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AVOID Tsunderebunnygirl

SHE ALSO WENT BY sweetiecupcake38114, cute-emerald-queen, emeraldjpg, and is a self proclaimed mod on male-tears.

Wow okay so I never thought people could be so insidious and malicious, and honestly I feel hurt right now that somebody would think this was okay. Long story short tsunderebunnygirl created multiple radical blogs, harassed and threatened people, then feigned a victim of this harassment.  [WARNING FOR SOME VERY GRAPHIC LANGUAGE]

For those of you not following my blog, in the past few weeks I’ve been dealing with a stalker stan of sorts. first they went by tstaonmnsefa and then remade as yosblkacyuefr but have now deactivated that blog too.THIS IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THEIR IDENTITY.

This all began when they created the first side blog and filled it entirely with abrasive bashes of people who commented ‘wrongly’ on some of my feminist-oriented posts on video games and media, all the while worshipping me for whatever reason. Unfortunately this blog was deleted so I have sparse remains. These people were sent death threats, graphic threats and description of torturing and raping men, and any people who tell them to stop their harassment, just every form of verbal abuse. Now this is most definitely an attempt at inflaming and fracturing the feminist community, but their language is absolutely abhorrent.

Among those harassed was Tsunderebunnygirl, who commented pretty vaguely on a post of mine and got these harassments too. Tstaonmnsefa was threatening to doxx her personal information and out her to her conservative Honduran family. Without thinking twice about it I did my best to calm her down. These are the messages she told me she recieved:

I responded to one of tstaonmnsefa’s posts and they quickly deleted, before leaving a..strange departure note on us being empowered lesbians together..?

A week or so passes and a few days ago I discover their new blog is yosblkacyuefr and they are doing the exact same thing. I block immediately, then of all people I get another message from tsunderebunnygirl. She has been sent threats again. It was always in the back of my mind she may be the person but this finally raised my suspicions. These kinds of bash blogs really don’t repeat targets like this.

So I decided to unblock yosblkacyuefr and with the help of a friend set up an IP logger. How this works is you create a custom url so that anyone who clicks it has their ip information discretely taken as they are redirected to a url of your choice. This link was ONLY sent to them and nobody else could have used it.

(this is them also confirming they are in fact tstaonmnsefa)

This was the ping from yosblkacyuefr on the bottom:

The ping comes from Honduras.

This in my opinion was definitely more than coincidence, so just to be sure I set up tsunderebunny with a logger too. Mean i know but this was me giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Tsunderebunnygirl’s ping:

Now the ip is different, but it is accessed with the same device. With a friends’ help I also ran both ips and they are to the same address, phone number, and name which I will not disclose. The chances this could be anyone but her are basically none. She faked harassment, death threats, threatened rape and torture on other people for what i’m assuming was either attention from me, breaking up the feminist community, or both as she played victim from a faked attacker.  

Honestly I feel sick. I have no idea how much you believe at all what you were spewing but that changes nothing, block and report this person.

shame on you. 

OKAY BUT HEAR ME OUT– Jake and Amy’s wedding stretches 2-3 episodes, with the last one being the season finale

after the wedding ends and Jake and Amy head back to their room, they’re so drunk that they enter the wrong room- which happens to be ajar for reasons

it’s Rosa’s room, and she’s tucked deep under the covers, claiming to be in this strange position because she’s sick. they’re super apologetic, and also very drunk so they leave quickly because post-wedding sex waits for no one

after they leave, Rosa heaves a sigh of relief, and Gina crawls up from under the covers

“Do you think they saw me?”

*roll credits*

credit: @evilduckling who came up with this concept!

Re: The Unhealthy Side of Zeki

I’ve accidentally lost this post once already after almost finishing it, so I’m just going to apologize in advance for if there’s lack of clarity anywhere and say that anyone is more than welcome to ask me to elaborate if necessary. Initially when I woke up this morning I fully intended on writing my chapter meta before enjoying the rest of the day outside, but after seeing the disagreements over @getoffthesoapbox’s post here, I felt the need to address that instead because I think a lot of people are missing the point of her concerns and are getting hung up on the way she personally feels about them instead. Her personal feelings, whether you agree with them or not, do not detract from the issues that she has brought up, and in fact I brought up some of the same issues just last chapter.

I’m going to place the rest of this post behind a cut, but I hope that those who were bothered by @getoffthesoapbox’s post will take the time to read it before just writing it off because of a difference of opinion.

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Any Objections?

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[ Mafia AU ]

 Yongguk was surprised he was called into the Red Sun Boss’ home. No one outside the group had ever stepped foot into the luxurious mansion. When he got there he was taken to the Boss’ office where he sat down to talk.

“Bang Yongguk I’m glad you accepted my invitation.” Your father had his eye on Yongguk for a long time now. “Please, sit.”

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mélange | 01

fandom: monsta x
member/reader: kihyun, female, minhyuk (mentioned)
genre/warning(s): smut, slight!degradation, spanking, toys: belt
length: 2K+
summary: in which your new neighbor next door has really loud sex and so you decide to have a competition because there is no way blondie is having better sex than you.


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A quick lunch break at Harry’s office (NSFW)

Or when you decide to surprise Harry at his office for a little stress relief during your lunch break…

“The account should’ve been updated yesterday, Evan,” you can hear the frustration in Harry’s voice as you push open the door to his office. He’s pacing back and forth in front of his desk, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He bends over to scrawl something on a notepad on his desk, his trousers stretching slightly over his bum.

You stand in the doorway, observing him as he works. He turns and notices you, holding your gaze and pointing at his desk chair. You nod in understanding and walk into the room, making sure to turn the lock behind you. You slip into the high back chair behind his wide cedar desk.

