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(Okay, so I’m starting a little “series” thing. I’ve got ideas for all of the Potter-Malfoy kids and I’ll be releasing drawings and headcanons of them. I hope you enjoy!!)

The first of the Potter-Malfoy kids I’d like to introduce you to are Anita and Lyra, the oldest. 



  • I imagine there’s lots of muggle-born kids who are given up because of their parent’s thinking their demonic or whatever 
  • + there’s no way any magical government would let them just grow up in foster homes bc they may give off bursts of magic which is multiple kinds of dangerous
  • + since there’s not a humongous wizard population, there’s the possibility that there’s a huge international wizard foster home/orphanage. 
  • I imagine it’s quite multicultural and if a child ends us spending most of their childhood there, it is made sure that they keep their language and culture intact.
  • there are of course kids of other blood statuses, but it’s probably about 75% muggle-born
  • So, on another note: Harry and Draco get married fairly early (about 2000, when their both 19.) 
  • because there’s a huge rush to do things after the war. 
  • everyone who was caught up in it have this urgency in their lives after feeling like they could lose everything in a blink of an eye. 
  • So all these kids go into their adult lives doing things in a rush. they go after their jobs, move back to be near their families, travel, get married etc.
  • Harry and Draco move back to Grimould place bc, even though Harry has shit memories there, he feels the need to continue making it a place full of love. Something it wasn’t when sirius was there. 
  • + since it has (yet again) gone into a bit of disrepair Draco slaps on an apron and cleans the entire fucking house with the help of Molly (bc what are household spells ??? How do those ???)
  • also when Molly gets over Draco’s past and gets to know him she fucking lovES him
  • So Draco + Harry have only been married for a year when they decide they want kids.
  • the big house was so quiet and they both want to be parents so badly, to be the fathers they never had.
  • so they travel out to this international foster home and decide they want a new born child to be their first, so that they can get the “whole experience”. They go through all the background checks and procedures to make sure they’re fit parents.
  • from there on it’s a waiting game
  • they’re notified in December of 2001 that the home has acquired two children from a woman who had given birth days ago + Draco and Harry immediately drop everything to rush down there

Anita + Lyra specific:

  • They’re twin muggle born girls from Morroco and they’re beautiful
  • Draco and Harry fell in love with them instantly and adopt them within the week
  • Draco is absolutely adamant about naming all their kids after constellations as the Black family tradition goes. Thus, Lyra (Narcissa) and Anita (Lily) are decided on.
  • Harry’s totally fine with and suggests that they just take the Malfoy name but Draco’s just like ??? are you insane ? your famous and my family’s nearly extinct ? They’ll have both our names and can decide if they want to go by one or the other (or both) ??
  • They’re identical and after having an extremely hard time telling them apart, Draco goes and buys these head bands, one with flowers and one with stars. Anita is given the flowers and Lyra the stars
  • They’re just bursting with magic from day one. So much so that Draco + Harry are constantly cleaning up things they’ve shattered. But they love it, really.
  • Draco is a stay at home dad bc he can’t stand working at the ministry for another second
  • they try their best to keep their culture with them and buy tons of muggle books to learn Arabic and teach the girls Arabic
  • Harry is “bābā” and Draco is “daddy” 
  • Anita is very soft and says ‘OH!’ (which turns into damn! as she gets older) every time anything is dropped or she accidentally breaks something. She insists on helping cleaning or cooking. She’s a bit shy and smiles with her nose crinkled. She’s incredibly smart but can get herself into mischief and is a bit too good at lying for Harry’s comfort
  • Lyra is a bit more reckless. She’s always laughing and snarking and getting into trouble. But she wears her heart on her sleeve and is so easy to read. she’s also a bit of a whirlwind of emotions. She empathizes so hard with everyone around her that it’s hard for her not to get frustrated 
  • Lucius - who already had an incredibly hard time warming up to the whole Harry and Draco idea in the first time - absolutely flips out when he hears that they’ve adopted muggleborns 
  • + Draco is just not fucking having it though. 
  • and in a heated argument tells Lucius that he’d chose “his girls” over his “shite father” any day and that if Lucius he has a problem with his granddaughters than he has no business coming around Draco’s family ever again because they will not stand that kind of prejudice anymore
  • therefore, the only of his friend’s kids he can allow around L + A is are Blaise’s. (bc Blaise’s mother was nOT here for Voldemort in the first place and neither really was Blasie when push came to shove. ive got about a billion head canons about Blaise’s mum. Someone ask me some day )
  • Narcissa on the other hand is thrilled when Draco tells her she’s a grandmother. She adores them and spoils them with Andromeda. (bc after the war Narcissa stopped giving two flying fucks about the constricted “perfect pureblood” mess she grew up in and for once in her life is just her god damn self, fuck everyone else.)
  • She eventually brings Lucius around. And though, Draco still holds bitterness about the whole situation, he gets past it after Lucius does.
  • Lucius also comes to adore the girls and continues to try to buy them things that are waaay too expensive and grand + Draco is just like “no no no no no. you’re not giving 3 year olds two of the latest broom models. Those are for full grown professional quidditch players for Merlin’s sake!” 
  • Draco is wonderful parent but is very helicopter-esque about the kids getting hurt or doing anything remotely dangerous 
  • while Harry likes to do the whole “living room wrestling” and “foot races through the mud” sort of thing.
  • They eventually create a sort of back yard for the kids at Grimould (sort of like the suitcase world Newt had but obviously smaller) for the kids to race around on their (toddler sized) broom sticks
  • They’re both Slytherins and like a scarier more lowkey Fred and George
  • Mcgonagall has a mini heart attack when she see’s their names on the list of first years (bc what thE FUCK THOSE TWO ARE MARRIED WITH chILDREN)
  • they both decide to go with “Potter-Malfoy” in whole half bc they love people’s expressions when hearing it but on their quidditch jerseys Anita has Potter and Lyra has Malfoy. Anita is a beater and Lyra is a keeper

