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OKAY BUT HEAR ME OUT– Jake and Amy’s wedding stretches 2-3 episodes, with the last one being the season finale

after the wedding ends and Jake and Amy head back to their room, they’re so drunk that they enter the wrong room- which happens to be ajar for reasons

it’s Rosa’s room, and she’s tucked deep under the covers, claiming to be in this strange position because she’s sick. they’re super apologetic, and also very drunk so they leave quickly because post-wedding sex waits for no one

after they leave, Rosa heaves a sigh of relief, and Gina crawls up from under the covers

“Do you think they saw me?”

*roll credits*

credit: @evilduckling who came up with this concept!

Re: The Unhealthy Side of Zeki

I’ve accidentally lost this post once already after almost finishing it, so I’m just going to apologize in advance for if there’s lack of clarity anywhere and say that anyone is more than welcome to ask me to elaborate if necessary. Initially when I woke up this morning I fully intended on writing my chapter meta before enjoying the rest of the day outside, but after seeing the disagreements over @getoffthesoapbox’s post here, I felt the need to address that instead because I think a lot of people are missing the point of her concerns and are getting hung up on the way she personally feels about them instead. Her personal feelings, whether you agree with them or not, do not detract from the issues that she has brought up, and in fact I brought up some of the same issues just last chapter.

I’m going to place the rest of this post behind a cut, but I hope that those who were bothered by @getoffthesoapbox’s post will take the time to read it before just writing it off because of a difference of opinion.

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A quick lunch break at Harry’s office (NSFW)

Or when you decide to surprise Harry at his office for a little stress relief during your lunch break…

“The account should’ve been updated yesterday, Evan,” you can hear the frustration in Harry’s voice as you push open the door to his office. He’s pacing back and forth in front of his desk, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He bends over to scrawl something on a notepad on his desk, his trousers stretching slightly over his bum.

You stand in the doorway, observing him as he works. He turns and notices you, holding your gaze and pointing at his desk chair. You nod in understanding and walk into the room, making sure to turn the lock behind you. You slip into the high back chair behind his wide cedar desk.

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mélange | part 1

fandom: monsta x
member/reader: kihyun, female, minhyuk (mentioned)
genre/warning(s): smut, slight!degradation, spanking, toys: belt
length: 2K+
summary: in which your new neighbor next door has really loud sex and so you decide to have a competition because there is no way blondie is having better sex than you.


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doctorflashtardiscold  asked:

Hey. Sorry if you have had this before, but do you have any Peter Parker and Tony Stark mentorship and friendship head canons, or any Hank Pym and Tony Stark Headcanons?

I don’t really know/like Hank Pym much, so I’m focussing more on Peter&Tony. I was going to focus more on their overall relationship but then I babbled about the first time Tony took Peter to his labs… sorry. 

  • When Tony first lets Peter into his lab, the teenager looks around with huge eyes. He’s quiet as Tony sweeps an arm over the broad expanse of the room and continues his long, babbling stream of dialogue, telling Peter about security protocols and new holos and Iron Man suits. He’s quiet as he shuffles in, eyes taking in every detail. He’s quiet as Tony mentions not to touch anything.
  • He’s quiet as he touches absolutely everything
  • “What did I just say?” Tony asks, grabbing Peter by the collar and tugging him away from a half-finished block of tech that angrily whirls and hisses smoke and sparks at them. “Am I talking to myself? Do you think I just like to hear the dullecent tones of my own voice? Am I speaking Spanish?”
  • “I can speak Spanish,” Peter says, the first thing he’s voiced since being lead down the winding steps into the technological candy-land.
  • “No, you can’t, kid. I’ve seen your Spanish scores at school.”
  • “You’re seen my grades?” Peter frowns; Tony has the distinct impression the subject is being changed until he’s the one being scolded. “That’s kind of creepy, dude. Isn’t that, like, illegal? To hack into school systems?”
  • “He says, because he’s done it before,” Tony tells his bot. Dum-E spins in a loose, uneven circle on the floor, one arm waggling like a dog’s tail.
  • Peter rubs at the back of his neck. “Don’t tell Aunt May.”
  • They go through the lab, Tony pointing out things, Peter watching with wide eyes and interjecting sporadically. He keeps touching things. Tony has to stay near him and yank him back, like he’s an untrained puppy, or a sticky fingered toddler, or the little, disobedient shit that Tony remembers being at the age. He wonders, briefly, what he was thinking when he recruited the vigilante. 
  • Dum-E follows them around the lab. He seems hesitant about Peter at first, then grows confident when the teenager only beams at his presence, and coaxes him forward.
  • “Don’t encourage him,” Tony scolds.
  • “I won’t,” Peter promises, and then gets down on one knee, and lets Dum-E sidle up close to him, running one gentle hand down his support strut, like he’s patting a dog, looking awed and excited by the bot’s happy wiggling. 
  • “That right there? That’s you encouraging him.”
  • You peeks out from being a workbench and loops around Tony, zipping to the newcomer now that his brother is receiving pats and attention. Peter pats him, too. 
  • “It’s not my fault they like me more,” Peter says airily, You and Dum-E bucking happily under his hands.
  • “Disrespect,” Tony says, arms crossed, trying to look like the responsible, respect-worthy adult he’s supposed to be. “That’s what this is; disrespect. Child, you should respect your elders, and their spaces, and their rules–”
  • “Can we order pizza?” Peter cuts in.
  • “What did I just say–”
  • “Pizza order placed,” says Friday, his AI sounding clear and unashamed as Peter beams. “It should be here soon, Mr. Parker.”
  • “Mr. Parker,” Peter echoes, pleased. “No one’s ever called me Mister, unless I’m in trouble.”
  • “Oh,” Tony says, frowning at the entire room, at his disobedient bots, at his disobedient protege, “you’re definitely in trouble, Mr. Parker.”
Post-It Notes, ch8

on Ao3

ch1 | ch2 | ch3 | ch4 | ch5 | ch6 | ch7 | ch8

To make up for that long ass wait leading up to chapter 7, here’s an update less than a week after the last one! This is a much happier chapter than the last one, but there’s a part at the beginning that references ch7′s happenings, so I’d suggest rereading it if you need a refresher. 