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doctorflashtardiscold  asked:

Hey. Sorry if you have had this before, but do you have any Peter Parker and Tony Stark mentorship and friendship head canons, or any Hank Pym and Tony Stark Headcanons?

I don’t really know/like Hank Pym much, so I’m focussing more on Peter&Tony. I was going to focus more on their overall relationship but then I babbled about the first time Tony took Peter to his labs… sorry. 

  • When Tony first lets Peter into his lab, the teenager looks around with huge eyes. He’s quiet as Tony sweeps an arm over the broad expanse of the room and continues his long, babbling stream of dialogue, telling Peter about security protocols and new holos and Iron Man suits. He’s quiet as he shuffles in, eyes taking in every detail. He’s quiet as Tony mentions not to touch anything.
  • He’s quiet as he touches absolutely everything
  • “What did I just say?” Tony asks, grabbing Peter by the collar and tugging him away from a half-finished block of tech that angrily whirls and hisses smoke and sparks at them. “Am I talking to myself? Do you think I just like to hear the dullecent tones of my own voice? Am I speaking Spanish?”
  • “I can speak Spanish,” Peter says, the first thing he’s voiced since being lead down the winding steps into the technological candy-land.
  • “No, you can’t, kid. I’ve seen your Spanish scores at school.”
  • “You’re seen my grades?” Peter frowns; Tony has the distinct impression the subject is being changed until he’s the one being scolded. “That’s kind of creepy, dude. Isn’t that, like, illegal? To hack into school systems?”
  • “He says, because he’s done it before,” Tony tells his bot. Dum-E spins in a loose, uneven circle on the floor, one arm waggling like a dog’s tail.
  • Peter rubs at the back of his neck. “Don’t tell Aunt May.”
  • They go through the lab, Tony pointing out things, Peter watching with wide eyes and interjecting sporadically. He keeps touching things. Tony has to stay near him and yank him back, like he’s an untrained puppy, or a sticky fingered toddler, or the little, disobedient shit that Tony remembers being at the age. He wonders, briefly, what he was thinking when he recruited the vigilante. 
  • Dum-E follows them around the lab. He seems hesitant about Peter at first, then grows confident when the teenager only beams at his presence, and coaxes him forward.
  • “Don’t encourage him,” Tony scolds.
  • “I won’t,” Peter promises, and then gets down on one knee, and lets Dum-E sidle up close to him, running one gentle hand down his support strut, like he’s patting a dog, looking awed and excited by the bot’s happy wiggling. 
  • “That right there? That’s you encouraging him.”
  • You peeks out from being a workbench and loops around Tony, zipping to the newcomer now that his brother is receiving pats and attention. Peter pats him, too. 
  • “It’s not my fault they like me more,” Peter says airily, You and Dum-E bucking happily under his hands.
  • “Disrespect,” Tony says, arms crossed, trying to look like the responsible, respect-worthy adult he’s supposed to be. “That’s what this is; disrespect. Child, you should respect your elders, and their spaces, and their rules–”
  • “Can we order pizza?” Peter cuts in.
  • “What did I just say–”
  • “Pizza order placed,” says Friday, his AI sounding clear and unashamed as Peter beams. “It should be here soon, Mr. Parker.”
  • “Mr. Parker,” Peter echoes, pleased. “No one’s ever called me Mister, unless I’m in trouble.”
  • “Oh,” Tony says, frowning at the entire room, at his disobedient bots, at his disobedient protege, “you’re definitely in trouble, Mr. Parker.”

You quickly ran through the snow, leaving Genji behind. You danced along on your feet while quickly packing together snow, tossing it as soon as Genji caught up and it hitting his face mask.

You could just sense the irritation and mischievousness radiating from his entire being and you dodged to the side just to miss the snowball soaring past your head.

You grabbed a handful of snow in your bare hands, wincing slightly at how cold it was before patting it down and throwing it, soaring over his head. Genji managed to get three made in that time and one of them hit your shoulders while the other two missed you by an inch.

Your eyebrows furrowed together and you were determined to get one last shot off, grasping a handful of snow to push down. WIth a prayer in your heart you threw it, hitting the cyborg right in his broad chest.

He collapsed to the ground, snow flying up as he kicked up his legs dramatically. His hand went to clasp his chest as he gave a cry of fake despair, his lights slowly going out.

You went through the snow to collapse by his side onto your knees, grasping a hand while you blinked away fake tears.

“What have I done?” you said, “He was the best of us.”

The two of you were silent for a few more seconds before he snorted, wiggling slightly in the snow and getting up, “It’s cold.”

“Well, yeah,” you said with a smile while patting off the snow from his butt, “It’s snow.”

