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I heard there was a Hogwarts/Mad Max AU floating around? 

Here’s my two cents for that. *throws* This is what happens when I decide to marathon the HP movies over the week and also have a “Little Witch Academia” anime poster in front of my work space.

*lies down* I have spent too much energy and time on this.


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  • Can you just imagine college!Hansol? Like. How cute.
  • He’s such a meme. But he’s also super shy.
  • So he’d probably want to join the quidditch team and, like, a book club or something but he’d be too shy to until one of his friends agreed to join him.
  • In the end, he’d end up going alone but after the first few meetings, it’d be okay.
  • So now, he’s part of the quidditch team, a book club, a UFO interest club (don’t ask how, he got convinced to join with Mingyu and Mingyu dropped it but Hansol’s too nice to just leave so…).
  • Honestly, he’s pretty busy.

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from Quidditch in America

“We knew from the get-go it was gonna be an uphill climb.  Over here, tackle football is king.  Even within the wizarding community.  It’s just something about our culture.  It thirsts for human confrontation.  We knew we had to give it to ‘em.  We’re not gonna field clubs like Puddlemere United or even the Chudley Cannons.  We knew our audience.  They prefer collision over precision.  Sure, the European leagues have all the tradition and trophies and money, but none of them have ever had what we have.  American Ingenuity.  Innovation.  Risk taking.  Hell, the sport of Quidditch hasn’t changed on the continent since 1883!  We knew it was time for some new blood.  New ideas.  So here in the American League we’ve incorporated the native muggle sport of lacrosse into the game.  Sure, we had the basketball-inspired ‘Harlem Shuffle’ move before, but who wants Quidditch when you could have Quidditch with sticks?  Here in America our sports need edge.  I think the risk has paid off.  The game of American Quidditch has soared in popularity.  Games are faster.  Higher-scoring.  Injuries more gruesome.  There’s nothing like watching a well-aimed bludger fell an opposing beater on a scorching Independence Day Tourney while wolfing down as many hot dogs as you can possibly fit in your mouth.  The sport has never been this big over here before.  Next season, we’re even expanding the league by two more clubs, the Dixie Dodgers and the Sheboygan ‘Wursts.  The future of Quidditch in America couldn’t be brighter.”

Post-Vacation HP Aesthetics

Because I just got back from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and therefore am all in my hp feels, I think that this is only appropriate. (I literally did like every possible hp related thing i could think of)


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HP Next Generation - Indra and Devendra McLaggen

Indra and Devendra Mclaggen ( b.12, November 2004) are identical twin wizards of Indian and Irish descent. Indra (eldest) and Devendra are the sons of Padma Patil and Cormac McLaggen. They began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on September 1, 2016.

Just imagine: a video game where you get to be a Hogwarts student. It starts with you creating a character - you choose your appereance, your blood status, where in the UK you live etc. Then you also choose in which era you would like to play (marauders, golden trio, next generation, today).
Then you get your Hogwarts letter, go to diagon alley, get your stuff, let a wand choose you, take the train to school, attend classes, do homework, make friends, maybe become a quidditch player or join clubs or whatever you want.
You yourself choose who you want to be friends with, who you talk to, what you do, what you say, just everything. You can become friends with the marauders, the golden trio or be very badass and join the future-death eaters in the marauder’s era. 

And your house isn’t determined by a test but by the decisions you make until the sorting ceremony takes place.

Who else would sell his/her soul for playing that video game?

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I've been watching way too much pitch perfect and saw some gifs of dylan on the internship and I thought of stiles in college being forced to socialize and tying to enter a club of quidditch bc that's the only thing he saw as being half fun but then there's the captain who's hot, and perfect and very demanding that they get into shape and idk where you can take this, but I have a feeling it will be so funny. thanks charlie <3

Also on AO3.

So college. That was a thing that was currently happening in his life.