Anway, enjoy this chapter! I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you’ll have a lot of fun reading it, too. 

Adrien heals. His bruises fade, he covers his scars. The wounds nobody can see still hurt, but they’ve lessened to a dull ache. Ladybug sewed those up with stitches that not even his father could remove. He could tug at them, try to rip them out, draw blood and tears and screams, but the stitches would never be fully taken out until Adrien was ready. Ladybug had made sure of that.

Adrien is a living ghost, but his form solidifies until his father cannot walk through him anymore.

It’s okay. I’m here, Ladybug had said. Thanks to her, Adrien’s here, too.

He leaves a post-it note on her locker. Sorry.

He gets one back. It’s in his physics notebook. For what?  

For worrying you.  

He doesn’t hear back from her that day. He wonders if he’s said something wrong.

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[Masterpost of growing up!hidekane headcanons]
  • Hide’s calligraphy in third grade used to be a messy scrawl Kaneki always reprimanded him for, so Hide always used it as an excuse not to take notes and just use Kaneki’s because they were neat and thorough. Kaneki would blush and only give his consent when Hide claimed he couldn’t make sense of his own.
  • Hide’s always had an excellent memory and has never felt the need to really take notes, but Kaneki’s bullies didn’t need to know that.
  • When they went through puberty, Kaneki’s voice was the first to change. Hide would affectionately make fun of the moments Ken would still let out high-pitched sounds just to mess with him, but would abruptly stop when his own voice started to change.
  • Hide always told Kaneki to just bring over a bag with some clothes and basic necessities since he often ended up staying the night or even showed up unannounced when things with his aunt got bad. Kaneki always refused because he didn’t want it to become a habit and felt like he was burdening Hide.
  • The first thing Hide then bought was a toothbrush. The second, a pajamas that fitted Kaneki, because his were too wide on the shoulders and Ken was always cold even without unnecessary loose fabric. A lot followed, one at a time so he wouldn’t pick up on it. Kaneki never noticed.
  • One year they risked being placed in different sections because Kaneki’s grades dropped after his aunt made him do tons of housework as a punishment for scoring a better result than her son in school tests.
  • Kaneki only told Hide this after he worked hard to have them go back to normal. Hide was his motivation.
  • Kaneki is really good at drawing but he never seriously tried to improve despite Hide’s claims that you don’t even need to pull a Picasso to make a small fortune, ‘Neki!
  • Hide snores like a truck. Kaneki usually shushes him by pinching his nose for ten seconds and giving him a dirty look as Hide proceeds to sleep as if nothing happened. It always works.
  • Kaneki once drew Hide for an assignment them both had to do. Hide hung up the drawing on his wall and left it there for years.
  • He only put it down after Kaneki claimed he would make him another one. He never did and always dodged Hide’s questions as to when will you draw it eh Kaaaa-neeee-kiiiiiii? My wall is lonely!
  • Hide hung it back on after Kaneki left him. He needed a reminder that Kaneki still loved him.
  • Hide would sometimes guilt trip Kaneki into watching anime with him after long afternoons spent dozing off on his shoulder in a bookstore.
  • Kaneki wouldn’t admit it, but he quite liked Evangelion. He secretly bought the manga afterwards.
  • Hide knows anyway.
  • Kaneki once forgot a book at Hide’s, Hide didn’t notice and Kaneki despaired because he couldn’t find it. Hide helped him turning his apartment upside down in order to find it. Then that evening he felt like a moron as he flopped down face-first on his couch and felt a solid thickness under a pillow.
  • After that one time Kaneki stopped eating for lunches because his aunt kept 'forgetting’ to give him the money, Hide’s mom began to stuff Hide’s bentos with extra food so that they could share.
  • Hide’s hands are really delicate and feminine. Kaneki has a fascination with them, and he once spent an evening sketching them without noticing they were Hide’s until he reached the fourth page.
  • Kaneki thinks Hide is a touchy-freely kind of guy but he never noticed he’s not at all this open with other people.
  • Hide abolished his concept of personal space around Kaneki when he first noticed he gets lonely a lot.
  • Hide never told him, but he hated Kaneki’s mom.
  • The only ever time Hide wore black was at Kaneki’s mom’s funeral. He hated it too.
  • Hide’s loud and frankly ridiculous cheerful persona is an act meant for Kaneki and Kaneki alone. He’s much more reserved and logical around other people.
  • Kaneki always wondered what Hide meant when he called him bro. Being an only child he can’t understand brotherly bonds, but he supposes the warmth in his chest he feels every time he’s with Hide must be him considering Hide a brother.
  • Hide’s hair is not dyed. But his facial hair would still be brown whenever he lets them grow, much to his chagrin.
  • Kaneki’s belly is really soft and comfortable and sometimes Hide would use it as a pillow when Kaneki chooses books over him.
  • Hide’s spiky hair is not soft at all and Kaneki is really ticklish on his stomach, but he thinks he’s managed to keep it a secret from Hide. He doesn’t want for him to stop using him as a pillow after all.
  • Sometimes Kaneki is so entranced in his reading sessions he doesn’t even mind Hide’s hardcore snoring a foot away from him. Hide always teases him for it.
  • Hide likes shoujo mangas and cheesy love songs. Kaneki calls him a lonely housewife. Hide doesn’t protest.
  • After Kaneki’s mom died, Hide made him a playlist and lent him his mp3 and headphones to listen to the music whenever the silence became too overwhelming.
  • Kaneki never gave them back. Hide never asked for them.
  • Hide had wondered more than once if he should call child welfare on Kaneki’s family. Then he would see his reddened eyes and realize Kaneki would consider it betrayal, because despite everything, they’re still family to him.
  • Hide never feels as powerless as he does every time he sees tears in his best friend’s eyes. Kaneki picks up on it and starts hiding it. He doesn’t want to ruin his best friend’s beautiful smile.
  • Hide then made it a personal habit to smile all the brighter when Ken tries to hide his sadness, and tickle him till new tears appear in his eyes for a different reason. He always picks Kaneki’s belly.
  • After that time Kaneki muttered “brother” in his sleep as he scooted closer to him on the bed they were sharing, Hide understood just how much he meant to him, to be entrusted with his heart like so many already who had wronged him in the past. Pulling him close with an arm was his promise back.
  • On valentine’s day, Hide would always leave the homemade chocolates he prepared on Kaneki’s desk. Kaneki would come to know it was him when one year Hide still had a smudge of homemade chocolate on his nose from the day before spent baking them.
  • Hide maybe meant it as a symbol to something more than admiration.
  • Kaneki made sure to pay him back a month later with years-worth of chocolates. Hide’s chest felt so warm despite the innocence of the gesture that he didn’t mind the cavities he got from eating them all.
  • Hide would gladly spend his whole life being Kaneki’s best friend. He doesn’t wish for anything more.
  • Except one day Kaneki leaves him and Hide wonders why it wasn’t enough for him too. Why he wasn’t enough.
  • Hide was a huge Hannibal Lecter fan but after Kaneki’s torture he isn’t so sure he can quite stomach splatter anymore.