[Masterpost of growing up!hidekane headcanons]
  • Hide’s calligraphy in third grade used to be a messy scrawl Kaneki always reprimanded him for, so Hide always used it as an excuse not to take notes and just use Kaneki’s because they were neat and thorough. Kaneki would blush and only give his consent when Hide claimed he couldn’t make sense of his own.
  • Hide’s always had an excellent memory and has never felt the need to really take notes, but Kaneki’s bullies didn’t need to know that.
  • When they went through puberty, Kaneki’s voice was the first to change. Hide would affectionately make fun of the moments Ken would still let out high-pitched sounds just to mess with him, but would abruptly stop when his own voice started to change.
  • Hide always told Kaneki to just bring over a bag with some clothes and basic necessities since he often ended up staying the night or even showed up unannounced when things with his aunt got bad. Kaneki always refused because he didn’t want it to become a habit and felt like he was burdening Hide.
  • The first thing Hide then bought was a toothbrush. The second, a pajamas that fitted Kaneki, because his were too wide on the shoulders and Ken was always cold even without unnecessary loose fabric. A lot followed, one at a time so he wouldn’t pick up on it. Kaneki never noticed.
  • One year they risked being placed in different sections because Kaneki’s grades dropped after his aunt made him do tons of housework as a punishment for scoring a better result than her son in school tests.
  • Kaneki only told Hide this after he worked hard to have them go back to normal. Hide was his motivation.
  • Kaneki is really good at drawing but he never seriously tried to improve despite Hide’s claims that you don’t even need to pull a Picasso to make a small fortune, ‘Neki!
  • Hide snores like a truck. Kaneki usually shushes him by pinching his nose for ten seconds and giving him a dirty look as Hide proceeds to sleep as if nothing happened. It always works.
  • Kaneki once drew Hide for an assignment them both had to do. Hide hung up the drawing on his wall and left it there for years.
  • He only put it down after Kaneki claimed he would make him another one. He never did and always dodged Hide’s questions as to when will you draw it eh Kaaaa-neeee-kiiiiiii? My wall is lonely!
  • Hide hung it back on after Kaneki left him. He needed a reminder that Kaneki still loved him.
  • Hide would sometimes guilt trip Kaneki into watching anime with him after long afternoons spent dozing off on his shoulder in a bookstore.
  • Kaneki wouldn’t admit it, but he quite liked Evangelion. He secretly bought the manga afterwards.
  • Hide knows anyway.
  • Kaneki once forgot a book at Hide’s, Hide didn’t notice and Kaneki despaired because he couldn’t find it. Hide helped him turning his apartment upside down in order to find it. Then that evening he felt like a moron as he flopped down face-first on his couch and felt a solid thickness under a pillow.
  • After that one time Kaneki stopped eating for lunches because his aunt kept 'forgetting’ to give him the money, Hide’s mom began to stuff Hide’s bentos with extra food so that they could share.
  • Hide’s hands are really delicate and feminine. Kaneki has a fascination with them, and he once spent an evening sketching them without noticing they were Hide’s until he reached the fourth page.
  • Kaneki thinks Hide is a touchy-freely kind of guy but he never noticed he’s not at all this open with other people.
  • Hide abolished his concept of personal space around Kaneki when he first noticed he gets lonely a lot.
  • Hide never told him, but he hated Kaneki’s mom.
  • The only ever time Hide wore black was at Kaneki’s mom’s funeral. He hated it too.
  • Hide’s loud and frankly ridiculous cheerful persona is an act meant for Kaneki and Kaneki alone. He’s much more reserved and logical around other people.
  • Kaneki always wondered what Hide meant when he called him bro. Being an only child he can’t understand brotherly bonds, but he supposes the warmth in his chest he feels every time he’s with Hide must be him considering Hide a brother.
  • Hide’s hair is not dyed. But his facial hair would still be brown whenever he lets them grow, much to his chagrin.
  • Kaneki’s belly is really soft and comfortable and sometimes Hide would use it as a pillow when Kaneki chooses books over him.
  • Hide’s spiky hair is not soft at all and Kaneki is really ticklish on his stomach, but he thinks he’s managed to keep it a secret from Hide. He doesn’t want for him to stop using him as a pillow after all.
  • Sometimes Kaneki is so entranced in his reading sessions he doesn’t even mind Hide’s hardcore snoring a foot away from him. Hide always teases him for it.
  • Hide likes shoujo mangas and cheesy love songs. Kaneki calls him a lonely housewife. Hide doesn’t protest.
  • After Kaneki’s mom died, Hide made him a playlist and lent him his mp3 and headphones to listen to the music whenever the silence became too overwhelming.
  • Kaneki never gave them back. Hide never asked for them.
  • Hide had wondered more than once if he should call child welfare on Kaneki’s family. Then he would see his reddened eyes and realize Kaneki would consider it betrayal, because despite everything, they’re still family to him.
  • Hide never feels as powerless as he does every time he sees tears in his best friend’s eyes. Kaneki picks up on it and starts hiding it. He doesn’t want to ruin his best friend’s beautiful smile.
  • Hide then made it a personal habit to smile all the brighter when Ken tries to hide his sadness, and tickle him till new tears appear in his eyes for a different reason. He always picks Kaneki’s belly.
  • After that time Kaneki muttered “brother” in his sleep as he scooted closer to him on the bed they were sharing, Hide understood just how much he meant to him, to be entrusted with his heart like so many already who had wronged him in the past. Pulling him close with an arm was his promise back.
  • On valentine’s day, Hide would always leave the homemade chocolates he prepared on Kaneki’s desk. Kaneki would come to know it was him when one year Hide still had a smudge of homemade chocolate on his nose from the day before spent baking them.
  • Hide maybe meant it as a symbol to something more than admiration.
  • Kaneki made sure to pay him back a month later with years-worth of chocolates. Hide’s chest felt so warm despite the innocence of the gesture that he didn’t mind the cavities he got from eating them all.
  • Hide would gladly spend his whole life being Kaneki’s best friend. He doesn’t wish for anything more.
  • Except one day Kaneki leaves him and Hide wonders why it wasn’t enough for him too. Why he wasn’t enough.
  • Hide was a huge Hannibal Lecter fan but after Kaneki’s torture he isn’t so sure he can quite stomach splatter anymore.
  • All the mails and texts he sent Kaneki were mostly a reminder to himself not to give up. Not to lose hope. Kaneki already saw them, so he couldn’t back out now that he was waiting for him, right?
  • Hide had never wanted to give up anyway. He just needed the excuse. He really missed talking to Kaneki.
  • Kaneki never actually read Hide’s messages. But he always kept his phone charged and with the sound on. It was his reminder that Hide was alive and safe and that he was doing the right thing. Because he was doing the right thing, wasn’t he?
