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Anon: Hi! I really like the way you write,I dont know if request are open, but can I ask for one in which Pietro is jealous and mad because saw the reader doing something with another avenger, and use his power to have sex with her? SMUTTTTT, Thanks if you read this! kisses :)

A/N: (In honor of Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Birthday Hellooo and thank you so much that’s so sweet of you xox Requests aren’t really open but I can’t say no to nice people and I really really hope you like it! Feel free to message me what you thought! And omg you don’t have to thank me for reading this thank you for being such a nice person and existing! And also for future smut requests (if any) you guys can request visuals too.

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, Language

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Avengers Chatroom: The Other Quicksilver

Requested by the amazing @m-maximoffs

Pairings: Some Peter Maximoff x f!reader

Scenario: The Avengers watched X-Men Apocalypse. Reader really likes Peter Maximoff much to everyone’s dismay (*cough* Pietro *cough*)

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Steve, Pietro, Tony, Wanda, Nat, Y/N.

Clint: So, did everyone enjoy the movie?

Tony: It was okay.

Steve: I enjoyed it.

Pietro: It was terrible.



Wanda: He?

Nat: No! Why did you ask her!?




Steve: Can you two behave?!

Pietro: NO.


Wanda: Pietro it was just a movie. Calm down.

Clint: I think Peter is better. Can we recruit him instead?

Y/N: Yes omg yes a million times.

Steve: No, we are not recruiting him!

Pietro: I am right here, you know?!

Y/N: He has the cutest smile!

Y/N: and his hair is so

Y/N: i cant

Nat: She’s broken.

Y/N: He’s just so adorable!


Clint: He saved everyone from an explosion.

Pietro: Your point?

Clint: And you…

Pietro: Don’t finish that sentence.

Wanda: Pietro you know nobody can ever replace you.

Y/N: Okay but do any of you know if Peter has a girlfriend…?

Y/N: It’s for science.

Steve: I am surrounded by children.

Tony: That happens when you’re ancient.

Peter has joined the chat.

Peter: Has anyone seen my father?

Y/N: You live with your aunt…

Peter: No I live with my mum.

Clint: Nat, use your arachnid speak and find out what’s wrong with him.

Nat: Really, Clint?

Peter: You can speak to spiders? I’ve never come across a mutant like you before.

Nat: What?


Y/N: Peter?!

Peter: Yeeeees?


Peter: I believe so.

Wanda: Where is that screaming coming from?!

Nat: It’s Y/N. She’s “Fangirling.”

Pietro: IT’S YOU!

Peter: IT’S ME! Haha what game is this?

Steve: Wait so you’re not Parker?

Peter: No, unless my birth certificate is wrong.



Peter: Oh you were eating that?

Y/N: Hey. Nice to meet you. I’m Y/N. I can help you look for your dad.

Peter: My future wife is going to help me find her father-in-law. What a tale for the kids!

Wanda: Why did he have to say that?!

Tony: @god what did I ever do to you?


Peter: I like her!  <3

Steve: Y/N stay where you are! You can’t just go off with him!

Y/N: Please Steve!

Pietro: Should we not be capturing him or something!?

Peter: Catch me if you can!

Wanda: Pietro stop chasing him!

Magneto has joined the chat.

Peter: Hey dad!

Magneto has left the chat.

Peter: Maybe that was not the best time to tell him.

Tony: Who’s the freak outside?



Tony has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Wanda: I am so confused!

Wade has joined the chat.

Wade: Listen up kiddos. This is what happens when you try to bring two different movie studios together. Shit gets really confusing. Don’t do ice-cream now.

Y/N: You mean drugs?

Wade: I mean ice-cream. Brain freeze is a bitch!

Wade has left the chat.

Y/N: I was in my room and now I’m outside?! What the hell?

Peter: Picnic?


Y/N: I mean

Y/N: Yeah, sure. Whatever.

Y/N has left the chat.

Peter has left the chat.

Wanda: Pietro don’t do it.

Pietro has left the chat.

Wanda: Oh my god.

Wanda has left the chat.

Clint: Nat your hair is different.

Nat: No it’s not.

Clint: I can see you right now.

Nat: I’m with Sam and Bucky in the training room. I don’t see you.

Clint: But

Clint: Then who is?

