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5.3.17 Was doing some essay writing in one of my favourite cafés in Clifton yesterday while it rained, and then went to play the last game of South West League for quidditch. We lost, but not as badly as we thought we would! I’m finding this essay so interesting it’s a shame I’m finding it so hard to write! Xxx emily


@hpminorcharnet​‘s gtk our members challenge [Erin]: favorite minor characters - Oliver Wood

the rising star of the quidditch league // a sunshine boy // still a little starry-eyed

I love you (And the Other 100 Ways of Saying It.)

Prompt: I love you (And the other 100 ways of saying it.)

It’s Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter Eight Year in Hogwarts. The new blooming friendship has started since the very next day after Voldemort died. Harry has visited the Manor to give Malfoy his wand back. They forgave each other. They let go. They moved on. Rebuilding Hogwarts for four months is also a good way to build a friendship, you know? Once school started, they have been quite close, closer than expected because apparently Hermione and Ron don’t come back. Somehow The Hogwarts Express has been awfully late.

1.      The next compartment is empty, but you’re alone. “You mind sharing a compartment? The rest is already full.”

2.      “Happy belated birthday, Potter.” Puts a small gift on his lap.

3.      It’s awfully late, I bet you haven’t eaten anything. “Stop staring, Potter, it’s rude. Here, I’m full anyway.”

4.      Idiot, stop kicking your blanket to the floor, it’s cold. Put the blanket in place and cast a sticking charm over it.

5.      “Here’s your trunk.”

6.      Cast a warming charm for the whole carriage. “What? The thestrals must be cold too.”

7.      “Welcome home.”

8.      Nonchalantly sit beside Harry in the Great Hall.

9.      Put two treacle tarts on Harry’s plate. “What? You like them.”

10. “Goodnight, Potter.”

11.  “Morning, Potter.”

12.  Slides a cup of coffee towards Harry.

13.  “Don’t forget your Charm books.”

14.  “See you later.”

15.  “How’s the day?”

16.  “Stop hogging the food, Potter.” Eat slowly, you git, you’ll get a stomachache.

17.  Casually put two glasses of water on their bedside drawer.

18.  Put an apple beside Harry’s breakfast. “You’ll die early with your diet.”

19.  Our first class is potion, will you be okay after Severus’ death? “You’re helpless, Potter. Sit back and observe, maybe you’ll learn something by being my partner.”

20.  Slap Harry’s hand away. “Idiot. Clean your hands.”

21.  “Remember, 7 times clockwise, Potter.” It will be dangerous if you stir only 6 times.

22.  “Finally, a decent result.” It’s a really good result, but let’s not feed your ego.

23.  You look extremely tired. “Stop being unmotivated git. Long day?”

24. “Don’t forget to work on your charm essay.”

25.  Smiles softly when he has finished his homework only to find Harry’s asleep on the sofa.

26.  Take off Harry’s glasses and fix his blanket.

27.  Check Harry’s charm essay and gives some pointers on wrong statements.

28.  Levitates Harry and tucks him in bed. Essay and glasses neatly put in their bedside drawer.

29.  “Wake up, Potter. Finish your essay.”

30.  “Your mood puts me in a bad mood, Potter. See you in DADA.” Cheer up, you git.

31.  “Fancy a duel?”

32.  “Impressive, Potter.”

33.  “That’s your best shot? Aim better.” Stop channeling your power without precision.

34.  “Focus, Potter. I could kill you.” Fuck you, Potter, that’s a fucking lethal curse. Thank Merlin you move.

35.  Grinning with twinkle in his eyes. “Nice duel.”

36.  I would love to see that expression on your face everyday. Don’t lose it.

37.  “Knackered?”

38.  “It’s Friday tomorrow, fancy a seeker match?”

39.  Your nightmares are getting worse.

40.  “You wish you’re the better seeker.” Whatever, of course you are better.

41.  “Nice game, Potter.”

42.  “We’ll crash the library tomorrow, Potter.” Your homework are piling, stop procrastinating, you git.