  • All the mails and texts he sent Kaneki were mostly a reminder to himself not to give up. Not to lose hope. Kaneki already saw them, so he couldn’t back out now that he was waiting for him, right?
  • Hide had never wanted to give up anyway. He just needed the excuse. He really missed talking to Kaneki.
  • Kaneki never actually read Hide’s messages. But he always kept his phone charged and with the sound on. It was his reminder that Hide was alive and safe and that he was doing the right thing. Because he was doing the right thing, wasn’t he?
  • Sometimes in Kaneki’s dreams there would be his mom. And then her face would morph in his own with blackened schleras, and he would wake up screaming and wishing he still had Hide’s headphones with him.
  • Some nights he cries so much he feels like the whole world is crushing on him and his finger would hover over the call button next to Hide’s name just to remind himself that he would stay human and not become a monster until he keeps denying himself that call.
  • After Hide showed up at Takatsuki Sen’s book signing he would trace his fingers on the “Kaneki Ken” written on the first page, look around with a sad expression for a head of white hair, and wonder why his instincts had failed him.
  • The thing Hide missed the most about Kaneki was his voice and the way it would rise and drop with passion whenever he read something for him.
  • Hide would sometimes try to fall asleep reading Kaneki’s books he still kept home after Kaneki left. They were too dark and negative for him and he curses the fact he never tried to read them when Kaneki was still home.
  • So that he would just get it sooner and stop him from his self destructive path.
  • When he joins the CCG he wonders if one day he’ll just go to work to find out that they killed him in action.
  • Late at night, Hide would sometimes still think that maybe Kaneki is safer with his friends out there than he will probably ever be with him. He already failed to protect him once. Why is Hide trusting the CCG, anyway, other than despair?
  • When he sees him in that sewers tunnel, Hide thinks that Kaneki was right for not trusting him with his happiness. He’s going to betray him and he feels sick. But he’d gladly have Kaneki live a lie and forget than be righteous and die. Hide knows he’s selfish, but he can’t help it.
  • When Kaneki sees Hide in the sewers, his mind closes up. This has happened before. Hide can’t be there. Hide has to go, he can’t be there can’t be there this already happened and he is a monster because he let it happen again. And Hide is just smiling like nothing happened, like he can’t see the beast in his eye, and Kaneki just wants to cry.
  • Hide hopes with all his might that Yoshitoki will keep his promise, because he can’t deal with the impossible weight of his best friend’s disposal on top of the crushing guilt he already feels for not being able to make him smile that one last time.
  • Hide had felt silly when he’d wondered with reddened eyes if Kaneki was still ticklish on his belly even after he’d put on all those muscles. The tubes and machines Ken is attached to in his hospital bed prevented him from trying to find out.
  • Kaneki had wondered more than once who could possibly be the person holding his hand when they thought he was asleep on his hospital bed. They always sneaked in at night and stayed until sunrise, never saying a word. The nurses never found out so he never asked. He wished he could see the stranger’s face. He felt as though it was important.
  • It becomes a routine after a few days and Kaneki starts to become acquainted with the stranger’s prolonged silences. It feels like there should be words there, but they can’t bring themselves to say them. He feels like that’s a strain that shouldn’t be there. He wants to ask them a lot of things, but then he always gets awful migraines that leave him winded and gasping for air.
  • The stranger holds his hand tighter those times. The familiarity and the comfort of that petite hand makes his chest scream in agony and Kaneki wants so desperately to cry, but he doesn’t know why.
  • Then one day they abruptly stop their visits and Haise starts to forget about them.
  • When they tell Haise he was a CCG investigator who got hospitalized after a run in with a ghoul, he wonders why he chose that kind of life. He doesn’t think of himself as the avenger type. Then he looks at the empty chair next to his bed and wonders how great of a family must have been the one he lost.
  • When Hide sends him that book, he doesn’t know what he’s wishing for. He’s sworn to never tell him a thing about his past. Maybe he just wants to warn him. Maybe he just wish that’s what Haise wants, too. Maybe Hide just wants to be forgiven. He can’t be sure. It feels like it shouldn’t be his choice.
  • Sometimes Haise would catch Shirazu and Saiko swearing at manga characters or Urie singing under his breath and he would feel a strange melancholy creep up on him at the sheer familiarity of something so trivial.
  • Hide gets so lonely and he hates it. He hates it that some days he can’t just feel like smiling anymore. So one day he goes to a pet shop and buys a kitten. Its fur is as white as the snow and he curses when he realizes he’s started calling him Kaneki before he even realized it.
  • Kaneki the cat would sometimes fall asleep on his belly and Hide would feel a lump building in his throat and and an empty feeling in his chest.
  • One day Haise forgets his umbrella in his haste to a bookshop, and he starts muttering curses under his breath, shielding his books under his arm as he hurries to the nearest bus stop. A stranger would then share his umbrella with him with a dazzling smile and he would feel so relieved he actually gives him back one of his own. The stranger would then tell him to keep it as he got off the bus and hurriedly climbed the stairs to a building, and Haise would be left dumbstruck and mid-protest staring at the retreating back of the blond man, feeling warm at his kindness.
  • Haise is a ghoul and he knows Akira knows it too. He doesn’t want her pity when he asks her for a hug, but for her to mean it when she complies. He knows he never had the right to ask for a friend.
  • It’s just he sometimes wishes he had one who would gladly just hold him for hours on end.
  • Sometimes, not even Kaneki the cat can relieve some of Hide’s loneliness. Those times he just ends up watching their old graduation photos or the ones of their coming of age and he tells himself he isn’t pathetic and lonely when he realizes how handsome Kaneki was even in those ugly, awful ones Hide had taken just to embarrass him.
  • Every other time Hide is allowed to come back to Japan, he wishes for another chance encounter. Maybe he puts two umbrellas in his backpack on purpose.
  • Hide’s wish is still the same despite it all. He just want for Kaneki to find his happiness, even without him.
  • When the rumor had it that he’s gone in full Kakuja form during the last operation and he’s now being restrained with heavy Rc suppressant in the hospital as they wait for the order of confinement in Cochlea, Hide doesn’t even bother calling his dad. He books the first flight to Japan and spends the whole night wishing that just this once he could make it on time.
  • Hide doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing when he just ignores the medical staff who are pretty much staring at him. He just keeps squeezing his best friend in his arms until he wakes up and finally looks at him, not at 'some stranger’, and squeezes back.
  • I missed you, Kaneki would brokenly whimper in his arms as an apology. Dude, Hide would reply, hesitantly letting go to see his face, his own voice wobbly as the implications sink in. I even named a cat after you, he would counter, laughter still trembling on his equally tearstained face.
Time Away

