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I heard there was a Hogwarts/Mad Max AU floating around? 

Here’s my two cents for that. *throws* This is what happens when I decide to marathon the HP movies over the week and also have a “Little Witch Academia” anime poster in front of my work space.

*lies down* I have spent too much energy and time on this.


sassy Slytherin!Yoongi🌵🐍

MCL Hogwarts Tag

I got most of the questions from this post >>link<< by @mikamycandylove.

Rules: This is for your Candy. Fill with what your Candy could answer. If you have more than one candy or a genderbent, you can do this for them too.

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Say “Hi!”: Hey, my name is Vanessa, but you can call me Beauty or just Neshaa ~ 

What house did you get sorted into: Griffindor… my whole family still hates me for it not really but my dad wanted me to be Slytherin… but I got really scared to be apart of my friends if I become Slytherin so I choose Griffindor. 

Are you a muggleborn, an half-blood or a pureblood: I’m a pureblood. 

Of which elements your wand is made: Elm wood with a dragon heartstring core, 11 ¾" and brittle flexibility 

~ elm wands prefer owners with presence, magical dexterity and a certain native dignity. It’s produces the fewest accidents, the least foolish errors, and the most elegant charms and spells; these are sophisticated wands, capable of highly advanced magic in the right hands. 

And the dragon heartstring means more power, and which are capable of the most flamboyant spells. Dragon wands tend to learn more quickly than other types. While they can change allegiance if won from their original master, they always bond strongly with the current owner. The dragon wand tends to be easiest to turn to the Dark Arts, though it will not incline that way of its own accord. It is also the most prone of the three cores to accidents, being somewhat temperamental.

11 ¾ is rare. In the latter case, a physical peculiarity demanded the excessive wand length. However, abnormally short wands usually select those in whose character something is lacking, rather than because they are physically undersized (many small witches and wizards are chosen by longer wands).

It’s brittle flexibility denotes the degree of adaptability and willingness to change possessed by the wand-and-owner pair. In my case means that I’m not good in adaptability… But I do not agree with that. Anyway, I really like my wand.

What pet do you have (owl, cat, toad): I have tabby cat, her name is Kiara.

What is your favourite class: I like both Transfiguration and Charms, but also likes History of Magic.

What is your patronous: It’s a fox :3 

You are in any extra curricular activites (quidditch, dueling club, herbology club, potions club, gobstones club, chess club, Lumaclub…): Dueling club kkkkkkk I love it. 

Your are or will be a prefect/headgirl/captain of the quidditch team/ecc: No, I’m very good dueling but I have no interest in be the captain. I’m just good at it.

Do you have any special ability (parseltongue, divination ability…): I’m a animagus, I can turn into a fox. But as I am still perfecting this ability I usually get stuck between my human and animal form frequently… Miss Minerva is teaching me how to control it. 

You are a troublemaker, the first of your class, both, the one who blows things: … sometimes I’m a troublemaker. Cuz I’m too curious and I like to showing myself off? xD Many students do not like me and I don’t even care. My friends are enough.

Do you often get detention: pffffffff… nooooooo………. YES

What do you want to do after Hogwarts: Travel for the world, know about every kind of magic and amazing stuffs out of there… maybe watch a movie in a non-magic’s cine? My family would go crazy if I said that.

Would you participate in the Triwizard Tournament (without Voldemort and Harry Potter of course): Totally 66′ LET’S PLAY KKKKKKK

Your favourite teacher: Rj Lupin, he was very kind to me… I still miss him.

Your favourite fantastic beast: Thunderbird.

Originally posted by fantasticbeasts

Your favourite spell: Expecto Patronum, I really love that one.  

What would Amortentia smell for you: Rainy days, scented smoke and cinnamon. 

Create an outfit with the color of your house:

we did some shopping :3 NOW SHE IS MY GRIFFINDOR GIRL. Loved my indie/weird girl so much <3 

Draco Malfoy Imagine - Is Somebody A Bit Jealous?

A/N: I know I haven’t updated in forever and I really don’t have an excuse, I just haven’t had any creative writing ideas. But the Cursed Child is making me a feel a type of way so here is a fluffy Draco imagine. Also, I think I am in love with Scorpius Malfoy. And requests are still open.

Request: Hey, can I request 2 imagines using the prompt #5. “Is somebody a bit jealous?” With Draco Malfoy

Prompt 5. “Is somebody a bit jealous?”

“And there goes Chambers with the Quaffle… and he goes to score… oh, another great save from Y/L/N! She has been on fire this whole match, she hasn’t let one quaffle in at all.”

You had just saved another Quaffle. Like Smith had said, you hadn’t let one Quaffle in at all this match. You didn’t like to boast, but let’s just say, you were one of the best keepers that Slytherin had ever had.

As the crowd cheered you looked around the pitch for your boyfriend. He wasn’t hard to spot as his blonde hair stood out from miles away. You caught his eye and he smiled at you mouthing a ‘good work.’ You smiled back and brought your attention back to the game.

Slytherin ended up winning 210-150, Ravenclaw got the Snitch, but the fact that you hadn’t let any Quaffles in at all that game made it possible for you to win. You were very proud of yourself and you knew you should be at this now meant Slytherin had a better chance at winning the House Cup.

Your team all went up to you, congratulating you on your brilliant performance. People from the Ravenclaw team and people from other houses also came up to congratulate you. As the crowd slowly started to disappear you waited for Draco to come meet you so you could walk to the castle together. What you did not expect was Cormac McLaggen to come on the pitch and walk up to you.

“Y/N, right?” He asked placing a hand upon your shoulder.

“Uh, yeah your Cormac McLaggen right?” You said awkwardly walking away so his hand slipped off. Why was he talking to you? He was a year above you, this didn’t make sense.

“You were amazing out there love.” He smiled walking with you. Draco called you love and it made you sick hearing it come from his mouth. It just didn’t sound right.

“Uh, thank you.” You smiled walking slowly, hoping Draco would come and save you.

“You know, your Quidditch skills are beautiful, just like you.” He said smirking at you. Did he not know that you already had a boyfriend? And did he not know that that was the most cringe-worthy sentence you had ever heard?

“Uh, okay. So I have to meet my boyfriend, and I’m going to go.” You said rolling your eyes and storming off to find Draco. McLaggen was nice, but very creeping.

“Hello.” Draco said suddenly walking beside you. Startled, you said, “Merlin! Draco, you can’t just walk up on me like that I nearly had a heart attack.” You giggle gently pushing his side. He wrapped an arm around you and said, “Sorry love.” The nickname felt much better coming from him, it made you feel all warm inside.

“Well I would say you played very well today, but I think half the school has already told you that.” You giggled as he removed his arm from your shoulders and took your hand in his.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” you said as he cringed at the nickname, “but you also played very well today and your effort should not go unrecognised.” You said smiling at him. He smiled back shaking his head and kissing your nose. Draco wasn’t a very affectionate person, but when he did show affection, it was your favourite thing in the world.