43.  Pointing the answer on the book. Rolls eyes exasperatedly.

44.  “Potter, accompany me tomorrow in the Room of Requirement?”

45.  “I’m brewing a potion. You’re here to distract me from sleeping.”

46.   You need this as much as I do, you git, that’s why you’re here. “Stop whining, Potter.”

47.  “Of course, you’ll sleep eventually.” Transfiguring the chair into something more comfortable.

48. ‘Modification of Dreamless sleep that doesn’t give you an addiction. Your nightmares are getting worse. –DM’

49.  “You are welcome, Potter.”

50.  Your nightmares are not getting any better. Are you okay? “Do the dreamless sleep at faulty?”

51.  Then why do you keep having nightmares?! “You’re still having nightmares.”

52.  “I’m so sorry, Potter. For all it’s worth, it didn’t fair.” I’m sorry. I hope they’re happy and proud wherever they are right now.

53. ‘Happy Halloween, Potter.’ Put a bag of Honeydukes sweets on the edge of Harry’s bed.

54.  “Happy Thanksgiving, Potter.” Put a large piece of Turkey meet on Harry’s dinner plate.

55.  “Look, it is finally snowing. First snow this year.”

56.  Throw a snow ball on Harry’s back.

57.  Have a happy snowballs fight.

58.  “Happy Christmas, Harry.” Put a Christmas present on Harry’s lap before leaving to the Manor.

59.  Put the charmed snow globe from Harry on the bedside drawer in the Manor. Thank you, it’s pretty. Mother and I’s miniatures look happy, playing in the snow.

60.  ‘Happy new year, Harry. May this year be good to you. –DM’

61.  “Stop slopping around, NEWT is just around the corner.”

62.  “Come on, I’ll help you with Potion.”

63.  “You don’t work hard enough.” Come on, Potter, you need to be better than this if you want to be an Auror.

64.  “Have you decided on your future career?”

65.  You’re one of the few who don’t think it’s an impossible job for me. Thank you.  Smiles softly.

66. “Do you ever think of applying to be a DADA teacher here? Or being recruited into a Quidditch league?” I just need you to know there are other options that will give you less stress.

67.  Well whatever your future job is, Harry Potter, please be safe and happy.

68.  “Stay away from dragon scale, it will trigger an explosion on your calming draught.” Stop being an idiot please, you could actually lose your life.

69.  “Good luck on your NEWTs.”

70.  “Potter, tomorrow is Charm, not Transfiguration.”

71.  “Here, have some.” Slide a box of Narcissa chocolates for Harry.

72.  “She’ll love that.” Yes, she also has been asking about you. I believe your visit would be good for Mother. Thank you.

73. “Ready for Potion? Relax, you’ll do well.”

74.  “How’s potion? Don’t tell me you blow anything.” Please remember potions can be lethal sometimes.

75.  “Remarkable, Potter.”

76.  “Cheer up, tomorrow is the last day.”

77.  “Thank Merlin and Salazar, it’s all done! How are you holding up, Potter?”

78.  “Can’t sleep either?”

79.  “Fancy a night stroll?”

80.  Rolls eyes swiftly and casually fixes the scarf on Harry’s neck.

81.  “You see that star? That is the reason Mother named me Draco.” Maybe you’ll remember the star, and you’ll remember me each time you look at the sky.

82.  “You’re a good company, Harry.” It’s nice being like this with you.

83.  Thank you for deciding in befriending me that day, you give me a new purpose to keep fighting. “Thank you.”

84.  For saving me again and again, from Voldemort, from the Fiendfire, from my own demons. For giving me a common sense to keep living. For offering your hand in friendship that day after the war. For trusting in my ability to become a Potion Master.  “Just for everything and anything, really.”

85.  You really are beautiful under the moonlight.

86.  “What do you think will happen after Hogwarts?” Would we still be like this? Could we? Is it ridiculous for hoping?

87.  “You really believe that?” Because I want that to happen too, for us to not stop being friends, maybe even more?

88.  Yeah, I like that very much. “Okay.”

89.  “Don’t forget your spare glasses, Potter.”