Taking some time away from tumblr, may be back quickly. May not, Just wanted to leave a post as I know I have a baby fitblr promo circulating, it will be a little bit before the next list posts. 

One thing that always gets me is the fact that Roy’s Gate resembles Riza’s tattoo…

So here’s her tattoo, and at the bottom we see two snakes right?

In the manga there is a panel that shows truth at Roy’s Gate, and if we look closely at the bottom here we see what resembles the two snakes once again.

It never ceases to amaze me how intertwined these two are.


It must have looked silly and strange, seeing a well-dressed man on all fours in the middle of an alleyway at two in the morning. Next to one of those storm drains, no less. He kept getting up, looking around it, settling back down, trying to pry the lid off… Hm. 

Now he was just perplexed and dirty, for a reason that soon became clear. There was a yapping, not unlike a dog, coming from the drain.

…Ah! He’s noticed someone. Perfect! Temporarily leaving his post, he quickly approached the woman walking by.

“Ma’am. How strong would you say you are? An honest answer is appreciated.”

A/N: Hiiii! Thank you for the prompt, lovely! This was written between the hours of three and four am so I apologize for any and all typos or errors. I hope you enjoy :)

There’s a slight chill that runs down Finn’s spine. Summer was coming to an alarming halt and he wasn’t ready for the cold just yet, not even when there was a warm body attached to him at the hip. 

Her name is Clara, from his history class. Or maybe his art class, he doesn’t exactly know. His mate Chris said she fancied him a bunch so he thought, “Why not?” and asked her if she wanted to have lunch with him. It’d been alright at first, her hands felt nice on his skin (not exactly like Rae’s because every touch she’d graced him with was accompanied by lightning bolts shooting through his veins. Clara’s hands just felt like she moisturized at least twenty times a day), and… she had pretty teeth. Finn saw around everything else.

When they kissed, he thought of Rae’s tongue, the little flick she always did because she found out that it drove him crazy. Clara didn’t know how to slide her tongue against his, how to run it along the seam of his lips. It was always just teeth and biting, which, Finn would have been alright with if it didn’t cause his lips to swell and leave him longing for the sweet taste of Rae in his mouth. (Nothing tasted the same anymore, he yearned for something that was no longer an option.)

They’re sitting in the pub on a Tuesday night, Clara’s mousey voice drowned out by the loud chatter of everyone around them and Finn is thankful. She’d been talking all day and it wouldn’t have bothered Finn if she actually had interesting things to say. Mostly she talked about herself; what color she should paint her nails, something about getting her hair cut like some actress she saw in a movie once. He often found himself tuning her out until her hands started to travel up his thigh, to which he would either start kissing her like she wanted him to, or he would smile and thread their fingers together. There was an emptiness in him, like he was this shell of a person. Being hollow made it easier not to think about the things he was doing. He was just going through the motions. It felt like Stacey all over again; Only, Finn learned that Clara is a genuinely nice person, there’s no sweet front covering up a rotting mess of venom and bones. At least Finn can breathe around Clara. Stacey suffocated him.

Somewhere between his third and fourth beer, Clara’s taps him on his knee to get his attention.

“Hey silly goose, did you hear what I was saying?” Clara’s big hazel survey his face.

Finn blinks. “Er, sorry. I kind of missed it. What’s up?”

Clara sighs and Finn feels it creeping under his skin, makes him feel terrible. 

“You’ve been so gone lately, I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall, Finny.”

“Sorry,” is all his mouth lets him say. He doesn’t comment on the awful nickname, doesn’t say what’s really running through his head, threatening to burst out at any moment: I really don’t want to be here. I’m sorry.

“It’s alright,” she brightens up, smile shining like fireworks. “I was saying maybe we should head back to mine? Parents won’t be home ‘til morning?”

Finn feels his stomach turn, can feel the beer burn his throat as he gulps it down. He thinks perhaps this is the way to get over Rae. This is how it has to be.

He smiles at Clara and kisses her, imagining the night swallowing him up and disappearing until things are good again. 

(But, he realizes, things never work out the way he want them to.)


Clara’s bed is lumpy and something keeps poking Finn in the leg whenever he moves. There’s also an N'Sync poster staring at him in the face, making his insides weep. When Clara kisses him, he’s grateful for the excuse to close his eyes.

Her lips move against his and he can taste her margarita stained tongue, the slight hint of tequila leaving a bitter taste in his mouth. She moves the hand that’s been caressing his face to a spot dangerously close to a place he doesn’t want it to be. He feels his skin crawl under her touch and he doesn’t realize he pushes her off until he opens his eyes and the looks of shock or hurt or a mix of both shadow her face.

