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Lucius Malfoy:  Father of the Year

Well.  Maybe not.

I particularly enjoy looking at the Potter series from the perspective of various secondary characters.  It’s no slight on Harry, but because the series directly follows him, it’s easy to be restricted by his perspective; to solely see moments where Harry wins, and cheer along, without stopping to consider how the exact same events can be interpreted by other characters.

Enter Draco and Lucius Malfoy.

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Early Draco is a spoiled, pampered boy who loses Harry’s friendship before he’s introduced himself properly - due to his own awful attitude.  But when you look retrospectively, you start to realise just why adult Draco in Cursed Child rather considers his time at Hogwarts to have been a wash - and it all happens long before he’s started inviting Death Eaters into the castle.

We learn in CC that young Draco had a dream; to be a Quidditch player.  Draco remarked in PS that Lucius thought it’d be a crime if he wasn’t picked to play on the team.  We witness him as a talented flyer, and he complains continually about how unfair it is that first years can’t be on the team.  He even talks of bullying his father into purchasing a broom for him, and smuggling it in to Hogwarts.

Except, of course, none of this happens.  Rules are rules, Malfoy name or not.

But then Harry ends up rejecting Draco outright, and instantly becoming the best friend of Ron Weasley - the family that the Malfoys are so at odds with.  …worst of all, due to Draco’s own poor behaviour, Harry ends up being selected for Gryffindor’s Quidditch team.

It seems that rules are rules no longer.  In Harry’s case, first years can play Quidditch.  In Harry’s case, first years can have a broomstick.  In Harry’s case, his broomstick is even purchased for him…and what a broomstick it is; better than Draco’s, put it that way.

To heap misery onto a terrible year, it’s Harry and his friends (not any Gryffindors from the other 6 years) who yank the house cup from a joyful Slytherin, who were poised to celebrate.  It’s not just a few points here and there; Gryffindor are catapulted from last place to first by receiving more than 50% of their previous points total in a 60 second burst of benevolence by the Headmaster.

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The Gryffindor Headmaster.

Young Draco must’ve been beside himself.

So we fast forward to the second year, and we learn in CoS that over the course of the summer, Draco has whinged to Lucius at least ‘a dozen times’ about Harry and his broomstick.  Of course, even later, we learn in GoF that Lucius wasn’t even keen on sending Draco to Hogwarts in the first place.

Lucius must’ve been incandescent with rage to hear how his son had been maligned - and not just his son, but his son’s house, the house of his ex-Death Eater comrades’ children, the house led by his old friend…in fact, HIS house - and all of this favouritism has only started once Harry arrives.  But as Lucius notes to his son, appearing less than fond of Harry simply isn’t politically astute.

So Lucius does what he can to make amends - he buys Draco a top of the range broom, and then he buys the rest of the team the same.  He doesn’t only guarantee Draco’s entry onto the team, but he attempts to secure his old house’s pride; those Quidditch points seem to be worth their weight in gold when it comes to the House cup.  Those colours in the Great Hall aren’t going to be turned green to red in the last minute this year.  Not if Lucius has anything to do with it.

And what else does he do?  He infiltrates the board of governors.  He didn’t bother prior to Draco’s first year at school, so it’s not as if he’s looking to mop up power wherever it exists; he joins the board presumably as a reaction to his perception that Draco has been treated unfairly.

Additionally, Lucius has his own problems - he’s got the Ministry knocking at his door, seemingly encouraged by Arthur Weasley…and he’s got a whole host of dark artefacts that he doesn’t want anyone to catch him with.  The last thing that Lucius wants to be caught with is something which originated with the Dark Lord, especially now that The Boy Who Lived is in the wizarding world, and appears to be a favourite son.