90.  “Seriously, you need to stop procrastinating and panicking on the last second.” Seriously, you don’t forget anything, just lock your trunk.

91.  “Tomorrow would be very different, wouldn’t it?” I’m afraid to go back to the real world. Are you?

92.  It might just be our last day meeting each other. “Accompany me to Hogsmead?”

93.  “Fancy a butterbeer? Come on, drinks on me.”

94.  “You what?” God, it must be a dream, right?

95.  “You’re being serious right now?” Cause if you’re not, I’ll saw off your balls and ship it to America right now, Harry Potter. If you’re joking, you’re a dead man.

96.  “Okay then, I would like that very much.”

97.  “Sleep fine?” You sleep as peaceful as a baby, I almost stop the train so that the bumpy ride doesn’t wake you up.

98.  “Mother said she will pick us up.” You sure want to visit Mother? It doesn’t have to be today, you know.

99.  “Mother, you remember Harry Potter? Harry, Mother. Mother, my boyfriend.” You git, stop smiling like you need to impress someone. You have a life debt toward Mother, just act normal. Salazar, help me, this is embarrassing,

100.  Marry me. “Scared, Potter?”



101.  “You wish.” Fuck you, I’ll be damned if I’m scared. I love you, you git.

mini story headcanon: one day draco and hermione are at a little league quidditch game supporting their kids and sitting near(ish) in the bleachers and an exuberant spellcaster trying to flag the ref for “COBBING! EXCESS OF USE OF ELBOWS” accidentally just bares everyones sleeves to the elbows, and everyone is laughing except for the two of them who both draw the other’s attention with identical doubling over their right arms. And they look at each other, and they just know. And they slowly sit up, and both have huge self-hex scars up to their elbows up the arm that bears the Dark Mark and the arm that bears Mudblood

“I’m sorry,” they say, at the same time, for different reasons. And the unspoken I thought I was the only one - before Ron hurries Hermione away, and Astoria unwinds the scarf around her hair to cover her husband. 

It was a brief moment. But that unsettling spark of understanding was never quite extinguished afterwards.  

binktop-nikiforovv  asked:

Hey :) I've looked through your tag- and masterlist, but I couldn't find any fics where Harry owns an orphanage or works on improving the minestry in regards of child abuse. Can you please rec some fics like that if you know any? Thanks in advance :) ♥

Ok, so I’m probably not going to get all of the fics I’ve read like this, but I’ll do my best and keep updating as I remember. I think the first fic kind of falls under both of the things you’ve asked for :)


(orphanages, victims of child abuse, education, etc.)

Suffer The Children (oldenuf2nb)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 32.3k, Summary: Draco Malfoy has learned via painful experience that the least complicated way to go about things is to not allow himself to care – about anyone. After all, he’d tried that once without success. But now he finds himself thrust into a situation where maintaining the armour around his heart simply isn’t an option.

There’s Something About Harry (megyal)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 5.9k, Summary: Magazine feature articles are commonplace for Draco Malfoy until he manages to get an exclusive on one Harry Potter: rings of fire, binding, charity-work, CHILDREN! Life will never be the same again.

Small Blessings (oldenuf2nb)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 37k, Summary: After the war, Harry opens an orphanage with the help of a surprising friend. When he adopts an infant left on his doorstep, he has no idea what fate has in store for him.

Take What’s Left Of Me (frayach)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 23k, Summary: One day Draco just left without saying a word, leaving Harry reeling. You’d think that after what Draco did, Harry could move on, but he can’t. When Astoria miscarries and Draco comes to him pleading for a baby, Harry can’t say no. | Content/Warnings: MPreg

No One Deserves To Live In A Closet (ChannelTheFlannel)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 135.1k, Summary: After the war has ended, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy live very separate lives. Harry makes furniture and volunteers at an orphanage. Draco runs a record shop and writes articles for The Prophet. They both try to avoid public attention, but for very different reasons. Draco suffers from anxiety disorder and fears rejection, even when he knows he’s changed for the better.

