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Two Haunted Souls

Note: this wasn’t a request, but I’m hoping this kick-starts my writing again. I haven’t had the motivation to write lately :( which sucks, but it happens ( a lot ). I hope you all are doing well! school is starting for some of you so I wish you the best! I’m just ready for Fall. also, Fall means cozy sweater!Seb. I’m very excited for that! but without further ado, enjoy this. feedback is welcome! .c

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Your nightmare clawed at your eyelids, your nails were digging into the sheet on the bed that had been pulled from the top corners of your mattress. A light layer of sweat lay on your skin, dampening the hairline on the base of your skull. It took everything in you to wake yourself up. An ear-piercing scream erupted from your chest and broke out of your dry lips, scratching at your throat. You’d feel it later on, no doubt. You always did.

Your body quickly shot up, your breath caught in your throat. As you looked around, you found yourself safe and in your room - not in the torture chamber you had been kept in for most of your teenage years. The memories plagued your thoughts day in and day out. When it was time to sleep, that’s when the demons came to play the most. 

It was hard accepting Tony’s offer for you to live in the Avenger’s compound. It wasn’t something you were used to. In the base Hydra kept you in, you had to stay in a broom closet, so it seemed, it was way too small. You were locked away like a prisoner of sorts, used for testing – like a lab rat.

Eventually, you knew you had no other choice. They wouldn’t let you become homeless, and now that you had been rescued, keeping you safe was their priority. Hydra was still out there. Everyone was easy to talk to, but more often than not, you chose to stay quiet or to yourself. 

Your feet padded down the chilly hallway as you made your way to the elevator. You knew sleep wasn’t going to be on the agenda now. Something tugged at your gut and you just needed to get out of your room. It’s like you could feel the demons staring at you, ready to pull you under and drown you again. Taking the elevator a few floors down, you exited and walked into the living quarters. You were slow-moving, slightly swaying on your feet as exhaustion swirled around your head.

To your surprise, you weren’t alone. You looked up at Bucky and met his blue eyes as he sat still in the recliner; eerily still, like if he moved, his demons would pounce on him. The lamp on the other side of the room was on, illuminating enough light to see the details on his face. 

It was covered in sweat and his eyes were bloodshot, the underside decorated with dark circles. You knew he had nightmares and that they were the very reason he’s awake at such an unholy hour. Countless times you’ve heard his painful screams on the floor above yours. 

Steve had introduced the two of you when you arrived and he was just as quiet as you had been. There were walls built up and a sort of fear of being around anyone. He had simply shook your hand, muttering a small hello while keeping his metal hand out of the way. His past with Hydra was no secret to you. 

Taking a seat on the couch opposite of him, you sat in the middle with your knees pulled to your chest. You hugged them close and kept your eyes on your feet. As you sat, you could hear Bucky’s breathing slow down. It was heavy and labored when you entered, and you found that yours had slowed as well. Being in the same room as someone that had been through much of the same thing as you, comforted you in some twisted way.

Neither of you spoke, neither of you moved from your spots, neither of you dared to close your eyes long enough to be drug back down.

3:41am, one week later

It was as if lava had been poured on your skin. You were burning, screaming as loud as you could with no voice, the demons clawed and grinned devilishly as they ripped you to shreds. Only when you shot up in your bed once again, was your voice found, a loud scream echoing throughout your room. Your chest heaved and your fingernails nearly ripped through your sheets, the soreness evident as you relaxed them. 

You sat for a moment, taking in your surroundings. Suddenly being in your room felt foreign and unsafe. You took the elevator down to the living quarters again, keeping your eyes on your feet. You took your usual spot on the couch after switching on the lamp, pulling your knees into your chest. Your eyes looked for Bucky, but he wasn’t to be seen.

Your thoughts were loud as you sat alone. Your body was still slightly shaking and you couldn’t ignore the images that circled around your mind, until the faint sound of heavy breathing sounded through the room. Your head snapped up and your eyes landed on a rather shaken up Bucky. His chest was glistening with sweat, his hair matted slightly.

The feeling of comfort washed over you and you sighed softly, watching him take his seat in the recliner again. His eyes remained on the ground as he leaned forward, his hands clasped together with his elbows on his knees. His hair fell around his face and you didn’t want to stare at him any longer, but just as you were about to look away, he glanced up at you through his lashes. No words were spoken, only a short glance of eye contact was shared.

Until the morning sun rose, you two remained still and quiet.

2:17am two days later

You hadn’t slept. You stayed awake and wondered about Bucky. The past few nights, you both stayed in the living quarters, silent and un-moving after nightmares brought you both out of a deep sleep. It was calming, but something made you want more, in a non-creepy way. You wanted to help him, but you couldn’t even help yourself. 

What happened to you both, haunted you two to the point where closing your eyes even to blink seemed like a horrible task. It made you nauseous. You wanted to speak to him, but you could never find your voice. Especially after so many nights of waking up from your own screaming.

You sighed and sat up in your bed, feeling like you were going to suffocate in this room if you stayed in it any longer. Slipping out of your door, you made your way to the elevator. It arrived at the living quarters once again. Your hugged your arms around yourself as you walked into the room. Out of reflex your eyes went to the recliner. It was empty. You sank into yourself.

You turned towards the couch and was shocked to see Bucky sitting on the side, his eyes on his hands in his lap. He looked like he was deep in thought, and you hadn’t heard his screams all night. You weren’t sure if you should sit in your usual spot – the change in seating was odd – so you made your way over to the recliner. 

You heard a faint whimper come from Bucky before you could sit down. It sounded desperate and broken; it made your heart sink in your chest. You turned to look at him and his eyebrows were creased, his hair framed his face and his eyes were staring right at you. Did he want you to sit beside him? You bit your lip nervously as you stood there, unsure of your next move.

Taking any ounce of courage you could muster, you cautiously walked over to the couch and sat down in the middle. Bucky didn’t move and neither did you. You weren’t close enough to make skin contact, but you were close enough to feel the body heat radiating off of him. His breathing eventually slowed and you felt yourself starting to fall into that wave of comfort. You felt safe and you only hoped he felt the same way.

3:03am one week later

The closeness between you and Bucky felt natural. Many times you’ve found yourself wanting to hear his thoughts, to ask him if he’s okay, what his nightmares are about, and if he felt any relief with you beside him, like you felt. But you were scared that that itself was a dream, as well. If you spoke, he’d disappear – all of it would disappear and you’d wake up in the torture chamber.

Your body felt drained of it’s energy tonight. Your nightmares only seemed to get worse. Your throat throbbed from your screams. It lasted longer and you managed to rip your sheets up this time. It’s the worst nightmare you’ve had, and that’s saying a lot. You were taken prisoner again, but you weren’t alone. Bucky was there, tied up and tortured like you had been. You screamed out and tried to save him, you did everything you could yet nothing at all to get them to stop. You couldn’t move, you were bound to that damned chair, needles poking into your skin, injected with anything they came up with.

You entered the room and avoided looking at Bucky. You knew you’d break at any moment. Crying wasn’t something you did, or even wanted to do. It was a sign of weakness, you had been told. You cried nearly every day during the time Hydra had you. Until one night, you became numb and accepted your fate.

Bucky was exhausted, like he always was. You heard his screams moments after you woke up. When they stopped, you knew he was making his way here. His eyes followed your body as you sat down on the couch. Your hands rest either side of you on the cushion, your legs hanging off the edge. 

Your breathing was ragged and you could see Bucky’s head slightly turn, his blue eyes looking down at you with a hint of worry. You kept your eyes straight ahead, trying to keep your tears inside.

Bucky watched your lip tremble and your eyes water, the rise and fall of your chest hiccuping in motion while you struggled to hold it together. Your eyebrows creased as the images and screams flashed through your mind. The look in Bucky’s eyes in your nightmare caused you to finally break. A sob fell from your lips. The sound shot through Bucky and he looked away slowly, biting his tongue. His heart broke at the sight and sound of you breaking.

Your right hand had formed a fist and you felt a touch of metal bump against the side of it. You gasped and looked down, seeing Bucky’s hand resting palm down like yours had been. His pinky nudged your hand and you sniffled, blinking away tears as you un-clenched your fist. Both of your movements were slow and you let his hand rest on top of yours. The cool metal was nice against your heated skin. You knew how hard this was for him, but both of you needed it. He knew that.

Flipping your hand over underneath his, you watched him link your fingers together. You took a brave glance at him and looked into his blue eyes. During your crying, he had shed a few tears himself. Pain crossed his features as he held onto your hand. His metal arm was something you knew he struggled with. It wasn’t something he wanted. Neither of you had a choice in your past.

As time passed by, he relaxed into your touch and you did the same, gently tightening your hold on him. His metal thumb slightly caressed your skin. All through the night, you held onto his hand and listened to his deep breaths.

1:47am, three days later

Holding hands had become the new “normal” for you and Bucky when you two sat in the living quarters. It’s not intimate, or if it was, it was only a slim percentage. Gentle human contact was something you had been without for most of your life – you figured the same for Bucky. Only tonight, you knew for sure he would need more contact. His screams jolted you awake. For the first time, your nightmares hadn’t been the thing that woke you up, or your own screams.

He was screaming continuously and your body moved before you could think. You ran towards your door, but stopped upon hearing something you never would’ve guessed he would yell. ”Y/N!” He was screaming your name. Your hands trembled and for a moment, you couldn’t move at all. You were stuck and planted, unable to move as you listened to Bucky scream for you. 

In the short time you’d spent together in silence, a bond had formed. You felt it, you knew he did, too. When he appeared in your nightmares, you didn’t think you’d appear in his. But you were wrong.

A particularly loud scream jerked your body back in motion. You started running as fast as you could to the elevator, pressing his floor number. Luckily he was above you so you’d get there quicker. Your breathing was fast and heavy, your own nightmare still fresh. But you couldn’t think about that this time. Bucky was screaming for you and you knew tonight was the night you needed to focus on him, instead of the both of you.

You ran up to his door, the sounds of his screams louder than ever. You opened his door gently and peeked inside. He was writhing around, his metal arm gripping his pillow before throwing it across the room. You rushed over to his bed and leaned your knee on his mattress. “Bucky!” You whispered, not wanting to scare him. If you did, that metal hand wouldn’t be gripping his other pillow. He was screaming again and it hurt your eardrums but you had to do something.