Clint has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Thor has joined the chat.

Thor: My friends. When did we get a hound? He is blue. Is this common for this breed?

Thor: It is quite large.

Thor: Like a man…


Thor has left the chat.

The Boys Being Flustered (Preference)

Warren: his face heats up like fire, he’s a cheeks, the tips of his ears and chest blusher who just stands there frozen to the spot, his wings fluttering behind him while he turns his head away from you (as if that could his red face)

Kurt: his cheeks and the  tip of tail blush light lavender, very bashful and trying to hide his face, a small shy smile as he looks up at you

Peter M.: bright cherry red cheeks, he can’t stop smiling and giggling at you

Peter P.: bright red cheeks and the tips of his ears, he starts stuttering out nonsense while waving hands frantically in wild gestures

Sean: he’s a full body blusher, that can’t speak. Words just don’t form while he attempts to figure out a flirty comeback

The best way to handle all of these though, is to gently grab his face and press a sweet kiss to his lips

Title: Snow Bunny (Daughter of Tony! Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Summary: The team is on vacation in the mountains when Tony proposes a fun, team bonding activity. Pietro sticks around the Reader the whole time.

Word Count: 1358

Warnings: Lots of fluff

A/N: I didn’t know I was capable of writing this much fluff in one imagine oml!! I just really thought we needed more Pietro, and a bunch of you agreed ? Y'all are the best. Enjoy!

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Pietro Blurb

Request: first time sex with pietro imagine pls ♡

A/N: AHHH sorry it took so long thank you so much for being patient with me and im sorry if i changed it a little :(  and im planning on posting another Pietro (NSFW) next wednesday :) ily all. Also I am really really sorry amores but requests are closed <3 (you are still free to rant with me) (as always). Also i apologise its so short :(

Warning: NSFW


-He would take things slow not wanting to rush you or anything

-If he thought he was making you feel uncomfortable in any way he would stop and double check that you were okay

-After you reassures him that everything was okay he would kiss you sweetly and that would cause you to fall in love with him even more

-He would make it all about you

-He would take it slow, making sure that you knew that he wasn’t doing this for his pleasure but to share an intimate moment with you

-He would make it really special

-He would make you feel like the most special girl in the world

-He would kiss you when he went in because he knew it was going to hurt

-When you asked him to move he moved very slowly and kissed you through the pain

-He would whisper sweet nothings in your year and occasionally curse out some words in sokovian

-He would admire your beauty

-He would constantly compliment you and made sure you were comfortable with everything that was going on

-He would make sure that you got the most of it when you had your first orgasm

-You would encourage him to finish too

-He would say ‘i love you’ throughout the entire time and made sure you knew it

-He would cuddle you into his arms and kiss your forehead before you fell asleep in his arms, whispering in your ears “i love you” one more time

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Pietro Maximoff Imagine #6-Requested

Anon: Hi there I was wondering if you may be able to write a pietro imagine in which you are tony Starks daughter and you have powers that include you being fast as well. And (idk if you’ve seen age of ultron)  when the the avengers meet the maximoff twins again (when they are with ultron) you’re there and pietro is mesmerized by not only your powers but you yourself . Idk it was just a thought. It’s ok if you can’t write.

A/N: I wrote it differently than it happened in the movie mainly because it was hard to remember what happened first so I just set in the warehouse that they saw the twins the second time and started from there. First of all you’re an awesome human being even if I don’t know you I just know that you are a great person and great people deserve what they ask for (if they ask nicely) and second of all i can’t turn down requests so of course I’ll be able to write it for you! I hope you like it xox

“Y/N! Suit up!” You heard your dad call over to you. You were currently learning more about Ultron with Steve and the Maximoff twins. You liked the male Maximoff mainly because the both of you possessed the same ability; to run fast. When you’re father first found out about your ability to run fast he allowed SHIELD to make a great agent out of you. He had also created a suit that would allow you to run as fast as you can without slowing you down. He had also designed shoes that wouldn’t burn out when you ran. He had insisted on making you an iron suit so you both could match but you quickly turned his request own because it would be embarrassing. He did convince you to learn to use guns and knives in case it came to a weapons fight.  You left to go suit up.

You left with Steve who was suited as well to go into the building. Hawkeye and Nat took a different entrance and Thor left with your father and Banner stayed behind in case there was a code green.