The Beginning Of Reality (amightypenguin)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 25k, Summary: When Harry Potter cannot be awakened from a self induced dream state, can his Auror partner Draco Malfoy find a way to wake him before an unforeseen threat in Harry’s mind destroys them both?

Here And Now (Morgan_Elektra)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 27.8k, Summary: It’s been 5 years since the end of the war, but less than a week since Rita Skeeter outed Harry on the front page of The Prophet — and made some rather scandalous insinuations about him and his blond former nemesis. A chance (or is it?) encounter on a street corner reveals just how much has changed… and what remains the same. An over-sized courgette, some olive oil, a bottle of wine, and Ed Kowalczyk make things extra interesting.

The Girl In The Kneazle Nightie (Saras_Girl)

Rating: PG, WC: 29.8k, Summary: All Luna wants is for her friends to be happy. Harry and Draco aren’t going to make it easy for her, but that’s okay. She has a plan.

ab epistulis (cornmouse)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 83.9k, Summary: A future fic that takes place when Draco is 30, living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Draco owns a bookstore and ends up developing a correspondence with the author of his favorite novel.

Twelve Hours (eidheann)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 14.9k, Summary: The last thing Harry expected to see while leaving the takeaway was Malfoy dumping his garbage into a bin on the kerb of a Muggle neighborhood.

Dear Enemy (GingerTodgers)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 56k/?, Summary: An anonymous benefactor makes a generous donation to Harry Potter’s School for Squibs in exchange for a weekly letter from the Boy Who Lived. What begins as a chore soon becomes the only outlet Harry has to talk about the war, love, life, hope, redemption, his renewed obsession with a certain blonde nemesis and how he really, honestly, believes that this will be the year Puddlemere United reclaim the Quidditch League Cup. | Content/Warnings: WIP

i rlly love the idea of narcissa malfoy being such an affectionate, loving, and mildly embarrassing mother like

  • she will physically run (and this woman never runs) after Draco when he leaves the house without a cloak and she will not leave him alone until he puts his fricken cloak on
  • whenever she and draco are out of the hosue together narcissa feels the need to voice her opinion on every single attractive man in the street and asks draco for his opinion too
  • after his quidditch games he meets him in the team room and kisses his cheeks in front of the entire team
  • and threatens to jinx Marcus Flint when he makes fun of Draco for being kissed by his mum
  • she and Lucius would frequently call fouls during Draco’s little league quidditch games
  • she nearly faints in Lucius’ arms when Draco falls off of his broom and demans Madame Pomfrey gives him a thorough check up
  • she gives draco sex advice (that he could have lived his ENTIRE life without knowing but thanks mom)
  • some nights she gets a little drunk and gets a little too personal
  • when dracos old and grown narcissa casually asks him one day if he still has those cute little dimples on his butt
  • and proceeds to show him the pictures from when he was a baby, to prove that he indeed had dimples on his ass at one point

i love narcissa malfoy so much and we literally know nothing about this woman and i find so much comfort in believing that she was such a weird fucking mom

Hugo carrying​ Lily because:
Lily: Hu, my feet are killing me.
Hugo: And what do you want from me?
Lily: Up.*doe eyes*Pleeease.
Hugo: Fine. Damn those doe eyes. 20 years and I still don’t have immunity to them.
Lily: Dad doesn’t have either. Or Al. Or James. Or anyone else really
Hugo: Smartass. I don’t understand why do you wear this if they hurt your feet?
Lily: They are Louboutin. They are worth it.
Rose: Smile guys. This one is going for the family archive

Hugo and Lily going to Albus and Scorpius’s ,,We are in the big Quidditch league. Thank fucking God" party

Taken by Rose. Spring 2029

Cover art for my last Quidditch League story. We Wasps made the Final. I couldn’t be prouder of the effort all of us has put into this over the last year.

Some of my team-mates think that this is the best story I’ve written in the competition. If a bittersweet story about Harry’s life with the Dursleys is your thing, you might like it too.