So I’m wearing my quidditch jersey, right? It’s a tank top, and kinda small so it rides up like a crop top if I reach up.

Well as I was walking into work in my combat boots, quidditch crop top, jacket, and sunglasses, with my hair in a low bun so you can see my undercut, and I hear someone to their friend beside them ‘I think I just saw Sirius Black in person.’

To whomever you are, thank you for making my morning, but you don’t know the half of it ;)

Being a Ravenclaw and Dating Draco Would Include

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  • The first time Draco sees you he’s turning the corner leading to the Ravenclaw Tower
  • he watches curiously as the door provides an obscure riddle to the lone ravenclaw.
  • his mouth falling open as they answer it barely seconds later and darts into the common room
  • the riddle plaguing his mind for days, failing pitifully to provide an answer. “What is it that no man ever yet did see, which never was, but always is to be?” 
  • how in the name of Merlin’s scraggly beard does that have an answer?!
  • finally, he soughts them out in the library and springs the riddle on them
  • “Yesterday.” she replies instantaneously before a confused frown appears on her face
  • “How did you get that?!” Draco exclaiming with incredulity, much to Madam Pince’s dismay
  • the girl then proceeding to explain to him and a friendship being formed. 

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  • but acting oblivious whenever he questions you about it.
  • Then one day he finds you in nothing but his Slytherin Quidditch jersey, sprawled on his bed engrossed in a book.
  • As his eyes find you, his breath catches in his throat and his heart threatens to escape from his ribcage
  •  but all he can do is just s t a r e
  • it takes him all of five minutes to regain his wits while he stammers uncontrollably.
  • All the while, you’ve still not noticed his presence.
  • “Is-is that my jersey?”
  • you freezing in place, hand poised in the action of turning the page.
  • “A-About that…”
  • Draco not being able to control himself:
  • His hands would travel up your thighs and waist, attacking every bit of exposed skin with his lips.

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  • Draco becoming frequently frustrated and whiny due to the lack of attention he receives, especially when you’re reading.
  • “Are you finished yet?”
  • “I might, if you stop interupting me.”
  • him then resorting to vanishing the book with his wand and kissing you until you stop shouting
  • him pulling you into his lap at any available moment and forcing you to pay attention to him
  • “Draco! I’ve got a charms in ten minutes! let me go!”
  • him blatantly refusing and giving you his signature Malfoy smirk.
  • “But I’m so much sexier than Flitwick.” he would say seductively.
  • To which you would retort, “But sweetheart, at least he has good hair.”
  • (said while running for your life.)

