at a table wedged between two book cases in the back of the library. The table is next to a giant window and Niall had claimed he liked the view of the purple lilac tree outside before sitting down.

Harry didn’t want to tell him that the table on the other side of the book case to his left has an even better view of the view. 

“Sorry,” Harry murmurs, shifting awkwardly as he leans back against the back of his chair.

“You don’t understand a word I’m saying, do you?”

Niall shakes his head and laughs softly. “Not a word. But it seems quite interesting and you seem really passionate about it.”

“I am.”

“I guess it’s true what they’re saying then; about you.”

Harry’s brow furrows in confusion and he cocks his head to the side. “What are they saying?”

Niall shrugs. “Just that you really are some kind of boy-genius.”

A snort escapes Harry’s lips as he rolls his eyes. “More like nerd-boy.”

“Seriously though, Harry. You’re really smart.”

“Thanks,” Harry whispers. He can feel the blush rushing into his cheeks and staining them pink as he looks down at his psychology book in front of him. 

A picture of Sigmund Freud stares back at him and just like that they both fall back into the silence that came before Niall had started asking questions. 



Harry freezes at the sound of the Irish accent. Niall hasn’t been around in several days, hasn’t come to sit with him in the library. And he knows it’s irrational but a part of him thinks he was starting to forget the smooth, deep sound of Niall’s voice. He looks up to see the blond-haired boy smiling at him. “Um, hi,” he stutters.

He curses himself silently for sounding so nervous. Why is he nervous? He shouldn’t be. It’s not like Niall… 

“I, erm, left you that seat by the window you like,” Harry says. 

Niall smirks shaking his head as he pushes his hands into the front pockets of his jeans. “You know, for a boy with so much knowledge, you really are quite dense when it comes to matters of the heart.”

Harry looks offended and then confused. Nobody’s ever called him dense before. Nobody’s ever talked about his heart, either.

“Okay, look, you clearly don’t get it so I’m just gonna come out and say it, yeah?” Niall says, pulling his hands out of his pockets to grab at the back of the chair in front of him and lean forward so that he’s nearly at eye level with Harry. “I don’t care about lighting or air quality or the fact that I can see the lilac tree out that particular window, nor do I have a preference which part of the library I sit in. I like you, Harry.”

Harry blinks. His heart feels like it skips a beat and his cheeks feel like they’re on fire as he stares, incredulously, at the boy in front of him. “You like me?”

Niall nods confidently. “Yes.” He grins, almost triumphantly, as the wheels begin to turn in Harry’s head and he puts the pieces together.

"And that’s why you’ve been following me around the library?”


“Oh.” Harry feels like an idiot

“I’ve been building up the courage to ask you out,” Niall admits, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth. “Actually, the truth is, I’ve been hoping that you would catch on but smart as you are with books and that, Harry, you’re rubbish with actual humans.”

Harry shrugs, fighting feebly to ward off a deeper blush than the one that’s already claimed his whole entire body. “Books are easier to read.”

Niall laughs – and then leans forward and rests his forearms on the back of the chair. “I’m asking you out, Harry. On a date of your choosing. For this Friday.”

Harry swallows back the lump in his throat before responding. “O-okay. Yeah. Sure.”

Niall smiles. “Until then, is this seat taken?”

Love is the Drug by Alaya Dawn Johnson

Emily Bird was raised not to ask questions. She has perfect hair, the perfect boyfriend, and a perfect Ivy-League future. But a chance meeting with Roosevelt David, a homeland security agent, at a party for Washington DC’s elite leads to Bird waking up in a hospital, days later, with no memory of the end of the night.

Meanwhile, the world has fallen apart: A deadly flu virus is sweeping the nation, forcing quarantines, curfews, even martial law. And Roosevelt is certain that Bird knows something. Something about the virus–something about her parents’ top secret scientific work–something she shouldn’t know.

The only one Bird can trust is Coffee, a quiet, outsider genius who deals drugs to their classmates and is a firm believer in conspiracy theories. And he believes in Bird. But as Bird and Coffee dig deeper into what really happened that night, Bird finds that she might know more than she remembers. And what she knows could unleash the biggest government scandal in US history.

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