Your hand reached out for his shoulder and you shook it. “Bucky, wake up!” Your voice was firmer and louder, it broke him out of his sleep and his breath hitched. He jolted up, nearly knocking you off of his bed. You backed away slowly, your hands shaking at your sides. He stared at you, not believing it was you. His eyes were wide and his chest rose and fell rapidly. 

“I’m here.” You whispered, your bottom lip trembling again. A tear fell down your cheek as Bucky reached his hand out towards you, his fingers trembling. Taking a step forward, your hand slid into his. Before you could get onto his bed, Bucky pulled you into his broad chest. It was damp with sweat but you didn’t care.

His arms held you close as he sobbed into your shoulder. Your arms loosely rest around his neck, your bodies rocking back and forth. “I’m here.” You cried, tangling your hand into his long, damp, dark hair. He nodded against you, his own sobs hiccuping as his hands gripped onto your shirt, his arms nearly crushing you against him. You two stayed in each other’s arms, holding onto the other as if it were the only thing that helped, the only thing that kept the demons away.

Slowly but surely, your breathing started to calm and match in rhythm. For once in both your lives, you felt like everything would be okay; as long as you had each other to hold onto. 

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Professor Moony and the Scarlet Minx

Request: “Hey can I please get a v smutty/teasey sub!remus x reader??? I know how he’s mostly portrayed as dom but I’d like to see one of my favourite writers write him as sub, please <3”

Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

Word Count: 2.3k

Warnings: Smut

A/n: this is in an AU Remus started teaching at Hogwarts in his mid-twenties thank qqqqq

Remus entered your shared apartment with a tired sigh, carrying his suitcase which had become filled with your owl-sent notes in amongst all the paperwork he had to finish marking tonight. He smiled at the thought of seeing your face after such a difficult day; a day he only got through because of your sweet little letters. It had started in the morning when Snape made a snide remark about Remus’ bad mood.

“That time of the month again, Lupin?” He scorned.

“I’m afraid so, but at least I know I’m not pregnant.” he replied with a purse of his lips. “Wait, we’re talking about my menstruation, right?”

Snape had given a distasteful huff, dramatically walking away.

I don’t think I’ll make it through today, he had written to you on his first lunch break, I want to punch everyone, and it’s not even reached third quarter moon.

His owl had then returned with a box of chocolates and a note attached: Thinking of you. Send for me if you need more motivation to survive the day. Love you xx

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Tips for being a morning person and not wanting to go back to bed again

Okay, we’ve all been there. Somedays you hear your alarm go off and the first thought that comes through your mind is “I can’t wait to go back to bed tonight” I mean, sleeping is probably one of my favourite things to do, though I really wish it wasn’t. I truly envy morning people, or the people that only need 6 h of sleep. Like, wtf? How do you do that? I need at least 9 h of sleep in order to feel functional, and being in uni living in student halls in practically impossible.

Anyways, here are some tips for all my sleepy heads that wish to be *cough* aliensfromanotherplanetbecausesrslyhowcanyouwakeupeverydayat5 *cough* morning people. I’m not a morning person by any means, but sometimes I feel like the best advice comes from people that struggle as much as you do:

  • Routine. Routine. Routine. I cannot stress this enough. Having a routine very morning makes you feel so put together. Waking up to go into your bathroom. Doing your makeup. Murdering the flatmate that wouldn’t turn down their music until 4 AM. Just small things you do every morning to give you a sense of order. I personally like to meditate for five minutes everyday. It also works for me to imagine myself in one of those Morning Routine videos, so I start talking like a beauty guru in my head (you do it too, and you know it)
  • Look forward to something. But something that you are doing as part of your morning routine. Maybe is watching a show while you have breakfast. Maybe is talking to your S.O. But make it part of your routine, because if you have a 9 AM lecture the next day that you really don’t like, it’s going to be harder to want to get out of bed. If it’s something small that you do while getting ready, you’ll feel more inclined to stop hitting the snooze button, even if you’re not really looking forward for what you have to do next.
  • Leave something to do for the next day, in the morning. If I want to get to bed early, but I still have to do something first, sometimes I’ll leave it for the morning after. That way I’ll have to force myself to get out of bed in order to have time to do it. This works really good on Mondays, for example.
  • Set goals. Okay, let’s be honest. You’re not going to wake up tomorrow at 5 AM, workout, meditate, shower, have a healthy breakfast, do some readings, clean your bathroom and then head to your lecture. You may be able to do it for a couple days, but you will quickly loose motivation. I find that the best thing to do is to set goals. Start by waking up everyday at the same time ( would be better if you did it on the weekends too, but everyone knows they are cheat days) and do one thing of all the things you want to do. My personal goal atm is to wake up at 8 and in my morning routine meditate some. I will continue to do it until it becomes a habit. Then, maybe I’ll continue by doing some workout, and so forth. See what I mean?
  • Forgive yourself. Nobody’s perfect! If you went to bed last night at 2 because you were studying (or maybe you just went out, couldn’t sleep) it’s okay to sleep in sometimes. Somedays we are just more tired and our body needs that extra half and hour. But forgive yourself, and try again the next day. Being a morning person takes time and will, but it is possible! (Or so I’ve been told…) Let me know how it goes!! We can do this guys!
Welcome Home - Part 1

Originally posted by ghostthinxx

Request: (by anon) Hello! I love your writing, you’re one of my favorite writers on Tumblr. :) I was wondering if you could do a Winn Schott imagine, where after the crossover or whatever you go back to Earth 38 with Kara and you end up falling in love with Winn? Like a lot of flirting and cute moments where Winn gets all flustered? Thanks! :D <3

Pairing: Winn Schott x Reader feat. Kara, Alex, J’onn, Oliver, and Barry

Warnings: None

Words: 2807

A/N: So, I loved this prompt so much that I decided to make it a series. And if you’re wondering what her costume looks like, I made that too. Sorry this isn’t as flirty/flustery as I meant it to be. Maybe I’ll do better in part 2.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Dominators were defeated, the presidential honors were given, the celebratory party was winding down, and Earth-1 was saved. The only thing left to do was to say your goodbyes and go your separate ways.

Over the last few days, you had become good friends with Supergirl, or Kara Danvers as it was. At the party, she had mentioned how on her Earth it was just her and her cousin defending the planet and how nice it was to have a team. You couldn’t have agreed more. It would be nice to fight crime with others like Team Arrow or the Legends. It would even be nice to have a support group like Team Flash, even if you were the only one in the field.  But you had no one. No friends, no family, no one to rely on other than yourself.

Knowing this, Kara invited you to come back to her world to fight alongside her. Earth-1 had plenty of protectors and you had no reason to stay, so you quickly jumped at the opportunity.

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So hey, I just reached 101 followers! Thank you all so much, you honestly have no idea how much that means to me. ;w; 

So what better way to celebrate than with another chapter of this…series now, I guess? I have no idea honestly, haha. So this chapter is actually inspired by the comic that Zango drew that first showed off Bendy in his ‘Nightmare’ form. I dig the design so much and I’ll stop rambling now.

As always, this story is inspired by the 2D Bendy AU created by the wonderful @shinyzango, please check out her blog because it’s amazing and so is she. ^w^


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Bonnie & Clyde

Summary: You’re the daughter of a notorious mobster, and Yoongi is the bodyguard that he hired against your wishes.

Originally posted by sugaglos

“Why didn’t you fire them?” He asked like it was the simplest thing to do.

“Dad. We’ve gone through so many housekeepers. There’s no reason to fire them for one mistake.” You told him.

“Y/N, if they can’t do their job correctly then that’s not your problem. We’ll keep firing them until we find someone who can do the job right. It’s that simple.” He argued.

“They’re people dad.” You sighed feeling aggravated by his lack of understanding.

"Jesus, Y/N. Focus on yourself and stop worrying about others. Go study, I don’t want to hear you complain anymore.” He said turning his attention back to the laptop.

You rolled your eyes and stormed off upstairs to your room.

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somebody else // stiles stilinski pt. 7

Summary: Stiles broke her heart and now she can never look at him the same. They remained friends, but she can’t exactly find it in herself to truly forgive Stiles and he doesn’t know how to accept her new relationship with the one person he can’t stand. Overtime, they both eventually got over each other… or have they?

Requested: no, collab with @minhosmeanhoe

Warning: no, mature language  

Inspired by this song


She didn’t remember much of the events that had happened earlier in the week other than the fight. Stiles hadn’t been in school for three days, most likely because of his broken nose, making it easier for her to avoid the stinging pain in her chest every time she caught a glimpse of him.

She questioned which hurt more, avoiding him or facing the pain that came with being in his presence. The sympathetic looks and murmurs that she received while walking in the halls for the rest of the week made her head spin. Katalina was in no mood for fake sympathy or condolences for something people knew nothing about. Deep down, she was tired of playing this constant cat and mouse game her and Stiles had started a few weeks ago.