Read it here: fanfiction.net — or — Archive of Our Own

Snivellus Snape and the Potions Shop from Hell

Anonymous Asked: Could you write something where Snape is Lily’s boss and she is always worried about losing her job because he wants more* of her but she loves James.

Lily had to admit, not only was her boss socially useless and awkward, but she also hated that she literally owed him for giving her a job in his shop because she was newly graduated from Hogwarts.

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Ginny Weasley, Senior Quidditch Correspondent.

Hold on to your broomsticks ladies and gentlemen, Quidditch season has kicked off with the British and Irish Quidditch League, with the European League starting next month.

The second week of league matches has just begun, but betting brokers are still reeling after the incredible performance from the Falmouth Falcons against the Montrose Magpies last. The Falcons, notorious for their fierce, and sometimes violent style of play, caused such a commotion during play that they quickly overtook the Magpies, scoring 170 points in the space of 35 minutes. However by the act of some kind God, the Magpies managed to get their act together and clawed their way up to score a measly 20 points in that same time frame, before catching the Snitch and tying with the Falcons.

The Falmouth Falcons then went on to obliterate the Tutshill Tornadoes, winning 280 to 70, but not until the beaters, Jimmy and Timmy Broadmoor (grandsons to Karl and Kevin Broadmoor, respectively, infamous for being suspended 14 times during their 1958 to 1969 for their persistent rule breaking) decided to cause a ruckus by enchanting the Bludgers to fly into the crowd shortly after their win, causing St Mungo’s to be slightly overwhelmed by broken bones, sprained joints, and one case of a precariously lodged splinter (I won’t say where, this is a family paper.)

But in the midst of the anarchy of the Falcons play, the leagues favourites to win this season, the Chudley Cannon’s, are truly proving their worth. The last few years, they’ve come quite close to the bottom, if not the bottom of the league table. Lest we forget that awful match against Puddlemere United in 2004, where the Cannon’s performance was so bad, that their manager, Ragmar Dorkin’s (known for his fainting spell in September 1999, when the Cannon’s beat the Falcon’s), stood up, screamed, and disapparated and was not seen for the next 3 months.

I haven’t been able to be present at a few matches, I’ve been (unfortunately) working alongside my colleague, Rita Skeeter, on some ‘interesting’ future works. But I was informed, by my sons, James and Albus that the Wimborne Wasps match against Puddlemere United, where they suffered a catastrophic loss of 340 points to 30. They told me that it “was a very funny match” and that “they had never seen grown men cry so hard, not since dad had realised he was starting to go grey”. Needless to say I laughed along with them and was told to ‘bugger off’ by my husband.

Week two of the British and Irish League shall most certainly prove to be an interesting one. This is Ginny Weasley for The Daily Prophet, signing off. (And wishing all the best to the Holyhead Harpies! Not that I’m biased or anything.)


Angelina Johnson appointed as Head of Dept. of Games & Sports

In keeping with this year’s reshuffle at the Ministry of Magic, Machlan Stump has stepped down from his position as Head of Department of Magical Games and Sports. Angelina Johnson, previously from the Department of Magical Education, will be taking his place as Head.

Stump gave a short exit interview yesterday, during which he said the following: “I would like to thank everyone for their support over the past decade. I very much look forward to spending more time with my fish – I mean, family – and I am sure that Angelina will do a bang-up job as HOD. Of course, she’ll excel at restructuring the Quidditch League – sorry, Angelina, I forgot you were meant to announce that… Forgive this old dodder… Well, pip pip everyone, no more ludicrous patents for me!”

This speech was met with smattered applause. Johnson then took the podium, thanking Stump for his speech and wishing him the very best. 

“As mentioned earlier, I will be overseeing the restructuring of the Quidditch League. Our office will carry out a three-phase plan over the next five years, starting with targeted anti-corruption strategies. There will be a full press release tomorrow. In the meantime, thank you all for your support.”

Before she could step off the podium, however, a red-taloned hand brandishing an acid green quill shot into the air. 