I don’t see Ultron but I see the twins. Cap, take the girl out she’s headed towards the stairs on the second floor. Y/N, the boy is fast so take him out as quickly as you can. I don’t want to be confusing you with him. He’s on the third floor circling the perimeter. Be careful.” You heard your father’s voice through the earpiece.

Always am.” Cap said in a joking manner, knowing that it was intended for you. He looked at you and let  a playful wink.

"You heard the old man, be careful kiddo.” He said.

“If I recall correctly I’m not the one who was sleeping for like a million years in ice.” You’re father scolded Cap.

"He’s a super soldier because he doesn’t need hearing aids.” You teased Captain as he rolled his eyes.

“There is no doubt that you’re a Stark.” He said before going after the female twin. Using your speed you ran up to the third floor. You looked around the coroner and sure enough, the male Maximoff was looking down to the first floor looking over the area. You ran past him and caught him off guard because he fell to the ground with a grunt. You went and hid behind a bunch of craters. You looked above and saw him already standing up, looking around for the attacker. When his head was about to turn in your direction you hid behind the crates as quickly as you could.

“Don’t be a coward. Come out and play.” You could hear his accent echo through the room. You ran past him again, but this time he moved just in time before you could hit him again. You threw a punch at him but he caught it. You raised your leg and kneed him in the side. He fell to the ground.

Y/N a little help down here. There are some drones.” You heard Cap say to through the earpiece. Your back was turned to the Maximoff and you were about to reply until you felt what you could only assume was his force pulling you back. He set your back on the railings with a forceful push as you let out a whimper. He looked into his eyes and his gaze has softened. He studied your face as you studied his. You tried to get out of his grip before he could actually cause some damage to you. His grip tightened again.

“How are you fast?” He asked, more to himself than to you. You ignored his question and kneed him in the crotch and proceeded to elbow him in the face. He fell to the ground groaning in pain as you left to go downstairs. You ran and started to fight the drones that were going up against you or any avenger. Slowly, all the avengers were on the ground except for you, Thor, Steve, Barton, and your father.

“Theres a code green in the city. I’m going to have to go put him down.” Your father said as he flew out of the warehouse. You fought drone after drone and you saw Steve go down. You ran after the male Maximoff as he was about to attack Thor, you went and pushed him against the wall. He lunged at you pushing you to the ground.

“Damn you’re strong.” He said as he tried to hold you down. You flipped him over and punched him in the face.

“And you’re weak.” You said before throwing another punch, but missing this time. He shoved you over and pushing you up against the wall.

“I’m not weak I just don’t want to hit you.” He said as there was no space between your bodies, you were fully pinned down against the wall.

“Why not? I have no problem hitting you.” You retaliated as you struggled to get out of his grip this time. He continued to study your face, mesmerized by what he thought was the image of an angel. You stopped struggling in his grip and just glared at him. He was attractive but he was the enemy. You shoved him off of you with full force, causing him to stumble back. One of the factory workers was holding a gun and shot at you, you didn’t react quick enough so you waited for bullet to hit you, but it didn’t. You looked up and it had hit the Maximoff male. It had grazed his side and he leaned against the wall for support. You stared at him in awe. He practically saved your life. You ripped part of your uniform off and used it as a bandage to cover the graze. You felt his eyes on yours the whole time that you were trying to stop the wound from healing.

“Why are you doing this?” He whispered.

“Why did you save my life?” You asked looking up at him slightly. Held the make-shift bandage there not knowing what else to do. You saw his sister approaching you. You backed away instantly as her eyes laid on her brother.

“What happened?!” She yelled at me, her eyes glowing bright red.

“A bullet grazed the skin enough for him to bleed.” And to move it out of the way, saving your life. You thought.

“Thank you.” She said looking at your ripped suit. You nodded curtly.

“Stark! Get down here! The whole team is down!” You heard Barton call for you. The Maximoff’s eyes widened in realization.

“You’re a Stark?” They both asked you in disbelief. You nodded confused as to why this would be a bad thing. You didn’t have time to talk to them right now so you ran down to find Barton and the whole team in a trance.