“Let’s go have dinner shall we?” He asked as you started swinging your hands as you walked back to the castle.

After a big dinner, you went back to the Slytherin Common room with Draco by your side. There was a minor celebration going on, mainly involving the team and some of the seventh year students. A few of them came up to you to congratulate you and you politely thanked them. You and Draco walked to the dormitory steps. As you walked over Draco whispered in your ear, “Are you going up to your dormitory?”

“I think so, are you?” You asked softly so only he could hear. He nodded and then leant down to whisper in your ear again.

“Come back down at one o'clock.” He said smiling at you and he then walked up to his dormitory. You couldn’t contain your smile as you also walked to your dormitory. This was a normal occurrence for you and Draco. As Draco wasn’t too much of a fan of public affection, you would regularly meet late at night in the Common Room so you could just enjoy each others company.

You walked into your dormitory and greeted the girls you shared it with. You got ready for bed and laid down. It was still quite early, so if you slept now, you hoped you would wake up before one.

You awoke to a loud thump from the other side of the dormitory. A groggy, “Sorry.” Was said from one of the girls as they hopped back in bed. You sighed and looked at your watch to find that it was five past one. Oh merlin, you thought as you jumped out of bed and raced down to the Common Room. There on the lounge closest to the fire sat your beautiful boyfriend waiting patiently for you.

“Boo.” You said quietly sitting down next to him.

He wrapped an arm around you and you moved your body into his feeling warm and safe in his arms.

“Hello, love.” He said kissing the side of your head. You rested your head on his shoulder and stared into the fire.

“So, there is a Slug Club meeting tomorrow, Slughorn reckons he has exciting news.” You said after you a while. Draco scoffed and rolled his eyes. You lightly slapped his arm raising your eyebrow.

“The Slug Club. What a pathetic excuse for a club.” He said making you giggle. Draco was very against the Slug Club as Professor Slughorn just wouldn’t invite him to a meeting.

“It’s not that bad really, I mean, there’s free food.” You said shrugging your shoulders making Draco smile at you. “And plus, you’re just upset that Slughorn won’t invite you to a meeting.” You stuck your tongue at him as he shook his head.

“But of course, stupid Potter is in it. And that Weasley girl and the mud-blood Granger. And even Longbottom, I mean come on, he will invite Longbottom but not me?” He growled staring into the fire.

“It would be much more enjoyable if you were there if I’m being honest. The only person I really know in the group is Blaise, but I don’t think he likes me too much.” You said scrunching your face up in confusion.

“How come?” Draco asked taking his gaze away from the fire and moving it to you.

“I don’t know, I sit next to him but he doesn’t acknowledge my presence. And then everybody else from every other house hates me. Trust me Draco, it’s not that great.” You said looking at him, trying to make him feel better. He nodded and kissed your nose. Your family was very high up in the ministry and it was no secret they held a lot of power. This was why you were in the Slug Club and also the reason that Lucius Malfoy didn’t mind you dating Draco. It also helped that your mother was a Death Eater, but it wasn’t something that you showcased or wanted to pursue when you let Hogwarts.

You both talked for the rest of the night about random things and whatever came to your mind This was until your eyes started to droop and you couldn’t stay up anymore. You both went back to your dormitories hoping to get at least an hour of sleep before you had to get  up for breakfast tomorrow.

“So, I have news.” You said walking with Draco to the library. He had waited for your Slug Club meeting to finish so you could spend the rest of the day studying together.

“What is your news?” He asked taking your hand in his and raising an eyebrow at you.

“So you know how Slughorn said he had something exciting to tell us?” Draco nodded as you continued, “Well, the news was he is holding a Christmas Party and we are allowed to bring a guest and I know you hate it and all but I still thought it’d be nice if you would come and-”

“Hey, Y/N.” You stopped your rambling and looked at Cormac McLaggen standing in front of you, stopping you and Draco.

“Uh, hi.” You said as you heard Draco scoff.

“So Slughorn is throwing a Christmas Party.” He said smirking and raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I’m really excited about it.” You giggled as Draco’s hand squeezed yours.

“Yeah, he said we could bring someone and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me?” He said, but Draco beat you to your reply.

“Sorry McLaggen, but my girlfriend is going to the Christmas Party with me.” He said furiously, venom coming from each individual word and emphasising the words ‘my’ and 'me’. McLaggens eyes drifted from you to Draco and narrowed his eyes at him. Draco narrowed his eyes back and looked him up and down. When Draco wanted to be, he could be very intimidating and you were grateful that he was there to save you from McLaggen this time. They stared each other down and with one last dirty look, McLaggen huffed and walked away. Draco rolled his eyes and started walking, dragging you with him.

He dragged you to the Slytherin Common Room, which was empty as everyone was enjoying the nice sunny Sunday outdoors. He dragged you to the lounge you sat in last night in front of the lit fireplace. The fireplace was usually always lit as it was quite cold in the dungeons.

Draco sat down on the lounge and you sat close to him.

“Draco.” You said in a teasing voice, almost sitting on top of him. You touched his face and held it in your hands, but he wouldn’t look at you. “Look at me.” You whispered and he finally looked at you and raised an eyebrow questioning your actions. “Is somebody a bit jealous?” You asked a teasing smile on your face.

“Shut up.” Draco said looking away from you.

“You know I was going to go with you, either way, right?” You said still  holding his head in your hands.

“It’s just, McLaggen pisses me off. Why has he taken a sudden liking to you? Not that people shouldn’t like you, but why him? I mean what was he trying to do yesterday after the Quidditch game? And now asking you to the stupid Christmas Party, who does he think he is?” He spat still refusing to look at you.

You didn’t really know what to say so instead asked, “Cuddle?” Stretching out your arms and removing them from his face. He shook his head and pushed your arms away. “Please?” You said pouting.

“No.” He murmured making you frown and look down at your hands in your lap. He looked at your sad face and sighed.

“Oh alright.” He said wrapping his long arms around your body making you beam. You instantly wrapped your arms around his and rested your head on his neck. You breathed in his fresh scent and then moved your head back up to look at him, still in his warm embrace.

“You saw him talking to me after the Quidditch game?” You asked.

“Yeah, why?” He asked looking at you again. You lightly slapped his arm, removing them from his neck.

“Why didn’t you come save me? It was torture to talk to him.” You said making him laugh. “But seriously, you have no reason to be jealous of him. I love you and not him.” He kissed your nose, his arms still wrapped around your body.

“And I love you also, very much.” He said as you lay your head back down in his neck and you both stayed like that for the rest of the afternoon, just enjoying each other’s warm embrace.

