quiet acoustic

i bet my life on you || a quiet/acoustic mix for sabo and luffy

i. i bet my life (acoustic); imagine dragons | ii. light; sleeping at last | iii. never gonna let you down; colbie caillat | iv. never grow old; the cranberries | v. gone gone gone (acoustic); phillip phillips | vi. blood brothers; ingrid michaelson | vii. hold back the river; james bay | viii. one call away; charlie puth | ix. i lived (acoustic); onerepublic | x. no sound but the wind, editors |  xi. this love; taylor swift


Their acoustic renditions tend to be quite emotional in a way that the regular versions of their songs aren’t.


LIGHTS - Quiet (Acoustic) @ HOB Chicago | 11.25.15

Okay but Taylor is so proud of the 1989 era.

she gave us the album, but with it all the secret sessions and parties, and gifts for some people. Then she goes and gives us the tour and love. She wanted to meet us from online for free, to talk to us in person, to see us as friends in real and physical form. Then she goes and gives us all these interviews. And suddenly we have the 1989 World Tour LIVE, but she features a behind the scenes look at what all goes into it. She wants us to see what all she does for us. But then she gives us, the dedicated people, a more detailed and personal look at the album with the Red Room live performances and now the Grammy session performances that are acoustic and quiet and plain, yet they are so beautiful and powerful and deep to us. She talks to us and gives us a glimpse at what the theme was of the song and what happened to make that song, not some rumor that the media and other people think it’s about, not the people who don’t get the jokes.

She is doing this for us because she is most proud of the album and she knows how much we love to go inside and learn and analyze everything. Taylor is doing this out of the love that we have for symbolism and metaphors and the details she puts into this album, the hidden treasures she puts in and that we want to find.

And I can’t thank Taylor enough for doing this.