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Kim Samuel Harry Potter AU

  • 500% a ravenclaw
  • values knowledge, but also understands the necessity of hard work
  • is literally perfect in everything he does
  • he’s halfblood, but was raised in a wizarding household
  • nicknamed “the brightest wizard of our generation”
  • like literally the new hermione granger
  • but you’re not in ravenclaw for your sharp intelligence or love of books
  • oh no boo you’re in ravenclaw for that firecracker wit
  • snarky and sassy af, people know not to get on your bad side
  • on the first day of school, you and samuel ended up in the same carriage on the hogwarts express
  • he as the first friend at hogwarts you made
  • and when you two were sorted into the same house, you were both overjoyed
  • you become best friends, never seen without the other
  • during your second year, he decides to join the quidditch team and of course you support him
  • you help him practice for tryouts even though you’re not great at flying
  • you find yourself slowly falling for him,,, he’s just so kind to you and of course he’s handsome and intelligent and skilled
  • but you wouldn’t do anything to put your friendship in danger, so you don’t say anything
  • during the summer, you ask your parents if you can go over to his house occasionally
  • your family is a muggle family, and his parents immediately want to meet yours
  • they get along pretty well (and of course make a couple jokes about you two dating)
  • “mom, oh my god, you’re so embarrassing!”
  • since samuel lives in a wizarding community, you’re able to practice quidditch with him
  • it’s more like you throwing quaffles into the air and him chasing after them
  • once he’s tired out, the two of you head inside 
  • he’s all sweaty and gross and keeps trying to hug you lmao
  • your parents and his become really good friends, to the point where they’ll visit his parents even if you’re not going over to samuel’s house
  • you return to school and you’re both excited to begin a new school year
  • samuel drags you to flourish and blotts when you go shopping at diagon alley, super eager to get his hands on the new textbooks
  • samuel also gets chosen to be a ravenclaw prefect
  • and you feel a bit awkward, because it’s the first time you’ve taken the hogwarts express alone, as he had to check in with the other prefects
  • the routines that you were so used to with samuel, like stopping by the library after dinner, have all changed
  • and for the winter ball, he ends up going with his prefect partner 
  • you’re slightly pissed that he didn’t even think of asking you, but you ignore it
  • you end up going with takeda kenta, one of your friends from hufflepuff 
  • during the ball, kenta goes to grab drinks and you sit down, taking a break from all the dancing
  • “you didn’t tell me you were going with takeda kenta” samuel said stiffly, taking a seat next to you
  • “yeah, well, you didn’t tell me you were going at all,” you replied, shrugging
  • “yeah, well,” he snapped, obviuosly getting mad, “you didn’t ask”
  • “Kim samuel, why the hell should i ask my best friend if he’s going to the yule ball?”
  • kenta was returning with drinks, but when he saw the two of you arguing he turned around and walked away quickly
  • “you shouldn’t just go with the first guy who asks you, though,” samuel argued back, crossing his arms, “you never know what kenta’s motives might be”
  • “oh god, don’t bring kenta into this,” you groaned, “he’s literally a sweetheart, don’t be an asshole”
  • “Oh my god,” samuel rolled his eyes, “i’m not being an asshole, you just need to be more careful and aware”
  • you glared at him, standing up, “i can take care of myself, kim samuel”
  • you stormed back to the ravenclaw dorms, furious that your night had been ruined
  • after wiping your makeup off and changing into your pyjamas, you curled up into bed, crying
  • the dorm was empty, since all of your dormmates were still at the ball
  • “(y/n)?” you heard samuel say softly
  • you rolled over onto your side and pulled the covers over your head
  • “(y/n), I’m sorry for being a jerk,” he apologized, sitting on your bed next to you. “i was just jealous of kenta and i expressed that badly.”
  • you rolled over onto your other side, looking up at him suspiciously
  • he sighed, grabbing a tissue and wiping your tears away
  • “i’m sorry for making you cry,” he said quietly, shifting so that he was lying on the bed as well
  • he wrapped his arm around you and you laid your head on his chest comfortably, a position the two of you were familiar with
  • (you would have sleepovers and such during the summers)
  • samuel started to play with your hair, gently carding his fingers through your hair
  • “(y/n), I like you,” samuel said quietly as you felt your eyes growing heavy. “I just didn’t know how to tell you.”
  • you sighed, looking up at him
  • “i like you too, idiot,” you smiled, snuggling further into him
  • you two fell asleep like that in your bed, cuddling each other
  • you two are the cuddle couple ™
  • when you start taking different classes as upperclassmen, he waits for you outside of your classroom, hugging you and giving you a quick kiss as you leave the classroom
  • in the mornings when you’re especially tired from a long night of studying, he lets you rest your head on his shoulder as you eat slowly
  • lee daehwi, another one of sam’s friends in hufflepuff, will sometimes laugh at how whipped samuel is for you
  • your parents and his are overjoyed at the news that you’re dating
  • and probably start planning your wedding as soon as they find out
  • just a generally cute and pure couple wowowow

anonymous asked:

Have you ever written fic where the Harpies are talking/comparing their s.o or even brag about guys they have *been* with and Ginny kinda want to join them but what she and Harry share are for them only so she always give a non comittal response?

A/N: pretty short, combined with another prompt, and title courtesy of @annikaleigh24 woo!  I am working on tempus part 2 and still brainstorming for the follower celebration fics AH!.  Please believe me when I say teh delay is no reflection on how much I celebrate all of you, and more a product of my brain being a little buttface and not being creative.

Also available on FF and Ao3!


When Ginny wakes up to Harry nuzzling her belly button, green eyes twinkling, she’s optimistic it will be a good morning.  And when his lips start working their way down her abdomen, beard prickling against her skin, she knows this could make her week.

Which is why the locker room chitchat after practice that afternoon is so grating.  Without any input from Harry, Ginny had decided early on – like Fifth year early – that their relationship would remain private between them.  Largely because of Harry’s inescapable fame, but her decision became even firmer as her own fame rose.  If Harry Potter’s bedroom habits with some scrappy little red head drew in readers, his bedroom habits with one of the first string chasers for the Holyhead Harpies - and the World Cup team, fingers crossed - would be a hot commodity.  So when the usual Thursday, pre bar crawl night chatter is going on and Ginny realizes she’s one snide comment or pitying glance away from beginning a graphic speech about just how not boring her marriage bed is, she begins disrobing faster and shoving her robes into her bag.  Rank smelling or not.

One of the beaters – Sandra – saunters around the corner, toweling her pale hair dry and frowning at Ginny as she’s heading toward the door.  “Leaving Weasley?  Should be a fun night before you go back to dull married life.”

Despite the initial prick of offense, Ginny swallows down her retort in the name of team harmony and smiles lightly.  “I think I’ll just have a quiet night in,” she shrugs her bag further up her shoulder, “Harry’s been away almost two weeks and I barely had a chance to see him.”  But when I did it was very impactful, Ginny thought privately.

After wishing them a good night and promising to come out next time – they really aren’t a bad bunch, when you haven’t been deprived of your scandalously attractive husband for a fortnight – Ginny trots toward the apparition point and appears in the front entrance of their flat seconds later.

It’s quiet, when she gets there.  The faint, enticing scent of some sort of savory pie wafting through the flat, buttery and warm, draws Ginny toward the kitchen where she finds a partially empty bottle of Guinness on the counter and takes a swig.  Wandering closer to the stove, Ginny takes a big sniff and sets her mouth watering at the heady aroma of one of Harry’s signature pies.

He’s made a habit of it, cooking something a bit extravagant when he comes home from any extended work trip and they have a cozy night in, gorging themselves and getting reacquainted.  

So she’s pretty sure that given the late hour of his arrival last night, Ginny’s early morning wake up session, and the entirely homemade dinner waiting, Harry’s likely passed out on some flat surface, dead to the world.  Except, there was that one time he fell asleep in the shower, so she really can’t limit it to horizontal locations.

After padding through the flat on tiptoes with no luck in her search, Ginny presses the door to their bedroom open with a single finger, cursing herself for neglecting to oil the squeaking hinge as it squeals in the heavy silence.

Still, the lump of a husband that’s sprawled across the bed doesn’t move beyond a childish smacking of his lips, snuffling adorably as he burrows further into the mussed pillows.

Smiling softly to herself, Ginny disrobes as she makes her way toward the ensuite, letting the bathroom fill with warm air to ease her body aches before she steps under the sharp heat of the spray.  

By the time she’s exiting the loo in a cloud of steam, yellow light cutting a wedge across the darkened room. As the floorboards creak beneath her damp toes, Ginny turns abruptly toward the bed where Harry’s now open eyes glow in the dim lighting.  Her towel slips a bit and Harry’s smile flashes in the dark.  “No need to cover up for me, Mrs. Potter.”

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Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (14)

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Part 14 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

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Word Count: 3000 (ish)

Your eyes were opened wide in shock.

“P-pregnant?” You breathed. How could you be pregnant at a place and time like this? Why was everything always going in the opposite direction to what you wanted? It’s not like you didn’t want to be a mother and start a family, in fact that’s what you had dreamed ever since getting married. But not in this house and with Luhan on the prowl. You swallowed slowly, closing your eyes for a moment. It must’ve been the night when you Chanyeol brought you back from being kidnapped by Luhan, when you and Minseok had ‘celebrated’. There was no use in pondering; you may as well look at it in a positive way. You were going to have a family with Minseok, that was what you wanted, but Minseok on the other hand…
You looked over at him, his mouth agape staring at nothing in particular.

“So…what do you want me to do? Get rid of it for you or…” Baekhyun cracked his knuckles awkwardly.

“What! No Baekhyun are you crazy!” You shouted, upset that he’d even ask such a stupid question. He nodded apologetically.

“You’re right. I’m sorry, maybe I should leave you two to have some space.” He nodded as he excused himself from the room, leaving behind you, Minseok and silence. You looked back over at Minseok who still looked dazed.

“Min?… say something.” You whispered, but all he did was blink. Finally switching his attention to you he began rubbing his hands together.


“I need some air.” He cut you up, standing from the opposite bed and rushing out of the Op room. You lay there alone, confused at what had just happened, but maybe he was still in shock so you would have to give him some time. The day’s events had confused you severely; Yuna had been shot at, you were involved in a hit and run incident and now a life was growing inside of you. You groaned, everything was a mess, you just wanted to live a simple life why was that too much to ask for.

You were tired and needed sleep.

You woke the next day, determined to get yourself in a better mood. You had passed Minseok but hadn’t said a word to each other maybe you’d speak to him about it after breakfast. You walked into the kitchen and it had suddenly just dawned on you why you were feeling sick lately, it was because you were pregnant. You sighed, realising that you would have to do everything carefully from now on. You took a seat next to Sehun who was talking to Junmyeon and Yuna across the table from you.

“Sorry to interrupt guys but I’m going to need to borrow Sehun for a minute.” You took a hold of his wrist and stood up again.

“Sure.” Junmyeon nodded grabbing a glass of orange juice and taking a sip from it. You dragged Sehun out of the kitchen and outside into the garden, which in honesty you had never spent time in up until now. The morning air was nippy and the sky was grey.

“Why did you bring me out here?” Sehun frowned, his tall frame looming over you. Although Sehun had worked a lot on actually conversing with you now he still had a long way to go in speaking with a polite tone. “Is it Minseok, is he okay?”

You nodded, dismissing his question with a flick of your wrist.

“Yes Minseok’s okay. Listen. I ummm, well there’s not really any other way to put this Sehun…I umm…I’m pregnant.” You shrugged holding your breath looking up at the tall man. His face contorted into confusion.

“You’re…pregnant?” He looked down at you slowly. You nodded in response. “And you’re sure about this?”

“Yes Sehun. I’m sure.”

“And how far gone?” He asked.

“I don’t know maybe a month, a month and a half.” You bit your lips anxiously; suddenly all of Sehun’s questions were making you nervous.

