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No he won’t just cause his name is Tucker


I seriously just did a search for this teacher because SHE is brand new to my university.

Apparently she has been teaching Korean since 2001. Before coming to ASU she was teaching at University of Pittsburgh. 

She has a B.A. from the Department of Korean Language and Literature that she received in 1993 in Ankara, Turkey.

She also has an M.A. from the Department of Linguistics that she reveived in 1997 in Seoul, South Korea.

Lastly she also has a Ph. D. for the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures that she received in 2005 in Manoa, Hawaii. 

I’ve also just read a few things about her. They say that she’s pretty good at teaching Korean and all, but at times it is a bit difficult to understand her because English is NOT her first language NOR is Korean.

She is also from Turkey. 

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lmaoo dude I meant to hit you up cause I was in B&N and like Brot wrote a book. But besides that what do you needed?!?

lmao I’m looking for important issues and shit.. i have race (hubbard fam is prime example, maybe castillos too? idk), sexuality/affairs/relationships (erica kane and her 15 marriages lmfao .. give me some other couples u can think of? jr and annie?), homosexuality (bianca), and moral violations.. haven’t filled that part of my outline yet lmao


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nigga kids ain’t all that. Trust. I learned over christmas…. fuck having kids at this stage of ya life.

Looool I’m not saying that I want kids right now smfh I can barely take care of myself! What more if I have little kids!? lmfaoooo 

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It still seems awfully early for building families and all that… You ain’t behind.

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