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  • when sixth year rolls around, you fling yourself into his arms upon locating him on Platform 9 ¾
  • Only to receive little more than a pained smile
  • You expect his mood to diminish after he sees Hogwarts again, but are deeply mistaken
  • every attempt to talk to him is eradicated by ignorance of your existence
  • though he sneaks longing looks in your direction when you’re not looking because he still loves you goddamnit, but you can’t find out what’s going on.
  • One day after being ignored once more by him, you’re waiting in the Slytherin Common Room after guessing the password for him to return but you fall asleep on the sofa.
  • you awake to a soft kiss placed on your forehead and the feeling of a blanket being placed around you. 
  • and his scent, god, his scent his all around you. Overwhelming all your senses.
  • “Draco?” 
  • His body goes rigid and he attempts to back away
  • with sluggish limbs, you stand up to face him.
  • “What’s going on Draco? Why are you ignoring me?” 
  • he sinks his teeth into his trembling lip as he tries to push the lie out of his mouth
  • “I- I don’t love you anymore, alright?” his quivering hands taking refuge in his rugged hair
  • “I don’t believe you. Regardless, you’re not seeing anyone else, you spend half your time in the Room of Requirement. Whatever you’re doing in there is obviously not succeeding.” 
  • “I should have known. Nothing gets passed you.” he chuckles restrainedly
  • “let me help you, please. You need me Draco.”
  • you pulling him into your arms as he breaks down
  • him clinging tightly on to you, terrified of letting go.

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Being a Slytherin & Dating H.G Would Include:

Hogwarts Power Couple

‣Always showing off Hermione and not being ashamed to let everyone know you love her

“You guys, look at my Princess. Is she not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?”

‣Despite your houses not approving of your relationship no one actually speaks out against it because, come on now, a Gryffindor and a Slytherin? That’s a deadly combination to piss off.

‣Your houses low-key admire the fact that neither of you give a damn about what anyone thinks

‣Your house silently applauds you for being a bad ass and breaking the norm by dating another bad ass from your rival house

‣Visiting Hermione for a few weeks during the summer and staying at her house

‣You charmed Mr. and Mrs. Granger the second you got off the platform and they immediately approved of you dating their daughter

‣Taking long walks together during autumn and winter, holding hands and giggling as you watch your breaths turn misty

‣The two of you are always either geeking out over books and dancing ridiculously in front of a mirror or kicking ass together, there’s no in between

‣Surprisingly, you two make a great team against Fred and George when it comes to prank wars

‣Sending each other loop sided smiles and shit eating smirks across the classroom

‣Hermione ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS steals your Quidditch team jerseys and jackets and ‘forgets’ to give them back

‣She always comforts you after you have an argument with your best friend, Draco, and you do the same when the banter between her and Ron escalates

‣Though Ron and Harry were adamant about your feelings toward Hermione being genuine, it didn’t take long for them to be convinced that you were absolutely head over heels for her

‣PDA usually consists of forehead kisses and really tight hugs but when you’re alone, it’s a whole different story

‣Hermione loves to tease you during class when you can’t do anything about it

‣Passionate kisses where her hands are tugging on your hair and yours are gripping her waist

‣You peppering open mouthed kisses from her jaw to her neck and down to her chest

‣Hermione is not at all shy when it comes to initiating make out sessions

‣When you’re sitting or lying down she loves to straddle your waist and grind on your hips while smirking down at you

‣She loves it when you pin her against the wall in an empty hallway and kiss her till her lips are bruised

‣Fun times in the Prefect’s bathrooms

‣One of your favourite pass times is sneaking out at night and going to the astronomy tower

‣You are both studious students and you appreciate that about each other

‣When it’s raining and thundering you take her to your room and together you drink hot chocolate and cuddle

‣You’re the big spoon and she’s the little spoon

‣Classic dates like going to the movies and dinner but also…

‣Dates where you two go to a paint ball zone

‣Dates are always memorable and you’ve taken to photographing every one of them with a device Hermione introduced to you as a 'polaroid’

‣Now you have a collection of these photographs strung up on your wall in your room at Hogwarts and your room at home

‣You’ve taken quite well with photography all together and your most precious photos are the ones you’ve taken of Hermione when she isn’t looking (candids, when she’s laughing uncontrollably, when she’s sleeping, etc)

‣Teasing each other 24/7

‣Play fights

‣Tickle fights because, is Hermione’s laugh not the best thing you’ve ever heard?

‣Learning new things together

‣Always supporting her in what she wants to do and vice versa

‣Suggesting books to each other until eventually you just read the same book to each other every night before going to bed

‣Eventually your relationship begins to heal the rift between Gryffindors and Slytherins and pretty soon you see interactions between students from both houses

‣Bringing out the best parts of each other

‣Emotionally stable relationship (none of that on/off bs)

‣Respectful towards each other


‣Is it possible to trust your partner unconditionally, yet still get jealous? Because that’s what happens here.

