quiet dash is quiet

When the cuteness of Jongho makes me want to scream

I‘m getting sick of all of the drama going on at times in the Mystic Messenger fandom… *sighs*

Can we all:

  • Agree to disagree with who our favourite characters are
  • Accept that some ships are not for some people
  • Try not to hate on characters/ships in their tags
  • Accept that different people like and dislike characters for their own reasons
  • Not pressure somebody into changing their opinion on some aspect of the game because it doesn’t fit into your view
  • Leave people be if you have differing opinions!!!
  • And stop. sending. anon. hate.
  • Just be happy that Mystic Messenger has been able to bring people together from all around the world, has supported people, and that there is a fandom! Be happy that Cheritz even made the game!!!!

Instead of the fandom fighting over whether it’s V, V and Saeran, or whatever, can we all just be really grateful that we’re getting at least 1 new route which Cheritz has spent a lot of their time and effort on, and, as always, we’re probably getting it free like the rest of the game?

Like, this is amazing and people should be way more appreciative instead of just fighting each other trying to prove the other’s wrong for bragging rights when the route(s) is/are announced.

We’re getting a new route, that’s awesome, thank you so much Cheritz for dedicating so much time and effort to us.

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i’ll delete this post soon to remove it from search/tags but for now pls bear with me. thanks!

Anyways my blogs mostly rebuilt so I guess it’s promo time

Hi I’m Trott, 17, accidentally deleted my blog today and I can’t remember everyone I was following so I’m working on finding blogs to follow as well as rebuild my old follower count.

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You know when something happens and everyone freaks out but then some time goes by and it’s kinda like okay this is done stop talking abou- SANA UNFRIENDED YOUSEF AND IM FUCKINF CRYINGGG

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