MCL Hogwarts Tag

Rules: This is for your Candy. Fill with what your Candy could answer. If you have more than one candy or a genderbent, you can do this for them too.

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Say “Hi!”:  Hello, I’m Zury Phoenix Salvatore, nice to meet you~

What house did you get sorted into: Slytherin and I’m proud to be one of them

Are you a muggleborn, an half-blood or a pureblood: I’m a half-blood, my father is a wizard and my mother is a muggle.

Of which elements your wand is made: Aspen wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ¾" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility

  • Aspen: Wand-quality aspen wood is white and fine-grained, and highly prized by all wand-makers for its stylish resemblance to ivory and its usually outstanding charmwork. The proper owner of the aspen wand is often an accomplished duellist, or destined to be so, for the aspen wand is one of those particularly suited to martial magic. An infamous and secretive eighteenth-century duelling club, which called itself The Silver Spears, was reputed to admit only those who owned aspen wands. In my experience, aspen wand owners are generally strong-minded and determined, more likely than most to be attracted by quests and new orders; this is a wand for revolutionaries
  • Phoenix: This is the rarest core type. Phoenix feathers are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn or dragon cores to reveal this. They show the most initiative, sometimes acting of their own accord, a quality that many witches and wizards dislike. Phoenix feather wands are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, for the creature from which they are taken is one of the most independent and detached in the world. These wands are the hardest to tame and to personalise, and their allegiance is usually hard won.

What pet do you have (owl, cat, toad):  I have Snowy Owl called Dazzle

What is your favourite class: Dark Arts and Defence Against the Dark Arts, but since they are not existing anymore in Hogwarts I’m self-tutoring it. Other than that I’m interested in Potions, Astronomy and Study of Ancient Runes.

What is your patronous: White Swan

You are in any extra curricular activites (quidditch, dueling club, herbology club, potions club, gobstones club, chess club, Lumaclub…):  Dueling and Potions Club, my two field of interest~

You are or will be a prefect/headgirl/captain of the quidditch team/ecc: I would love to become one of Dueling Club’s leaders one day

Do you have any special ability (parseltongue, divination ability…): I’m a parselmouth, spell inventor, legilimen and occlumen

You are a troublemaker, the first of your class, both, the one who blows things: Eventhough I’m really good at my classes I can called as a troublemaker, I love messing with people.

Do you often get detention: No? I cant say I dont get into detention tho

What do you want to do after Hogwarts: I would love to travel a bit, learn or crate new spells and go great guns

Would you participate in the Triwizard Tournament (without Voldemort and Harry Potter of course):  Definitely, I love demonstrating and challenging myself

Your favourite teacher: Severus Snape, I admire his wisdom in dark magic

Your favourite fantastic beast: Phoenix ♥

Your favourite spell: Cascading Jinx, Cracker Jinx and Crinus Muto, I love playing with my hair~

What would Amortentia smell for you: Rain, Jasmin, Lavender and burning wood

Create an outfit with the color of your house:

changgu the gryffindor (hogwarts! ptg au: 3/10)

  • the heartthrob of hogwarts
  • the DEFINITION of a golden boy 
  • popular as fuck
  • everyone either knows him or knows of him
  • also friends with everybody?? even professors? 
  • tbh everyone wants to be his friend
  • his owl got strong real quick after having to carry all that mail ppl sent to him
  • super nice and sweet and kind
  • girls love him bc hes so gentle yet also so funny and entertaining at the same time
  • tbh no one really knows how he became a gryffindor?
  • 10/10 hufflepuff material tbh
  • asked the sorting hat why once and it just smirked and went 2 sleep 
  • probably gonna be the hogwarts triwizard champion once it starts up again
  • captain of the gryffindor quidditch team
  • oliver wood loves him
  • his past broomsticks would sell for thousands of galleons tbh
  • brought so many victories to gryffindor 
  • probs gonna become a professional quidditch player when he graduates
  • also has like??? so many squads?? 
  • for ex the quidditch squad the slug club squad his gryffindor squad his dorm squad his party squad literally u name it
  • will also hunt down anyone who leaves the great hall w/o eating something
  • “hey u yea u i saw u enter the great hall at 7:07pm and now ur leaving without eating anything? bitch u thought go eat some pasta” 
  • also is just one of those kids that is just naturally smart? 
  • literally never studies just hangs out w friends but always ends up passing w good grades
  • ravenclaws are baffled 
  • pureblood as well
  • his parents his grandparents his great grandparents etc etc were all gryffindors and also theyre l o a d e d
  • but not arrogant at all surprisingly 
  • also like such?? a good friend?? 
  • THERE FOR U in ur hard times even fun times
  • genuinely happy for u even the simplest things
  • “o i got an outstanding on my potions o.w.l nice” “WHAT U DID?? [throws u a full fledged party”
  • would do anything for u and a good snapchat story
  • basically the sweet golden boy we dont deserve pls love him

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hey everyone! so it’s (finally) time for me to start celebrating 2k by doing something for all of you wonderful people! this is a huge thank you for everyone who follows and supports and puts up with all of my rambles - so without further ado:

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Mcl Hogwarts Tag

I got most of the questions from this post >>link<< by @mikamycandylove.

Rules: This is for your Candy. Fill with what your Candy could answer. If you have more than one candy or a genderbent, you can do this for them too.

I was tagged by @vanillaamoursucrethings and @killdondan, thank you!!

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Say “Hi!”: Hi! I’m Rose ^^

What house did you get sorted into: Ravenclaw!

Are you a muggleborn, an half-blood or a pureblood: I’m an halfblood

Of which elements your wand is made: Ebony wood , Phoenix feather core,11" in length and  Unyielding flexibility.

~  Ebony wood -This jet-black wand wood has an impressive appearance and reputation, being highly suited to all manner of combative magic, and to Transfiguration. Ebony is happiest in the hand of those with the courage to be themselves. Frequently non-conformist, highly individual or comfortable with the status of outsider, ebony wand owners have been found both among the ranks of the Order of the Phoenix and among the Death Eaters. In my experience the ebony wand’s perfect match is one who will hold fast to his or her beliefs, no matter what the external pressure, and will not be swayed lightly from their purpose.

Phoenix feather core- This is the rarest core type. Phoenix feathers are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn or dragon cores to reveal this. They show the most initiative, sometimes acting of their own accord, a quality that many witches and wizards dislike. Phoenix feather wands are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, for the creature from which they are taken is one of the most independent and detached in the world. These wands are the hardest to tame and to personalise, and their allegiance is usually hard won. 

11" in length -Most wands will be in the range of between nine and fourteen inches. While I have sold extremely short wands (eight inches and under) and very long wands (over fifteen inches), these are exceptionally rare. In the latter case, a physical peculiarity demanded the excessive wand length. However, abnormally short wands usually select those in whose character something is lacking, rather than because they are physically undersized (many small witches and wizards are chosen by longer wands).