‣Random hugs from Hermione that take you off guard and nearly send you tumbling down, making Hermione giggle uncontrollably

‣She wraps her arms over your neck while yours encircle her waist

‣She knows all your turn ons and uses them to her favour shamelessly

*She always begins by taking control and kissing your neck and jawline. Then she would whisper all the things she’d do to you while smirking and grinding against your lap.

‣Taking naps together

‣Planning your lives together

‣Traveling all over the world

‣Intertwining your legs on a cold night

A/n: Thanks to @Anon for requesting this💕Who else is a Slytherin?🐍

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So for the prompt thing I was thinking about it and you could do one where it is Dracos birthday and he is all alone (he can't leave the house without getting cursed bc people are assholes) and Harry (&Ron & Hermione) goes to his house with cappy wine bc he doesn't know the difference between good wine and bad wine. But it's awkward at first and yeah.

absolutely. This turned out a bit short but I expect it’s fine. Enjoy!

It was June 5th and Draco was sitting alone in his flat. He doubted anyone besides his mother had remembered his birthday. Narcissa had important business to attend to that day so he was utterly and completely alone. That is, until the doorbell rang at around two in the afternoon.

He groaned and got up to look through the peephole. It’s probably just someone else coming to hex me, he thought. To his surprise, he saw Potter, Weasley, and Granger stood at there. He opened the door and stared at them. Draco noticed that they were all holding wrapped gifts. Potter, in addition to a gift, was holding a box of chocolate cake.

“Happy birthday, Draco.” He said softly and smiled. It was a genuine smile, one that Draco never thought would be aimed at him. He stared back at them and only managed to stutter out a few whats and whys before Harry spoke again. “We knew if was your birthday today, so we wanted to celebrate it with you. Now that we’re on good terms.”

“More like we can tolerate each other. Let’s not kid ourselves.” He teased, suddenly regaining the ability to speak. Harry chuckled at that. Weasley and Granger shared knowing looks as Draco let them in. He led them into the kitchen and put their presents on the counter. “You can just put that on the table.” He told Harry, who was still holding the cake.

They sat down and there were a few seconds of awkward silence.

“So,” Harry spoke. “How have you been?”

“Fabulous. It quite fun being hexed every time I leave my house.” Draco replied sardonically.

“Right.” He muttered. “How’s your mother?”

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luna wearing ginny’s quidditch jersey which leads to luna falling in love with ginny’s quidditch jersey because it’s all soft from ginny wearing it so much and it smells like her && the sleeves are too long so she pulls them over her hands and makes sweater paws, ginny is extremely conflicted because she’s kinda fond of that jersey (like, just a smidge) and she wants it back but luna looks so cute in it and keeps coming up to give her hugs and it really is soft and ginny doesn’t know what 2 do 

The Marauders and Clothes


  • Remus Has approximately 100 sweaters
  • He still only wears the same 5 over and over
  • He owns even more pairs of socks
  • No two pairs are the same
  • There a socks with pinapples and socks with little marajuana leaves and ones with idk the poop emoji or some shit
  • And he somehow never loses them
  • No one knows how he does it but he has never lost a single sock in his life (Sirius actually likes to joke that Remus is infact the Sock Goblin and considered Remus borrowing his socks that one time as sufficiant proof to support this theory). what even.


  • So. Many. Crop tops.
  • Most of them have been made from Remus’ old sweaters or James’ old (and new) quidditch jerseys and even a few of Peters band shirts (They are always the comfiest fabric and are really good to sleep in like wow)
  • So everyone at hogwarts knows about Sirius and croptops but what they don’t know is he has the most extensive and impressive underwear collection that you have never seen
  • He has ones with puppies and ones with snitches and probably some lacey panties in there somewhere
  • His favourite is the boxers he has that have david bowies face plasters across the back
  • No one knows when, where or how he found them
  • Honestly they dont dare ask


  • Right so I have said he has owned alot of quidditch jerseys in the past right? you have no idea the true extent of this
  • James Potter has a favourite quidditch team
  • He also owns every single players jersey from that team (Except Tim’s. That guy’s a dick)
  • James also has about 10 of the exact same gryffindor jersey because for some reason they keep going missing (It’s definitely because Lily likes how comfy they are to sleep in and Sirius needs more crop tops)
  • James also likes to collect neckties/bowties
  • He learnt about them first in muggle studies and he just thought it was really neat how you can get all sorts of fancy ones and novelty ones and all that
  • For Christmas one year Lily somehow charmed one for him to have little dancing snitches on it (Peter got him one that had a bunch of little deers on it the bean)