  • Sometimes in Kaneki’s dreams there would be his mom. And then her face would morph in his own with blackened schleras, and he would wake up screaming and wishing he still had Hide’s headphones with him.
  • Some nights he cries so much he feels like the whole world is crushing on him and his finger would hover over the call button next to Hide’s name just to remind himself that he would stay human and not become a monster until he keeps denying himself that call.
  • After Hide showed up at Takatsuki Sen’s book signing he would trace his fingers on the “Kaneki Ken” written on the first page, look around with a sad expression for a head of white hair, and wonder why his instincts had failed him.
  • The thing Hide missed the most about Kaneki was his voice and the way it would rise and drop with passion whenever he read something for him.
  • Hide would sometimes try to fall asleep reading Kaneki’s books he still kept home after Kaneki left. They were too dark and negative for him and he curses the fact he never tried to read them when Kaneki was still home.
  • So that he would just get it sooner and stop him from his self destructive path.
  • When he joins the CCG he wonders if one day he’ll just go to work to find out that they killed him in action.
  • Late at night, Hide would sometimes still think that maybe Kaneki is safer with his friends out there than he will probably ever be with him. He already failed to protect him once. Why is Hide trusting the CCG, anyway, other than despair?
  • When he sees him in that sewers tunnel, Hide thinks that Kaneki was right for not trusting him with his happiness. He’s going to betray him and he feels sick. But he’d gladly have Kaneki live a lie and forget than be righteous and die. Hide knows he’s selfish, but he can’t help it.
  • When Kaneki sees Hide in the sewers, his mind closes up. This has happened before. Hide can’t be there. Hide has to go, he can’t be there can’t be there this already happened and he is a monster because he let it happen again. And Hide is just smiling like nothing happened, like he can’t see the beast in his eye, and Kaneki just wants to cry.
  • Hide hopes with all his might that Yoshitoki will keep his promise, because he can’t deal with the impossible weight of his best friend’s disposal on top of the crushing guilt he already feels for not being able to make him smile that one last time.
  • Hide had felt silly when he’d wondered with reddened eyes if Kaneki was still ticklish on his belly even after he’d put on all those muscles. The tubes and machines Ken is attached to in his hospital bed prevented him from trying to find out.
  • Kaneki had wondered more than once who could possibly be the person holding his hand when they thought he was asleep on his hospital bed. They always sneaked in at night and stayed until sunrise, never saying a word. The nurses never found out so he never asked. He wished he could see the stranger’s face. He felt as though it was important.
  • It becomes a routine after a few days and Kaneki starts to become acquainted with the stranger’s prolonged silences. It feels like there should be words there, but they can’t bring themselves to say them. He feels like that’s a strain that shouldn’t be there. He wants to ask them a lot of things, but then he always gets awful migraines that leave him winded and gasping for air.
  • The stranger holds his hand tighter those times. The familiarity and the comfort of that petite hand makes his chest scream in agony and Kaneki wants so desperately to cry, but he doesn’t know why.
  • Then one day they abruptly stop their visits and Haise starts to forget about them.
  • When they tell Haise he was a CCG investigator who got hospitalized after a run in with a ghoul, he wonders why he chose that kind of life. He doesn’t think of himself as the avenger type. Then he looks at the empty chair next to his bed and wonders how great of a family must have been the one he lost.
  • When Hide sends him that book, he doesn’t know what he’s wishing for. He’s sworn to never tell him a thing about his past. Maybe he just wants to warn him. Maybe he just wish that’s what Haise wants, too. Maybe Hide just wants to be forgiven. He can’t be sure. It feels like it shouldn’t be his choice.
  • Sometimes Haise would catch Shirazu and Saiko swearing at manga characters or Urie singing under his breath and he would feel a strange melancholy creep up on him at the sheer familiarity of something so trivial.
  • Hide gets so lonely and he hates it. He hates it that some days he can’t just feel like smiling anymore. So one day he goes to a pet shop and buys a kitten. Its fur is as white as the snow and he curses when he realizes he’s started calling him Kaneki before he even realized it.
  • Kaneki the cat would sometimes fall asleep on his belly and Hide would feel a lump building in his throat and and an empty feeling in his chest.
  • One day Haise forgets his umbrella in his haste to a bookshop, and he starts muttering curses under his breath, shielding his books under his arm as he hurries to the nearest bus stop. A stranger would then share his umbrella with him with a dazzling smile and he would feel so relieved he actually gives him back one of his own. The stranger would then tell him to keep it as he got off the bus and hurriedly climbed the stairs to a building, and Haise would be left dumbstruck and mid-protest staring at the retreating back of the blond man, feeling warm at his kindness.
  • Haise is a ghoul and he knows Akira knows it too. He doesn’t want her pity when he asks her for a hug, but for her to mean it when she complies. He knows he never had the right to ask for a friend.
  • It’s just he sometimes wishes he had one who would gladly just hold him for hours on end.
  • Sometimes, not even Kaneki the cat can relieve some of Hide’s loneliness. Those times he just ends up watching their old graduation photos or the ones of their coming of age and he tells himself he isn’t pathetic and lonely when he realizes how handsome Kaneki was even in those ugly, awful ones Hide had taken just to embarrass him.
  • Every other time Hide is allowed to come back to Japan, he wishes for another chance encounter. Maybe he puts two umbrellas in his backpack on purpose.
  • Hide’s wish is still the same despite it all. He just want for Kaneki to find his happiness, even without him.
  • When the rumor had it that he’s gone in full Kakuja form during the last operation and he’s now being restrained with heavy Rc suppressant in the hospital as they wait for the order of confinement in Cochlea, Hide doesn’t even bother calling his dad. He books the first flight to Japan and spends the whole night wishing that just this once he could make it on time.
  • Hide doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing when he just ignores the medical staff who are pretty much staring at him. He just keeps squeezing his best friend in his arms until he wakes up and finally looks at him, not at 'some stranger’, and squeezes back.
  • I missed you, Kaneki would brokenly whimper in his arms as an apology. Dude, Hide would reply, hesitantly letting go to see his face, his own voice wobbly as the implications sink in. I even named a cat after you, he would counter, laughter still trembling on his equally tearstained face.
Splendid Mess