Unyielding flexibility - Wand flexibility or rigidity denotes the degree of adaptability and willingness to change possessed by the wand-and-owner pair - although, again, this factor ought not to be considered separately from the wand wood, core and length, nor of the owner’s life experience and style of magic, all of which will combine to make the wand in question unique.

What pet do you have (owl, cat, toad): I have a black cat 

What is your favourite class: transmutation

What is your patronous: a dragonfly

You are in any extra curricular activites (quidditch, dueling club, herbology club, potions club, gobstones club, chess club, Lumaclub…): Dueling, potions and herbology

Your are or will be a prefect/headgirl/captain of the quidditch team/ecc: nah, that would take too much time

Do you have any special ability (parseltongue, divination ability…): I’m an occlumen

You are a troublemaker, the first of your class, both, the one who blows things: well, there are some rules that I just ignore ^^’, I’m too curious

Do you often get detention: mostly because I stand roaming around by Hogwarts at night

What do you want to do after Hogwarts: know about all the magical animals in the world!

Would you participate in the Triwizard Tournament (without Voldemort and Harry Potter of course): YEEESS

Your favourite teacher:  Lupin ^^

Your favourite fantastic beast: Occamy

Your favourite spell: BOMBARDA!!! 

What would Amortentia smell for you: wood, metal and plants

Create an outfit with the color of your house:


Originally posted by sneezes

  • Can you just imagine college!Hansol? Like. How cute.
  • He’s such a meme. But he’s also super shy.
  • So he’d probably want to join the quidditch team and, like, a book club or something but he’d be too shy to until one of his friends agreed to join him.
  • In the end, he’d end up going alone but after the first few meetings, it’d be okay.
  • So now, he’s part of the quidditch team, a book club, a UFO interest club (don’t ask how, he got convinced to join with Mingyu and Mingyu dropped it but Hansol’s too nice to just leave so…).
  • Honestly, he’s pretty busy.

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MCL - Hogwards Tag

I got most of the questions from this post >>link<< by @mikamycandylove.

Rules: This is for your Candy. Fill with what your Candy could answer. If you have more than one candy or a genderbent, you can do this for them too.

I was tagged by @redrose04 thank you sweetie ^^

And since number seven has magic properties in the wizarding world, tag at least 7 other blogs: I tag @eldaryandy , @cmms88 and everyone who wants to do it!!!(because I don’t know alot of people here QvQ)

Say “Hi!”: Heyllo, I’m Lolly. You can call me Mari, Ink or Lol (nicknames people gave me)

What house did you get sorted into: Hufflepuff, of corse ^^

Are you a muggleborn, an half-blood or a pureblood: I’m an halfblood. Sense my great great great grandmother was consider a witch in her villiged.

Of which elements your wand is made: Spruce wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ¼" and Slightly Springy flexibility.

What pet do you have (owl, cat, toad): I have a white and ginger cat

What is your favourite class: transmutation

What is your patronous: a dolphin (is freaking funny seeing a dolphin fly XD)

You are in any extra curricular activites (quidditch, dueling club, herbology club, potions club, gobstones club, chess club, Lumaclub…):   Herbology, dueling and potions. I would join quidditch but I’m afraid of hights.

Your are or will be a prefect/headgirl/captain of the quidditch team/ecc:   I don’t think it’s my thing ^^,

Do you have any special ability (parseltongue, divination ability…): Metamorphmagi or Animagi  maybe? 

You are a troublemaker, the first of your class, both, the one who blows things: I’m the one that is curious about everything.

Do you often get detention: Somethings for exploring the castel forbiden areas

What do you want to do after Hogwarts: Write a book about other magial places

Would you participate in the Triwizard Tournament (without Voldemort and Harry Potter of course): Humm…Maybe…I’m kind of a chicken for thoses thinsg ^^;

Your favourite teacher: Severus and McGonagall

Your favourite fantastic beast: Niffler 

Your favourite spell: Expecto Patronum

What would Amortentia smell for you: roses, stawberrys and eucalyptus

Create an outfit with the color of your house:

(was the only yellow outfit I’ve owned XD)

Electricity Changes Everything

But just imagine when muggleborns and half-bloods go to Hogwarts they bring their electronics with them, the ones that have built-in Wi-Fi, because it’s not so much that electronics don’t work at Hogwarts, there’s just no where to charge them (Harry’s electronic wrist watch worked until he went hundreds of feet deep into the Lake, it’s not a matter of interference).

They buy tons of portable chargers before they go to Hogwarts and they owl them back home to their parents to be recharged and they pay 9.99 a month to have wireless internet so they can keep up with the world news and Wi-Fi and TV shows and slowly they start to win over Purebloods because Purebloods have no idea what Television or Netflix are and soon there is a small crowd of people all bunched together watching Doctor Who and for the first time learning the history of the entire world, not just the magical one because they’re teenagers, sure teenagers can be lazy but when kids are actually interested in something you bet your ass we’re going to know all that we can about it. Imagine purebloods learning about World War II and Hitler and the bombing of London and about art and culture and realizing the world is so much bigger than they once thought.

Pretty soon they’re going into the Muggle World to buy their own electronic devices because once someone starts using the Internet they’re never going to want to stop, not after so much information is at their very fingertips. This goes double for the Ravenclaws and Slytherins because while Ravenclaws value knowledge for its own sake, Slytherins knows that whoever has the most information is the one that’s ahead and that kind of info makes their minds short out. Once they discover what they can have they’re not going to want to share anymore so they go out and buy their own. They’ll devise an agreement with some of the muggle raised in their House and in exchange for a small fee they’ll be able to use the portable chargers.

Muggleborns who watch their favorite shows and show them to their friends and not they want to emulate their favorite characters’ and so they start to buy jeans and other muggle clothes for the first time and robes start to really become a thing of the past.

Teenagers who discover YouTube and for the first time start listening to music and some of them become obsessed with Bach and Mozart and Linkin Park and Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 and Bon Iver anything else just as long as the can still keep listening to all of this music because the wizarding world does have music but it’s nothing like this and not in this amount because wizards sometimes focus on magic so hard that’s all they see. The only classes offered at Hogwarts are ones that have to do with wizarding magic but now students are starting to remember Dumbledore’s words that music is a magic in itself.

Before this, the only club really talked about in the books is the Exploding Snap Club and Quidditch like there isn’t even a chess team because if there was maybe a young Ron wouldn’t have been so insecure because he would have had his own place to shine and show off his abilities and Harry would have more friends because he could have joined a running club and Hermione could interact with more people who valued books just as much as she did in book club. But the rest of the skill will watch animes and TV shows about Muggle High School and they’re told no, it’s not the most accurate but yes there really are that many clubs at high school and there is a club for everything and they’ll wonder why they don’t have that. So they’ll be clubs for sports other than Quidditch

But purebloods finding out about other sports like football and hockey and tennis and basketball and baseball and sure, Quidditch is fun to watch but you can only see it if you buy tickets otherwise it’s only on the radio and with streaming video you can watch these sports every day. They’ve only really had one sport and now there’s so many that they can watch and some people that thought they hated sports find that they just hated Quidditch and they are in love with watching Canadian hockey.