  • I mentioned the band tshirts yea?
  • Peter is obsessed with seriously so so many bands
  • However no one in the entire universe has actually ever heard of all of these ‘amazing bands’ that he never stops raving about
  • Yea he’s that hipster kid that has all these tshirts with references that literally no one understand and Remus most people think they probably made up
  • He also has the largest supply of beanies
  • Everytime he leaves the castle he seems to come back with a new one (or five)
  • He has ones with little patterns and ones with pom poms and fluffy interior (his ears get really cold okay?) and they’re all just so adorable
  • In sixth year Sirius knit him a tiny little beanie “So that your ears arn’t cold on full moons anymore” for his birthday

Seasonal Imagines / Autumn

Dating Draco in the fall would include;

• so check it out y'all frequently have dates to Hogsmeade right
• for Butter Beer & Pumpkin cookies
• Draco spitting that shit into his napkin though bcuz ‘who puts veg in sweets’
• ur like ‘people do it all the time with fruit’
• ‘Looney Lovegoods’ a fuckin’ fruit in’t she?’ with his off topic ass
• You kinda thicc but you don’t generate a lotta body heat so you steal his robe
• but the dainty little dickhead takes it back cuz he’s chilly too OK
• y'all stay in the common room by the fire place watching that big squid thing swim past the window wonderin how cold that water must be
• obvs you snuggle cause my boy D will take any opportunity to grab that booty like a golden snitch
• he slick about it too cuz he has those sneaky little slytherin snake hands
• You try on his Quidditch jersey with high socks cuz brisky weather makes for frisky Malfoy
• except nah cuz he doesn’t like you showing skin
• dude is possessive but it’s kinda hot amirite?!
• in Transfiguration you learned how to turn your sock into a pumpkin
• like why free a house elf when you can make a pie
• Draco’s violent self carves it up real cute
• He kisses you and notices your lips are chapping cuz the wizarding world isn’t hip to Eos yet
• ‘lip glossia lipbalmee-oh-sah!’ and bam you’re back to normal
• you convince him to help you tidy up the school grounds for extra credit
• He hates working so no doubt he’s being pissy
• you try and cheer him up as he’s gathering leaves
• 'hey everybody look it’s Rake-O Malfoy’
• Not impressed

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  • Ron: Harry, why are you wearing Malfoy's Quidditch jersey?
  • Harry: *sweats nervously* I, uh, stole it. You know. To get back at him. Cuz he's a git.
  • Ron: Okay, but why is he in your bed?
  • Harry: Er, I stole him too. To get back at him. Cuz he's a git.
  • Ron: Right...
  • Harry: *whispers* A beautiful, sexy, blond git.
  • Ron: ...
Gifts - Golden Trio Era

Harry: a quidditch jersey from your favorite team. it was his first, but knowing how much you liked it, he gave it to you, saying you wore it better anyway

Ron: a silver necklace with a broomstick charm because the two of you met in a quidditch shop in Diagon Alley and he couldn’t afford the broom you were looking at

Hermione: a quill which she charmed to write sweet messages to you in the margins of your parchment when not in use

Fred: chocolates, each containing a potion that does different things. one of them guarantees a good hair day, another gives a little extra luck

George: He gets you out of class all the time and together the two of you sneak off to Hogsmeade. He can’t afford much, but getting to skip potions is already the best gift you could have asked for.

Draco: a silver ring that has been passed down through his family for generations. His father was livid when he found out Draco gave it to you and it has since become one of your favorite pieces of jewelry.

Neville: a beautiful enamel pin of a bird that his mother used to wear everyday

Luna: weirdly shaped glass bottles, bits of sea glass, a pair of colored sunglasses she found in a thrift shop, things many would consider junk but they’re your treasures because Luna gave them to you

Ginny: treats, like cookies or fudge, that Molly sends her every month

Okay but just imagine:

James with his quidditch jersey and dark-rimmed glasses and messy, spiked up hair that you just want to run your fingers through and a beanie and a baggy sweatshirt that he lets you borrow

Sirius with his old leather jacket that smells like him and band tees that you steal and wear and tight, black pants and black boots and immaculate hair that looks effortless that you sometimes braid flowers into

Remus with his fuzzy, too-big sweaters that you take and wear because it reminds you of him and blue jeans and scruffy hair in a constant state of bed-head and thick scarves that he wraps around you when you’re out in the cold

Just imagine them honestly they’re all so perfect

The Houses as Articles of Clothing and Looks

Gryffindor: red peacoats, a favorite worn sweater or sweatshirt, lucky socks to wear during quidditch, team jerseys, military style anything-boots, jackets, beanies, etc.

