Quidditch Weekly: The Potter Issue

Ginny Potter, Soldier, Holyhead Harpies Chaser, Mother, and now The Face of Quidditch. With a fiery attitude to match her hair, Ginny has always stretched the limits of what’s expected and gone above and beyond.

From the record wins she’s brought the Harpies, to remaining in the game after three kids, to taking her husband’s name and changing her brand, Potter is changing the way the game is played and opening up new doors for women in the sport. We have her here with an exclusive interview.

Quidditch Weekly: How does it feel, going from The Girl Who’s Dating The Boy Who Lived, to being a celebrity in you own right? The Face of Quidditch

QW: Do you find it difficult to balance motherhood and quidditch? Where do you draw the line between mum and quidditch player?

QW: There’s rumour that you’ll be leaving the pitch after this season. Any plans for what happens next?

QW: How do your kids cope with your schedule? Do they love having a famous mother?

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So, some of my HP friends and I were talking on discord about a VLD Quidditch AU, and here are my thoughts on my ideal Quidditch lineup:

Keith - Seeker; super talented flyer on a broom almost as if he and the broom are one being in the sense that he was born to fly, penchant for pulling reckless moves, but he always catches the Snitch - even if it means pulling moves that make the Wronski Feint look like child’s play
Lance, Pidge, Hunk - Chasers; finding their rhythm was a little rough at first, but once they do find a way to mesh as a team they are an unstoppable force that quickly moves the Quaffle across the pitch with Lance’s strategic thinking, Hunk’s blunt force, and Pidge’s slippery tactics
Shiro and Allura - Beaters; dream team duo, space champion and battle princess, sign me tf upppp, Shiro loves it when opponents underestimate Allura and try to take him out first because she obliterates them every time with the fierceness of a warrior, they’ve always got each other’s backs
Coran - Keeper; just like when he had the slipperies, he’s an Altean that can move with lightning quick speed when the time calls for it, always makes impossible saves and will often utilize whatever methods he can to keep the Quaffle from going through his goal posts

This one’s a little less thought out because the Galra don’t have enough players, so I improvised a bit:

Ezor - Seeker; she’s slippery and loves to be in the air, has a penchant for distracting the other teams players while she steals the Snitch out from under their noses
Lotor, Acxa, ? - Chasers; their flying strategy is unmatched in the league, it’s almost like they move as one; their appearances make people underestimate them but they always prove opponents wrong with ruthless accuracy and skill
Zethrid and ? - Beaters; ZETHRID SMASH. Give Zethrid a beater bat, please.
Narti - Keeper; With her Seer ability, she is unparalleled when it comes to defending the goal posts

Part of me wants to say put Zarkon in this as a beater, but then the other part of me is like let the generals join the Rebel Alliance and Make it Matt as a Chaser and Captain Olia as a Beater, which I think I like better. Or the BoM if they were to gang up, but I started to think about the BoM as the Durmstrang team, also filled in with Rebel Alliance players (Matt, Olia, etc).

Feel free to add your own team lineups! :D


‘Come on, Ginny’s not bad,’ said George fairly, sitting down next to Fred. ‘Actually, I dunno how she got so good, seeing how we never let her play with us.’
'She’s been breaking into your broom shed in the garden since the age of six and taking each of your brooms out in turn when you weren’t looking,’ said Hermione from behind her tottering pile of Ancient Rune books.
'Oh,’ said George, looking mildly impressed. 'Well, that’d explain it.' 

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.

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Cho, Harry, and Cedric after playing some Quidditch, lying on the pitch and joking around

Because nobody dies and these three have the chance to live out their crushes on each other

If The Marauders were Still Alive (headcannons)

(In response to an ask)

-If they were still alive…

•When Harry got his Hogwarts letter James immediately ripped it open without even showing it to Harry because he was just so excited for his son. Without even acknowledging Harry’s presence or Lily’s laughter, he just sits cris-crossed on the floor making little comments about Harry’s school supply list.

“What? You don’t have to read {insert book title}. It was the best! Don’t worry Harry, you can borrow my old copy, though it may have some old doodles in it from Sirius-”

•When Harry is really young he thinks that they have a dog because whenever Sirius is over he turns into his Animagus form and he’s over at the Potters’ so much that it’s kinda hard not to think that.

And James, Lily, Remus and Peter go along with it and one dayJames brings home a bright pink glittery dog collar and asks little Harry to put it on ‘Snuffles’. Harry does it and even though Sirius hates it, he keeps it on because he loves Harry so much (Remus like it too, but for *coughs* other reasons).

•When Harry turns eleven and has to go to Diagon Alley, It’s not just James and Lily that take him shopping, it’s the whole damn Marauders squad. They’re just casually walking through the streets and suddenly someone starts clapping for them, and then more people join in and it turns into just the whole street clapping for the Marauders because most of them remember hearing tales about what the group did, and many parents were friends of theirs.

Needlessly to say James and Sirius take a dramatic bow while Remus and Lily are looking at each other like

“These are the people we chose to marry”

And Peter is just laughing along and buying Harry a chocolate frog off of a street witch while Harry asks him why all those people are clapping for them. Peter just chuckles and goes “We had a bit of a reputation at school”

•When Harry goes into Madam Malkin’s and sees Draco, James immediately steps in front of his son as if to protect him.

“What’s wrong, Dad?”