“And Minseok?” He questioned.

“What about Minseok?”

“Well does he know? Have you told him?”

“Yes he knows. We found out last night.”

He nodded, but his face was still contorted, clearly he wasn’t glad about the news. He was going to be pushed back once again in Minseok’s list of priorities. He looked at you blankly and it was awkward for a couple of seconds.

“I’m not sure why you told me this.” Sehun said; emotion vacant in his voice.

“Why wouldn’t I tell you Sehun, aren’t you Minseok’s best friend? Doesn’t that make sense?” You were becoming agitated with his responses.

“Okay well… Thanks. Congratulations I guess.” He turned around walking back towards the house. You rolled your eyes, What kind of ‘congratulations’ was that?

“Where’s Chanyeol?” You called to him as he opened the garden door.

“He’s in his room.”
You nodded, following Sehun to the door. It was time to pay Chanyeol a visit.

You knocked at the door and heard a low grunt from the other side, you opened the door without actual permission but at this point you didn’t care you were too consumed with frustration, only really just becoming aware of how angry you were with Chanyeol. His eyes widened upon seeing you, he stood there in underwear only.

“What the heck are you doing, I didn’t say you could come in yet!” He yelled at you, his face turning a flustered shade of red.

“I’ve seen your chest before and I’ve seen your legs before. Seeing them at the same time is no big problem.” You hissed through your teeth. Thoughts swarming around in your head, you were still seething at the thought that Chanyeol didn’t come to see how you were at the hospital, he didn’t come to check on you early this morning, for all he knew you could’ve died in the car crash. He reached down to his bed picking up a pair of cotton grey shorts and quickly put them on.

“Some best friend you are Park Chanyeol!”
His eyes were avoiding yours, something you had grown used to over the past couple of weeks.
“Look at me you bastard!” You screeched, you had had enough of his behaviour, you had enough of not being able to trust him and you just needed some answers.
“Where were you Chanyeol!? I was in a car crash! I could’ve died, I nearly died. WHERE WERE YOU!?” He remained silent, your chest was heaving up and down. Without warning you raised your arm and brought your hand down hard on his face. You had never hit Chanyeol like that, but you couldn’t control the rage bubbling within your body.

“I can’t even trust you anymore Park Chanyeol. You avoid me everyday ever since Tao laid out your motives, which are very plausible might I add. It’s you isn’t it. You’re the one working with Luhan!”

“So what if I am?” He mumbled so quietly that you almost didn’t hear him. Your eyes widened in shock if not disgust.

“Are you admitting to me that you’re the snake working for Luhan Park Chanyeol?”

“I’m not admitting anything; I’m just saying what if it is me. You all seem to think my reasons are plausible so then I’d have the right to act the way I do, wouldn’t I?” His voice was raised now, his shoulders were shaking slightly. You didn’t notice this man standing in front of you; this was not your Chanyeol.

“How could you be so fucking selfish Chanyeol? How could you do this to everyone? Tell me now, is it you!?”

“So what if it is, what difference would it make is what I’m trying to say. It’s someone, and that someone is clearly doing a fucking good job!” He screamed, veins popping up in his neck and forehead, his face beetroot red.

“You’re a monster Chanyeol. A MONSTER! YOU WILL NEVER EVEN BE ABLE TO TOUCH THIS BABY WHEN IT’S BORN!” You shrieked, tears were streaming down your face as you spun around and reached for the door, opening it your ran out of the room and down the stairs to the living room where everyone was. You heard Chanyeol’s heavy footsteps thundering down the stairs after you.

“Woahhh, what the heck is going on?” Baekhyun looked up confused at the both of you. Both you and Chanyeol were crying now, chest rising heavily up and down. Minseok rose to his feet resting his hand on your shoulder.

“Y/N what’s going on?”
But he was cut off by Chanyeol who was hissing at you, his saliva spraying on your face.

“What baby am I not touching?”

You ignored his question, pointing at him you began to speak.

“Guys we can’t trust this- this monster.”

“I SAID WHAT BABY Y/N!?” He screamed causing everyone to flinch.

“Jesus, Chanyeol calm down. What’s going on?” Junmyeon asked slowly rising from his seat he attempted to pull him back away from you but instead the taller man elbowed him in the stomach causing him to double over in pain. Yuna rushing to his side to help him back up to his feet.

“Are you pregnant!?” Chanyeol hissed staring into your eyes. You didn’t reply, that was a clear enough answer. He scoffed whilst the rest of the room gasped looking at you. Minseok lowered his head shaking it in what you were assuming to be anger or embarrassment. Great, now everybody knew and Minseok wasn’t happy.

“He…he fucking did that to you? He got you pregnant?” Chanyeol’s voice had changed into something sinister; you didn’t recognise it as his own. You didn’t recognise the being in front of you as Park Chanyeol.

“You got her pregnant! You bastard!” In that moment it was as though Chanyeol was possessed by the spirit of a beast, he swung for Minseok sending him flying back into Kyungsoo. Both men and the wheelchair flying back onto the floor beneath them. You stepped back further into the room, finding cover behind Tao, scared at what Chanyeol may do to you next. The veins in his neck had doubled in size, adrenaline coursing through his body. It was as though you could hear his heart pumping venom to each and every one of his organs from where you were in the room. It took Jongin, Sehun and Baekhyun to restrain and drag him back a safe distance. You were crying hysterically, but admittedly not as hysterically as Chanyeol.

“GET OFF OF ME!” He screeched at the men holding him back. “SHE’S PREGNANT KIM MINSEOK. YOU DID THAT?! GET OFF OF ME!” You were shaking in your spot, Tao had put his arm you in attempt to comfort you but it wasn’t really doing much.

“Chanyeol calm down!” Sehun screamed dragging him onto the floor and straddling him order to restrain him. He shook his body under the younger male as though he were a wild animal, and honestly at this point he was.

“GET OFF!” He pushed Sehun upwards and backwards, causing him to crash into the small glass coffee table, it smashed into pieces.

“IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME!” Chanyeol screamed rising to his feet. “I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE TO DO THAT. IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN YOU KIM MINSEOK, ALL OF IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME! SHE WAS MADE FOR PARK CHANYEOL. HOW DARE YOU IMPREGNATE HER! IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME!” He pointed a warning finger at Minseok and as if nothing had happened he ran to the front door and out of the house slamming the door shut behind.
It was silent for a minute or so, only the sound of heavy breathing could be heard.

You had thought Chanyeol was over it all.

“Is everyone okay?” Yixing whispered, walking over to help Sehun up from the pile of shattered glass, luckily unscathed, whilst Baekhyun walked over to help Minseok and Kyungsoo up from where they still were on the floor.

“Yeah I think we’ll all be fine.” Tao frowned, looking down at you rubbing your back. “Are you alright?” You nodded, since you were really still in too much shock to actually formulate words.

“You’re…pregnant?” Jongin whispered, his eyes trained on yours; staring expectantly.

“Look can you cut her some slack, now is definitely not the time for this.” Yuna frowned walking over to you she pulled you out of Tao’s hold and led you upstairs to your room sitting you down on your bed.

“Listen just rest and ignore the men for now. This must be so much for you right now, but try and take it easy added stress isn’t good for the baby. If I can help at anytime let me know okay. I’m going to go help clean up the glass. And Y/N congratulations okay.” She smiled at you faintly and left you alone with your thoughts. You cried silently some more; how could you continue to be friends with Chanyeol after what had just happened, besides you were almost convinced that he was the one working with Luhan, he practically admitted it didn’t he? But why!? What Tao said couldn’t have been the actual reason could it? You felt sick and you didn’t know if it was because of the baby or the situation you found yourself in. Suddenly you jumped out of your thoughts when you heard the bedroom door shut. In walked a sullen-looking Minseok blood in the corner of his mouth from where Chanyeol had punched him.

“So now everyone knows!” He hissed looking down at you angrily. “It wasn’t supposed to be announced yet.”
You laughed breathlessly in disbelief appalled at Minseok’s behaviour.

“Minseok how is that my fault, you’re acting like I had control over that whole fucking nightmare situation.”

“You did Y/N why did you even tell him in the first place?” He dropped down angrily on the bed next to you.

“It slipped in anger and anyway he’s my best friend I would’ve told him eventually. Besides I told Sehun!” You defended yourself; you weren’t prepared to let him believe it was your fault.

“Why!? You shouldn’t have told anyone before you consulted with me first, we never discussed telling anyone else, why would you act alone!?” He ran his fingers through his hair in one swift motion.

“Well of course we haven’t spoken about it Minseok, you’ve been avoiding the whole damn topic! It’s as though you’re not even happy about this baby.” You cried, looking at him your head was banging and you were still in pain from yesterday.

“Of course I’m not happy Y/N! I don’t want a child I told you that! You knew that, how many times have we argued about it before we came back to the house with the guys, huh?! You know kids are not my forte. I don’t have emotion; I don’t even know how to care for myself and you properly. I couldn’t even hold Ara properly for ten seconds let alone actually having a baby of my own. I don’t know how to love a kid properly.”

“Well you learnt how to love me properly didn’t you?”

“THAT’S DIFFERENT Y/N. THIS IS A KID! I HAVE TO FATHER IT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!” he slammed his hand down hard on the mattress, his shoulders shaking violently. “I can’t do it, I can’t be a father!” He stood banging his fist on the wall.

“Well I’m keeping this baby Minseok! If you don’t want to be a part of our lives then that’s okay!” You screamed standing up from the bed and rushed out of the room. You ran down the stairs and bumped in to Tao.

“Ouch Y/N, watch where yo—Oh, crap. Are you okay?” He bent down a little looking into your face. You shook your head and buried your face into your hands. Sighing he stood behind you, placing his hands on your shoulders he guided you to his room.

“Just sit there” He sat you down on his bed and went to sit at his desk, watching a light-hearted comedy on his laptop. You were laughing in between sobs. It was a familiar show you always used to watch when you got home from work months back.

“Oh?” His eyes widened as he turned around to look at you. “You know this?” He looked amused.

You nodded.
You both sat there for a good hour watching the show, giving you the time you needed to calm down and pretend nothing was happening in your life.

“Thanks.” You mumbled “For letting me stay in here.”

He smiled up at you, loading the next episode of the show.