“Ms Johnson–” began Rita Skeeter, but was immediately cut off when her tongue inexplicably began to swell, flopping out of her mouth and growing longer at a steady pace. 

“Like toffees, do you?” asked Johnson, a quizzical remark that was met with some confusion. She then whipped out her wand and restored Skeeter’s tongue to its rightful place between her blindingly white teeth.

Most people in the room were taken with the delightful spectacle, and did not notice the stocky red-haired man leaning against the door. It was only later, when Johnson left the building with him, that George Weasley was recognised (and applauded). 

More Ministry of Magic here and here

More 21st century wizarding here

For the anon who requested Angelina Johnson, as well as @allthewritestuff, who wanted to see Angelina as Head of the Dept of Games and Sports! 

Photos not mine, by Steven Pan and Tom Munro | Model: Lupita Nyong’o

Next Generation Krexarn-Humans???

Since my post about human-looking-aliens got so many notes (what the fuck why) it seemed like the people of tumblr enjoyed it so I decided to add on!


Since it’s obvious that this would’ve happened eventually, what about the next generation? Humans and Krexarns would’ve most definitely gotten frisky at some point what about Human/Krexarn hybrids? What would happen with them? Lets call themmmm…. Humexarns? What a uselessly long name. 

Imagine tiny babies with blue eyes swiftly changing to a dark fuchsia and scaring the pants off of both their parents because “Melixir her eyes are pink!” and “Jasmine you didn’t tell me it’s possible for humans eyes to change colours!” or little toddlers in overalls crying their eyes out because they hit their head on a branch while testing their new wings in the backyard.

But lets take it a step or two further. Potterhead humans grouping together to watch a little league quidditch with their equally excited humexarn children - all with the power of flight due to their small wings. Actual realistic Steven Universe or Guardians of the Galaxy cosplays - cosplay shows and such becoming just that tiny bit harder. New models, ones with soft pastel skin for the winter and warm, dark colours for the summer.

Fashion takes a huge step forward, representation, well, lack thereof becomes a thing of the past, people of quite literally all colours, sizes and silhouettes popping up all over the media because representations problems were never a problem on Krexar’un and the Krexarns become a massive influence on humanity.

Humexarns having cousins all across the galaxy, with Aunt Irene landing on Ter294XT3 tomorrow!! and the entire family across Earth and Krexar’un gathering together to celebrate.

The rest of the galaxy is confused. Why are the humans and krexarns mating together? What will happen?? and then when they finally meet a humexarn they realise that oh shit humanity just got next level, they have so may new terrains they can now cross and oh mird if one is loathing you just run. run as far as you can. even that might not be enough to escape their new wings and hearing and sense of smell and eye sight. it was amazing before - it’s overwhelming now and they’re learning. they’re learning how to control it and once they do? no one who crosses them is safe