There’s a ray of moonlight that catches her eyes, turning the amber into a storm. Finn finds himself wishing he had the guts to go through with this. Truth is, he’s just a boy trying to mend his heart with other people’s hands.

“You don’t want this,” she pauses. “Do you, Finn?”

His mouth opens to say words but there’s nothing he can say to make the sting less painful. To make the hurt, hurt less.

“I’m sorry, Clar. I shouldn’t have-” he sighs and goes to take her hand but she pulls away, wipes the tears that are streaming down her face. Pity swells inside of him for them both and he wants so desperately to go back in time, to make things right and not lead her on like this.  But all he can do is take his leave and hope she’ll be okay on her own. 

He sighs, defeated. “Maybe I should go.”

Clara ignores him.

On his way downstairs, Finn hears the quiet sound of muffled sobs behind him. He hates himself for doing any of this and hates that it’s no one else’s fault but his own.


The next day, he doesn’t see Clara which makes everything a bit better. At least he doesn’t have to see her eyes rimmed red, her disappointed looks boring into him like a curse. 

He does see Rae, though, and he zones in on her before he loses the confidence that drives him. The sun catches her midnight hair and she’s got on that Stone Roses t-shirt she wore the first time they touched, when he hugged her at the park that time that feels forever ago. He can still feel the spot on his back where she patted him, warm like a stove-top burner. But then again he can still feel every part of him that Rae has ever touched and he pictures himself to be a walking flame. There isn’t a part of him that she hasn’t gotten her hands on. 

In a surge of bravery, he stalks over to Rae and clears his throat when she doesn’t notice him.

“Rae, can we talk?” his heart leaps into the sky when she turns to face him. It feels so long since the last time he saw her in person, the pictures in his bag don’t do her justice.

“Why?” her voice sounds rough, shaky. Rae’s hands twitch and Finn wants to hold them, to relish in the way she rubs small circles with her thumb. 

“I just- I want to say  that I’m sorry.” he cusses inwardly at how pathetic he sounds. “I mean, I know I said I couldn’t be friends with you. But I can’t do that either, Rae.”

“What do you mean?”

“I tried that and it’s shit. I don’t-” he lets out a frustrated sigh and stuffs his hands in his pockets to keep them from shaking. “I don’t care if we’re not together. No, I mean, I do care. I just- I need you in my life, Rachel Earl. Whether we’re together or just friends. It’s just not the same if I don’t get to talk to ya everyday.”

Rae looks away and Finn feels a bit of hope as there’s a tiny smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. He has to stop himself from crushing their lips together and kissing her until their lips are swollen. It’s a hard feat but he conquers it with his bare hands.

“I missed you,” she says softly, the breeze carrying her voice off into the air. 

Finn smiles, “I missed you too.”

“I’d like to be your friend.”

“Good,” he looks up at her through his fringe and finds that she’s got a full on smile now, one that takes up her whole face. His favorite smile. “I’d like to be your friend too.”

And he knows they still have a long way to go, that they’ve got stuff to work out together but he’s willing to do all that and so much more so long as he has Rae in his life at all times. 

anonymous asked:

Can you make a fanic with the headcanon that you write about Elias introducing MC to his family as his girlfriend and then Klaus falling in love with her?

Anon, why did you do this to me?  Do you like sadness and tears? More accurately, why did I do this to myself? 

Anon is referring to this post.

This was done very quickly before leaving for the airport, so I apologize for any typos that were overlooked. AO3 | FF.Net


Summary: In another lifetime, Klaus and Clara fell in love. But not in this one. Elias x MC, from Klaus’ point of view.

“And now introducing for the first time…Mr. and Mrs. Elias Goldstein!”

There was a thunderous rush of cheers and applause, as the newlywed bride and groom began to make their way down the aisle, arm in arm.  The pink flush on Clara’s face was rather expected of a bride on such an occasion, but the groom was blushing just as hard. Elias looked flummoxed, as if stunned to hear himself and his beloved addressed by that combined moniker for the first time.

From where he stood behind them in the wedding party, Klaus couldn’t help but smile fondly at Elias’ obvious mortification.  At least his little brother had held up alright throughout the ceremony itself.  Elias had stammered through the beginning of his vows, until Clara had deviated from the script and reached out to squeeze his hand. There had been a long moment of silence, as they gazed at each other, when Klaus had had to turn away.  And then Elias had cleared his throat and continued, his words of love ringing with newfound confidence throughout the church, sonorous and heartfelt.

Pausing only for a moment to take the arm of Clara’s maid of honor Amelia, Klaus followed them down the aisle.

The wedding reception went by in a blur.  It was not a typical reception, as Clara had no family to speak of, but the sadness of that reality was eclipsed by the joy that his own family showed upon accepting her as their daughter. As the best man, he gave the first toast. He did an admirable job, Klaus thought, telling a couple of choice stories that had Elias squirming in his seat and turning scarlet, and then promising Clara that as a new little sister, she would not be exempted from a lifetime of the same treatment. Klaus had been trained since birth for these kinds of occasions, after all. They were all performances, to some extent, but the joy of the newlyweds shone genuinely with each good wish. Throughout, their hands remained clasped for all to see.

About an hour later, he found himself facing Clara, resplendent in her wedding gown, with wildflowers adorning her hair. His father had proposed a dance between Klaus and his new sister.

“Of course!” Clara grinned. As she stepped forward, she accidentally tripped over the hem of her gown, and squealed.  Several hands reached forward to steady her, but it was into Klaus’ arms that she fell.

She stared up at him, flushed and stunned and perhaps a little inebriated, and he had to take an extra breath of air before he remembered where he was.  “I’m impressed,” he began in a deadpan tone, “that that was only the first time you tripped today, Bunnyhead. I expected much worse from you.”

“Awww…” Clara laughed sheepishly.  “Go easy on me today!”

Clara was not by any means a sophisticated dancer, though he knew she and Elias had practiced often before their wedding. Klaus kept the steps simple, guiding her lightly with the arm he had around her back.  They said nothing for the first half, until he heard, “How are you doing, Klaus?”