So Lucius unleashes the diary.  He does so for a myriad of reasons - mostly looking to rid himself of an undesirable and useless object, whilst also joyfully attempting to destroy a family he detests, and wreaking revenge upon a Ministry worker who isn’t cowed by him, and sees fit to challenge him…

…but also, because removing Dumbledore from his position from the school is, in Lucius’ eyes, a good and just punishment for his efforts in Draco’s first year.  For overlooking Draco’s talents in favour of Harry.  For bending the rules for a Gryffindor, but not a Slytherin.

And let us not forget, Draco’s hatred of Harry is only really equally shared by one other person in the school - the one person who Draco really admires: 

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Severus Snape.

And no matter what you think of Snape and Malfoy’s relationship at this stage, there’s no denying that Snape was once Malfoy’s lapdog; that Malfoy was once a person who Snape looked up to and admired.

We know that Lucius wanted Draco to attend a school where he could study the Dark Arts, and not just Defence - but Narcissa didn’t want Draco going far away.  So what’s the next best thing?  Rid Hogwarts of Dumbledore, and use your new position as governor, and your existing influence in the Ministry to have a hand in suggesting the new Head…

…because Lucius would really like a new Headmaster.  A new Headmaster who apparently sees things the way he does.  Who understands the desire for a new world order.  Who can have things suggested in his ear…

And then maybe, just maybe, Lucius can create a Hogwarts which might just be suitable for a boy like Draco after all.

240. Sirius is not allowed to provide the commentary for the Quidditch matches. Ever.

A/N: Dedicated to Anon. You know who you are.

“Welcome to the 187th Annual Quidditch Match!”

“Oh, I regret this already,” Minerva McGonagall muttered under her breath before speaking louder, “Mr. Black, we do not number our matches that way.”

“Well, we should,” Sirius Black responded quickly, “It would be much easier to keep track of them.”

“I think the system we’re using now works just fine,” she replied dryly.

With a nod and a wink, Sirius said, “Ah, I see. Using the ol’ ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ mindset. I get it. Change is hard.”

Professor McGonagall looked up at the sky, as though she were sending a quick word to any deity that may be listening above and said, “Mr. Black, when I told you you could fill in for Mr. Harper to do the Quidditch Commentary, you promised me you would behave yourself.”

“Did I?” Sirius asked innocently.

With a glare from his professor, Sirius rolled his eyes, “Yes, Professor. I promise.”

Despite the fact that she felt that should would soon come to regret this, she nodded her head once, indicating that Sirius could start the commentary for the match.

Eager, Sirius immediately called out, “Good morning Hogwarts!”

“It’s 2 in the afternoon,” Professor McGonagall interrupted.

Ignoring her, Sirius continued, “Welcome to our first game of the season.”

“This is our fourth game,” McGonagall corrected.

“On one side, we have the voluptuous, talented, and very courageous GRYFFINDORS!”

Cheers erupted from the audience as the Gryffindor Quidditch team flew out on their brooms onto the stadium.

“On the other side, we have the brilliant, stone-cold, and creative RAVENCLAWS!”

Cheers that matched the same volume from before went out for this other team.

“Let the battle BEGIN!”

“It’s – it’s not a battle,” McGonagall sighed, wondering if she should have brought a flask just to get through this game with Sirius at her side.

“And the balls have been let out,” Sirius said, watching as the two bludgers escaped from the box they were being tied down in and the snitch flirted with the team’s seekers before flying out of sight, “Oh boy, watch out for those two black balls. They look like they mean business.”

The coach stepped out on the field and lifted the quaffle out of its place, quietly lecturing the players about a nice, fair game before blowing her whistle and throwing the ball into the air.

“And the quootle has been set free!”

“It’s the quaffle,” McGonagall corrected him.

“And we’ve got Kelly from Ravenclaw who got a hold of the quootle and is racing away on her broom.”

“Mr. Black, it’s called the quaffle,” McGonagall corrected a second time.

“Kelly’s passing the quootle to Rick. Then back to her. Then back to him. Then back to – whoa. Anyone else feeling a little dizzy here? Surely there’s got to be a better way than just – WHOA! Rick threw the ball and got in into the little circle thing. Too bad, so sad for those Gryffindors. Cause it looks like Ravenclaw has just gotten themselves 15 points.”