“That’s okay. I’m a good kid you know. I don’t know why you always assume otherwise.” You raised your eyebrow sceptically at him. “Well, look you don’t have to believe it now, but you’ll soon find out I’m innocent enough and I’ll forgive you all for accusing me anyway.” He shrugged his shoulders. The next episode starting right on cue.

The both of you continued to watch as you laughed. Before you knew it a couple more hours had passed by, when suddenly you were interrupted by a knock at the door, it opened slowly.

“Oh, Y/N you’re in here too?” It was Yixing. “We have what could be considered… a slight issue?”

“What? What is it?” Tao frowned, pausing the laptop screen.

“Kris just showed up.”

Did I hear someone say 'Big Daddy Mags'?

Erik is late. Even with his powers, meandering through Friday night traffic is a nightmare. He couldn’t have helped it though. Wanda had wanted her braid redone and Peter had been adamant on finding his silver jacket. At least they look docile now, sprawled on the back seat of the car- Wanda clutching her teddy bear to her chest and Peter ogling at his new goggles. He can only pray that they don’t start a fuss.

Erik thinks that this all too early. But Charles had insisted that he wanted to meet the kids. What was the hurry? They had known each other for only three months and been only on a couple of dates. He had not voiced any of his concerns at the time. But now, he’s sure that this is a very bad idea. He really likes Charles. Genius, smart, kind, mutant and gorgeous Charles. And his kids have a tendency of scaring away his potential partners. The last time it had happened, Emma had ran away like she’d seen wildfire.

It’s not that his children are monsters. No. Never that. But sometimes, they are unruly and unpredictable with strangers. Especially Peter. They had talked about it and the children had promised to be on their best behaviour for the entirety of the night.

Finding it difficult to shake off his building nerves, Erik pulls his shields up and decides to keep it that way for the rest of the night; lest he scares away Charles with his feelings instead of his children.

Introductions go swimmingly well. His five year olds seem timid at first but quickly warm up to Charles. A waiter takes their order of soup. When Charles enquires them about their mutations, Peter dashes off around their corner of the restaurant in quick laps and Wanda levitates her teddy bear a few feat up in the air, red sparks flying with it. Erik can’t help the proud smile that threatens to split his face every time the children display their powers. Charles- who is now wedged between Wanda and Peter on the other side of their round table- seems equally enthralled by the little show, laughing and commending them on their control.

A few minutes after soup is served, Wanda turns towards Charles and says innocently, ‘I like your mind. It’s warm. I didn’t like Ms. Frost’s. I was sharp and cold.’

‘Well, thank you sweetheart. I like your mind too,’ Charles replies with a genuine smile.

With his shields still intact, Erik reaches out to Charles telepathically. I’m sorry. She still doesn’t have control over her telepathy.

Charles looks up at him and smiles. It’s fine Erik. She’s just curious. No harm done.

Wanda senses the exchange between the two and continues, ‘I love my Daddy’s mind too. It’s my favourite minds after Nana’s.’

Erik should be disappointed that his daughter would pick his Mother’s mind over his, but he’s not. Probably he would do the same.

Charles laughs warmly and says, 'I like your Daddy’s mind too.’

Erik gets too busy arranging his square cloth on his lap to hide the flush on his face.

That is when his treacherous son opens his treacherous mouth.

'You’re very good looking,’ Peter starts. 'Is that why my Daddy loves you?’

Erik chokes around the first sip of soup. It’s bloody fucking hot. His tongue might have burnt for good. He hears Charles stuttering across him but he doesn’t lift his head from where he has bent down to sip on the soup.

'Does he now? I didn’t know that,’ Charles says recovering. His voice still catches on 'know’.

'Yes, yes! he does,’ Wanda says, motivated by Peter’s brevity. ‘He even keeps looking at your photo on his phone.’

Dammit. Telepath. Wanda’s use of her telepathy so erratic that Erik has to remind himself to keep his thoughts behind shields.

Suddenly, the constituents of his soup become very important to Erik. There’s coriander… pepper. There’s salt. Definitely salt.

He catches Peter’s voice again. 'Mr. Charles, did you know that my Daddy can control metal? Even big ones?’

'Yes dear, I do. Your Daddy has a very unique mutation.’ Charles says. There’s a hint of a smile in his voice.

‘He had dressed as Magneto- the metal bender of our birthday,’ Peter continues, not wiser of his father’s mortification. 'Our friends loved it very much.’

Wanda adds cheerfully, 'Daddy danced with me on Ballet class Annual day. He even wore a pink cape.’

Erik lifts his head up on instinct and corrects, 'It was Maroon Wanda.’

It's​ a mistake. He catches Charles’ eye. It’s bright with a undecipherable emotion in it.

Erik ducks his head again, concentrating on adjusting the cloth on his lap.

'Remy and Kitty love Daddy’s Magneto very much,’ Peter says. He’s never this talkative with strangers. ‘They call him Daddy Mags!’

This time, Erik coughs around his mouthful of water. Droplets of water go flying across the table. He quickly recovers and apologises, dabbing down his shirt and then the table.

Wanda continues, ignoring his presence, ‘Even the Mommies in my Ballet class love my Daddy a lot.’

This was new information to Erik; but at this moment, he doesn’t know if he should be proud or alarmed.

When Erik looks up again, Charles is looking at him with the same expression in his eyes. There’s even a smile on his face. But a smile could mean anything- from a friendly greeting to passive derision. Hell, he knows it by personal experience. He uses his to scare away people.

Erik wants to reprimand the children and tell them to start on their dinner. But they carry on relentlessly, Daddy this… Daddy that… Charles’ responses encourage​ them even more. His children never spoke like this to strangers. Erik doesn’t know what’s gotten into them.

He wishes he could hear Charles’ thoughts now. It’s unnerving to not know what Charles is thinking. Whether he wants to run away like Emma or not. He wouldn’t blame Charles if he wants to distance himself.

He sighs, gazing into his now cold soup.

Erik is startled by a hand on his arm. Charles is on his side, sliding into the chair next to him. The twins have vanished to admire at fishes on the other side of the restaurant.

'Don’t be so embarrassed Erik,’ Charles tells him smiling. 'They were only telling me things they love about you, hoping that it will get me to love you.’

And is it working? Erik has the mad urge to ask.

Charles scoots closer to him, ducks his head, tracing a fingertip from his wrist to forearm, says in a sultry voice: 'Too bad. They didn’t have to take the trouble.’ He looks up at Erik through lowered lashes. ‘Because, I already love you… Daddy.’

Everything that happens after is a complete blur. The bowls of soup fall over both Charles and him. Erik supposes that it has something to do with his hands falling limp on the table on hearing Charles’ words. The commotion pulls the children’s attention. Peter zooms past them causing several glass plates to shatter in his wake. Wanda’s teddy bear goes missing in the confusion. It takes them forever to find Mr. Bear and soothe a crying Wanda. By the time they pay for the damages and reach home, it’s way past the twins’ bedtime. Charles volunteers to help clean the children and put them to bed. It’s way past midnight when they sleep themselves. But in the morning, when Charles plods into the kitchen in nothing but his cape draped around his body, Erik realises that the previous night was worth enduring. Completely worth. Over and again.

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A Helping Hand  (And Maybe Mouth) II {Lee Jooheon + Im Changkyun}

Prompt:Hi~ I absolutely loved the threesome with Jooheon and Changkyun and i was wondering if I could request a similar one with the both of them eating you out? And maybe the fingering too,,, sorry if this is too much to ask for :,))

Pairing: Jooheon x Reader x Changkyun

Word Count: 1.6k

Warning:oral (female receiving)

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You woke up to the curtains being drawn, light poured into the room, casting over your face. “Wake up sleepy head.” A soft voice called, a finger gently poking your cheek. Your eyes flutter open, revealing a cheekily grinning Jooheon. “Good morning!” You roll onto your back, stretching your arms over your head. You blink a few times trying to adjust to the light, once they adjust you notice you’re not in Changkyuns room but in Jooheon’s. You look back over to your side to find Jooheon smiling up at you, his dimples very prominent. You reach out and stick your finger in one of them, chuckling a little at his giggle.

“Good morning beautiful.” Changkyun smiles, plopping down on the other side of you.  You reach your hands down, running your fingers through their thick strands.

“Good morning,” You whisper, eyes locked on his as he moved up your body, his lips hover over yours and you move your hand to the back of his neck, connecting them. You let out a small whimper as his tongue swipes over your bottom lip. Parting your lips, he slips his tongue into your mouth, softly caressing your tongue. “Hmm, that was nice…” You pat his cheek, sitting up as he moves to the side. “You couldn’t let me brush my teeth first though?”

“Hyung and I were talking this morning…before you woke up…and we’ve decided you worked hard last night.” Changkyun moves to stand at the foot of the bed, both of you watching Jooheon move in-between your legs. “Jooheon-hyung thought of breakfast…” Jooheon sweetly smiles from in-between your legs, his fingers skimming over the bend of the sweats you had slipped on last night. “I agreed, but then I thought, we can treat her to breakfast after we treat ourselves, to all our satisfactions of course…” His voice lowers and it’s as if he and Jooheon were on some kind of script. His words came out smooth, Jooheon’s teeth pulling the band of your sweatpants, letting it go with a hard snap as Changkyun finished his sentence. “Jooheon-hyung vouched to go first.” Changkyun claps his hands together and moves around the bed. “I’m just going to settle on back here.” Changkyun squeezes himself between you and the headboard, leaning back against it. His hands squeeze your shoulders and he pulls you into his chest. “Relax.” He moves his hands down your body and hooks his thumbs into your sweats. You lift your hips and he and Jooheon work together on pulling them completely off your body. Once they’re off Jooheon settles back in-between your legs, his cock twitching when your scent invades his nostrils.

“God, I’ve been thinking about the way you’ve tasted all night.” He uses his middle and index finger to part your swollen lips and slowly runs his tongue up the entirety of it.

