Stunner FOR LIFE- Challenge!

1.  5 treat foods:

1. Frozen Yogurt

2. Some chocolate

3. Apple with sugar and cinnamon

4. Caramelized apple

5. A Chocolate chip cookie

2.  5 Vegtables:

1. Cucumber

2. Salad

3. Tomato

4. Advocado

5. Sprouts

3.  5 intermediate goals:

1. To be able to run for a half hour, without stops

2. To be able to do 10 normal push-ups (the right way!)

3. To have a sixpack

4. To eat only 1 treat food a week

5. To run for a hour, without stops

4.  My ultimate goal:

To live my life healthy and to be strong, from the in and outside! To know that I make the most of live, that I bring out the best of myself. To know that I can be proud of myself, because I’m living live, treating my body right and do what I want to do! To make everyday the best day of my live!