Hufflepuff: a well-loved cardigan that goes with anything, flats or converse sneakers, warm but light jackets, a spring sundress, khaki shorts, childhood mittens, bracelets and cute light earrings, comfy clothes for staying in.

Ravenclaw: a unique and often-worn skirt or reggae jacket, wild hair accessories, glasses with prescriptions or not, down to earth styled or very modern dresses and button downs, stockings and combat boots, worn out sneakers, a comfy but neatly pressed sweatshirt for studying in.

Slytherin: perfectly fitting suits, perfumed sweaters and sleek hair gell, your Sunday best with black pants, leather watches, anything well-fitting, school sweatshirts matching with khakis to impress.

Lividness (Draco Malfoy x Reader) Part 1??

(Gif not mine)


You were completely, utterly, passionately livid. Every heartbeat that resounded within your burning chest elevates as boiled blood pulsates into your brain– a semi-functioning organ (for the time being) that can only register exactly that. Lividness. No other color aside from red seems to exist, and the pounding in your ears drowns out the rest of the world’s white noise. You shook, completely enveloped, controlled, blinded… by anger. Forgotten are your trusted companions: common sense and sanity, in these sporadic moments, thoughts that have been replaced with neuron signals that consist of:


“…Oh, honey, you can do better than that.  SCREAM LOUDER!!!”

The release of such emotion is violent, yet undeniably relieving… but getting caught up with the fatigue is much less so. You were left panting, dizzy, and in a room littered with objects, ranging from cheap knick-knacks, to pillows, your school books to memorabilias. A hole in the wall, too, much to your dismay. Shuffling towards the bed, you sniffle, resting your face in your hands and waiting for the ache in your chest to claim the tears that follow. Tears that don’t ever need to be explained.

Tears that speak for themselves.

You see, for you, it’s all just a three step process. 

The room, littered with a dark aura seemed to blacken, the thickening silence becoming suffocating with the exception of your ragged breaths. With a sudden sickening feeling sinking into your stomach, your brain recovers from its momentary trance and begins to process what had happened. A weak “accio” fell from your quivering lips as you grabbed the nearest box, stuffing all the things you had collected over the past two years that had any relation to Draco Malfoy. You were done. 

Strong certainty found itself reflecting off of your movements as your numb hands stuffed his old Quidditch jersey, scarf, neatly folded into the cardboard exapance. The Championship afterparty in the Slytherin common room where Draco had claimed your first kiss upon his upturned lips seemed to be another lifetime, an illusion that couldn’t seem to shake itself from your mind as you ran your fingers over the grass-stained fabric. Shaking your head, you placed every love letter, card, picture, and gift alongside the other objects, determined not the dwell on their sentimental meanings. Another shuddering breath elicited from deep within your chest as you placed the lid over the symbols of a large portion of your lifetime. 

But this emotional rollar coaster was a cycle. Grief for miss opportunity hardens back into blame, brutality. The eye of the storm passes and infuration becomes intoxicating and dammit. 

You stuff a pillow in your face and scream until your lungs burn, yet it’s not enough relief. Punches fly and scratches leave angry, red marks on your skin as you desperately attempt to let it all out and find relief. 

All because of Draco’s lips when weren’t on yours the nights he “forgot” about your dates. Because of Draco’s lies that became so easy on his conscience that he didn’t have to think twice before spitting them out right to your face. And just Draco himself, who broke your heart so sneakily that you didn’t even realize it was all just built up lividness waiting for the perfect moment of release.

But most importantly, lividness towards yourself for being so oblivious to it all.

Draco, can we talk?” The distant look in his clouded eyes receded slightly, and with a lazy turn of his head, the albino’s dark circles and sunken cheeks became more prominent. Your heart twisted as you looked down onto the plate on the table in front of him, where his food lay untouched and undoubtebly cold. 

“What about?” he asked, an unenthusiastic grumble accenting the ends of his drawn-out vowels. He gave off an air of subtle coldness that you picked up on with ease, as it had become a common occurance, and your frown deepened. 

“Not here. Please,” you sighed quietly, willing him to understand. The complacent teen stood up slowly before marching out of the Great Hall, not bothering to look back to make sure you followed. Biting your bottom lip, you went out after him, matching his pace as he turned down a corridor into an empty hallway. 

