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Iconic Yoonjin Quotes

J:To Suga… Suga, everything is good. You don’t use your cell phone while we eat, sometimes you make some lame jokes, and you even clean the house, which is all good…but please do the dishesㅠㅠ I’ve never seen you do the dishes.ㅠㅠ I love you, Suga” (x)

S:Slave!” *claps*
J: “Are you calling for me, Master? Everyone, please clap for him!”
S:Slave! Go away!”
J:Yes, I’m so sorry.” (x)
J: If I can have a day off, I want to have a servant. I would order Suga around.”
S: Daaaebak, wahh. Daebak. He’s too scary, I can’t be with him.” (x)

J: “When Suga and I are lying down and trying to rest, we’re always talking about how we can make them quiet down.” (x)

J: “You’re my one and only roommate, the only one in the world” (x)

S: Aish, you look like a flower.” (x)

S: ”P is neutral.”
J: “N is neutral, idiot.” (x)

J:Don’t interrupt me while I’m speaking.” (x)
J: Was I not talking?”
J:Was I or not?
S:You were.
J:Did you do good or bad?
S: *stuffs mouth* (x)

J:I rap just like…Jay-Z!”

J: *flower petals*
S:Why are you acting cute…” (x)

Fan: What’s the hardest part about sharing a room with Yoongi?
J: He never plays with me because he’s working
Fan: If you could share a room with another member who would it be?
J: Yoongi (x)

J: “Mango! Mango! Only mango, okay!” (x)

S: “Jin hyung is my roommate in the dormitory. Instead of saying I need him, he makes me feel at ease when he’s around. He doesn’t need to do anything, just being there makes me feel at ease. When we have overseas schedules, we stay in the same room too, it’s quiet and it makes me feel calm.” (x)

J: Yoongi-chi~
S: W-Why are you calling me Yoongi-chi all of a sudden?
J: Alright, love you.”
S: Yeah, see you soon.”
J: Ah.” (x)

S: “We talk with our eyes.” (x)

J: I watched a famous animation『Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2』but it feels like it’s a bit too childish. I can refresh the films when I watch it before going to bed. Let’s watch it together next time.
S: Together… You’re saying that we should put the PC on the bedside and watch it while lying down side by side? This sounds like a conspiracy!?
J: I’m not going to attack you so relax.♥
S: I will reject politely (laughs). (x)
J: He always asks, ‘Let’s watch movies’ and whenever that happens I think, ‘Um, I’m really tired but I can watch a movie for him. […] But next to me I hear ‘ZZZZZ’” (x)


J: My favorite song is [Let Me Know/Heungtan Sonyeondan/Fallen Leaves].”
S: “Ah, thank you.

J: Suga told me not to be too daring.” (x)

“To Suga,

You’re always the cool guy, who pretends to be strong and also a joker, I really respect you a lot. For the showcase today, you’re in a condition where it’s almost impossible for you to stand on stage. However, for the fans to enjoy the showcase, you perform on this stage without showing any sign of weakness. Owing to that fact, I think you’re really amazing. If I were to possibly be in your shoes, I’m not convinced that I would be able to stand on stage.That is why you are Bangtan’s pride.

Suga, it’s fine to show off your weak side sometimes, the members would always be there to support you. In the future, let’s work hard together, for all the people that has cheered us on. Let’s make a legend, together with the members and fans. I believe that we can absolutely achieve that, since we are us after all. Lets work hard together till the end.

From Jin.” (x)

Birthday Dinner for Two [Requested]

“Surprise!” J-Hope beamed. You stood dumbfounded, staring at J-Hope through your doorway. He had talked around a flower in his mouth, held a small fern in a pot in one hand, and a couple bags of groceries in the other.

“Hobi?” You were definitely surprised; you hadn’t thought that you were going to be able to see him for your birthday. You moved out of his way and gestured for him to go inside. He set down the groceries in your kitchen and placed the flower and fern on the table.

“I wanted to plan a birthday dinner for you,” he murmured before pulling you into a big hug. Your heart was immediately warmed by his gestures.

“So, what did you get for dinner, then?” you asked with a smile. He still held you close, and he kissed your forehead.

“I didn’t get anything.” He pulled away from you and started to unpack his groceries in the kitchen. “We’re going to cook it together,” he grinned, pointedly holding up a box of some sort of food. You laughed and helped him unpack.

“Isn’t it my birthday, though? Shouldn’t you cook for me?” you chided playfully. He shook his head ‘no’ with a grin plastered on his face.

J-Hope had bought you the ingredients to cook your favorite dinner and, with some difficulty, was cooked by the both of you. He kissed your neck gently before ushering you out of the kitchen.

