quid a kid

It occurs to me that Moftiss were probably watching to see how long it took us to get the reference to TJLC in this episode.

Mark: A hundred quid says it takes our kids less than four hours to figure out we put JLC in the @kinklock look-alike’s mobile number.

Steven: I’ll take that bet. They’ll do it in less than three.

Both: *aggressively search various Sherlock tags while muttering “c'mon, kids, make your Dad proud.”*

you KNOW that Louis as a judge would swear all the time and Simon will tease him for that until Louis would tell him about that jar of bad words his husband got him where he has to put 1 pound for every bad word he said and he’d be like and the jar is already full we might have 200 quid now no kidding (and then the camera would zoom on Harry in the audience chewing his gum and laughing and nodding)