“There’s a Malfoy there… can’t mistake him. I remember his father-”

But then Lily comes over and whispers in his ear

“Remember Sirius’s parents? They were awful people but look how Sirius turned out?” They look out the shop window to see Sirius with his arm around Remus’s shoulders sitting on a bench in conversation with Peter.

“You’re right”

And James himself introduces Harry to Draco, and the two immediately hit it off.

•Just before Harry is about to leave for Hogwarts, the Marauders get together (without Lily, because she’d definitely disapprove) and tell Harry all the stories they can. Harry just sits there in wonder like

‘How will I ever live up to that’

But at the end of the night, James goes and gets a box out of his room and puts it in Harry’s hands.

“This is yours now. Use it well.”

Harry opens the box and it’s the invisibility cloak. Remus then takes the Marauder’s Map out and shows Harry how to use it, then hands it over (“use it responsibly”)

•When Harry comes home for winter break he talks about how great Gryffindor is and his best friends Ron and Hermione, but also about Draco from Slytherin and how he has “the prettiest hair and his eyes sparkle-” and Remus and Sirius just give each other knowing looks.

And he’s about to say something else after talking about his classes but hesitates; everyone asks him about it, but he denies everything.

•He goes back to school after winter break and some time after his second Quidditch match as the youngest seeker in a century, one morning at breakfast he gets a howler.

He knows fully well what it is because he grew up in a house with the Marauders who liked to send them back and forth for fun-



But anyway, he gets one and looks at his friends and then at Draco across the hall because he’s absolutely terrified an doesn’t know what he did. Eventually (with much convincing) he opens it.


YOUR MOTHER AND I ARE SO PROUD OF YOU HOLY SHI-” and then it’s Lily’s voice.

“Harry, sweetie we’re so proud of you! You must’ve gotten some of James’s talent-” (you can hear James going crazy in the background; knocking stuff over and generally screaming like a psychopath) “where James got his, I have no idea”

And then it’s just Remus, Sirius and Peter going crazy (yes, even Moony).

When it finally ends, the great hall just sits stunned for a moment, before Dumbledore starts slow clapping and everyone joins in. All the teachers are just rolling their eyes because they definitely remember the Marauders. About 5 seconds later the Potters’ owl flies in with a new Nimbus 2000 and a note that says ‘Don’t tell your mother’

•Harry bringing Draco home in their 5th year to meet his parents over Christmas break, and when he goes home Harry has to remind his parents and uncles that “No, we aren’t dating! That’s absolutely absurd!” And everyone just looking at each other like ‘yeah, sure kid’

•Harry choosing to be a pro Quidditch player as his profession after admitting to his parents that he snuck out one night with Ron, Hermione and Draco to go try out for Puddlemore United because they had just lost their seeker and he made the team.

And James and Sirius crying with pride because their little Harry is going to be a world famous Quidditch player.

“There won’t be a person alive who doesn’t know his name” James said while ruffling his son’s hair.

•Harry in his 6th year asking Remus when he knew he was gay and coming out to Moony and Padfoot as Bi and both of them going

“Yeah, we know”

And Harry just looking so surprised and then telling them that he and Draco started dating in October and that he wanted to have him for Christmas but didn’t want to tell his dad why, and James (who was under the invisibility cloak)

“Yeah, sure he can come. But no sex after 11 pm.”

And Harry screaming like a girl from surprise and then sputtering like an idiot in response to the sex comment.

•Peter taking Harry to honeydukes before he was allowed to go with his school and Peter just completely spoiling him and buying so much that they can hardly get it home.

They sneak through the house to get to Harry’s room but meet James in the middle, who of course joins them.

They open the door to Harry’s room just to find Remus and Lily sitting on the bed with the most bored expressions on their faces. Harry looks down in shame and drops all the candy on the floor, but Lily just raises an eyebrow and goes

“Well? Aren’t you going to share?” An everyone eating their fill of candy just on Harry’s bed, and Sirius taking all the good stuff and running from the room and everyone chasing him around the house.

•When Harry turns seventeen the Marauder’s teach him to become an Animagus (and get registered). James is incredibly proud when he turns out to have a stag Animagus form as well.

Draco being terrified because he walks into Harry’s room over summer break and there’s a fucking deer casually chilling on his boyfriend’s bed like what

And Ron riding on Harry’s back to make a stupidly grand entrance picking Hermione up from her house in the middle of a muggle neighborhood

•Just the Marauders being alive please and thank you


“WE COME FROM DIFFERENT HOUSES” Gryffindor/Slytherin/Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw

After I posted the pic of slytherin girl (here’s the link if you don’t know), I decided to draw other 3 houses’ students to make it complete. :D

The Seeker.


(I started this illustration thinking of James (of course!), but I like the idea that it could be both James and Harry…so it’s up to you to choose! )

headcanon that lily evans was the most vulgar, passionate, and outspoken quidditch fan but the second she figured out how the sport worked. 

she bought herself stacks of quidditch books with her pocket change first year, and read everything she could find on it in the Hogwarts library. 

she is frequently seen debating james potter on certain aspects of the game and its history in their younger years, and then discussing strategy with him once he becomes captain. 

she, however, is much too clumsy to play, a fact that she loathes. so instead, she goes to every single match, and watches carefully, in order to not miss anything.

when she and james finally start dating, she has long discussions with him after every match, criticizing and critiquing his performance until he tickles her to make her stop talking. 

she 100% would have wanted to coach all of harry’s little league teams, and make james assist her.