“Sit at the table,” he instructed. You scurried to your seat and awaited your next command. “Close your eyes and cover them with your hands. No peeking!” You followed orders, biting your lip with excitement. You heard plates being set down at the table, along with a couple shuffling sounds. There was clacking heard around you, but you couldn’t place the sounds. You heard J-Hope sit in the chair next to you.

“Okay; open them!”

You did, and you were astounded to see electric tea lights set up around the room. It was enough to provide a warm, dim hue of yellow light around you. He was so handsome cast in the lights of the “candles”. There was the flower and the small fern (which you had forgotten about until right then) sitting in the middle of the table. You understood why he got you the flower, but you didn’t quite comprehend why he brought you a fern. Before you could question him, J-Hope started talking.

“I got you this—” he started, picking up the flower and handing it to you, “—because I wanted you to have something for the beauty of tonight. I got you this—” he motioned towards the small fern “—because I wanted you to have something for the beauty of our relationship. What we are and what we can be.” He paused momentarily, looking straight at you and stroking your hair. “I love you.”

You teared up a little bit, biting your lip and smiling.

“I love you, too,” you murmured. J-Hope grinned back at you and motioned towards the dinner plates he’d laid out.

“Let’s eat.”

The dinner you’d made together came out a lot better than you had expected it to. He talked with you the whole time, making you laugh a lot. When you finished eating, your boyfriend picked up the dishes and bustled about in the kitchen. He returned with his hands behind his back. He then revealed a small cupcake with the letter of your first name on it and laid it in front of you.

“I made this earlier; I wanted to make dessert for you,” he said. “I had Jin give me some ideas for recipes. I hope you like it. But before that…” He looked around for a moment, seemingly embarrassed about something. Then, he started to sing “happy birthday” softly. When he finished, you were left speechless. He leaned forward and kissed your lips quickly.

“And I have to give you birthday kisses. One for each year,” he beamed before kissing you again. Three… four… five… six… he counted all the way up to your age before pulling away. “Oh, I almost forgot!” He gave you a long, sweet kiss that left you breathless and wanting more.

“One more for your Korean age,” he said in a satisfied tone. You just stared at him, unable to say anything coherent. Finally, you took the cupcake and ate it in one bite. It was really good, actually, and it was a welcome distraction from the dull heat in your stomach.

“Daebak,” J-Hope laughed. “I’m glad you like it. I’m going to go clean the dishes.”

You watched his back move; he looked like he had been getting more muscle. The sink started to run, and you knew what you wanted. After a moment of thinking, you stood and padded quietly to the kitchen. You saw that he was somehow on the last dish.

Is he a magician?’ you thought with a bewildered smile. He put the last dish in the dish drainer, turned around, and saw you waiting for him.

“Something wrong, Jagi?” he asked, putting his hands on your hips. You shook your head before leaning forward and kissing him. He reciprocated almost immediately, holding you close to him. Your fingers clenched his hair as a feeling of need shot through you. His grip tightened as he deepened the kiss, and you backed up so you were against the nearest wall. Your hips moved on their own; they pushed against him, and he gasped lightly against your lips. His hands ran up your sides, hiking up your shirt a bit in the process. He tentatively bit your lower lip, and you moaned softly in response. Your fingers brushed down to his shoulders, feeling the muscles in his arms ripple as they worked to touch you.

J-Hope pulled away with a small movement; both of your breathing was heavier then. His eyes searched yours carefully.

“Can I make a birthday request?” you asked breathily.

“Of course, Jagi.”

“Can we go to my bedroom…?” You were a bit embarrassed by the words, but there was no taking them back. He nodded, holding your hand and motioning for you to lead the way. You took him there quietly and shut the door behind you.

“Are you sure?” your boyfriend murmured, caressing your face. You nodded with the utmost sincerity, and he pulled you in for a kiss. He backed you up until you fell back on the bed. Unsure of what to do, you tried to remove your shirt. J-Hope grabbed your hands and stopped them from moving.

“I’ll get that for you.”

Before he bent down, he pulled off his own shirt. Your eyes raked down his abs in awe, feeling the warmth in your core tighten. He eased your shirt off while kissing the exposed skin. He traveled down to your stomach and stopped when he reached your stomach. He removed your pants with ease, kissing the waistband of your underwear. You were getting wet from the anticipation alone. While he kissed your neck, he removed your bra and brushed his thumb across your clothed clit, making you hum. He circled your nub slowly and gently, and you idly hoped that your panties weren’t going to be ruined.