And soon their first Olympics rolls around and they do have the Quidditch World Cup but it really isn’t the same because there are so many sports and some of the Olympians are their age when Krum was the rare exception and it’s not just two countries trying to win, it’s the entire world and holy crap who needs flying when you have gymnastics how is she even doing that without magic.

Slytherins learning about hacking and being fascinated and damn good at it and Ravenclaws learning about engineering and Hufflepuffs discover how muggles found ways to help each other through things called YouTube tutorials and online blogging and Gryffindors start participating in LARP because when you actually have magic just imagine all the possibilities and adventure.

They learn about themselves and their identities (Google is truly a great thing) because the wizarding world is so ass backwards they don’t even improve their writing utensils, let alone social justice issues and they’re still stuck in the beginning of the 2nd millennia. Teenagers going on tumblr and realizing that there’s a reason they feel so out of place, that they are normal and what they are assigned to at birth doesn’t determine their identity.

Teenagers that always assumed they were straight until they start going on websites and finding out more about themselves and that maybe they are more different than they thought or what their parents want them to be because that happens to people in the muggle world too and why should the magical be any different? And they find support online and know that it gets better and they become stronger because of it because their community is so small and some purebloods don’t want to take that kind of chance of anyone finding out and so they make friends online and for once in their lives it doesn’t matter who they are because they are completely anonymous and no one knows their family names or who their parents are. They’re just another nameless teenager that spends too much time on the internet and can actually get the support they need.

Teenagers who get addicted to tumblr and one day they see that post about how there is an entire planet made out of diamonds and finding out yeah, the human race went to the Moon of all places decades ago, that’s old news. Pureblood children who have never seen a picture of the Earth itself (they’ve seen globes, but it’s an entirely different experience) and marveling because there’s so much blue.

And then being completely freaked out when they realize human beings have gone to planets and magic exists so maybe aliens can too (and some, not all this time but some have never even heard about what an alien is and isn’t that a shock to their system. Yeah, that year a lot more boggarts are green or flying discs).

‘Mars is bright tonight,’ they hear Firenze, but later they’re looking at the pictures and video from Mars and they smile because they know that the reason it looks different is because of a sandstorm and they’re watching it on streaming video. Purebloods that absolutely love flying realizing that they want to become astronauts because they always heard the sky was the limit but now they know there is an entire galaxy out there and they never want their spirit to be glued to the ground and it’s a job that requires flying AND knowledge. Don’t even tell me the Ravenclaw Quidditch team wouldn’t have a new career goal.

And speaking of Ravenclaws, what would their reactions be at the idea of E-Readers? That’s just a tiny box what do you mean you can read books on there what it’s just like one or something? It can hold how many books?

Muggle raised children that can now keep in touch far more easily with their friends and families in the world they were born in and being able to talk to their friends over Facebook or Skype in the summer and being able to do online classes so they no longer have to choose one world over the other because they love both. They can have both and maybe even go to college because who really knows what they want to do at 17 and maybe they want to build the next Hogwarts themselves except they’re gonna major in engineering because they love Hogwarts, but whoever thought of the design was definitely smoking something. Not even wizard logic is that bad.

Children from abusive families being able to get the help they need from online support groups and can learn what was done to them was not Ok. Because their world may be magical but the people are the same and unfortunately there will be instances domestic abuse and that is not a department any of the adults think they need but they do, they really do (yet another side effect of having a societal development rate of a slug, they still assume things should be kept in the families.). They REALLY need social workers. After all, just think of the childhoods of Tom Riddle and Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom. When magical children are placed somewhere, they stay there, and are never looked in on by a social worker (hell, the magical world doesn’t even have social workers) until their 11th birthday. No one had ever contacted the nuns at Voldemort’s orphanage and explained that this boy is not a demon, he’s just a boy that Tom Riddle may have always been a sociopath, but there’s a very big difference between ‘textbook sociopath’ and ‘conductor of genocide.’

Hermione Granger was an outcast in the Muggle World and yes, some of it might have been her attitude but how many times would she have lost a friend because something unexplainable happened and they got freaked out and left and Hermione never knew why this kept happening to her until the day McGonagall arrived and handed her a letter with bright green ink and 4 animals sealed on the envelope but would soon be sealed in her heart because she would finally know what makes her different. 

Things like Umbridge would never happen again because students don’t have to ever worry about their mail being read because you can actually talk on the phone. It’s also a completely different experience to have your parents talk to you on the phone and they’re able to hear your voice and notice something is wrong, and it’s so much harder to lie. A letter is not a conversation; they can only see the words on the page but not the words that their children truly want to say because a long letter is only a few minutes of one side of a conversation. If parents knew their children’s skin was being branded with the name of their supposed sin they would have them out of school and complaining to the school board in a heartbeat. Not to mention a story like that would go instantly viral if it got out that a school teacher is doing such atrocities, even if magic was never mentioned and the Ministry would never want that kind of scrutiny by the public, not to mention the muggle government would be compelled to investigate and unlike their counterparts they actually have social workers.

They’ll still use the owl system because owls are more than just tools and for packages because there’s no way to get physical items to Hogwarts, but letters not so much. 

And think of all the orphans in England and how magic is received completely at random so how many orphans have been shuffled around in the system, never staying in one home because no matter how hard they try weird things just keeps happening around them whenever they get scared or mad they’re just kids and are all alone and sometimes get emotional and when that happens the family they’re with thinks something is wrong with them and so do will they and they’ll think that way for years and they’ll get their letter and intellectually know that there isn’t anything they could have changed and they are how they should be but emotionally all they can remember is every look of disgust and fear whenever a foster family would drop them back off at the orphanage.

And it’s not just half-bloods and muggleborns that are fallen to the wayside, purebloods are negatively affected too. Neville Longbottom’s family pushed him off a building because they would rather have him as a magic less corpse than ‘disgrace’ the family like that. And they’re supposed to be one of the good pureblood families, so what must the bad ones be like? 

Pureblood children who are still bigots and still silently support their parents’ War are shown pictures of the Holocaust and what was done to these people and realizing that if Voldemort won that would be the reality for the person sitting on their right, or that girl laughing across the hallway. They see the emaciated bodies and an endless sea of graves and realize what it means to be human. Some people never realize the possible consequences of their actions, and once they see those photos something just clicks and they no longer want any part of their parents’ War.