“Fuck.” You throw your legs over his shoulders, hands gripping Changkyun’s thighs. Changkyun chuckles his chest vibrating your body,

“Do it again hyung.” Jooheon runs his tongue up your slit again, stopping to ever so slowly to flick his tongue over the throbbing nub. “Hmm, she likes that.” Changkyun comments, letting Jooheon venture on his own, his hands running up your body, groping your tits. He roughly pushes them together, his cock growing hard at the little whimper you make. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to let hyung have his fun, I kind of really want to fuck you right now, like really, really, bad.” Jooheon moans against your core, his cock beginning to become painfully hard as he thought about fucking you. “Who knows…maybe we can fuck you this morning…how’s that sound, one cock filling your ass, one cock filling your pussy. ”

Jooheon seems to be motivated by this, the pace of his tongue quickening as he flicked it over your clit. Your stomach tightened, hands tussling his hair. “You’re so fucking talented with that tongue of yours.” You breathlessly chuckle, softly rolling your hips into his mouth, one of your hands leaving his hair to reach back. You wrap your extended arm around Changkyun’s neck, needing him closer as you quickly approached your first orgasm of the morning. Jooheon slips his middle finger into your slick entrance, quickly pumping it in and out until it matched the pace his tongue. “Oh God!” You moaned, throwing your head back onto Changkyun’s shoulder, your nails scratching his scalp. Your other hand wraps Jooheon’s locks around your fingers, letting out small gasping pants.

“‘Are you close baby?”  You nod, screwing your eyes shut. “You gonna cum for hyung again?”

“Yes!” You gasp, “Yes,” You repeat in a hushed voice, your walls clenching around his single finger that expertly curled into your rough patch of nerves. Your body fell limp against Changkyun’s form, Jooheon’s tongue softly flicks over your clit, his finger leaving your hole as you begin to jerk under him. Changkyun reaches down and pushes his head away,

“Enough. Enough, I don’t want her too sensitive, not yet anyway.” Changkyun moves from behind you, “We can save that for after breakfast.” Changkyun whispers under his breath, tapping Jooheon’s calf, telling him to get up so they could switch out places. Jooheon gets up on his knees, winking down at you, running his tongue over his lips, trying to salvage your juices that covered his cheeks and chin. Jooheon takes Changkyun’s place, resting against the headboard, relaxing a little to suck your juices off his middle finger. Changkyun is too excited to take place in-between your legs, looking up at you from under his lashes.  He eyes your slit, noting the way your juices covered your swollen lips, your clit peeking out from them, so engorged from how turned on you were. “You did a number on her, hyung.” Changkyun chuckles and drags the tip of his index finger up your slit. He pulls it away and he smiles at how it was covered in his juices. He doesn’t waste any time trying to clean his finger off, instead, he dips his head and runs his tongue down your slit, stopping to push the thick muscle into your slick entrance. His hands push your thighs further apart as he tries to bury his tongue inside of you as deep as it can go.

“Hmm, how’s that feel baby girl?” Jooheon whispers into your ear and drops his hands, pushing Changkyun’s away. He keeps your thighs apart for Changkyun who runs one hand down your leg, grabbing your calf to throw your leg over his shoulder. His other hand pushes against your pelvis, reaching his thumb down to rub slow circles on your clit. His slow circles don’t match the pace of his tongue. He’s fucking his tongue in and out of you, gradually picking up the speed of his thumb. The tip of his tongue curls into the rough patch of your nerves, your body each time he presses against it, walls clenching around him. “Answer my question. How’s it feel baby girl?” His nickname for you makes you let out a whimper of his name, followed by a whisper of Changkyun’s. Changkyun doesn’t like this and pinches the inside of your thigh. You yelp, narrowing your eyes as you glare down at him, he chuckles against your core, his thumb now moving so quickly it was a blur.  "You have such a hard time listening…“ Jooheon’s nails dig into the sensitive flesh of the inside of your thighs. “Now, answer me before I tell him to stop….how’s it feel baby girl?”

“Good,” You whine, placing your hands over his, trying to get him to stop. “So fucking good, JooJoo.” You throw your head back on his shoulder too, nails digging into his hands. Pants of Changkyun’s name leaves your lips.

“Good girl.”  Jooheon rasps in your ear, finally stopping his assault on the insides of your thighs. His hands move back up your body, up your shirt, groping your bare breasts. His thumbs roll over your buds, goose bumps rising on your skin as they harden. “Cum for Changkyun, cum for him princess, spill your juices onto his tongue, he’s been working so hard.” Your hands grope Jooheon’s thighs, digging into the fabric of his basketball shorts.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You finally release yourself onto Changkyun’s tongue. Your back arches and you suddenly feel like all your breath has been knocked out of your body, leaving you gasping for air, hands grasping Jooheon’s shorts. “Oh god yes, yes!” You shout, throwing your head back letting Changkyun’s name roll off your tongue, the feeling of the second orgasm coming back to back like that so euphorically overwhelming. Jooheon bites his lip, his cock pulsating against your lower back at the scene that was unfolding before him.

“That’s it baby girl, cum for us.” He pinches your nipple with his thumb, aiding Changkyun ride you through your second orgasm of the morning. Changkyun laps at your slit, rubbing his cock against the bed as he laps up your juices, desperately lapping up every drop like he needed it to survive. You reach down to push Changkyun away from you when a thin layer of sweat forms on your body. You weakly collapse against Jooheon’s body, too weak to do anything else. “You did so good pretty girl.” Jooheon praises pressing cool kisses to your collarbone.

“So good.” Changkyun runs his hands up and down your thighs, smiling down at you. He opens his mouth to say something else but the front door opens. You all share a look, “We can continue this later…” Changkyun climbs off of the bed, “Maybe then, you can finally fuck her.”

Back Again (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Originally posted by linmnuelmrnda

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader 

(collab with @angerybisexual )

Requested?: ‘You should totally do “I still love you, even after all that’s happened.” With Lin. Have fun with it lmao’

Prompt: Lin broke the reader’s heart and she struggles with the breakup but then Lin waltzes back into her life.

Words: 4700+

Warnings: Angst, Heartbreak, Mention’s of Family Death, and Swearing

Masterlist / Angery’s Masterlist


Why were you still hellbent on that guy?

It has been a year since you got your heartbroken by the man whom you thought was your soulmate. Ever since he walked out of that front door, you were a mess.  You still lived in the same apartment. You still slept in the same bed you two once shared. You still had his number in that phone he bought you for your birthday. You still had everything that you should have gotten rid of long ago. Why do you still have them?

To be honest, you were in denial.  

Lin-Manuel Miranda was perfect.  

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Doors//Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Anon: Can I request a Stiles x female!reader with the prompt number 8 that looks like “you’re basically the only reason I get up the morning?” But like the reader is feeling sad, anxiety and all that, and when she’s at the lowest she kinda confesses her bad emotional state to him? Something like that would be super awesome ❤❤❤❤ and you’re even more awesome ❤❤❤❤❤❤

8. “You are pretty much the only thing that makes me want to get up in the morning.”

(Set in season 6b, if senior year had dragged on longer and Stiles was still in BH)


I love Beacon Hills, I really do, but sometimes it really sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I have great friends and it’s a beautiful place to live, but the one thing I could do without was the huge magnet that this town was to the supernatural. Alpha packs, berserkers, dread doctors, ghost riders, hell, some kid even turned into a shapeshifting lizard. With all that’s been going on in the past couple years, I’ve been pretty proud of myself keeping my grades up. That is, until basically the entire town decided to turn against my friends and take up arms.

Feelings of distress buzzed through my body as I hurried to finish my test. The scribbles on the page were barely legible but were written as quickly as possible as not to run out of time. I began the last paragraph of my essay right as the bell rang, and my heart dropped into my chest. I thought I had more time. I tried to scan over my work one more time before the teacher spoke: “Pencils down everyone, time’s up. Please staple your pages together and hand them in before you leave”.

I filed in line with the rest of the class and absentmindedly turned in my work. The pressure in my chest and the knots in my stomach made me feel sick as I walked through the halls. If I didn’t get at least a decent grade on the test I just took, and the ones I took yesterday, I could fail.  The frown that was more than likely showing across my face was replaced with an imposter of a smile as I walked through the doors of the cafeteria, meeting my friends at our usual table. The chatter of students and conversations between friends past by me with no effect. The anxiety that I felt was so profound that I didn’t even hear my own best friend trying to grab my attention.

“Y/N?.. Y/N!” Lydia said more forcefully, breaking me from my trance. My head snapped up, eyes meeting hers, which held a confused gaze.

“Are you okay?” she asked with more worry in her voice, and soft curls bounced around her shoulders. “I’m fine” I answered, a little too quickly, breaking eye contact and shifting my gaze to the floor. She left her seat at the other side of the table and came to my side. She took my hands in hers, making my eyes shift back to hers. She didn’t say a word but gave me that look. The look that meant “I’m here for you no matter what, and you don’t have to tell me what’s wrong but I’ll figure it out eventually”, the one with the caring puppy dog eyes that could make even Derek Hale spill his inner-most feelings.

I took a deep sigh before speaking, knowing she had won. “It’s my grades Lyd. If I didn’t do well on the past couple tests, I could fail. What am I going to do if I fail one of my classes? It’s senior year, I need all of these credits to graduate”. She sat silently and listened intently, before bringing one of her arms around me to rub my back. “I’m sure you did just fine Y/N, you’re a smart girl. And even if you get a bad grade, it’s just one test. You have the rest of the semester to bring your grade up” she explained, “And if you’re still worried about your scores, you can always check your grades online”.

I nodded to her with a smile and she gave me a small hug before returning to her seat across the table. Maybe my scores were in the database, it had been a few days since I’d taken the test. I grabbed the phone from my pocket and quickly began typing in my login information. The slow school wifi hadn’t changed a bit in the last week, and I sat anxiously waiting for the screen in front of me to load. The knots in my stomach returned once again once the screen did load. The number staring back at me was way lower than I had initially expected and I couldn’t help the tears from welling up in my eyes. I grabbed my bag from the floor and almost ran out of the cafeteria doors. I made my way down the hallway and through the parking lot. This day was becoming too much for me, numbers swirled in my head, and tears fell from my eyes.

Hours after arriving home, I hadn’t strayed from my bed. I let the blankets envelop me completely as slow music played softly in the background. The tears that fell from my eyes have since dried, and the pressure in my chest had released. I turned my phone to silent as soon as I got home, not wanting to deal with any other problems the world outside was having at the moment. I let the music lull me back into a daze, and rested my head against the pillow.

Stiles POV

Ever since I saw Y/N earlier, I knew something was wrong. As soon as school was over, I jumped in the jeep and sped to her house. I parked, and ran up the front sidewalk as quickly as I could. When I reached the end of the walk, I reached my hand up to knock on the door, but was surprised to see that it wasn’t fully shut in the first place. I stepped cautiously inside the doorway and looked around for any sign of Y/N. Without seeing anything, I shut the front door behind me and quietly made my way up the stairs. The closer to the top I got, the faint sound of music filled my ears. I pressed my hand against the closest door, and what I saw made my heart skip a beat. There she was. Y/N laid curled on the bed under all the covers, the only thing visible was strands of her soft looking hair. I took a deep breath and called out to her.