“What is it, (y/n)?” he asked, annoyance lingering in his tone. You were taken aback, a grimace etching its way onto your face as you tried to brush off his obvious indignation. Shaking your head, you looked at your feet, taking a moment to collect your thoughts and ringing your hands together nervously.

“It’s just… you’ve been really distant lately, and there have been rumours going around that you and Pansy–”

“–so you’ve come to accuse me of something?!” Draco interrupted distastefully. “You know, if you wanted to say what’s on your mind, just spit it out! Don’t go bloody pointing fingers!” The sudden raise of his voice flipped a switch, your undying toleration evaporating in an instant.

“Of course not! I just wanted to know what I’m doing wrong that makes you so upset with me all the time!” you said angrily, all patience thinning out. “You’re stringing me along, Draco! I deserve better than that!” 

“If you have the temerity to complain with such passion, just break up with me,” Draco challenged. “I’m not the clingy control-freak in this relationship, so if you did, it would just be a blessing.” The last words that flew out of his mouth were spat out with so much diction that everything else around you stopped. A strangled whimper clawed its way out of your mouth and you hated yourself for sounding so weak. 

“(Y/N).” His tone changed abruptly, reminiscent of the soft way he spoke to you the first months that you were his. For as long as you could remember, it had been your anchor, but it became a foreign sound, for you were long gone. In a place where nobody could bring you back.

“(Y/N), I didn’t mean it.” Your gaze travelled anywhere but his face in a frantic attempt to keep from crying. But that statement was completely false. Draco Malfoy never said anything but what was on his mind. He was never one to eat his words and never one to take back something unless he was forced to. 

You should have known. 

Without missing a beat, you ran past him, drowning out his calls with the strangled cries that occassionaly slipped out. 

A soft knock on the door grabbed Draco’s attention. He half-heardtedly made his way over, turning the knob and lifting his gaze. His heart skipped a beat. 


You stood a distance away, stone-faced and drained. A large box with cut out handles at the sides was held chest level in your hands and you placed it in his arms silently. 

“I would’ve asked one of your friends to give this to you, but there’s some valuable jewlery inside so knowing them, I couldn’t trust it,” you murmured, no trace of humour in your expression. Draco was silent, still taking you in, indulging in the fact that you were standing in front of him when he’d been trying to get a hold of you for a month now. But his fantasy was quickly broken when he realized what was inside the box. 

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I cheated and I’m sorry that I lied and I’m sorry that I hurt you,” he managed breathlessly, placing the box down without a second thought and stepping forward to cup your cheeks. You gazed at him with a strained smile that didn’t quiet meet your eyes and peeled away his fingers, taking a step back. 

“I know,” you whispered. “But maybe you’ll find someone who’s actually enough for you and treat them right.”

“I don’t want anybody but you.” 

And the cycle continues to circulate, for if he’d realized that sooner, the crippling pain in your chest and barely beating heart would be pushed away for a less painful cause.

You were livid. 

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Congratulations!! 🥂 can I have 94 please? :)

I heard it was your birthday yesterday, so this might be a late birthday present for you… I do hope you like it! <3  <3  

Idiot Jar

“Dad, I think that was a stupid thing to do–”

“Not if you don’t tell your mother,” Draco replied, gritting his teeth to keep a painful groan from escaping. Scorpius was right, it had been a stupid thing to do, trying a flying trick he hadn’t done in years just to impress his son! And of all things, he had to land on his arse, hitting his tailbone.

 “You know exactly what Mum said.” Scorpius tried to keep a straight face, but the twitching corners of his mouth were a sign that he was about to lose it.

Draco shot him a warning glare—Hermione had made sure he would not forget the words. But right now, the pain was enough to deal with. “You go put the brooms away.”

“You better pay a galleon into the idiot jar, Dad,” Scorpius said, taking the brooms off his limping father who had used his as a support to get back inside their house.

“As if. As long as your mother doesn’t know, I’m not paying.” With a string of groans and swearwords, Draco made it to the master bedroom and its ensuite where Hermione kept their stack of pain potions; meanwhile, Scorpius put the brooms away.