“No,” McGonagall said with a deep breath, “It’s 10 points. Only 10.”

“Yeah, but I thought that their cool maneuvering deserved a couple of extra points.”

“That’s not how the game works,” she answered sharply, “you told me you understood the rules of the game, Mr. Black, are you telling me that you have no idea what you’re doing?”

Sirius scoffed, “Of course I know what I’m doing. I live in a dorm with James. Do you honestly believe that James wouldn’t lecture all of us about the rules of Quidditch? Speaking of which,” Sirius jumped up and waved his hand frantically at the players, “HI JAMES! HEY! LOOK AT ME!”

James waved his arm in a ‘go away’ motion before he dived down on his broom, knocking the quaffle out of a Ravenclaw’s hand and racing to put it in his owl goal.

Sirius tutted, clearly not pleased that his friend was ignoring him, “So rude. You’d think he’d take one small moment to say hello. But no. Instead he puts all of his attention on that dang quootle. Shows you what he thinks is most important.”

“Ten points to Gryffindor,” McGonagall spoke into the microphone as James threw the quaffle into the pitch and earned their team their first 10 points.

“Oh no, after that rude treatment he just gave me? I say we take away 20 points from Gryffindor. Start them in the negative,” Sirius insisted.

Rolling her eyes, McGonagall answered, “You can’t just take away points from the teams.”

“Sure I can.”

“No, I assure you that you can’t.”

“Well, fine,” Sirius answered with a huff, “Then I’ll just give Ravenclaw an additional 20 points.”

“You can’t do that either,” she said, pausing as the Ravenclaws scored a second time (they really needed a new keeper), “We can give 10 points to Ravenclaw because they just scored, but that’s it.”

“Ugh, fine,” Sirius answered despondently, waving his hand as though that was going to add points.

McGonagall grabbed the scoring sheet, deciding it would be best if she just did it herself.

“And Roger picks up the quootle and passes it to the gorgeous Kelly,” Sirius continued, pausing for a moment to add, “mm – I wouldn’t mind going out with her, have you seen her? She is gorgeous. Stone-cold yes, but gorgeous.”

“Mr. Black – “ McGonagall started.

Sirius interrupted her, “I’m just adding a little intrigue to the commentary professor. No harm done. Kelly passes the quootle to Rick, who throws it back to Roger, then – INTERCEPTED BY AMELIA! Damn woman. You are looking fine out there.”

“Mr. Black, stop objectifying the female players.”

“Would it make you feel better if I objectified the male players as well?” he asked sweetly, “Amelia passes to Gerry, who is looking scrumptious in that Quidditch uniform. Can I hear a hell yeah from the audience if you agree?”

Sirius looked mighty pleased with himself when a sizeable chunk of fans yelled back, “Hell yeah.”

“Gerry passes it back to Amelia who goes in for the steal and YES! She makes it in past the Guarder of the posts! Should’ve thought twice before going against Gryffindor, Marian!”

Marian, the Ravenclaw Keeper, answered back with a crude gesture.

“Alright, now where is that quootle,” Sirius spoke thoughtlessly as he searched the field for the red ball, “Ah, there it is, and – WHOA! That black ball almost knocked Adrian off his broom! Isn’t someone gonna do something about that?”

“It’s the bludger, Black,” McGonagall replied exasperatedly, “It’s supposed to do that. And another 10 points for Gryffindor.”

“The blooder?” Sirius asked.

“Bludger,” she corrected.


“BLUD-GER. 10 points to Ravenclaw.”

Snapping his fingers together in an ‘ah-ha’ movement, he said, “Ah, yes, I know the ball you’re talking about. The blooger. Very nasty ball. Probably invented by a couple of Slytherins hell bent on making children suffer.”