Warnings: I don’t think there’s really anything, maybe shitty family members? If there’s anything that needs a warning, please let me know.

Word: 4594

Request: “Reader could be a rebel, and Baker doesn’t know it, but they eventually tell him and he’s like “it’s okay, I still love you no matter your political beliefs :)” bc he’s so swEET”

A/N: I’m not really sure how I managed to ramble on for over 4.5k words about a character who only appeared in one season, but here you go 🙈😆 I hope you guys enjoy this.

Tags: @im-way-too-many-fandoms @beautifulfound

Table of Contents 

Your life had been fairly quiet, well until recently. You had been born and raised in the sleepy village of Setauket, by the Long Island sound. With the recent outbreak of war, your life seemed to change overnight. Your family did their best to stay neutral and hope that all the fighting would be over sooner rather than later.

“Keep your head down and stay out of trouble,” was your father’s only comment on the day you and your brothers watched the soldiers billeted in your home walking towards the house.

You tried your best to side with your father’s view on the war. You tried staying out of it and hope for the best, but as you watched your neighbors and friends property seized and the British soldiers being quartered in nearly everyone’s home, you knew sitting on the fence wasn’t right. You tried convincing your father and brothers to take a stand and fight back, but it seemed you were the only one in your family willing to choose a side. Seeing your friends and neighbors suffer at the hands of the British, only seemed to solidify your family’s decision to remain neutral.

“This is why father is unable to find you a husband, you’re too outspoken. Keep running your mouth like this and you’re going to end up an old spinster.” John, your oldest brother, responded as he dragged you out of the drawing room and away from the escalating argument with your father and younger brother, James.

“I am not a puppet put on the Earth purely for a man’s entertainment. I am my own person and I am entitled to my own thoughts and opinions. If a man cannot handle that, then he does not deserve the privilege to call himself my husband.” You shook your head in disbelief; he knew you hated it when they would use your lack of a suitor against you. “John, you cannot possibly think it is right for these men to come into our home, and into our town and take it over. For heaven’s sake John, our church has been turned into a stable. Where do we draw the line? We must take a stand against them.” You pleaded with him.

“Please, just do as father says.” He pleaded with you. “Keep your head down and stay out of trouble. The sooner you and all the other rebels learn that, the sooner this war will be over and life can go back to normal.” His voice softened as he held you by the shoulders before pulling you in for a hug, an attempt to end the argument and soothe you. “Just promise me that you’ll try to stay out of trouble.”

“I’ll try, I promise.” You whispered into his chest. You knew that John wasn’t trying to be cruel with his spinster comment, out of all your brothers, he always did his best to look out for you and just wanted what was best for you, probably more so than your father.

After voicing your opinion on the conflict, things at home were far from pleasant. You found any reason to be out of the house and away from your father and brothers; you ran every conceivable errand that you could think of for your mother. When errands weren’t enough to keep you out of the house and away from the billeted soldiers, you picked up a new habit of hiding out near the water in town with a book and to ignore the world around you, at least for a few hours.

To get to your hidden little sanctuary near the water, you were forced to walk by the docks and close to the soldiers. You tried to keep your promise to your brother, whenever you passed by the soldiers, you kept your head down and did your best not to make a snide comment and resisted the urge to throw a rock at them. Of course there would always be a soldier or two that seemed to take great enjoyment at testing your patience, they would whistle at you trying to get your attention. Each time you opened to your mouth to put those men in their place, you would hear your brother’s voice filling your head to talk you out of it. You played the role of a good daughter and did as you were told, kept your head down and out of trouble.

Today they tried something new, several soldiers decided to try shoving a young soldier into you as you passed by. You stared at the man standing in front of you, you vaguely recognized as one who always waved hello to you whenever you passed the docks. You felt a slight pang of pity as he opened his mouth to speak to you, but instead quickly changed his mind and scampered back to his post, leaving to stand there confused and even more annoyed.

You continued to walk down to the shore, towards a little wooded cove near the water that was hidden from the view of the sentry posts. Once you reached your spot, you laid out on a small blanket and pulled out the book you stole from John’s collection from your bag. Between getting lost in the pages in front of you and the calming sounds of the nearby water you soon felt your eyelids getting heavy. You tried your best to stay awake, but it just felt like the universe sent you the perfect conditions for an outdoor nap, just enough sunlight to keep you warm, a slight breeze so you didn’t get too warm. You knew you should’ve probably just thrown in the towel and headed home, but you weren’t looking forward to another tense encounter with your family. You tried your best to stay awake, but soon enough you fell asleep with your head rested beside your book.

You were jolted awake as you felt someone attempting to pick you up off the ground. You started to fight against the persons hold on you, causing the person to drop you on the ground tangled in your blanket. You looked up to see a handsome young British soldier standing above you. “I am a very poor target for a robbery, I have no money and nothing of value on me. ” you said as you scooted away from the man, not knowing what this man’s intentions were.

“I am truly sorry, miss. I didn’t mean to frighten you. It’s just that…” The soldier replied as he slowly backed away from you.

“Well, you have an odd way of going about not trying to frighten a woman.” You snapped, interrupting the young man while you felt around the ground for anything on the ground that you might use to defend yourself. You looked up at the man standing in front you, recognizing him as the soldier who ran into you earlier that day.