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Marauders dress sense headcannon: James was very much skinny jeans and button-up shirts during the winter, but shorts and a quidditch jersey during the summer. Remus wore the same thing all year round- grey skinny jeans, shirts and sweaters, cardigans in the summer. Peter was the most relaxed dresser-sweatpants and tshirts. Siruis wore black skinny jeans and band tees, with a leather jacket in the winter.

by @jackbarasplat

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Could you do a lingerie piece with James if you willing to? Love ur blog btw:)

  • Will bust a nut immediately if he walks in to his room and you’re lounging on his bed in nothing but lingerie and his quidditch jersey. 
  • Loves any color on you. Literally, he thinks you’re a goddess in whatever you wear. 
  • Will caress every inch of your body and will remove the lingerie (if possible) with his teeth.
  • “So fucking gorgeous and you’re all mine.”
  • When you start to tease him and grind on him, he just groans, “Fuck, love, you’ll be the death of me.”
  • Goes week at the knees for babydoll lingerie.
James Imagine 5

Request: Do you think you can do a James Potter x reader? With then like just laying in bed on a Sunday morning and he starts singing “Sunday candy” and then she joins in? Like can it just be fluff? Please? Thank you! Xx

I was having SO MUCH trouble writing this!  thank you sm to @justasadlittleblogger, i really don’t know what i’d do without you, vix. She wrote a detailed outline for this and i built off of it, so go give her a follow!! she’s starting an imagines account!! 

James sighed and looked over at you looking through his bookshelf in his Quidditch jersey. You had stayed the night after Gryffindor had beat Slytherin, and had ended up just wearing his jersey to bed. James shuffled around a bit, hoping to get you to turn around at the noise so he could have all of your attention (as usual). When you didn’t notice him moving around, he decided to find another way to gain your attention. He remembered the muggle song you’d showed him before, Sunday Candy, and jumped up to grab the record you’d left last week. He slipped it out of its case and put in on the record player. The song began to play and you turned to him holding a book and rolled your eyes smiling. Then, in a horribly off-tune voice James began to sing along, “she can say in her voice in her way that she love me.”

You quirked an eyebrow.

“With her eyes,” James continued pointing at his eyes.

You giggled at your boyfriend and he walked closer to you, still singing, "with her smile,” he grabbed one of your hands and rubbed his nose on yours, laughing.

 "With her her belt, with her money” James stepped away and rubbed his fingers like he was asking for money.

You marked the page in your book and but it down.

“I am the thesis of her prayers, he nieces and her nephews,” James continued, “are just peices of the layers.”

You laughed and he grabbed both of your hands.

“Only ones she loves as much as me are jesus christ and taylor, I got a feature,” James sang, outlining his jawline, “So im singing for my grandma you singing too  but your grandma aint my grandma.”

You laughed at his horrible singing, "mines is hand made, pan fried, sun dried, south side and beat the devil by a land slide praying with her hands tied,” James put his hands up like he was praying.

“President of my fan club sayin’ t’ her something told me i should bring my butt to church.”

Then your sweet angelic voice filled the room, “you gotta move it slowly,” you said, grabbing him by his shirt collar, leaving him almost speechless, "take and eat my body like its holy.”

James leaned in closer to you, his lips almost touching yours, mesmerized, and you both whisper to the song, "I’ve been wating for you for the whole week.”

James was about to let his lips touch yours when you pushed him away last minute and sang out loud again, dancing around, "I’ve been praying for you you’re my sunday candy." 

James laughed, shaking his head, somewhat surprised at your effect on him and watched you singing and dancing, "You goota move it slowly take and eat my body like its holy ive been waiting for you for the whole week.”

You got closer to him and he joined in with you, both of smiling like total idiots and about half a centimeter away from each other, “I’ve been praying for you, you’re my Sunday Candy…” Your lips were about to touch James’s when you heard clapping and break a part.

 "You guys sounded amazing!” Sirius applauded.

“Sirius they were having a moment,” Remus whisper-shouted at Sirius.

“Ohhhhh,” Sirius winked, “Let’s just.. go then,” he finished with a knowing smirk

You and James’s foreheads rested on one another and you picked up right where you left off, "I’ve been praying for you.”

James smiled and you laughed, “you’re my sunday,” you were as close as possible to him as you can get without kissing, "candy.“ 

You let out a breath and melted into each other.

"GET SOME PRONGS,” a muffled voice (presumably Sirius’s) shouted.

"Guess you’re my Sunday candy?” James questioned, smiling and ignoring his friend.

“Guess I am.” 

okay this actually came out kinda super cute!! thank u sm again @justasadlittleblogger u saved my life!!! go give her a follow!!! requests are open!! ships are closed!! I’m making my way through them i swear there are just so many!!!