Your body was bowing against his by the time J-Hope moved your panties aside. He sped up his ministrations and teased a finger around your slit, making your body move in ways you didn’t think were possible. A moan escaped your mouth, and you tried to quiet down.

“Don’t, Jagi,” J-Hope whispered. “Let me hear you.” Almost as if to urge you on, he pushed a finger inside of you, and you did just what he asked for. He pumped you in time with his circling, and you found yourself wishing that he could be inside of you soon. He saw how ready you were, so he pushed a second finger into you. The feeling was something that you didn’t know you wanted until it happened. Suddenly, he slowed down.

“I don’t have a condom,” he said almost reluctantly.

“I do,” you admitted, motioning towards your dresser. He looked at you questioningly, but then smirked and retrieved the condom.

“Lay down properly,” he said while unbuckling his belt. You did what he told you to, scooting up the bed to the headboard. “Start touching yourself,” he continued softly. Your heart skipped a beat, but you felt more aroused from the idea. You pulled of your underwear completely, and, cheeks turning pink, you circled your clit like he had been.

J-Hope pulled down his pants and underwear in one go and started to stroke himself. He laid down next to you, kissing you while unwrapping the condom. He released your lips to roll the condom over his impressive length. Grabbing your hips, he laid you on top of him, much to your surprise.

“But I don’t know what I’m doing,” you protested lightly.

“It’s okay; I’ll help you,” he reassured you. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.” You nodded again, trusting his judgement. He positioned you over him and kept your body aligned when you lowered yourself. The sensation of him inside you felt strange, but not entirely unwelcome. You were almost overwhelmed, but J-Hope pulled you down so you were laying on him. He locked eyes with you as he pulled out and made his first thrust. You realized immediately that this was a feeling you didn’t want to stop. You let out a small noise of pleasure, your lips searching for his.

He guided your hips until you were moving on your own, and then he thrust up into you. Gasping quietly, you started to pick up the pace. Your body felt unbelievably hot as you moved. Your breasts slid against J-Hope’s chest, and your core was knotting tightly.

“Ho… Hoseok!” you moaned heavily, coming hard around him. His own orgasm came right after yours, and he stilled beneath you. He held you close and muttered your name.

While you caught your breath, J-Hope pulled out of you and laid you next to him so he could dispose of the condom. He got back in bed with you and held you against him.

“Hobi,” you giggled breathlessly, “I can’t breathe. Your chest is in the way.”

He just laughed in response and squeezed you before letting you go.

“I love you,” he smiled, kissing your forehead.

“I love you, too.”

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Kryptonite is a Painbow


Thanks to @avidreaderffn and @lurkz for helping me out with this :D

Maggie would freely admit to being nervous about going to the welcome home party for Jeremiah. She would freely admit it to Alex in a mental scream as she knocked on Kara’s door, but she would admit it. Sure, Eliza had told Alex to invite her, but that didn’t necessarily mean Maggie was actually welcome. 

Stars, she hoped J’onn hadn’t arrived yet. There was only so much her powers could keep him from hearing. She knew, through tests with M’gann, really loud thoughts could be heard by Martians. Hopefully, Maggie’s brain would quiet down before J’onn picked up too much.

Kara’s smile was wide when she answered the door. Alex was in front of Maggie the moment she heard her voice. Alex’s nervousness was obvious and Maggie realized she hadn’t gotten around to telling her father she was A) a lesbian and B) dating a woman. Maggie felt her heart rate jump when Alex barely pecked her on the check. She braced for impact even as Eliza hugged her.

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oh yes what a creative title So guess what I was up till 3 am doing.

Anyways, here’s my Tina and Jimmy Junior playlist.

> > link ! < <

Song list:

  • Dear Future Husband - Meghan Trainor
  • Kiss me Slowly - Parachute
  • Rhythm Of Love - Plain White T’s
  • I Wouldn’t Mind - He Is We
  • Red - Taylor Swift
  • Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade
  • Spending All My Time - Perfume
  • My Heart Beats Like A Drum - ATC
  • Here (In Your Arms) - Hellogoodbye
  • B Team - Marianas Trench
  • I’m Yours - Jason Mraz
  • Lovefool - The Cardigans
  • Domino - Jessie J


I HAVE NO IDEA WHY ALL I SAID WAS “So we basically have to explain Juror 3’s arguments and how all of them were countered and proved faulty, which left no room for reasonable doubt, meaning that he was just being stubborn and arrogant on wanting his way in the end?” AND SHE JUST FUCKIGN


“Why did I get a high five? I asked a question…” AND MY FRIEND ANSWERED WITH
“Congratulations; you are now a level one teacher’s pet.” AND MY IMMEDIATE RESPONSE WAS TO WHISPER