“Hmm?” Caught off-guard, he looked down.

She was peering up at him concernedly.  “Are you okay? Don’t you hate these kinds of big events?”

He smiled ruefully, indicating the people around them.  “You know how it is.  Half these people are acquaintances my parents felt obligated to invite.  Elias doesn’t even know most of them.”  

Clara nodded.  “I would have liked something smaller…just our friends and family.  But Elias was worried that your parents would be upset.”

“That’s how weddings are. The bride and groom are always worrying about making other people happy.” He spun her around, and she giggled, and he was instantly reminded of the schoolgirl she once had been.  

He’d first seen her peering around his brother’s shoulder from the doorway to the Prefect’s office. Elias had stammered through the introduction – “Not just my Buddy…s-she’s my g-g-girlfriend.” – and then Clara had looked up at him, with an expression halfway between curiosity and terror.  He was instantly reminded of a little rabbit, and the initial impression did not go away even minutes later, when she rose unhesitatingly to defend Elias after Klaus had said something purposefully insensitive.

A brave little bunny. He had been satisfied, and a little intrigued, that Elias had attached himself to a girl who, though simple, had the courage that he himself lacked.

That should have been the first warning sign.

The next time he’d seen her it’d just slipped out.  “Bunnyhead.” He was surprised at his own uncharacteristic slip, almost as shocked as Elias had been, that his terrifying older brother had actually deigned to give a nickname to his girlfriend.  

And within days, Klaus had known.  

But within those same days, and over the next few weeks and months, he’d watched Elias, with Clara at his side like a shadow. Though he’d been effervescently cheerful as a boy, there had been a part of Elias that seemed to have shriveled and hidden away as he’d grown into a young man - his self-confidence, or maybe his courage – and Klaus’ attempts to force that part back to life had never borne fruit.  But as Clara’s joy and love nurtured his little brother like the sun, Elias had flourished.

And now, here they were.

Clara was back in Klaus’ arms now, cheeks flushed from the spin.  “What about you, Klaus?” she asked.

“What about me?”

She laughed.  “It’s your turn next. I know you act mean and scare everyone away, but you’re a nice person on the inside!” Then Clara sobered a little.  “We worried about you, you know.  And Elias won’t tell you in words, but he loves you very much.”

“I know.” Klaus forced a small smile.  “Don’t worry about anything else.  This is your wedding day.  Enjoy your time with Elias today.  Everyone’s here to celebrate you.”

Clara beamed at him triumphantly.  “See what I mean?  A nice person!” And she winked. “No matter the stories Elias tells about you sometimes, I’m so happy you’re my brother.”

The dance ended, and he let Clara scamper off to find her husband.  Another dance began, this time to a faster beat, and he saw Clara dragging a halfheartedly-protesting Elias onto the dance floor.

He turned and excused himself.

 “Klaus. There you are.”

Elias had poked his head around a corner, and now approached Klaus on the balcony where he’d been watching the festivities slowly die down.

As Elias stood next to him, Klaus noticed that his brother’s cravat was crooked, and without thinking, he reached out to straighten it.

“Ah…thanks.”  Elias took a deep breath, clearly hesitating.  “I…uh…”

“Spit it out.”

For a moment, it was as if Elias had reverted back to the nervous first-year he’d once been, cringing in the office of the Emperor Prefect.  “I-I j-just wanted to t-thank you.  For everything.”

Klaus stared at him.  “What are you talking about?”

“Clara.” Elias looked down sheepishly, before meeting Klaus’ gaze.  “For supporting us all this time. To be honest…I didn’t know what you’d think, at the beginning.  I didn’t expect you to like her, at all.  She’s so…”

“…Klutzy?  Loud?  Unbelievably moronic?”

Elias glared.  “That’s my wife you’re talking about now!”


The two brothers both bent over, laughing hard. “You know it’s the truth,” Klaus managed, in between peals of laughter.

“Yeah,” Elias snorted. “When I first saw her…she’d accidentally cast legs on the boys’ dorm door and she was chasing it around, yelling like an idiot…”  He sighed. “I sometimes still can’t believe it. That she was what I needed all along.”

Klaus put his hand on Elias’ shoulder.  “I’m happy for you.  You know that?”

“Yeah.”  Elias put his hand over Klaus’ and squeezed quickly, turning a little pink.  “Thanks. It means a lot to me, coming from you.”

They stood in silence. Elias was gazing over the balcony, clearly looking for his new wife. Klaus nudged his brother.  “Why don’t you go back downstairs and enjoy yourself now?  You’ve still got tonight to look forward to.” Unable to resist, he grinned. “You all prepared?  Need some last minute brotherly advice?”

Elias blanched, and then flushed red.  “N-No! I’ll be just fine!”  

Klaus smirked as Elias made his escape, hurriedly slipping out a side door.  Moments later he was back down below, making his way across the lawn.  Clara spotted him from afar and lit up like a candle, hands reaching towards him.

Klaus watched his brother as he rejoined his new wife.  Elias looked a little worn out from the long day, but there was an underlying look of contentment that Klaus had rarely seen on him before.

Happiness.  It was a good look for Elias.  

It was worth it.

Tyler Posey Fan Fic


“can you write a Tyler posey smut where the reader is an actress and she just got home after 3 months away filming or something and when she comes back her and Tyler have hot rough like sex?”

I hope you enjoy this and I really hope its what you were looking for! I tried to make is super sexy and smutty.  Also I didn’t proof read much because I wanted to post it quickly so I apologize in advance! Feel free to leave feedback or drop a request. <3

Warnings: Cursing, drinking, rough sex, basically lots of smut.