The older generation may not want to adapt but the younger generation is not giving them a choice so they start learning words by osmosis and find themselves silently fascinated by the all the new technology their kids keep bringing home and so when their kids go to sleep during the summer months they’ll press buttons and use Google and kids will one day wakeup to find that their parents binged watching bad reality TV or Sci-Fi or Dramas or Comedies or TV shows that portray what the muggles think of magic all night long and find out they never went to bed because they are now hooked and soon they’ll be going through the same experiences their children did months ago when they first found out about the Internet and soon the house can be filled with sounds of  fighting over iPads and Kindle Readers and Laptops because Mom you can’t use it I’m using it I don’t want to watch say yes to the dress I want to watch the Vampire Diaries buy your own! 

And their kids would go back to Hogwarts in the fall so they need to know what happens next in Westeros and the Iron Throne so they talk to the parents of their children’s friends and ask for help and as they’re talking they hear the same concerns they themselves have for their children and the same kinds of family hijinks and learn maybe they aren’t so different after all.

Adults would find out about TV’s and how to install electric plugs in their homes and all of a sudden Arthur Weasley’s strange obsession with the things won’t seem so strange anymore because these are wonderful and they let you do so much more that you couldn’t do with only a small tablet like watch TV on a GIANT box instead of a small one and trying to get their kids to explain how these cell phones work and last minute tips for working electronics. They’ll get a strange look on their faces when they hear their child’s voice right before bed time because this same time last year the next time they’d hear their voice would be December and they start to actually know more about their children’s lives at school and they’ll wonder why they didn’t change sooner.

Assorted Mahoutokoro Headcanons

Mostly written because I found what Rowling wrote about the place to be unsatisfactory. Also because I want to write sports anime Wizarding AUs without putting them in Hogwarts because HEY, everyone in those is Japanese.

It’s situated in Hokkaido, so the winters are very harsh and winter holidays last two months. It used to be in Kyoto, but when the International Statute of Secrecy came into effect, it was moved.

It’s surrounded by magical cherry trees that blossom nearly all year round, except for December and January. When the last cherry blossom petals fall, that’s when winter holidays start.

The school itself is a collection of old towers and temples, but has since been expanded since the Japanese population boom. There are plenty of tsukumogami inside, and students have learnt to live with inanimate objects suddenly coming to life. There is also an actual shrine, tended by a small community of karasu tengu. The forests surrounding the school are populated with large quantities of youkai, some more mischievous but friendly, like the tanuki and kitsune, and some downright dangerous, such as the infamous jorogumo that dwells deep in the heart of the forest (which the Muggle-born students have finally give the nickname Shelob to).

Until very, very recently, students were divided by blood status into three separate dormitories: purebloods, half-bloods and Muggle-borns. An International Confederation of Wizards decree (pushed for by more openly Muggle-friendly countries like Germany, Austria, the Nordic countries and New Zealand) now states that blood status cannot be a factor in wizarding education. A lot of Japanese pureblood families are very angry about this and some removed their children from the school entirely. There are some students who are part-youkai or other magical creature, mostly kitsune. With the full integration of the student population there has been a major overhaul in sleeping arrangements: up until the fourth year, students are divided by gender into two large dormitories, and then, in fifth year, they are divided into rooms of two on the higher floors. There are two separate towers: the Karasu Tower for boys, and the Hakuchou Tower for girls.

Pureblood and some half-blood families send their children to school at seven. Until eleven they make extensive use of the Floo network to return home every evening. These classes, however, do not involve much magic and are mostly to do with maths, reading and writing, music and art. There has been a major push for science to be included, since the Japanese Ministry of Magic started an extensive modernisation campaign of the Wizarding Community. School traditionally starts for all students at age eleven, when magical lessons start for pureblood students. There are no elective classes. The curriculum is strict and demanding, with a great deal of focus placed on Arithmancy, History of Magic and Charms. Clubs involve Quidditch, various study clubs, hobby clubs and a Muggle Culture club. Muggle Studies is not a subject (however, the International Confederation of Wizards is considering making it a compulsory subject worldwide), nor is Ancient Runes or Care of Magical Creatures.

School starts in April (there is a three week spring holiday in March). There are also holidays for various Japanese festivals and a month in July. Muggle friends of wizards and witches are often confused by this timetable. They do have half a day of school on a Saturday.

School uniforms have taken slightly more inspiration from Muggles, but they’re closer to Meiji-era than modern. Boys wear a gakuran that is slightly longer than Muggle versions and a cap, girls wear cherry pink kimono with black hakama. Both wear a knee-length black cape, and generally some style of black boots. Instead of the tradition of boys giving the second button of their uniform to the girls they love, there is a tradition of swapping cape-clasps. Previously, the cape-clasps differed between blood status, with pureblood having blue, half-bloods green and Muggle-borns red. Students have often caused a stir when trading cape-clasps between blood statuses in the past, and pureblood students have sometimes been disowned for this practice if word has gotten to their parents.

The Seven School Mysteries include a haunted music room, the Maiden in White (a pureblood girl who threw herself from the Hakuchou Tower when her half-blood beloved was forced to commit seppuku. She often helps half-blood and Muggle-born students with their homework), Shelob herself, the dancing oni statue and a supposed magical scroll that, if read, will grant the reader a whole school career of good grades.

Popular pets apart from normal owls and cats include crows, pipe-foxes, small tsukumogami such as cellphones, pencilcases and such and nekomata.

Crows are the symbol of the school. The school crest is a crow on a field of pink cherry blossoms, holding a wand in its talon.

The place is unplottable and, if seen from the air, will manifest itself as a collection of unsavoury-looking, rotten old temples. There have also been rumours seeded among the locals that there are some particularly vicious wild boar and bears in the area, which keeps Muggles away.

Its student population now comprises mostly Muggle-borns from urban areas. Thanks to this it has become one of only three schools worldwide that actually allow electronics to function, and one of only two to have a wi-fi connection (the other being Ilvermorny, with which it offers exchange programs).

There are rumours of some female students becoming what some call “magical girls”, but these are not confirmed.


STARGAZER belongs to House OSBOURNE. Their faceclaim is OPEN and their ethnicity is UNSPECIFIED. They are the SEEKER of the QUIDDITCH team. Degree, clubs, gender, pronouns, and all other defining characteristics are up to the roleplayer. STARGAZER is currently OPEN.


+ amicable, creative, dynamic.
-  disconnected, eccentric, misunderstood.