His voice was like honey, calling out my name. I peeked my head out from underneath the mountain of blankets to see the brown eyed boy standing in my doorway. “The front door was open” he said gently, “after I saw you leave today, I was worried about you”. We sat in silence for a moment before I pulled back the covers and motioned for him to join me. I heard his shoes drop to the floor before I felt a dip in the mattress. He pulled the covers over his head like I had and turned his body to mine, our faces so close they were almost touching. I could feel his breath mix with mine as we laid there, neither of us saying a word.

After struggling with the thoughts whirling in my head, I decided to speak. “I wish I was like you”.

“Like me?” he questioned.

“So put together. I can barely pass a few tests, let alone solve crimes”. He gave me a small laugh before bringing his gaze to meet mine.

“Y/N, I’m an anxious mess, You are pretty much the only thing that makes me want to get up in the morning” he laughed, a faint blush spreading across his cheeks as he realized his confession.

“I-I uh” he began, shifting his gaze, looking anywhere but at me. I brought my hand up to his cheek and his eyes darted to mine, then down to my lips, and back up. I could see the jumbled thoughts in his mind disappear as he brought his face closer to mine until I felt his soft lips. When our lips broke apart, the smile on his face was infectious, but it soon vanished.

“What’s wrong?”.

“You really shouldn’t leave your door open, creeps off the street could just walk right in here” he explained in a half-serious tone while wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Yeah, that does explain how you got in here now doesn’t it?”.

Writer’s Note: Thank you for the request anon! I hope you love it! A special thanks to @redstringlovers yet again for being a very motivational life coach :)

Stiles Tag: @parislight 

Forever Tag: @redstringlovers @all-alone-he-turns-to-stone @hoodforcalum @rosecoloredshawn @barrett86861

anonymous asked:

“Marry me.” Moriel.

Hi nonnie, it’s been a minute (or a few weeks…) but I wrote the thing for you. I thought about this fic so much since I got this prompt… It starts off sexy and then just turns mushy af. And then gets sexy.

(Thanks Sierra @illyriantremors for fangirling with me talking with me about some of this. Also, I feel like maybe I’m not the best person to write this kind of scene because I’ve never been invested in proposals/weddings in general, but hopefully it turned out alright despite that.)

AO3 - you could also listen to this song, if you want something very sappy to go with it. (I listen to Ruelle a lot lately - such good dramatic music for ToG/ACOTAR things.)


Comfortable silence reigned in the room as Mor woke up quietly, naturally. Her senses slowly came to her, reminding her of the warmth she was surrounded by. A heavy blanket was over the lower half of her body, while her upper half was covered in Azriel’s strong, muscle-corded arms that he had wrapped haphazardly around her waist. Nuzzling her nose into his neck, she took in his scent, the familiar leather and rain mingling with the starch of the linens they were surrounded by.

She opened her eyes into narrow slits, not widening them fully until she could see that it was still dawn and the light coming through their windows was soft, diffused by the gauzy curtains. She smiled and stretched her legs, the only part of her body she was safe to move without waking him. Morrigan was facing Azriel, and she brushed away a stray hair that had fallen over his forehead and threatened to bother his eyes. She shifted her body slightly until she was pressed against him, gently moving one leg until it was draped over his hips in the same way his arms were wrapped around her.

Leaning forward slightly, separated by inches, she placed a small kiss on his cheek. She would lay still and let him sleep, but she wanted to see the familiar warm hazel of his eyes on her, hear his voice in her ear, and continue what they had been doing before they fell asleep wrapped in each other.

She lifted herself on one elbow carefully, leaning over him to whisper in his ear. “Az… Azriel…” She gently flicked the tip of his nose. When she didn’t get a response, she kissed his cheek again, repeating his name.

His breathing changed, indicating that he had woken, but he refused to open his eyes. “Morrigan. What time is it?”

“Early…” she replied coyly. “Wake up now, please.” She squeezed his hips with the leg she had wrapped around him and leaned her body into him suggestively. They were both still naked, a state they usually found themselves sleeping in. Especially when they had the luxury of time and privacy.

“I’m awake, Morrigan,” he replied, opening his eyes to look at her before nuzzling her with his nose. He pulled her into him, squeezing so hard she began to laugh and smacked his arm to release her. When he gave her room to breath, she leaned over him to give him a small kiss. 

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Never disrespect my queen : James March X Reader


Heres yet another fanfiction of James March haha hope you enjoy. if your reading this, request something for me to write next, dont mind who. 

WARNING : nothing but fluff and violence, and alcohol use but yeah vv fluff.

description: Having been stuck in the hotel cortez for 90 years, you were feeling a bit bored, unable to find your husband, James March. So you went to the bar……..

requested by @saracons87

You were sat at the bar of the Hotel Cortez, trying to pass the time, as you were condemned to spend an eternity in the Hotel, why not have a little fun? Besides, your husband James was nowhere to be found, he was probably creatively murdering someone again. You and James met when you checked into the hotel in the 20′s, and had been together ever since, so you were no stranger to his little hobby, in fact, he had persuaded you to murder many times in the past, and you totally understood the thrill of it.
Now, however, you were knocking back shots with Liz at the bar,

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Period||Zach Herron||Imagine 8

Summary:Mother nature comes and Zach takes care of you


Warnings: None


A/n:Lets say hes 17 and your 18:)

For the last few days you had been extremely busy with little to no energy, you were beyond tired at this point. College courses were kicking you ass, but the cute motivational texts and Starbucks sitting on the counter for you before you left from Zach was enough to keep you going until Friday hit.

You had just finished your last class before the weekend and you had started to feel horrible. you felt like you had a fever, you were bloated and in extreme pain everywhere.

 When you had told Zach that instead of coming over to the Why Don’t We house tonight, you were just gonna stay home and crash early, but not before promising that you’d be there first thing in the morning to wake him up. But that wasn’t enough for Zach, it had been almost a full week since you had last spent any time together and he missed you, more than anything. Neither of you ever slept right when you weren’t with him, its been like that ever since you spent your first night at the house, now every weekend you woke up in the arms of your boyfriend.

Somehow with Zach promising a whole night of laying in bed watching Netflix and nap taking he had convinced you to go home, pack a bag and drive 30 minutes to the beautiful house that sat on the hills.

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No Matter What.

Request from @iknowyouwuvme:Steve x csa victim reader where she’s triggered and Steve finds her and she reveals the truth and he accidentally confesses his feelings while comforting her.

Note: First of all I would just like to apologise for the delay in posting this! I never want my requests to take this long to get to you but life has been rather hectic lately! Changed it a little - just in regards to how he confesses his feelings so I hope you still enjoy it.

Steve x Reader

Words: 2,259

Warnings: A little bit of violence and mention of kidnap…think that is pretty much it to be honest!

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

You had been awake for half an hour now, your vision having focused properly just mere minutes after you came out of the forced sleep you had been put into, and yet still you can’t figure out where you are. Nothing about the room around you seems familiar in any way – you certainly weren’t in Stark Tower that much is obvious just by the uncomfortable feeling that is beginning to make your stomach knot itself up.

The last thing you remember is meeting up with Steve for a coffee; it was your usual Monday morning thing to do - mainly because you would be hungover from the weekend of partying you had just done and he would be wanting to sober you up being ever the gentleman that he was. Then you had gone your separate ways, he headed for the park to go on some ridiculously long run with Sam while you set off on your three block walk to Stark Tower to start your day…everything was just as it should have been.

But then there was a van, a dark one you remember that much, and before you could even consider defending yourself a pair of arms had taken a hold of you as something sharp was driven into your neck.

At the very memory your hand travels up to the particularly sore spot on your neck. Obviously whatever it had been was enough to render you unconscious for an extended period of time because as you looked towards the only window in the room and saw that night had fallen already.

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This Town || Peter Parker x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: okay i’m so happy that you’re taking requests again and i was wondering if you could do a peter x reader based on the song ‘this town’ by niall horan??.]]

Omg anon I absolutely adore this song???

I hope this meets your expectations ahhhhh ♡

also! I want to dedicate this to @toms-spidey because they were just so kind to me last night! I found myself smiling so much, and I just ugh, thank you for making my night ♡ you’re the best, Charissa!

please Picture Tom Holland’s spiderman/Peter Parker for this story!!

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

warnings: a dash of angst with some fluff in the end ♡

tags: {anonymous}

{{request status: open}}

Don’t repost/plagiarize this story! Reblogs are fine!


{everything comes back to you.}

Peter Parker was truly a pathetic man. Even at 23, he still felt as though he hadn’t learn a damn thing.

All his life, he had only loved one girl, and the same girl was quickly slipping through his fingers.

Peter had met [Full Name] on the day he moved in with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben in their two bedroom apartment. He was quiet when he first moved in with them and felt terribly homesick. His parents had just passed away, and he always felt like he didn’t belong, like he didn’t have a place to call home.

Not used to being in such an unfamiliar home, Peter wakes up in the middle of the night. He throws back the covers and tiptoes out of his aunt and uncle’s apartment with fresh tears in his eyes. Only when Peter was outside of his apartment did he slide down the front door, allowing his tears to fall freely as choked sobs escaped from his chapped lips.

Too caught up in his own misery, Peter didn’t notice the door settled across from him open, nor did he see the young girl who wiped the sleep away from her eyes as she stepped closer to him. The girl notices his trembling form first when she kneeled down next to him. She doesn’t ask any questions, just simply wrapped her arms around his back.

Peter felt a pressure behind him and immediately stiffened, looking up to see a girl around his age gazing at him with comforting (color) eyes. Seeing the cute girl, Peter felt his face redden with embarrassment, knowing that his face was a mess of snot and salty tears. In a vain attempt to clean himself, Peter wipes his nose with the sleeve of his sweater, “I-I uhm, I just-”

“Ssssh, it’s okay. I know that you’re sad. What’s wrong?” The kindness in her voice seemed to ease his tears a bit, the gentle stream stopping to that of momentary droplets when Peter sniffs and admitted to her, “I miss my mom and dad. They died in an accident, and now I don’t have anyone.”