When Stiles’ dad had dropped him off and helped him move into his dorm room, he had grabbed his shoulder and told him “Find some friends. Socialize. It’ll do you good, son,” followed by a few seconds of awkward silence, before they were hugging, clinging onto each other, and Stiles had buried his face in his dad’s shoulder.

This was the first time they wouldn’t be living under the same roof anymore, and Stiles could only imagine how silent and empty the house would be, now that it was only his dad living there. So Stiles had promised to call him at least once a week, text him at least every other day, and to socialize and find some friends, so he wouldn’t be alone.

The first person he had tried to make friends with was his roommate. That wasn’t easy, because as it turned out, his roommate – his name was James. He was tall and full of muscles, a resting bitch face that could easily beat Jackson Whittemore’s – had no interest in befriending him and was never really in their room anyway.

Stiles had seen him around campus a couple of times. James was always surrounded by a group of friends he seemed close with, practically attached to this other guy’s hip. Stiles had tried to befriend him, he really had, but he quickly gave up because James obviously didn’t want to be friends with him.

Which was fine. Stiles wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, he had learned to accept that.

But having made his dad a promise, Stiles took his search for friends to other places, friends with common interests. He took his search to the clubs around the college. Specifically, he turned to the Quidditch club.

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hey! i have been ~requested~ to ask you ron/hermione/victor vs. ginny/luna/cho :P also congrats on the 2k, that's well deserved and really awesome ^_^

HAHAHA omg you and jules are the sweetest - im hella excited to make both now !! and thank you so much <3 ( @lepetitcomte this is cheating but like is it rlly tho)

house: gryffindor / hufflepuff / ravenclaw / slytherin
family: malfoy / weasley / lovegood / black / potter
quidditch: beater / keeper / chaser / seeker / announcer / spectator
extra curric: quidditch captain / prefect / dueling club / DA / slug club
best subject: transfiguration / dada / potions / charms / herbology
future career: magizoologist / professional quidditch / teacher / auror / healer

Lily Evans thought always thought that the first i love you was a big event. Butterflies in your stomach, tears in your eyes, fireworks, kissing and preferably it would be raining for maximum romance. Rain made everything more romantic. That was the way it should be. The way the films and books always made it out to be and she wanted it. 

She did not expect it to happen after a long day of quidditch practice and slug club and classes and head duties and the weight of war hanging over their heads. She didn’t expect it to be her running her fingers through James’ hair with his head in her lap almost asleep while they took a break to just be together. She didn’t expect it to just slip out in this moment, but she didn’t regret because she did. She was here with this boy that she honestly loved. When he said it back there was no tears or fireworks or even any rain, he didn’t even open his closed eyed saying it without a moments hesitation because he didn’t need to think about it. All there was here in this moment was a boy and a girl in love despite all the shit happening in the world around them because they aught to be alright as long as they can have moments like this and it was nothing short of perfect. 

Lily did really wish there was rain though


reminder: it starts November 12th

1st day: what house did your candy get sorted into?

2nd day: Your candy with their wand, house robes, and uniform 

3rd  day: does your candy have a pet? draw them with the pet!

4th day: what is your candy’s patronus

5th day: what is your candy’s favorite class? 

6th day: what is your candy studying for? (auror, minister, herbologist, etc) 

7th day: Is your candy in any extra curricular activites? (quidditch player, dueling club, herbology club, potions club, prefect, etc) 

I’m just 21 now, so my intern experience was literally shooting this movie, doing all the crazy stuff that we did. So basically like strip clubs and Quidditch, that’s what I think an internship consists of.

Spencer sat out at the lake, her stack of book by her side and one underneath her trail of parchment. It was a beautiful sunny day at Hogwarts and she wanted to take advantage of a free afternoon to catch up on some homework before Quidditch practice and Charms Club later. She was sober and alert, but in the zone, writing a three foot essay on the process to register to be an animagi. A crunching sound and Spencer tucked a stray hair behind her ear, turning around to look toward the sound. “Fancy seeing you here.”