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We have had a red sun today in the UK, something to do with Hurricane Ophelia which is apparently going to brush the west coast at some point. Took this photo around noon, it was a very weird vibe, still, quiet, dark, eerie, foreboding, clouds drifting overhead, smudging the sun and there seemed to be no birdsongs at one point. Very weird vibes indeed. 


Across the frozen land, the flock of birds made its way through cottony clouds.

I made a bunch of paintings as part of the visual development for my Babayaga project. I like the idea of a land enshrouded with mystery, both quiet and intimidating. I like the idea of Babayaga exploring such a timeless and wild land with the Nameless Boy ! 



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And yet I love this quiet clouded day. I love this settled stillness, and this feeling that, at any moment, down may come the rain. Should you say wasted? No, not really. Something is gathered. This quiet time brings one nearer.
—  Katherine Mansfield, from a diary entry featured in The Journal of Katherine Mansfield (1914-1922)

Huzur (Tranquility)

anonymous asked:

the love between the ocean and the moon if that's too vague? <3 i always love your writing and you are always so great. <3

The moon asked the sun, “What do you know of love?”

“It burns,” said the sun. “It brightens. It is something you make and then give away.”

“Don’t listen to him,” said the clouds. “This big ball of gas doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

“Yes, I do,” said the sun. “Who but me makes the roses grow?”

“We do,” said the clouds. “Love nourishes, like the rain. We turn the hills green and fill the creeks so they will sing in their creekbeds.”

“Why do you ask?” said the sun.

“I think I might be in love,” said the moon. “I am trying to understand.”

So the moon went and looked at the deserts. They were dry and hot and empty. “See?” said the clouds. But the deserts were still beautiful.

And so the moon went and looked at the creeks in their beds, and they were cool and wet and full. And they were beautiful too.

“What do you think?” the moon asked the sky. “I want to know if I am in love.”

“Ask the earth,” said the sky, and so the moon asked the earth.

“The clouds cover me,” said the earth. “They make me bloom. The sun warms me. Without them I would be cold and dry.”

“You would be ugly without them. That is love?”

“I would be cold and dry,” said the earth, “but not ugly. You are cold and dry, my little one, and you are beautiful.”

“Not like you,” said the moon. “Not like the ocean.”

“No one is like me. No one is like you,” said the earth.

“I feel loveliest when she holds my light,” said the moon.

“Who is it that you love, my child? What kind of love do you wish?”

“Are there different kinds?” the moon asked.

“The sun warms me and pulls me in. The clouds cover me, when they remember. The sky turns every color for me. How do you and yours love?”

“We dance,” said the moon, and they knew she meant the ocean. “I push and she pulls. I rise and set, she rises and ebbs. She pushes, I pull. We go around and around and I watch her tides and I do not think I will ever tire of calling her beautiful. Is that love?”

“It is only your own reflection you see on the ocean’s surface,” scoffed the clouds. “It is like when the sun sets, and calls us beautiful, but it is only his own colors he loves.”

“I love her even when I shine no light,” said the moon. “Maybe I love her most then.”

“You only love her because she follows where you lead,” said the sun.

“It is a dance,” said the moon.

“It is self-centered,” said the clouds. “Bossy. Mean.”

“She is the heart of my orbit,” said the moon. “I will live my life by her until she is gas and I am dust and the universe is cold and dead.”

And the sun and the clouds were quiet and went away, and the stars came out from where they had been listening.

“Is this love?” said the moon.

“You are not asking the right people,” said the stars.

“I have asked the sun, who burns,” said the moon. “I have asked the clouds, who cover. I have asked the sky, who stays forever. I have asked the earth, who made me.”

“But have you asked the ocean, who loves you?” said the stars.

“Oh,” said the moon.

And so the moon went down to the ocean and asked, “Is this love?”

And the ocean said, “Yes.”

Protective Storm Ward

A warding spell to protect an area against severe storm and weather

by Rainy-Day-Witchcraft


  • Storm water
  • Sea salt 
  • Heather
  • Black Pepper
  • Thistle
  • Ground wood charcoal
  • Oven mits / Heat handling tools

Disclaimer: Some may develop hives or experience itch when physically dealing with thistle - if you have never worked with it before, find out if it’s safe for you to handle, as you would any herb or plant.

Step 1. In a fire-safe pot or cauldron sitting over a stove or fire, pour in about two cups of storm or rain water and a few tablespoons of salt. One by one, add in the ingredients as the water warms, speaking aloud or thinking of the properties of each ~ Heather (linked to mists and rain), Black pepper (earthly protection), Thistle (protection and banishment), and wood charcoal ground to a chalky powder (protection and banishment). 

Allow your herbal water mixture to seep on a low temperature for a few minutes (if you’re using a non-stovetop fire, bring the water to an almost-boil and remove from heat source for a few minutes). 

After the mixture has seeped, turn the heat up to high or return to heat source and allow it to come to a rolling boil; our goal here is to produce steam, so be sure it’s at the boiling point where a good amount is evaporating! 

Step 2. Using heat handling tools or mits, carry the pot/cauldron to an area that is exposed to the outside air; you can choose to do this outside, or if the weather does not allow it, in front of an open window. If you are already working over an outdoor fire, staying where you are is fine! 

Place the pot in front of you and allow the steam from the boiled mixture to waft up into the sky or out the window. As you watch, envision that the essence and energy from the herbs traveling up into the sky with the steam; it eases the clouds, quiets the winds, and banishes the danger. Continue to watch the steam until it cools and no longer produces as much, visualizing the clouds relieving their tension and the wind blowing them away. During this time you can recite a chant, blow on the steam, etc! 

Step 3. When the above step is finished and the steam has diminished, it’s time to do away with the remaining watery plant pulp that did not evaporate. If the weather condones it, dig a small hole in the earth and pour the mixture into it; Mix it counter-clockwise three times with your finger, a wand, an athame, or a branch, and then proceed to cover the hole up with soil (feel free to once again chant or visualize). If the weather is still looking too severe to step outside, store the mixture in an air-tight jar and in a dark space (to prevent mold growth) until the storm subsides ~ It is then that you should bury the mixture. This protects the earth, and in turn the area you perform the spell around, from the damage of severe weather!

My ask and/or message box is open if you happen to have any questions or comments about the spell. Thank you!