  • You always walk like your feet are too light to be held down. You skip everywhere you go with a big smile on your face and a head full of thoughts. The first time you’re almost hit by a bus is when you’re four years old and swear there’s a cloud that looks just like a Unicorn. 
  • House Osbourne is your legacy. You ask your parents to tell you stories of magic. Instead, they tell you to be serious, stop fidgeting, and to pay attention to your private tutors. It doesn’t stop you from sneaking peaks in their old diaries when they were young and full of adventure. 
  • Your first day you find a seat at House Osbourne. It takes all of two hours for your classmates to notice you’re different. You keep to yourself, mostly, exploring the Castle at night. Chocolate chip cookies at three am in the astronomy tower have never been sweeter.
  • You find friends in the Quidditch team, and for someone so spacey it’s amazing how fast you find the snitch. They become your family as you set school records on a broom. People always say your head is stuck in the clouds. That’s fine. You’d rather be flying than sinking any day.

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Best Core Class: | astronomy | charms | defense against the dark arts | herbology | history of magic | potions | transfiguration |

Best Elective: | ancient runes | arithmancy | care of magical creatures | divination | muggle studies |

Extracurricular: | dueling club | dumbledore’s army | frog choir | gobstone club | slug club |

Quidditch Position: | beater | chaser | keeper | seeker |

HP Creature: | hippogriff | thestral | unicorn | dragon | niffler | phoenix |

Pet: | toad | cat | owl | something else

Quidditch Team: | chudley cannons | holyhead harpies | falmouth falcons | puddlemere united | wimbourne wasps |

Title: | head boy/girl | prefect | quidditch captain |

Wand Core: | phoenix feather | dragon heartstring | unicorn hair | veela hair |

Spell: | expelliarmus | expecto patronum | lumos | alohomora | accio |

Transportation: | broomstick | apparition | floo powder | portkey |

Occupation: | auror | healer | magizoologist | unspeakable | professor |

Trio: | golden | silver | bronze |

Era: | fantastic beasts | marauders | lightning | next gen |

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blood status: halfblood
clubs: slytherin prefect, chaser for the slytherin quidditch team, slug club
pronouns: she/her
sexuality: asexual


tw; injury

( i ) “So how does having two moms… how does that work exactly?”

It seemed as though at least once a month a classmate would ask Alice this dreaded question, as though two women being in love was such a strange concept that their children were the ones that had to answer for it. However, Alice almost welcomed the question these days, it gave her opportunity to humiliate them. Alice would pretend to think about her answer as she tapped her fingers on whatever book she was reading before answer, “So, do you want me to explain how my moms have sex?” Alice would smile and bite her lip, relishing in the embarrassed looks that would cross her peer’s features. “I mean, I can show you what to do with your fingers but there’s a lot more to it than that.” They would quickly scamper away and avoid eye contact with her for at least a week after.

“You’re such a bitch.” A friend would tell her and Alice would just laugh and shrug her shoulders.

“I know.”

It was no secret that Alice was adopted, but somehow the relationship between her mothers was always a subject for debate. Annabel and Beatrice had gone against their families and had chosen to spend their lives together, despite the threats of being shunned by their families. They never sheltered Alice from the family discourse, their relationship was always the hot topic during family dinners and Alice’s grandfather was the worst gossip. In fact, it was during dinner that Alice had found out that she was a halfblood, her mothers had been very tight lipped about her birth parents but if her grandfather had more than half a glass, he would have told the darkest secrets. If he knew any.

( ii ) “This,” They waved their had over the expanse of the Slytherin common room, “Isn’t for you.”

Alice’s first year at Hogwarts was easily the hardest, her peers would mutter things under their breath as she walked by or the especially brave ones, would insult her to her face— or worse, they would insult her mothers. There was a fire slowly burning in her heart, a rage that boiled her alive until she couldn’t handle it anymore. She had gotten three detentions in her first year, the first was for tripping a girl in the hall after they had called her an “undesirable,” the second was when she argued with a professor over a recipe in the potions book. Fortunately for that small event she was only given two days of detention but her last act was an explosion. It was during a Slytherin and Hufflepuff Quidditch match, a few of her fellow Slytherins had been snickering behind her when one of them made a joke about “not getting to close” as they might “catch something.”

It was the first time that Alice snapped, she clenched her first as she spun around and punched the other student in the nose. “Why don’t you go fuck yourself?”

A word she had picked up from the older students but the impact was more dramatic than she could have anticipated. The other first years gasped in horror and scrambled away as the other student bled. Alice had gotten a months worth of detention and the threat of expulsion if anything like that happened again during the year. It was her last fight during her first year, but it sure as hell wasn’t the last one at Hogwarts.

( iii ) “Don’t take it seriously, some jackass just sent it as a joke.”

Alice had been quick to discount her own achievements and finding a prefect badge in her mail just before the start of her fifth year was just another one she wouldn’t acknowledge. Her mothers had gasped and called all their friends, bragging about how their daughter had made a good impression on her school. The way they spoke about the letter made Alice question herself more, was she really the type of person who deserved a badge that represented so many “good” traits? She was terrible at following the rules, she had gotten into a number of fights and spent more of her free time in detention than anyone else in her year. Aside from perhaps the James and his friends.

Wearing the badge on the train was what made it all real for Alice, her friends looked at her with humor and other peers looked at her with shock. She barely represented her house’s “ideal” wizard but somehow she was selected out of everyone in her her house and year to hold some authority over other students. The change that the badge offered her was extraordinary, Alice turned herself around and stopped fist fighting everyone who glared at her and instead put all the energy she had in enforcing the rules she had been so keen on breaking previously.

Her fifth year was the first year she was really happy in her accomplishments, in herself. She had found purpose and finally started to feel like she belonged. Alice also joined the Quidditch team that year, giving her another release for her emotional energy, and also allowing her to better bond with her housemates. There were always small quips about her heritage but it had stopped stinging, and only the field, they were a team, no matter what their background. They were sore losers, just like Alice.

There was a noticeable difference in Alice’s behavior, she had always been confident, but now she radiated. She had never been one to bow away from an insult but now, all she needed was a smirk and a dismissive shrug to win an argument. If looks could kill, Alice wouldn’t need magic.

( iv ) “I have a need,” Alice struggled to find the words to explain why she had chosen the path she had, “I can help people— and if feels good when I do.” Alice had tried to tell her mothers that she was entering the Auror program right out of school but they didn’t want to hear it. Alice was their baby girl and no matter the strength she held, they wanted her to be safe and to be selfish for once. Maybe first year Alice would have listened to them but six years of finding herself in a mess of drama, she couldn't— she wouldn’t shy away now just because her family was afraid.


