Quiddle doodles bigger codgers
Tippy todger toffee shtum
wiffly boon dooglebodgers
(in the nude)
How rude!
Whaddup, Dudes?
Nada lot-sup'n'sammitches witchu?
whacksywaxed but zoo haircut coup
Barebearbuttsupinhurr, fishy-whoop!

In the style of Nascar Wylde -
Or Poker Foyle-
But really,
Roald Dahl da bombdiggity

Who says word-foolery has to make sense?

Give me your ugly-
(splinters & beams’ mar in eyes’ beholding)
We’re all artists here,
and all that’s essential is all we need
we’ve just to learn
to look beyond the superficial to potential contained beneath
the base -
is our fundamental medium
revealing our artists’ agency
to transcend marred mettle as misinterpretation
& rather than disdain flaws ( as oft misattributed ),
aspire to truly translate the vision
from demeaned humble stuff of earth
to an echo of eternity
rebuilt by refusal to dismiss intrinsic worth-
Let not G-dgiven glory be by mortal condemned
Brilliance is not to be held as dimmed due to others’ dullness
of blind beholders’ eyes incapable of seeking
more than wounds of wear corporeal & temporary,
which in underlying substance,
may have greater ultimate influence
in having potential as-yet unseen
& in future fact
actuality may far surpass
the mere stuff of material means
If art is made for materialising metaphor
by [re]creating what wasn’t visible before
as idea & vision reforms
matter; its present state reforged,
- Life being reborn -
Truth’s beauty may yet be restored-

Wisdom holds hope:

A new perspective unbound by finite perception
Revival is found in creative revision
A returning to purposes’ fulfilling ,
personal peculiar restoration

It’s not for fools to claim final authority
nor do critics’ limits define the divinest of mysteries!


Mode of transformation
is no less for media’s origin,
nor is reformative rendering
of mettle thereby made mean:
Existence of inherent value & merit
is hardly lessen’d by invested artistry-

far from mean,
instead transformed thereby in innovative methodology-

purview of renewal’s possibility
far exceeds judgement in superiority!