“Mr. Black – “

“I’m just saying,” Sirius answered back, with his hands raised in a defensive position, “If they weren’t so aggressive, Adrian wouldn’t have to be running away from one.”

“He’s not running away,” McGonagall said, tugging on the microphone, “He’s seen the snitch!”

Sirius tugged the microphone back, “The snatch? Hey! Hey everyone! Stop what you’re doing! Adrian’s gonna get the snatch!”

“The snitch!” McGonagall yelled into the microphone, throwing her hands up into the air when we couldn’t grab it out of Sirius’ grasp.

“He’s gonna get it! Any second now. He’s weaving and bobbing and doing much better than Steven with his ugly face.”

“Mr. Black, don’t insult the other players,” McGonagall said on reflex, sitting at the edge of her seat as she watched the two players race for the snitch.

“It’s true,” Sirius answered unapologetically, “His face looks like it caved in on itself. HEY! Do you think that he got hit in the face with a blooger as a child? Repeatedly?”

“10 points to Ravenclaw,” the professor shouted out.

“Anyway, I’m rooting for Adrian to get the ball. His face is slightly less off-putting. In fact I think he’s going to get the ball … now. No, wait… now. Riiiight now! Okay, okay, 1 – 2 – 3 – NOW!”

“Black! You will stop that right now!” McGonagall ordered him, before adding on, “10 points to Gryffindor.”

“He’s reaching – he’s reaching … and … yes! Adrian has got the snatch! 10,000 points to Gryffindor.”

“150!” McGonagall yelled, changing the score, “Gryffindor wins, 180 to 40!”

“Hot damn Gryffindor,” Sirius said, letting out a whoop, “Bet you Ravenclaws wish you would’ve stayed in your beds this morning, huh?”

“Alright, that’s enough, hand me the microphone,” McGonagall demanded, holding out her hand for Sirius to comply.

Sirius did with a smile and asked, “This was fun, Professor. We should do this every time.”

McGonagall answered with a swift and resounding, “No.”


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nevemil  asked:

Harry potter please? :D

1. Make Snape less pathetic. His story arc would have been quite epic if not for the “My love didn’t like me so now I’m evil” part.

2. Give Draco a better redemption, I hoped that he would pull a Zuko and actually join the team.

3. Put in blatant ‘Dumbledore is gay AF’ instead of like… an afterthought.

4. Let Sirius Black live!

5. Change the rules of quidditch because with a 150 point gamestopper like the snitch why wouldn’t you just have a team of seekers and three goalies? it just doesn’t make sense. If I had a quidditch team I would assign a goal per hoop, and the rest of the team would just try and get the snitch.


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Requested by: @flyingpotatopowers

Older muggleborns helping the younger muggleborn students by creating a club where they can hang out and get helpful hints about transitioning into the wizarding world. Because can you imagine being 12 years old and being thrown into a completely different world with it’s own language?

And the club is super relaxing. Wanna just listen to some muggle music and read some magazines? Cool, go ahead! Super confused about the rules of quidditch? Here’s the seeker from Hufflepuff (a fellow muggleborn) to help you out.

And they host movies nights in the room of requirement, and have each other’s backs when someone gets bullied, and they host tutoring sessions…


Fanfiction Master List

I’ve been meaning to post a master list of all my fics for a while and just got an ask about it, so here you go! I’ve written 77 stories and over 700,000 words.

Categories: canonverse, multi-chapter AUs, oneshots AUs, Pottertalia, smut, Alphabet Smut, and my USUK Calendar stories. Within each category, I’ve listed them from longest to shortest.


  • Indivisible (50k words) - England finds himself dealing with a sexy cowboy, a self-proclaimed hero, a cute child, and a rebellious teenager.
  • Apparent Lies (20k words) - America’s lying about having a child with England. Or is he? :D
  • Once Upon a Midwinter’s Night (18k words) - Sealand tries to use a love potion and Shakespeare play for blackmail.
  • Read After Burning (4k words) - America and England meet after the after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.
  • A Nation’s Daemon (3k words) - England’s hound and America’s fox bring the two together again.
  • Gag Gifts (3k words) - England gets a prank gift for his birthday.
  • England’s Funeral (2k words) - America’s ignorance about a longstanding European tradition leads to a confession.