London was nothing short of amazing but after 3 months you started to miss the warmth of your home in California. The demand for the show you had just finished filming was extremely demanding, you weren’t left with a lot of time to kick back or even socialize. Connections back home were put on hold for a bit. But you had let your best friend know that you were on your way home, little did you know she had a surprise party planned and a certain someone had been invited. Before leaving for London you had confessed to your friend that you had developed a crush on one of your adorable co-stars Tyler Posey. Tyler was a joy to work with and be around in general. He was always either laughing or smiling. His happiness became contagious and filming a few sexy scenes made your slight attraction develop into a full blown crush but one thing made it wrong. He was engaged. His long time crush and girlfriend was now his soon to be wife so you were left with nothing but the fact you had to keep it a secret because honestly you really wanted him to be happy even if it wasn’t with you.

“Hey Y/N where are you at? Can I have a time of arrival I am dying to see you!” Your best friend screamed from the other end of the phone.

“Calm down chick I am almost to your place. The driver said around 10 minutes so relax. I miss you too, you know this!” You replied trying in hopes she would chill out.

“10 minutes? Oh crap I have to go then see you soon!” She quickly exclaimed and hung up. What was wrong with her? You thought?

Finally arriving to her house you stepped out of the car to noticed the sound of music coming from her back patio. She was throwing you a party. You had known something was up but you didn’t expect this.

“Y/N! Surprise! Welcome home we missed you!” Your friend screamed while the crowd around her yelled welcome back in unison. Drinks rested in their hands and the whole place was thriving.

“You guy didn’t have to do this! But thank you, I am glad to be home. I missed everyone!” You let them know how much this meant to you. As your eyes scanned the room they met with a pair staring back at you. It was him. His brown orbs were locked on you, he stared for a few more seconds then smiled and waved shyly. You flashed him grin, thankful he couldn’t see your cheeks blushing. Your friend found you and pulled you away from Tyler’s gaze.

“Don’t kill me for inviting him. Trust me things have changed. Just take this drink and go talk to your man.” She placed a cup of vodka and juice in your hand then gave you a push. You couldn’t even argue she had already left your sight. With nothing else to lose you downed the beverage and approached him.

“Hey you.” He said as you came into view.

“Hey yourself, how have you been?” Your reply was calm despite your nerves.

“Well I have been better but I am here. Seana and I called off the wedding and well our whole relationship.” Tyler said while taking a sip of his drink. Your eyes probably looked like they were saucers, this was such shock. Blood rushed to your cheeks for the second time this night, you blamed the alcohol you had just downed.

“Ty I am so sorry, I hate to hear that. I mean I didn’t expect that.” Was all you could say.

He grinned to let you know it wasn’t bothering him that bad. “Y/N it wasn’t working out. We had nothing in common and I am not ready for marriage. Not at all. I just want to focus on my career and have fun. I am too young to settle down. I like to party with my friends and play music. I don’t want to have anything other than my job tying me down.” You knew exactly what he meant. You were also in the same boat. No relationships just the occasional hook up. This lifestyle wasn’t about settling down early, a lot of people agreed.

“I have always been like that, I am no where near ready to marry and slow down. I feel like I’m just getting started.” You replied with a flirty smile. He grinned back,

“Oh is that so? Well little Miss London welcome back. I sure have missed you.” A boost of confidence went through you.

“It’s good to be back, I missed you quite a but too Mr. Posey.” With that you walked closer taking his drink and making it your own. He seemed to like this new found Y/N before him. His hands went to your hips and pulled you to him. He smelled of want, vodka and cologne. It turned you on so much and before you knew it your lips were on his. The music had picked up its pace and grinding on the sex god in front of you was inevitable. He hummed into the kiss while your tongues fought for dominance.  He picked your leg up creating no space between your bodies and your crotch was now on his. You could feel his hard on begging through the shorts that bound him down.

“You are so fucking hot Y/N. I missed seeing that beautiful ass of yours bouncing around set.” Tyler whispered into your ear. You felt him nibble on your neck and take a handful of your ass in one hand while the other groped your breast. A moan escaped from your lips.

“You want me baby? Just tell me and we can get out of here. Your wish is my command.” He told you while his hand slipped under your dress. His large hands made their way into your panties, he didn’t even make it all the way. Your wetness gave him the only answer he needed. You bite your lip and smiled, he planted once last kiss before taking his finger and slipping between your folds. Your eyes fluttered closed. Putty in his hands was all you were. Eyes locked with his you were in a trance, he removed his finger and brought it to his lips. He began to lick it clean, smiling with satisfaction.

“You taste so good Y/N. All that for me?” He questioned. You nodded and pushed your lips close to his ear.

“Of course, so how about you get me out of here and out of these clothes? I want you Tyler. Right fucking now.” Your words were seductive and demanding. He seemed to love it. You watched him grin and noticed it was his turn to blush.

“As you wish my lady. Lets go.” His hand wrapped around yours. The two of you made your way to his car. This ride was going to be unbearable. He offered you to to drive but the alcohol had already set in. You liked this gesture. His car was nice. You took your place in the passenger seat. He climbed behind the wheel and started the engine. You watched as he pulled out of the driveway and onto the road. You decided to mess around. Without thinking your hand went to his crotch.

“I want you so bad Tyler.” The words came out in such an innocent tone. His jaw clenched at the contact. His hard on was even more noticeable than before.

“I think this speaks for itself.” He replied looking down between his legs. Then giving you a cheeky grin. You smiled and plotted something devious. Your fingers went to work on his button and zipper and he didn’t stop you. You took his dick out from the confines of his shorts and boxers. The contact with your hand made his mouth open up and a gasp left from him. Leaning across the console you licked a stripe up his long shaft. He squirmed his seat and moved to give you more access. You kissed his tip before taking him in and moving your lips around him not missing an inch. A few hushed curse words came from above you but still no sign to stop. Loving the control you had over the boy next to you was such a turn on. But the little game of teasing had to come to an end, you had arrived at Tyler’s place. He seemed to be tense as he fixed himself and jumped out from the car, he came around to open your door. Once out of the vehicle he roughly pushed you against the car.

“You were killing me the whole way here. Such a naughty little tease I swear Y/N. What am I gonna do with you?” You smiled and he picked you up. Your legs wrapped around his waist. His mouth went to your neck where he started sucking and biting hard. You were sure there would be bruises there in the morning. He moved away from your neck and pulled you off the car, he carried you inside while it was your turn to kiss on his neck. He somehow managed to get the door unlocked and you inside. You climbed off of him and started to take his shirt off. His chest was so broad, abs were perfectly toned. He looked even better than you had remembered. He was god-like in every way. You ran a finger down his stomach and felt him flex at your touch.