frank longbottom; the better off as friends. it was the chatter around school during their second year, enough to follow her around at every corner that she turned. though they were witches and wizard and wix and may have more on their minds than the average muggle students, they were still adolescents, and never had been immune to the likes of gossip - of who was dating who, of who wanted to date who, or perhaps of who would never have a shot with who. during this time, though, it came in waves, talking of how alice fortescue and frank longbottom were already dating. and it wasn’t untrue, as the two of them had decided to take the step into a relationship early in their friendship. it was alice’s first venture into anything more than platonic, and she trusted and cared for frank. he was easily one of the smartest people she’d ever met, and he had a heart that had enough love in it for everyone in the entire school. the two of them complemented and challenged each other to be better, and so alice’s friends would look on and comment about how she had the perfect relationship. if only that was the case. though alice cared for frank, and wanted nothing more than to make him happy, she eventually learned that there was a big hurdle in their relationship that she wasn’t sure she could overcome. though she believed she was romantically interested in frank, she was never particularly interested in anything sexual with him. she accounted these thoughts up to nervousness or hesitation, and went through with sleeping with him, hoping that her mind would change - but it remained the same. though she may have had feelings for him, the sexual attraction just wasn’t there on her part, and it wasn’t something that she could give him. after telling him this, she knew that it would most likely be the end of their relationship, as asking someone to sacrifice this sort of thing was a big step, especially in their first relationship. frank was understanding and kind and said he wanted her to be happy, which is why they decided that perhaps they were better off as friends instead. 

alecto carrow; the hopeful. it’s easy to understand why alice can sometimes be envisioned as a person who is difficult to approach. she’s an explosive personality that’s sometimes hard to pin down, for she’s tough and intimidating and blunt. she’ll get in fights for the sake of getting in them, and make a point of proving people wrong when she doesn’t agree with them. it’s because of this that people can sometimes describe her as scary. but on the other hand, when push comes to shove, can also be extremely kind. it’s rarer to see her with gentle hands than balled up fists, or her lips drawn into a soft smile than gritted teeth - but it’s happened. the question that usually ends up on most people’s minds is how do they know which reaction they’ll get out of her, as the gentle side of her is rarer to see. more often than not, it’s usually only directed at few people. alecto carrow seems to be one of the biggest recipients of it - and has proven to be the biggest challenge. considering how often alice saw them with a scowl on their face, it originally just started with a smile and a hope of trying to get them look less miserable. but time and time again, these attempts go unrequited, and it onlys serves to make alice more frustrated. it’s clear that there is something within alecto that is leaving the other at unease with themselves, but alice can’t understand what it is - and that’s what pushes her even further to try and reach the other. all of her attempts have been fruitless, resulting in alecto rebuffing her constantly. it’s beginning to leave alice wondering whether it’s personal, and whether alecto is simply introverted, or doesn’t want anything to do with her. she’s yet to give up, however, still persisting. 

rabastan lestrange; the careful. it’s a bit of an ironic coincidence, to be in a house like slytherin - one steeped in it’s pureblood fascination - and to carry her halfblood self through the passage of the house, dressed in their colors. alice is anything but ashamed or timid in regards to her house, and she refuses to let people who find their strength in this sort of childish bully intimidate her. though she may not be a target as compared to muggleborns, she cannot stand to see it happen, and is unafraid to raise her voice to those who might question her or speak out in favor of such an idea. there’s a select group of people that she chooses to avoid who have made their stance known on this - hestia jones, regulus black, and emma vanity just to name a few. and she knows that it’s easy to stick rabastan’s name in there as well, considering that he’s often found in the presence of that group. but for her, it’s almost impossible to avoid rabastan, considering that they’re together most of the day. whether it’s during class, or during prefect rounds, or on the quidditch pitch, rabastan is usually by her side. perhaps if it was anyone else, she wouldn’t think twice about saying what crosses her mind whenever she sees that group of people open their mouths. but the truth is that she’s seen what rabastan is like with those select slytherins, and she’s seen what he’s like on his own - and it’s almost as if he’s two completely different people. whereas the one that’s surrounded by the other pureblood idealists is arrogant and loudmouthed, the one that alice will find herself doing rounds with is more aware and introverted. alice realizes that it’s not fair to give people who have these sorts of despicable prejudices a second chance, but with rabastan she constantly finds herself questioning what the truth is - who is the real person, and who is the facade. 

septima vector; the watchful. when alice received the prefect’s badge in the mail during the summer before fifth year, she originally had thought there was a mistake. there couldn’t have been a way that she was selected prefect, out of everyone else in the house. after all, she did spend quite a bit of time in detention, some of which were from having gotten into fights with fellow students. but they assured her that it was no mistake, that they considered to be someone that they could trust with these sorts of responsibilities, and that she was someone that her peers would respect. she took that as an honor, and told herself that from that point on, she was going to try and be someone who got into less fights, and was someone who could be seen as more of a role model. it wasn’t exactly an easy task, but slowly and surely she did reform herself, into someone who’s voice is heard telling people that they’re out past curfew instead of shouting loudly across the hall that someone’s opinion is stupid. if they wanted her to be a prefect, she was going to be a damn good one - and one who didn’t let anything slip past her. rules were rules, after all. but being a prefect has it’s curiosities, and when she’s doing her rounds, seeing people who are out past curfew or catching people in dorms that they’re not supposed to be in - she can’t help but wonder what they’re doing. lately she’s been catching one particular ravenclaw out past curfew just about every night she’s on her rounds. and though she’s repeatedly given the girl detentions, it doesn’t seem to mean anything or deter her from what she’s doing, as alice will continue to see her out in the corridors after the time that people should’ve gone to sleep. she’s considered asking the girl what she’s doing - but it’s not her concern. not her job. 


Just imagine: a video game where you get to be a Hogwarts student. It starts with you creating a character - you choose your appereance, your blood status, where in the UK you live etc. Then you also choose in which era you would like to play (marauders, golden trio, next generation, today).
Then you get your Hogwarts letter, go to diagon alley, get your stuff, let a wand choose you, take the train to school, attend classes, do homework, make friends, maybe become a quidditch player or join clubs or whatever you want.
You yourself choose who you want to be friends with, who you talk to, what you do, what you say, just everything. You can become friends with the marauders, the golden trio or be very badass and join the future-death eaters in the marauder’s era. 

And your house isn’t determined by a test but by the decisions you make until the sorting ceremony takes place.

Who else would sell his/her soul for playing that video game?

Lily Evans thought always thought that the first i love you was a big event. Butterflies in your stomach, tears in your eyes, fireworks, kissing and preferably it would be raining for maximum romance. Rain made everything more romantic. That was the way it should be. The way the films and books always made it out to be and she wanted it. 

She did not expect it to happen after a long day of quidditch practice and slug club and classes and head duties and the weight of war hanging over their heads. She didn’t expect it to be her running her fingers through James’ hair with his head in her lap almost asleep while they took a break to just be together. She didn’t expect it to just slip out in this moment, but she didn’t regret because she did. She was here with this boy that she honestly loved. When he said it back there was no tears or fireworks or even any rain, he didn’t even open his closed eyed saying it without a moments hesitation because he didn’t need to think about it. All there was here in this moment was a boy and a girl in love despite all the shit happening in the world around them because they aught to be alright as long as they can have moments like this and it was nothing short of perfect. 

Lily did really wish there was rain though