Multi-chapter AUs

  • The Shades of Spades (56k words) - The newly chosen monarchs must find a way to save Spades and themselves before it’s too late.
  • What’s Your Story (38k words, ongoing) - Arthur moves to San Francisco for a publishing internship. Written with Iggycat & Fakiagirl.
  • Meddling with Princesses (36k words) - Knight Alfred tries to save a rebellious princess from a dragon only to discover that the princess is a he and doesn’t want to be rescued.
  • Heart of Atlantis (33k words) - Alfred joins an intrepid group of explorers searching for Atlantis.
  • It Follows (28k words) - Arthur’s soulmate is being stalked by a supernatural killer. Major character death.
  • The Lost Prince (25k words) - There’s a reward for finding the Lost Prince of Spades and Arthur plans to collect.
  • Groundhog Day (21k words) - Jaded reporter Arthur is stuck interviewing a cheerful American about a stupid groundhog.
  • Eight Steps to Victory (18k words) - The Harvard Ballroom Dance Team made a mistake when they rejected Alfred. 
  • Unforgettable (16k words) - Alfred searches for an English soldier he met in a previous life.
  • Zombieworld (10k words) - An American teenager and a gun-toting Englishman team up to survive the zombie apocalypse. 

Keep reading


Inspired by my first ever Pottertalia fic by @zeplerfer, QUIDDITCH HOUSE RULES (full of delicious tension and rivalry that made my heart thump and my eyes cry a river). Thank you for the beautiful fic, Zeplerfer!


I love Pottertalia so I’ll be hunting down my favourite fics.

For anyone who is under the impression that all Slytherins suck

A list of several Slytherins who, in fact, do not.

-Flora and Hestia Carrow (In the Slug Club, kind and agreeable individuals)

-Horace Slughorn (Kind towards students, fought for the school in the battle of Hogwarts)

-Terence Higgs and Adrian Pucey (Carefully followed the rules of Quidditch so that all could enjoy the game)

-Theodore Nott (Refused to bully Harry with the rest of his friends, purposefully stayed out of Draco’s gang)

-Andromeda Tonks (Ally of the Order of the Phoenix)

-Regulus Black (Died attempting to destroy one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes)

-Astoria Greengrass Malfoy (Who openly opposed the Pure-Blood elitist ideals of those around her)

-Isla Black (Also opposes Pure-Blood obsession, was disowned and shunned by her family for breaking tradition and marrying a Muggle)

-Phineas Black (Struck from the Black family tree for supporting Muggle rights)

-Oh, and MERLIN (Fought the dark sorceress Morgan le Fay, founded the Order of Merlin to protect Muggles)


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Requested by: @whimsical-fluctuations

The Boy With The Midnight Hair - Young!Sirius x Reader



Hi!! I first wanted to say that I absolutely adore your writing! It’s fantastic and I was wondering, if it’s not too much trouble, if you could write something for me? It’s okay if you can’t. I was hoping for a Sirius x reader where you are Lily’s best friend. You are a muggle and you happen to be at Lily’s house when the marauders come over. I don’t mind when this takes place, just as long as it is cute and REALLY FLUFFY! Thank you so much, love!! Take all the time you need to complete this!

Thanks for the request! This is pretty long, so it took me a while to write… heh. But I’m pretty proud of it, so I hope you guys like it too!

ALSO, before I start, just wanted to tell you guys that my requests are open. I MIGHT start writing AUs as well, so feel free to send those requests too. :-)

Let me know what you thought of this in my ask!

Y/N = Your name

Originally posted by imaginesofthings

It was nice to have Lily back again. A lot of things seemed to happen in just a year - especially in the Wizarding World.

