quidditch in america

810. Wizard schools in America can't have Quidditch season during Football season. Everyone's too busy watching the game that day.
Love is Blindness

A/N: So, haha, I actually wrote this maybe two weeks ago? I don’t even remember. I basically had a dream that had a sort of flowing plot so I decided to go with it. This is more practice than anything else, but I thought I’d share because I kind of like it XD I think I’ve just been trying to find different situations that make Arthur or Alfred cry, depending on the focus. Crying is not really fun to write, but it’s really interesting and I hope I got it alright :P Anyways, here’s to another Pottertalia oneshot!

Summary: Alfred still has to get used to how all this magical stuff works. Apparently, it’s possible to go temporarily blind due to an impact with a bewitched bludger. While in the infirmary, Alfred makes a new friend who doesn’t turn out to be new at all…


It was quite the trivial accident, really.

A simple mistake, forgivable, if not easily fixed.

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Draco x Hermione

Title: Summer of the Dragon

Author: Lena Phoria

Genre: Adventure/Romance

Chapters: 42

Word Count: 208,893

Summary: 3 years after the war Hermione takes a break from Ron and accepts a summer job collecting supplies for Ollivander’s wands. What she doesn’t expect is having to work with Draco Malfoy, who’s more haunted by his past than she ever would have believed. Together they will travel the world, fight dragons, conquer demons and maybe find exactly what they’re looking for. COMPLETE.