“I truly mean you no harm, miss. I swear on my honor, I am just trying to help you.” He held his hands up, taking a step back away from you. You hesitated for a moment, not knowing if you could truly trust this stranger, but there was a part of you figured that if this man did something to you, maybe it would be enough to push your father and brothers into action. He slowly stepped forward and offered his hand to you, you cautiously put your hand in his and he pulled you up off the ground.

“I just notice that you always walk past my post, at the dock, each day on your way home right before the end of my watch. But I didn’t see you, so I waited. As you can see, it’s almost night and I became worried, I wanted to make sure that you were safe but instead I found you sleeping. I didn’t want to wake you, I just thought I could carry you home without waking you.” He explained while he helped you gather your belongings off the ground.

“You came upon a sleeping woman and your first thought was to pick her up and carry her off?” You asked while you pulled leaves out of your hair and off your gown, still feeling uneasy about being in this man’s presence.

“No, not at all. My first thought was that you were hurt, but then I heard you snore…loudly.” He sheepishly admitted as he handed you your brother’s book. “I just wanted to make sure you made it home safely.”

“I take offense, sir. I do not snore.” An immediate sense of embarrassment washed over you, this attractive man had found you snoring, you wished there was a rock you could crawl under.  This wasn’t exactly the ideal way to make a first impression on someone, even if they happened to be a British soldier.

“Then there is a creature nearby that sounded an awful like someone snoring.” He smiled, there was something about his smile that made you feel more at comfortable being in his presence. “I should escort you home before we anger it and it attacks us.” The young man picked up the blanket, shook off the dirt and leaves before folding it and draping it over his arm.

The two of you walked side by side in silence, you really didn’t feel like socializing with a soldier but you could feel the nervous energy radiating off the man walking beside you.

“So, may I know the name of the soldier who bravely saved me from a mysterious creature?” You asked him, trying to be as friendly as you could manage.

“Ensign Baker, miss. But if you’d like, you can call me Thomas.”

“Very well, Thomas. May I ask why you were waiting for me?”

Thomas sighed before he answered, “This is may sound inappropriate, but seeing you walk past my post each day has become something I look forward to.”

You stopped walking and stared at him with a confused look on your face, hearing that you were admired in any fashion by a man was a foreign concept to you, your father and James told you, practically on a daily basis that no man would want a woman like you unless you learned how to control your tongue and acted like a lady. “Me? But why?” You asked him.

He stops and turns around to face you, “I cannot properly explain it, there’s just something about you that I feel drawn to, you’re not like the other ladies in town. The other men say it’s because of your fiery nature, it makes you stand out. As I’ve said that is what the other soldiers say, I think it’s far more than that…”

You stared at him while he continued to ramble on, studying his features in the fading sunlight, looking for any sign that he was lying to you. You could have stood there all night trying to figure out whether or not he was being honest with you, but as the sun began to disappear beyond the horizon you could feel yourself starting to shiver.

“Where are my manners, you must be cold.” He pulls the blanket from his arm while he stepped behind you, wrapping the blanket around your shoulders. “I should get you home before you family begins to worry.”

“I doubt they mind that I am not home yet.” You mumble, you see Thomas glance at you out of the corner of your eye.

“Then I shall feel better knowing that you are safe at home and not in the woods at the mercy of some mysterious beast.” He smiled as he offered his arm to you, even with the all kindness Thomas had shown you, you couldn’t help but still feel a tiny bit of bitterness towards the man standing in front you dressed in a British military uniform. You reluctantly took his arm as the two of you once again started walking.

After a few minutes of walking in relative silence, you finally reach your house. From the edge of your family’s small property, you can make out the figures of what was more than likely was your father and brothers pacing the enclosed area of the large porch. You let go of Thomas’ arm and began to quicken your pace, knowing that you were probably in more trouble than you could possibly imagine.

“[Y/N]! You hear your father yell as the figures on the porch all stopped pacing and faced towards you and Thomas. You unconsciously tighten your grip on Thomas’ arm, knowing that as soon as you were in the privacy of your home there was going to be another argument.

You took a deep breath before stepping into the soft light of the lanterns, “I think it might be best if you left, Ensign Baker. I doubt this is going to be a pleasant interaction with my father.” You softly said to Thomas as you pulled your arm away from him before your family had the chance to see.

“Are you sure? Perhaps I can help explain to him why you’re home so late.”

“I am, and I truly appreciate your kindness today, but I fear your presence may only make the situation worse.” You softly smiled at Thomas before your father stormed up to you, aggressively grabbing your arm.

“[Y/N], you have had us worried sick,” You father, trying to hide his anger, turned towards Thomas, “I apologize for whatever trouble my daughter has caused you, sir.”

“There was no trouble, sir. Your daughter is a fine young lady, I was just making sure she made it home safely.” Thomas turned to you, with a slight smile on his face “It was an honor meeting you, Miss [Y/N]. I hope you and your family enjoy the rest of your evening.” Thomas barely turns around to walk away before your father pulls you up the steps of the porch.

“This is not what I meant when I told you to stay out of trouble. Being brought home by a soldier, what were you thinking? You know how those men talk, do you want a reputation as the town harlot? I don’t know why your mother and I even bother with you.” You father growled at you while dragging you into the house. “Thankfully our guests are not here to witness to your shame.”

“It’s not like that, nothing inappropriate happened. All Ensign Baker is guilty of is being a gentleman and walking me home. Why must you always think the worst of me?” You pulled your arm out of your father’s grasp.

As you predicted, as soon as the front doors closed the argument started and you were on your own with no allies. You tried your best to defend yourself against the onslaught of hurtful accusations thrown at you by everyone in your family, but there was no use. There were only so many different ways your family could describe you as a whore before you just mentally threw in the towel.