It didn’t surprise you when she had first told you that she was a witch, all those years ago. Apparently, you were what they called a ‘muggle’.

Nevertheless, the two of you managed to stay best friends. You caught up with each other through letters and you visited her when she came back home during the summer.

“So, Lily, who’s this boyfriend of yours?” You smirked, earning yourself a hard punch in the arm.

Lily rolled her emerald eyes, dropping onto the bed next to you. “His name is James.”


“He’s the captain of the Quidditch team.”

You narrowed your eyes. “Captain of the what?”

“Quidditch, Y/N. I told you about it, remember?”

You scratched your head, face scrunched up in thought.

“The one where you fly around on brooms?” You finally asked.

She grinned. “That’s the one.”

You frowned. It sounded a bit silly, to be honest.

A sweet, melodic chime rang in the distance, interrupting your thoughts. The doorbell.

“I’ll be right back,” Lily said, jumping up from the bed.

You watched as she jogged out of the room, her bright red hair tumbling behind her.

You found yourself frequently glancing up at the clock, nervously fidgeting with your hands as time ticked by.

Two minutes went by. Lily hadn’t come back.

Three minutes. Four, and eventually, five.

“My god, Lily.” You muttered, pushing yourself off from the bed.

You quietly padded your way through the family home, careful not to make a sound. Framed photographs of the Evans family lined the wooden staircase, ranging from family photos to photos of the children. You paused as a particular picture caught your eye. It was Lily, in her new robes at Diagon Alley. Her red hair, unlike now, was cropped to her cheeks. You couldn’t help but smile at the childlike innocence of the excitement in her face.

Suddenly, you felt yourself lose your own grip on the railing. Flailing your arms helplessly, you lost your footing - and with no time to regain balance, you found yourself on the floor, body sprawled across the steps.

You let out a quiet groan.

“You alright?”  

You forced yourself to open your eyes, despite the fact that you were already embarrassed. You prayed that the voice wasn’t Petunia’s - you knew she’d nag you about it for days.

You were pleasantly surprised to find that it was not Petunia, but in fact, a boy. The tall figure had disheveled black hair sticking out in every possible direction and a lopsided grin on his lips. HIs chocolate brown eyes were hidden behind wired glasses.

“James, what-”

Lily paused, her gaze flicking between you and the boy. She gave you a warm smile as she placed a hand on James’ arm.

“James, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is James.”

You let out a loud laugh. “So you’re the famous James Potter.”

He grinned, expertly snaking an arm around his girlfriend’s waist. “Heard a lot about me, have you?”

You sneered, rising up from the wooden floor. “She won’t stop talking about you.”

Lily shot you a glare just as two other boys entered the room.

One of them, taller than the others, wore a shy smile as he stepped next to James. Lines of scars marred his face, and you almost wanted to ask what had caused them - but thought better as he shoved his hands into his pockets and hunched his back as if to appear smaller than he actually was.

“This is Remus - or Moony, as we like to call him.”

He gave you a small wave.

The next boy stood right behind Remus. As he stepped out of the shadows, you couldn’t help but realise how good looking he was.

His hair, shoulder-length, was the colour of the midnight sky. His stormy grey eyes seemed to dance with a hint of amusement as his gaze drifted across his friends, and then, to you.

“Y/N, this is Sirius. Or Pads.”  

James’ voice was barely a murmur against your buzzing thoughts. You were mesmerised by him - Sirius.

And as he gave you the smallest of smiles and turned back towards James, you felt your heart skip a beat.

The boys, or the Marauders, came over every single day. You had found out that Lily hadn’t expected their initial visit, but that James had dragged his friends with him to see her.

The five of you gradually grew much closer as the summer went by. They constantly teased you for being a muggle. James would explain the rules of Quidditch to you - even brought his broom along one day to show you the ropes. Remus, who was quite shy at first, eventually warmed up to you. He would teach you about all of the subjects at Hogwarts and you would recommend some ‘muggle’ books to him, which he quite enjoyed.

