Urban Fox.

The CatFoxWolf Tumblr is one year old! That is a weird thing to be able to say.

I am really quite remarkably terrible at promoting this comic (or indeed anything else) so I can’t tell you how strange and lovely it is to have the readers that I have. There’s really not that many of you; this comic still feels like kind of a secret. Even in real life, almost no one knows that I draw this thing, and it’s so lovely to think that everyone reading it found their way here through friends or through shared interests or just sheer serendipity. I guess that must be the reason why, in a whole year on the Internet - native territory of the jerk - I’ve only gotten amazing messages from awesome people. It is inexplicable and I’m probably jinxing it by saying it out loud, but every single transmission I’ve ever received has been positive, sweet, encouraging, weird, and/or hilarious and I love you guys so much for it. I never know how to approach people whose work I like, so I’m so grateful to everyone who has the kindness and/or courage to leave me a note. And my brethren, the lurkers, my spiritual kin, I love you just as much. Thanks for reading: it’s all I ask.

Anyway, this whole birthday thing made me think about the origins of CatFoxWolf and I just realised that I’ve been carrying these little guys around inside me for a really long time. They actually began as a short-lived and badly-executed street-art project back in 2005(!), until my innate shyness and fear of authority made me feel incredibly, absurdly guilty about doing graffiti. I thought you guys would like to know. 

New comic coming soon, it’s reeeally long (50+ panels) but I think it’s a good way to mark this milestone. At least, I hope it’ll be worth the wait. 

Thanks for a happy birthday, everyone. <3 

Here’s a birthday card I drew for someone, I’m sure they won’t mind me posting it here. 

oh no OH NO

i just went through the entirety of Cat Fox Wolf and i am such a sucker for everything it is– the art and the philosophy and of course the melancholy and i just– i am cat and fox and wolf and i want happy things for all of them but that is not the thing it is.

(i want about 7000 more pictures of the three of them lazing around with their feet on each others’ laps and chins on heads and dragging each other into other rooms to see spiders that look like famous actors and FRICKIN HECK DANGIT I HAVE ALL THESE FEELINGS



fox, where are you

i know you’re fictional but please be okay

::topples very gently off a cliff::