The girl was quiet for a few seconds, not saying a word. Suddenly, Peter felt her arms wrap around his form, bringing him closer to her when she tells him with a happy smile, “That’s not true! You have me from now on! I’m [Name], what’s your name?”

As if all of his sadness melted away from just being near her and seeing her smile, Peter felt his tears stop altogether before he flashed her his own tiny smile, “I-I’m Peter.”

And they had been inseparable since.

{and i want to tell you everything, the words i never got to say the first time around}

When Peter realized his true feelings for [Name] at the ripe age of 15, what prevented him from confessing to her was his own cowardice.

[Name] was just so beautiful and kind. She was raised by loving parents who taught her to be forgiving and fair, and Peter was honestly so grateful to them for the fact that this amazing girl existed. Without [Name] in his life, Peter was sure that he would turn into some cynic who hated life in general.

He would always be grateful for the unconditional love [Name] had given him, and he had every intention of telling her his feelings-

until the bite happened.

When the radioactive spider had bitten him during a class field trip, he tried to act like he was okay. That nothing would change.

But as the days past, and his body would suddenly feel feverish, he could feel something changing from within him. When he woke up the next morning to see that his body had become less scrawny and a bit more filled with some muscle, his aunt and uncle had been pleasantly surprised. Despite their initial shock, they passed it off as Peter going through puberty and thought nothing of it.

And how oh so wrong they were in the end.

Peter wouldn’t realize his power until a few days later, and it wouldn’t be until a tragedy struck that would change him into the superhero he was today.

Realizing that he could sense things before it happened, coupled along with how weirdly strong he became (along with his abilities to climb walls), Peter began to abuse his powers. He strayed far away from [Name] and his aunt and uncle, not answering any of their concerned calls or texts as he explored the city without a single hint of fear.

Wearing a makeshift mask, Peter would wander around Queens, and whenever he saw one of his bullies, he would pick a fight with them. Knowing that they couldn’t stand a chance against him, he would beat them within seconds, having them cry out as they begged for him to stop.

The rush he felt back then had been indescribable as he thought to himself, So this is what it feels like to be on top.

One late night, when he was bored with picking fights, he felt someone run into him. He looks to his front to see a shady man wearing a torn hoodie carrying a loaded bag in his hand.


With a scoff, Peter ignored the man’s cries, believing that such crimes were none of his business; that the police could handle it. He was a selfish bastard that truly didn’t have a care in the world for thinking that way.

His Uncle Ben was the first to notice the change in him, and Peter remembers the day he had lost him like it was yesterday.

He walked with Peter around Queens, telling Peter that he had somehow changed for the worst. His behavior was out of character, and he had been making his aunt and best friend worry about him.

“[Name] has come by so many times, only to feel disappointed when you’re not around. She’s been so sad lately, Peter, and she misses her best friend.”

Peter ignored the way his heart clenched at the sound of her name. When his uncle placed an arm on his shoulder, he quickly shrugged it off, “Why can’t you understand that I have changed for the better! I can finally defend myself and-”

Suddenly, gunshots were heard when his uncle quickly pulls him to the ground, “Stay down, Peter!”

“Uncle Ben, wait-” but the older man ignores him, seeing the gunman running toward him when he stops him. The criminal struggles against his uncle for a few minutes before quickly firing his gun, making the bullet lodge directly into his abdomen.

“UNCLE BEN!” Peter stands, catching sight of the guy who ran away as he recognized him as being the same man he didn’t stop that day.

I’m such a fool!

His panicked cries echo throughout the city as he screamed for help. He tried to stop the blood from blooming against Uncle Ben’s abdomen, but there was just so much of it.

A few minutes later, his uncle died while his hands were stained with his blood. Peter would never forget the deep crimson hue that painted his pale skin, serving as a constant reminder that he did this to him.

He had been the cause of his uncle’s death.

Broken and riddled with guilt, Peter didn’t go to school for days, making Aunt May even more worried about him. She told him on so many occasions that Ben’s death was not his fault, but he never believed her. Peter knew the truth; he knew what he did that day, and he had let that criminal run free.

If I had stopped him that day, then Uncle Ben would still be here today!

Consumed with his thoughts and guilty conscience, Peter felt so depressed that he couldn’t even move.

As if knowing that he was suffering, May leaves him alone for a few minutes, not saying a word when a knock was heard against the front door.

He was grateful for the distraction, needing to be left alone when someone knocked at his bedroom door.

“Peter?” He stiffens, hearing her voice as he buried himself deeper into the blankets.

He couldn’t speak, only managing to let out uneven sobs when he felt [Name] lean over him in his bed. She runs a gentle hand through his hair before placing a kiss against his damp forehead, “You have me, you’ll always have me.”

Her words were the catalyst that made Peter suddenly pull her to him, wrapping his shaky arms around her form as he buried his face within the crook of her neck. He cries against her, allowing [Name] to soothe him with her gentle touch.

I love you, but I’m a monster that doesn’t deserve you. I know I don’t deserve you, but please, don’t leave me. I need you.

{i saw that you moved on with someone new in the pub that we met he’s got his arms around you it’s so hard so hard}

Peter always knew that [Name] was the only girl he would ever love, yet what prevented him from telling her was how he was living a double life.

Using his uncle’s death as his motivation, Peter quickly became a masked hero known as Spider-Man. His alter ego had attracted the attention of many people as he quickly became the protector of Queens.

Through his battles, Peter knew that he made a number of enemies and would never bring himself to involve [Name]. His distance and (feigned) lack of romantic interest in her was what prompted the young woman to find love with someone new.

Although it broke Peter’s heart each time, he tried to convince himself that as long as she was happy, that it was okay.

That he was doing the right thing for her sake.

Yet, every time he saw her, she would give him the most melancholic expression. It was almost an expectant look, like she was waiting for Peter to do something.

But Peter was always afraid to find out what she wanted, constantly reminding himself that [Name’s] safety was of the utmost importance.

Now, years later, Peter realized that things would never break even for him when it came to [Name]. She was engaged to this guy she had been going steady with-

And their wedding was today.

Peter was invited, but he knew that he could never go because it hurt too much. Just seeing the girl of his dreams in the arms of some other man was enough to make his blood boil with an aching jealousy. He knew that if he was at the ceremony, then he would immediately object to the marriage before whisking [Name] away in his arms.

But he couldn’t take her away, regardless of how much he wanted to.

So he drowns his sorrows by swinging around the city, looking for any signs of trouble when he lands against an empty rooftop. His thoughts were interrupted when he sees a white figure in his periphery. Gazing down at the street, he feels his senses begin to tingle when a woman in a pure white dress runs out into the road.

Not even thinking twice, Peter swings downward and captures the woman in his arms, swinging away from the incoming traffic with the woman’s dress fluttering behind her. He doesn’t look at the woman until he lands against another rooftop, “Miss, are you-”

His words die against his throat, seeing [Name] herself in his arms as tears ran down her face. Her makeup was running, and she wouldn’t stop crying when she clung on to the front of his suit, “Oh god, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!”

Peter feels his heart galloping from within his chest and quickly comforts her, “Ssssh, it’s gonna be okay. What’s wrong, honey? Why aren’t you at your wedding?”

She shakes her head, “Th-There is no wedding. My e-ex, I found him cheating on me before the ceremony, and I feel so awful. B-But maybe this is what I d-deserve.”

Peter’s heart was practically breaking now, “Baby, you don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve any of this, so what makes you say that?”

“B-Because all my life, I’ve only ever l-loved Peter!” He stiffens at her confession, feeling her tears soak into his suit when she cried against him, “S-Spider-Man, you have to understand. All of the guys that I have dated always knew that I didn’t completely love them! E-even my fiancé did, that’s why th-there’s no wedding.”

{you still make me nervous when you walk into the room them butterflies they come alive when i’m next to you over and over the only truth}

“Oh [Name], I’m so fucking sorry!”

He catches her questioning glance, already knowing that she was confused as to how he knew her name.

Without a hint of hesitation, Peter rips off his mask, fully revealing himself to [Name]. She gasps as a myriad of emotions ran though her eyes, but one thing rang strong within her expression-

And that was love.

“P-Peter-” he stops her from speaking with a hungry kiss, conveying all of the love he felt for her before crushing her to his chest. “I’ve loved you for forever now, since the time I had lost my parents and you had promised me that I always had you; since the day I lost my uncle and you were still with me as I made a silent promise to myself to become a hero that you could be proud of.”

[Name’s] sobs didn’t lessen, even when she smiled and jokingly punched him in his chest, “Y-You jerk! How could you keep such a secret from me?”

He flashes her an apologetic smile before hugging her again, “I’m sorry. All I wanted to do was protect you.”

“Jerk, I’ll never forgive you!“ [Name] looks away from him, sniffing a bit before slowly continuing, "But…I-If you want to make it up to me, then you have to listen carefully to what I say next.”

Peter lifts up her chin so that she was looking at him. Even with her makeup running as her eyes glistened with unshed tears, Peter swore that she was still the most beautiful girl in the world to him, “Anything, I’ll do anything. I would take a bullet for you, walk through glass and open fire for you. All you have to do is ask, and I’ll do it.”

She shakes her head and leans toward him before whispering against his lips, “You silly dork, all you have to do is spend the rest of your life with me to make up for all of the years that we haven’t been together.”

“It’s a deal.” Peter mutters passionately before sealing his promise with a deep kiss. He wraps his arms around her back, finally gathering his courage as he swore to always keep her by his side.

This time, Peter was going to love [Name] like he had been wanting to ever since he was a child.

{everything comes back to you. everything comes back to you.}


Too Late- Dave x reader

 Author: @redstringlovers

Characters: Dave x reader

Prompt: “Are you kidding me? We’re not ‘fine.’”

Warnings: angsty stuff I think? 

Word count: 2,011

A/N: I wanted this to have a Forrest Gump vibe where he’s telling the story to a stranger haha. Special thank you of course to @susybird for always being a great motivator and an awesome friend! Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think :)

Originally posted by dylanholyhellobrien

To say that Dave and I were a happy couple is an understatement. We’ve been together for 4 years, since the beginning of our freshman year in college. Freshman year had been one of the best years of my life, because that’s when I had met the love of my life, or so I thought.

It was the typical “boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl but girl has boyfriend, boy and girl become friends, girl ends up having feelings for boy and breaks up with boyfriend for him.” To sum it all up, one giant mess.

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