“These have to go Tyler.” You stated while tugging around the waist band of his shorts.

“Then take them off Y/N.“ His smart ass remark was a turn on. You liked the sassiness. You giggled and took the remainder of his clothes off. He instantly reached to the bottom of your dress and slid it off of you. You were left in nothing but your bra and panties. He bite his lip and motioned his eyes to the bedroom. You took the lead and pulled him with you to his room. Your bodies collided and you felt him pin you to the bed. His dick was pushing into your leg. He was ready so you slid your panties down. He worked with your bra flinging it to the other side of the room.

“I am going to make you scream so loud the neighbors will get turned on.” His words came out in a low and strained voice. He was dying for you. You felt his hands grab your hips and turn you around. He had a full view of your ass, his hand came down hard on your cheek. The slap was loud and stung but made you even more wet. He rubbed over it for a second before you felt his hand on the back of your neck, holding you down in place. His tip was at your entrance. He slid it around a bit at your folds, you jumped at the feeling of his dick slipping over your sensitive core and clit. He gave no warning and dove straight into you. A moan fell from your lips. He was a lot bigger than you had expected, especially in this position. Tyler began moving in and out of you, not even taking it slow. He only wanted dominance and you could feel it. He has one had gripping your ass and the other went from your neck to your hair. This was something new to you, as his pace quickened he began to yank on your hair. The mixture of pain and pleasure mingled together and it became euphoric. He was plowing away from behind and all you could do was take it and try not to scream although that’s what he wanted.

“Get loud baby, let everyone know who has you. You are so fucking sexy, if only you could see what a view I have.” He said this while breathing heavy and grunting. You felt your hands grab into the sheets for dear life, Tyler was being absolutely merciless. You loved it. His body was on fire behind you, he sounded almost like an animal, he was eating this up. Your breasts were bouncing up and down at the same pace as his thrusts. Your clit was beginning to crave his touch. He seemed to take noticed of your needs as he felt you clench tighter around him. Tyler’s his moved from your hip and down your side. His fingers started out slowly tracing circles around your now swollen clit. The first touch made you scream. You didn’t realize how ready you were.

“Don’t cum until I tell you to. Okay? Can you do that for me Y/N? His voice was no longer stern, he was almost begging. You couldn’t even nod from the hold he had on your hair. You managed to let out a hushed yeah. Your core was on fire from the pounding Tyler was giving you and the circles around your clit make it nearly impossible not to cum that second. His thrusts were harder and deeper and a moan erupted from his chest.

“Fuck Y/N  cum for me, god damn you feel so good.” Tyler words were like a saving grace. You came all around his dick as you felt him release. The wetness was now dripping down your legs. You felt him release your hair, his grinding slowed down and his rubbed your ass. He pulled out from behind you and you collapsed down into the sheets completely exhausted. Tyler went into the restroom and came back to help you clean up.

“Wow we made such a mess.” He said while climbing into the bed next to you.

“Haha yeah really. Damn you wrecked me Tyler. I’m not complaining though.” You said with a wink. He laughed and made his way under the sheets. You followed suit.

“I’ll leave now if you want, just give me a second to catch my breath and pull myself together.” You said calmly.

“Stay, what I said earlier still stands but I’m not one of those fuck and run kind of guys. You don’t have to be that way with me, unless you want to.” He replied while turning to face you.

“I’ll stay, but this doesn’t mean we are a thing. You got that Posey?” You teased.

“Fine with me, but will this ever happen again? Cause I wouldn’t mind more nights like this in the future.” Tyler said with a cocky smile. You replied,

“Most definitely I could use more nights like this, especially with you.”

I understand people want to support Kris, but it’s really sad to see most Exo fans aren’t even sparing much thought to the other 11 members.

The other members are the ones who have been blindsided by this whole thing. They’re the ones who have to face the public and deal with this mess while Kris hides in the shadows and talks through his lawyers.

They’re the ones who now have something as special as their first concert ruined by this event.

i don’t blame Kris, he has his reasons for what he’s doing, but I do not agree with how he’s doing it at such a bad time. Im not saying they should be mad that Kris is doing this, but fans should spare more thought to how they’re suffering too.

About Exo’s instagram updates, I still don’t know if I believe they were posted by them, not because I think they’re wrong for maybe feeling upset, but because it just seems weird for Exo to quickly post such daring things about something so controversial on their own and leave the posts up even after the backlash they got.

We should know Exo tend to delete their post often, especially their opinionated post. like when Tao told off the sasaengs on his account and quickly deleted it. 

I doubt SM will allow Exo to take any type of control over this issue and speak their minds.

The first thing SM will do is of course try to protect the companies name from looking worst. They used this same tactic with DBSK. 

I think if SM didn’t want those post on the SNS, it wouldn’t even be allowed to remain posted. SM would’ve tried to clean up that mess but this is the picture SM wants painted.

Interview with Jennagill!

Hi! @peetabreadgirl, here! What better way to start off your Saturday morning than a good read with a great author? Grab your coffee, (iced if you live in the deep South, like she and I do. It’s hella hot down here!), and enjoy this fun little chat between Texans. No, there aren’t any y’alls and howdys. :)

Tell me who @jennagill is… What does a normal day look like for you?

Wake up after an average 7 hrs of sleep, get myself and two little boys ready for the day, drive an hour, workworkworkworkwork, drive an hour home to rowdy boys and Mr. Gill, prep dinner/eat/parent/bedtime, maybe about a half hour of me time (?), and sleep. Lather, rinse, repeat. Some days are more exciting. Sometimes I take an hour off at lunch time to sit with my other coworkers. Sometimes I plan a lunch date. Sometimes I walk a few laps behind the office when it’s not blazing hot and 120% humidity. Posting Coxa on the Wednesday lunch hour really broke up the week for me, so it was nice to have that to look forward to at the front end of the week.

Where in the world do you find time to write with only 30 minutes of ‘me time’??

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