quicktime event

imagine if there were a jojo game like octodad but instead it revolved entirely around dio brando having to act and appear like a normal human father to giorno to everyone around him. his teachers. his classmates. his friends.

gameplay mechanics include finding creative and inconspicuous ways to block sunlight, hiding your fangs and gross neck scar, discreetly refilling your blood meter, NOT performing physical feats of inhuman strength like tearing a car door off its hinges on accident, and quicktime events where you attempt to talk like a normal person about the weather instead of waxing philosophically or ripping someone’s ribcage out.

jotaro is the in-universe equivalent of the sushi chef. also fuck you i never went to bed this is the best post you can get from me today

anonymous asked:

Do you fined it confusing that on Nintendo and x-box the X Y and A B buttons are reversed? Like in a QuickTime event when you have to hit B X Y A. if you forget what system you are on if your not looking at the controls. Even PS has an X and its in yet another place.

Not really. I’m aware of what controller I’m using.

Confession:  I appreciate the options for certain interrupts because they’re cool or have desirable effects, but … quicktime events are a nightmare for me. For one thing, I like to just enjoy those scenes (and take multiple screenshots during conversations) rather than hover over the mouse just in case I’m gonna have to make a life-or-death decision based on what color I see flash on screen.