  • Hermione: If you could go back in time, what would you do?
  • Harry: I'd go and se-
  • Draco: You'd see your parents, you'd see Sirius, you'd kill Voldemort, you'd save Dobby, so what? You know what I'd do? I'd go to a pri-
  • Blaise: You'd go to a primitive Muggle civilisation and use magic to become their god, we know! We got the list of things you'd do if you had an army of followers!
  • Ron: And can I say, that itinerary was an inappropriate use of a Howler. My mum's forbidden you from the house. I'd go to Tu-
  • Ginny: You'd go to Tudor times so you could gorge yourself on all the various meats and cheeses without judgement, you've mentioned. I'd take part in the fi-
  • Luna: The first Quidditch league championship, so you did say twenty-three times. I'd go to the formation of t-
  • Hermione: The Unknown Creatures Discovery Club, so you could bring back a Glubwhompher, as you already told us. Does nobody have anything original to say?
  • All: *shrug*
  • Draco: You know what you could say that you've never said to me before-
  • Hermione: Yes?
  • Draco: That's the one!
  • Hermione: ....
  • Toddlers getting distracted by butterflies and frogs in the middle of games.
  • Bewitched brooms that don’t go higher than 6 feet or so
  • Practice turning into snowball fights in the winter
    • The coaches being okay with because it’s cute and “hey, they’re learning to dodge the bludgers!”
  • Bludgers being padded because “you are NOT hitting that thing at my five-year-old!!”
  • Eight-year-olds using accidental magic to play. Like. Making the posts lean toward them making it easier to score.
    • Nobody knowing whether to laugh or not
  • Ten-year-olds arguing about who’s going to actually make it onto the quidditch team at school
  • Parents of toddlers bragging about how great their child is at quidditch already
    • Bonus points for the kid falling off their broom or being totally distracted as the parents say this
  • Nine-year-olds who make fun of each other because “oh my gosh, I can’t believe you dare to have a crush on someone on the other team.
    • And nine-year-oldS who definitely do not have crushes on someone on the other team
  • Seven-year-olds finally getting to use non-bewitched brooms during games and spending hours seeing who can get the highest, with bonus points if they’re the fastest.
    • Parents fighting over who has to coach the seven-year-olds this year because of this
  • Little kids racing each other on bewitched brooms and wondering why the older kids go so much faster
  • Thirteen and fourteen-year-old kids getting to referee during the summer for some extra pocket money
  • Very little actual house rivalry at Hogwarts because “oh my god, Jennifer, shut up, we’ve been on the same little league team since we were six. We don’t have to stop being friends just because you got put in Gryffindor and I got put in Slytherin
  • Little league team sleepovers.
    • No, you cannot stay up to watch last year’s championship game AGAIN. I don’t care if it was Joey’s idea!
  • Kids sneaking out in the middle of the night to play quidditch
  • The snitch has to be bewitched to slow down so the little kids can find it because "Uh. Guys. The Night Owls have the field in half an hour for their practice. We need to wrap this game up!”
  • The kids switch positions during the games because “they need to experience every job on the team”
  • Overly involved quidditch moms basically being soccer moms.
    • “Barbara, you were supposed to bring apples to the game! My child cannot play an entire quidditch match with only brownies to eat!”
  • Giant fields with like six different quidditch games going on.
  • Parents vs. kids matches at parties at the end of each season.
    • The parents always being surprised by how much those padded bludgers still hurt. And by how good their kids actually are by age ten.

The Falmouth Falcons are a Quidditch team that plays in the British and Irish Quidditch League. The team is based in the town of Falmouth, which is located in the southwest of England.

The Falcons play in robes of dark grey and white with a falcon emblem on the chest. They are known for their fierce and violent style of play. In fact, they are so violent, that the team motto is: Let us win, but if we cannot win, let us break a few heads. The Broadmoor brothers, Karl and Kevin, who played as Beaters between 1958 and 1969, were suspended on no less than fourteen occasions due to persistent rule-breaking.