You sat in one of the armchairs near the fire and stared blankly at the clock in the corner of the den while the angry voices around you became nothing more than white noise, strangely enough the only thing you could think about was Thomas. How kind he was to you, especially during the moments where you were less than friendly. There was something about the way he smiled at you and how it made you feel at ease. You tried to reason with yourself, you couldn’t have feelings for him, it just wasn’t possible for multiple reasons. You just needed to stop being so ridiculous, you felt too old to have a crush on a man you barely knew and it wasn’t like it could ever lead anywhere, he was a British soldier for god’s sake, you knew he would probably leave as soon as the war was over, regardless of who won.

Your father made the terms of what you considered to be your house arrest, you were no longer allowed to leave the house without him or one of your brothers to escort you. “You’re lucky that I am allowing you the privilege of leaving the house.” Your father called after you while you made your way towards your bedroom. That night you fell asleep dreaming of the different ways to escape your house, you were surprised that one or two of them even involved Thomas.

Your brother James seemed to have drawn the short straw and became your official escort on your errand runs. At first he kept you on a short leash, he barely let you speak to anyone and tried to get the trip over and done with as quickly as possible. But as the weeks passed, he seemed to calm down and let you wander around on town on your own. It was during one of these rare moments on your own when you finally saw Thomas again. You had wandered down to the docks, secretly hoping to see him again. You couldn’t hide your smile as you caught his eye, you felt your heart beat a little bit faster while you watched as he smiled and waved at you from his post.

All you wanted in that moment was to talk to him, to apologize for your behavior when you first met and for ignoring him since then. As you started to make your way towards the dock, James pulled you away, angrily mumbling under his breath about you and telling your father. That night you wrote Thomas a letter, explaining everything that happened after he left your house that night and the terms of you and John had jokingly called your house arrest. The next trip into town, you bribed [TK] into delivering the letter for you, you watched as [TK] approached Thomas, pointing over back towards you before handing the letter over and Thomas looking over to you before shoving the letter into his pocket.

You had been lost in your thoughts was you wandered around waiting for James to finish doing whatever it was he did during these trips into town, when a small girl came up to you and tugged on your skirts. You smiled at the small girl, thinking she must have mistaken you for her mother when she held up a letter. You crouched down and traded the letter for some bread from your basket, shoving the letter into your pocket while you watched the little girl run off.

“What was that about?” James surprised you looking over your shoulder, he smelled like he had been rolling around the floor in Strong Tavern.

“Why do you smell like that? You had better hope it goes away before we get home, oh it’s horrid. Ugh.” You quickly changed the subject, covering your nose before walking away from him.

Soon every time you were in town, you and Thomas were exchanging letters. To be honest, they were usually just brief notes, greeting each other and wishing one another a good day. Simple notes that were usually scribbled on small scraps of parchment with little importance, but they still made you smile each time you received one. You weren’t exactly sure why, but you felt the need to keep all of his notes to you, you treated each one like . Sometimes at night before you went to sleep, you would pull them out of their hiding place and read them again, smiling at words he had written to you.

After a couple of months of constant supervision, your father finally cracked and decided that you were once again able to be trusted enough to leave the house on your own. The first day of freedom you had was spent waiting for the end of Thomas’ post, you had purposely went into town later in the day to wait for the end of his shift. The two of you spent hours just sitting together on the dock

Slowly over time you and Thomas developed what you each considered nothing more than friendship, but it was clear to anyone who saw the two of you together that what you had was far more than a simple friendship, but between the shyness you each felt around one another and the fact you weren’t ready to admit that you had feelings for a soldier. But since the day Thomas escorted you home, you couldn’t stop thinking about him. Although you were on opposing sides of the war, he still made you feel like someone truly understood you for the first the time. He seemed to make your world feel a little bit brighter, you weren’t ready to ruin the one good thing you had in your life by telling him you supported America’s fight for independence. Instead, you decided to just enjoy spending time with him and letting providence take care of the rest.

Not wanting to deal with any further drama with your family, you convinced Thomas to spend time with you without a chaperone and away from your house. But the memory of his first encounter with your father still fresh in his mind, you had also filled him in on argument that occurred after he left you when he finally, albeit reluctantly agreed.

“Are you sure this is okay?” You walked passed Thomas into the Woodhull’s house. You knew Abraham and Mary, you would occasionally spend time with Mary in a sewing circle with the other young women around your age, but you were never exactly close. Being in their home without them home was slightly uncomfortable, lord knows what they would have to say if they found that you were alone in their house with Thomas.

“Mr. and Mrs. Woodhull have been staying with the Judge, we have the house to ourselves, for now at least. Plus, there are no neighbors to worry about spreading gossip. It’s just us.” Thomas stood in front of you, taking your hands in his. “And since we’re alone, I wanted to discuss something with you.” He pulled you over to a chair in front of the fireplace, he let go of your hands so he could pull up a chair directly in front of you.

“Have I done something to upset you?” You nervously asked, watching him for any sign of what he could possibly want to talk about.

“No, of course not, [Y/N]. I hope that you will think of this as good news, because I think it will be good for us. I hope you do not think I’m being too forward by saying so.” He nervously rambled.

“I suppose that depends on the topic that you wish to discuss.” You gave him a small smile and reached over to him, holding his hand hoping that it would help with the nervousness that you were both feeling.

He cleared his throat, “[Y/N], we have been friends for awhile now, and in that time I find myself feeling something…more than just friendship for you. Something that I was never sure that I would ever have in my life.” He paused for a few moments, he held onto your hand while he looked away and gathered his thoughts. “I’ve told you about up how I grew up and…the circumstances of my birth.”

“You should never feel ashamed of your childhood. You are more than just that boy from the orphanage, Thomas. You deserve all the happiness the world has to offer.” You kissed his hand, he smiled at how kind and understanding you could be. You never judged him based on his childhood or for his parents or lack thereof. He wished there were more people in the world like you.

