Credit: Kat Ignatova

Now now… Tony Rodriguez might be one half of the extremely good looking bromance “Stony Dicrod”, but as soon as you take away Steve from Tony, he somehow turns into a derp. Tony, you better find a way to keep Steve with you at all times.

Credit: Kat Ignatova Photography

Stephen Bell might be a WC Champion, but he might want to spend a little less time practicing his passes and a little more time practicing his photo-op face. Oh well who am I to judge, did I win WC?

Credit: Michael E Mason Photography

Now we all know Cupcakes is a great photographer, because it takes talent to capture our first DERP. Remind me to start going to NYC pick-ups to catch some more of Matthew Savery making these irresistible faces.

Kat Ignatova Photography

Lastone of the night, I promise! Mollie Lensing of Team USA, and Texas A&M is one good looking girl. However I guess for firemercs she forgot to pack some age-reducing cream. I’m going to stop now cause she’s one mean lady when she has a bludger. I honestly don’t even know how this photo came to be, because she is one beautiful girl. Also congrats for being the first Female DERP!

A fan submission here Emerson Colleges  Victor Viegas bringing up the quaffle at WCVI. To quote the submission “It looks like the broom might be riding up a little too high to be making that face.” Congrats for being the first WCVI Derp face to make it Victor!


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