And yet, Sirius was the one who stood out the most. You and Sirius talked about anything and everything together. That once mysterious boy was now your trusted confidant, and you, his trusted confidante. You still tried to steady your thundering heartbeat whenever you looked at him. You couldn’t help but notice how he wore the most genuine grin when he was around his best friends, and how he would tap his fingers against his table when anxious. How his gaze sometimes seemed to trail after… you.

But something about his demeanour told you that he was like that with most girls.

By the time it was August 31st, all of you had lost track of time. Lily and the Marauders had rushed to get packed, and you were now sipping on ‘Butterbeer’ in the living room.

You sat back as the rest of your friends played a game of Truth or Dare. You had never really enjoyed playing it, so you had decided to sit this round out.

You took a large sip as you felt somebody take a seat next to you. Risking a quick glance, you saw that it was Sirius.

“Kicked out of the game,” he sighed, his cup of Butterbeer held loosely in one hand.

“Hm? Why’s that?”  

He frowned. “I refused to answer a question. They kicked me out, saying it was against the rules.”  

You chuckled. “And what was the question?”

He answered without hesitation,

“If I fancied you.”

You almost choked on your drink. “If you - and what did you say?”  

He turned towards you, his grey eyes locking into yours. “I told you already. I didn’t answer.”


“Oi, Pads! We better get going now - we have school tomorrow.” James interrupted, waving his hands from the doorway.

You watched as Sirius gave you a sad smile before standing up and strolling towards the door.

You hadn’t realised it was so late until the five of you had stepped out onto the front porch. The stars were merely tiny speckles of light against the darkness of the neighbourhood.

“It was nice meeting you, Y/N.” James said, engulfing you in an unexpected hug.

You stiffened from shock, but patted your hands on his back. “You too, James.”

When the two of you broke apart, Remus came over.

“It was nice getting to know you. Keep in touch, okay?” He, unlike James, went for a handshake and an awkward pat on the back.

“Will do, Remus.”

Your eyes scanned the area. No Sirius. Sighing, you leaned back against the house as the rest of them bid their farewells.


You turned towards the familiar voice. Sirius’ eyes sparkled as he abruptly took your hand and pulled you towards the secluded area behind the house.


He crashed his lips onto yours, wrapping his arms around your waist.

Your eyes widened, but you quickly kissed him back, gripping tightly onto his shoulders. You knew he was leaving. You knew it would never work.

But your brain shut all those thoughts out as you drowned in the sweetness of the kiss. Your head spun, and your heart was beating out of your chest. You didn’t want it to ever end.

You only broke apart when you were both gasping for air, breathing ragged. Your foreheads pressed together as you wrapped each other in an tight embrace.

“That was my answer, Y/N.”

You looked up at him. His cheeks were flushed bright red, and his hair was covering half of his face. You gently reached out your hand to push it behind his ear.

“Sirius, we’ve only known each other for two months.”

“I know.”

“You literally live in a different world.”


You frowned. “This isn’t going to work.”

He shook his head, his dark hair bobbing back into place. “I’m willing to try, Y/N. Please.”

You traced the curve of his lips in your mind. “There are so many more girls you can choose from, Sirius-”

“Y/N, if you don’t want this, then you can walk away.” He replied sternly, eyes darkened.

“But if you’re willing to try, I am too.”

You bit down on your lip, clearing your muddled thoughts. You could feel his beating heart from this distance, and it was the only thing keeping you anchored to reality.

“Okay.” You finally breathed.

He grinned as he softly pressed his lips to your forehead, then to your lips. And you felt your head spin again for the second time.

You didn’t know if this would last. But either way, you would never forget the boy with the midnight hair.

And perhaps, you were also hopelessly in love with him.

.。.:*☆sneaking out after curfew for late night flying lessons☆*:.。.