“I’m truly glad you think so, it makes what I am about to say easier.” He took a deep breath “[Y/N], I am in love with you, there is nothing I want more in this life than to marry you and to make you happy for the rest of our days together.”

“Thomas, please. You cannot possibly mean that.” You started to cry as a mix of sad and happy tears fell down your cheek. You let go of his hand to wipe away the tears. “You shouldn’t say such things, it puts me in a very unfortunate situation, it’s terribly cruel.”

“Are you saying that you don’t feel the same?” Thomas softly lifted your chin, looking into your eyes. He wiped away a stray tear away with his thumb, you nuzzled your head onto his hand before he pulled it away.

“Of course, I feel the same. I wouldn’t risk everything for just anyone.” You caressed his cheek, “You haunt my every waking moment, I can hardly think of anything else besides you and when I’ll be able to see you again.” You weren’t ready for him to confess his feelings for you or for you to then have to ruin everything by telling him your political beliefs. “Please believe me when I tell you that I absolutely feel the same.”

“Is it because I have nothing to offer you? Or what your parents will think? I know I don’t have…” You felt like you could hear his heart breaking in his voice when he spoke, he pulled your hand away from his face and held it.

“Absolutely not and don’t you ever think that, we could live in a tiny shack in the middle of the wilderness for all I care. As long as you’re by my side, nothing else matters. As for my parents, I don’t care what they or anyone else thinks, I am a grown woman capable of making my own decisions.”

“Then what is it, [Y/N]?  Because I don’t understand. If we both love each other, why does it feel like you’re trying to push me away?”

“Because…” You wrapped your arms around yourself, trying to comfort yourself before you confessed everything. “I love everything about you, except the uniform you wear everyday. I hate what it represents and I hate seeing you in it.” You started to wring your hands, “to put it simply, I don’t support the Crown. I believe that we should have our independence. If I were able to fight, I would’ve already joined the Continental army. I’ve even entertained the idea of dressing as a man to join.”

“Is that all? You don’t like that I’m a soldier?” He asked, smiling at you.

“I don’t mind you being a soldier, I mean of course I am scared of what could happen to you in battle, but I understand why you joined the army. I just hate that it was the British army you joined.”

“Regardless of your feelings for England [Y/N], you must admit that if it weren’t for this uniform I wouldn’t be here in the colonies and we never would have met.” He paused for a moment while he slipped out of his chair and knelt in front of you, taking your hands in his. “We wouldn’t have each other and right now you are more important to me than whatever side wins this conflict.”

Thomas stands up, still holding your hands he helps to stand you up. “As long you’re by my side, nothing else matters.” He pulls your body close to his, cradling you in his arms and pressing his soft lips against yours.

After the kiss, you rested your head on his chest. “I’ll always be by your side. Always.”

I Will Try- Chp 5

Kylo/Ben X Rey

No Warnings

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The force sleepovers start to get interesting as they are awoken by an alarm and can no longer pretend they didn’t know the other one was there.


I’m just amping up the anticipation with these small chapters guys so don’t freak out on me, the next few chapters should be posted pretty quickly. Keep reading and leaving me feedback, I love it! It’s all motivation to keep writing and getting it posted as quickly as possible. Hope you all enjoy!

Ben spent the better part of his morning pummeling some poor troopers who’d drawn the short straw and gotten sparring duty. He wasn’t sure he’d ever get used to all the meetings and councils he had to sit in on and approve ridiculously mundane actions as the new supreme leader. A respite had come though now that choosing a new praetorian guard was necessary. Ben wasn’t going to let anyone else do the vetting either so when he wasn’t using the training facilities, he prowled around watching as others did.

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Post-It Notes, ch8

on Ao3

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To make up for that long ass wait leading up to chapter 7, here’s an update less than a week after the last one! This is a much happier chapter than the last one, but there’s a part at the beginning that references ch7′s happenings, so I’d suggest rereading it if you need a refresher. 

Anway, enjoy this chapter! I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you’ll have a lot of fun reading it, too. 

Adrien heals. His bruises fade, he covers his scars. The wounds nobody can see still hurt, but they’ve lessened to a dull ache. Ladybug sewed those up with stitches that not even his father could remove. He could tug at them, try to rip them out, draw blood and tears and screams, but the stitches would never be fully taken out until Adrien was ready. Ladybug had made sure of that.

Adrien is a living ghost, but his form solidifies until his father cannot walk through him anymore.

It’s okay. I’m here, Ladybug had said. Thanks to her, Adrien’s here, too.

He leaves a post-it note on her locker. Sorry.

He gets one back. It’s in his physics notebook. For what?  

For worrying you.  

He doesn’t hear back from her that day. He wonders if he’s said something wrong.

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anonymous asked:

Is the whole private thing about who she is dating? Honestly, who cares. She is going to be dating someone eventually, I mean, we have seem how glorious she is right? I mean as you rightly said, its her life, I just don't know where people get these "facts" from? I mean people jump waaaaaay to quickly to conclusions from either . a picture or a post etc. just leave it be?

I’m about to be a major hypocrite right now, just for a brief moment. It’s not the fact of her dating someone, it’s that Britt’s thing is she picks not great guys and then she usually goes back to them multiple times which is why people jump on it so quickly. I’m guilty of it (I’m doing it now) and I’m trying to be better about that myself. I know this isn’t helping but I just wanted to get it off my chest.

One thing that always gets me is the fact that Roy’s Gate resembles Riza’s tattoo…

So here’s her tattoo, and at the bottom we see two snakes right?

In the manga there is a panel that shows truth at Roy’s Gate, and if we look closely at the bottom here we see what resembles the two snakes once again.

It never ceases to amaze me how intertwined these two are.