Teddy, Ginny and Harry - Our Little Family
  • Ok but Teddy Lupin definitely calls Harry and Ginny Mum and Dad, I will fight you on this.
  • So the first time it happens, Ginny and Harry have been babysitting Teddy for the day, giving Andromeda a much needed day to herself
  • and most of the day was spent trying to coax out the almost one year old’s first words, spending probably time on it that should have been devoted to actual work
  • but they’d been unsuccessful anyway and they were saying goodbye to the cooing baby, kissing at his chubby little cheeks before handing him over
  • “Ginny,” the redhead sounded out slowly, enunciating each syllable carefully, in a final pitch of her day long effort to have her name be the first to leave Teddy’s lips
  • but the boy just grinned toothily at her, which she liked to think was out of affection rather than gas
  • Teddy grabbed Harry’s hand before he could fully withdraw, wrapping his entire fist around just one of Harry’s fingers with surprising strength
  • “Dada,” he gurgled, slightly muffled by a wayward spit bubble and the sound almost lost at the end, but completely unmistakable
  • The three adults naturally froze not sure how best to react; Harry looked to Andromeda for guidance who was staring down at her grandson, unshed tears making her eyes shone and Ginny just seemed frozen on the spot
  • To say that none of them had expected this would be a massive understatement
  • But maybe they should have
  • And Teddy was too young to correct, too young to explain where his real Dad was so they just let it go, swooped down to press congratulatory kisses to his forehead when his smile began to falter
  • And it was fine
  • For a while anyway
  • Harry, along with the support of the rest of their big family had wanted to make sure that the topic of Teddy’s parents was never a taboo as it had been in his own childhood
  • So they were mentioned a lot, stories were told and although it sometimes hurt, their names were used a lot
  • Hagrid and Mcgonagall would recall stories of their youth to tell the enamoured infant
  • Andromeda would talk about her daughter and Harry would make sure to tell Teddy all he knew about Remus
  • They visited their graves often, on the anniversary of the battle in which they fought, in the weeks leading up to major holidays, just on days Harry had off
  • So needless to say, as much as they talked about Remus and Tonks no one expected Teddy’s little slip up to happen again
  • But it did over and over again in the years leading up to his fifth birthday, Teddy blinking in confusion whenever he was gently corrected
  • Finally, just weeks after his fifth birthday it happened once again, Harry decided they needed to have a little talk about it
  • He hoisted Teddy up on the counter and handed him the cup of juice he’d asked for, wishing desperately that Ginny was with him for this conversation
  • “Hey bud,” he began carefully.  “I know we’ve talked about this before but you know how we talk about your Mum and Dad and how just because they’re up in heaven doesn’t mean they’re not still you parents, right?  And how me and Ginny love you so much but we’re not your Mum and Dad.”  Harry spoke gently trying to pick his words as carefully as possible.
  • Teddy frowned and set his cup down on the counter next to him as he thought.  “But Lilian has two Dads,” he protested.
  • “Right,” Harry said slowly, thinking about how he could explain the difference.
  • “Uncle Dean and Uncle Seamus.  And Daniel on my quidditch team has a Mum, a Dad and a Step-Dad.”  Teddy spoke so patiently - as if it was Harry, who was the one who didn’t understand something - that Harry was reminded of Remus.
  • When Harry didn’t respond immediately Teddy continued, “And you tuck me in at night, and when I’m staying over and I have a nightmare you always let me into your bed and last week when I fell of my broom, Mum kissed my knee better.  That’s all the stuff other parents do.  And if they can have more than one Mum and Dad then so can I.”
  • And that was that.
  • After that little talk, a long conversation with Andromeda and Ginny about their thoughts on the matter and hours spent sitting in front of Tonks and Remus’ graves appealing to the silent unforgiving sky for a message telling him he was right to do this it was decided; it wasn’t going to become a thing.
  • Of course when it all came out there was an instant uproar.
  • For a few weeks they were slammed in the prophet, namely Rita Skeeter calling them out on disrespecting two people who had died in the war - conveniently forgetting that Remus had been an outsider in the wizarding world right up until his death.
  • But they didn’t let it bother them and it passed quickly as they predicted it would when the lead singer of the Weird Sisters was caught with illicit substances flying home on his broom one night, and for the first time they were all happy.
  • They knew what they were in his life and didn’t need anyone else’s approval.
  • They were his parents after all.
  • They were the ones he stayed with during the holidays when Andromeda needed a little time to herself.
  • And when little James Sirius came into the world the very next year, Teddy was introduced to his brother.
  • And the pair were there for every single little league Quidditch game and to see him off on the Hogwarts Express every year.
  • Harry was the one to give Teddy The Talk - an event that both were keen to forget ever happened.
  • And Ginny was always the one Teddy came to when he had girl trouble.
  • They were there, tears in their eyes when their ‘little’ boy graduated Hogwarts with top marks.
  • And when Andromeda, the years having been hard on her decided to move into an aged care facility and Teddy was fresh out of Hogwarts and not ready to live on his own, Ginny and Harry were of course there with his room ready to welcome him home.
  • Because they were just as much his parents as Remus and Tonks were.

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Callout for Merle: I asked if I could borrow his magic broom for the quidditch league I'm starting, but he made fun of me and told me to get a life. Also, callout for Magnus: tried to convince me to let him coach my team, even though he doesn't know how to play.