quiet blue life


life is quiet

life whispers and life creeps 

it hides underneath your skin

sinking and aching

just below your navel 

it winds up through your intestines

and inches into your gut

it shakes you up inside and 

bites your throat 

until you have to squint through

thin eyelids to stop from

heaving life out from your lonely lungs

pressing heavy hands to bleeding ears

to hold life in


life is blue 

life laps and life waves 

it plunges your mind in intensity

torrid river tears that fall through

you like a melting ice sculpture

slip sliding down your arms 

drip dropping holes through your feet

a layer of film, embracing your empty bones 

an extra skin 

showing your true prismatic tones

until you’re lost in a spectral current

you’re shivering and

all you hear is the

gush gush of blue life 

no longer quiet 


hot and loud and red

fast and life and death-

before your eyes readjust

to that quiet blue life that sits in you

that quiet blue life that stirs your soul

just quiet and just blue

© On the Cusp of Something Beautiful

@AlmaharelThese women never met till today and practiced this song online. Show them some love. #Icantkeepquiet #WomensMarch #WomensMarchOnWashington

So AMAZING!!!!!!! They need to be heard!!!!!

P.S. Credit to MILCK and Alma Har'el and all the singers