“Let’s get them back to the Quinjet. And quickly.” He said as he took Nat and Thor, guiding them towards the entrance. You  guided Steve out as well. You looked back but the twins were gone. You walked out and you and Barton led the avengers to the Quinjet, getting ready to recover for what the female Maximoff has done. You saw your father carrying Banner into the Quinjet.

We didn’t see this coming.

A/N: I hope you liked it! You didn’t really request for any relationship with Pietro at the end so I kinda just did this if that’s okay. Thank you all so much for everything!


Pietro Maximoff #14

Pietro Imagine #14


Anon: Hey ☺ I was wondering if you could do a pietro imagine where he is sent to recruit you (an ex sniper who’s family was killed in the battle of new york) and ends up flirting with you and feels connected to you because you lost your family too? Thanks!

A/N:Ofcourseeeeee I’m glad to be back up and running again on marvelmaximoff! I have reached 98 followers! You guys are amazing! I really really hope you like this imagine because I have become a little rusty and I think that I may have become worse of a write since the last time that I was on here.

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To say that seeing your own parents die in front of you was terrifying was an understatement. Your dad had thought that it would be good to go inside a building to hide from the metallic-like creatures that used scepter looking things to shoot humans. He thought he was doing a good job due to the fact that it will also shield you from the falling buildings-and people-from above. You remember running behind your father, your mother behind you protecting you from any danger that could come from behind. You heard cries for help so loud that it brought a painful ringing in your ears. You wanted to help but when the thought even crawled to your mind the plea for help would end, most likely meaning that they had died. Goosebumps have creeped up your arms and legs, causing your hairs to stand up. Your heartbeat helped drown out the calls for help from others, your lungs clenching and unclenching, burning for air and water. Your legs ached from running so much. Your father was successful in finding a makeshift shelter. An already collapsed building, with the top half leaning against the bottom half creating an upside down ‘v’ shape, like a tent. Your father had allowed your mother and yourself to go in before him, as he kept a lookout for any threats that were following. Unfortunately he wasn’t quick enough to look behind him because the next thing you saw was a chunk of the building replacing where your father once was. The breathe was knocked out of you. Your chest hurt even more that before. Your face became wet with tears as you couldn’t find the energy to scream. You fell to your knees, your hands coming to your heart as you struggled for air and calling for your dad. Your mother screamed his name as she ran out from under the building. Before you could call her back in she was taken out of sight. You sat there as your voice came up and screamed at your mom. You scrambled to your feet and went to where she was seconds ago. You heard screaming from behind you as a sickening crunch came from behind you. As if your heart wasn’t low enough in your gut, it seemed to drop even more. You didn’t want to turn around. You knew what was going to be there. You shook your head violently as you ran to your mother’s body and held her cold hands. You set her head on your lap and let the warm tears fall on her cold body.

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Pietro Maximoff #18

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Request: Um I’ve recently come across your blog and I absolutely love it! Anyways can you do a pietroxreader where reader has near death experience?? It would mean a lot thx •\•

A/N: Hello!!! Thank you so much for saying that amor that really means alot to me! I had a lot of fun writing this thank you so much for requesting this and I’m sorry the requests are taking so long to write/answer my inbox questions but please don’t think I’m ignoring you! Hope you enjoy xox

You opened your eyes due to the sun peeking through the blinds. You groaned and hid your face further into Pietro’s neck. You smiled when you heard him chuckle, his stubble lightly scratching your forehead. He shifted the both of you so the sun was shining on his back and not on your face anymore. You turned around and Pietro wrapped his arm around your waist, moving so that your back was to his chest and so that you could tangle your legs together. You felt Pietro’s war hands envelope your right hand by your waist, bringing it up to his lips and placing a gentle kiss. You smiled to yourself and brought your hand around you, making Pietro’s arm wrap around you once again. The two of you laid there in peace, just enjoying each other’s company and keeping eachother warm from the cold.

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Title:  Beach Getaway (daughter of Scott! reader x Pietro)

Summary: The team heads out for a beach vacation, leaving time for the reader and Pietro to get close.

Word Count: 1209

A/N: HEY YAY PIETRO! I love Pietro omg <3 This one’s a little different than my normal style of writing but I was at the beach so I thought; hey, why not? I hope you enjoy!! 

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Pietro Imagine #17

Request: Pietro’s first kiss.

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy this! I know it’s shorter than usual but school has just consumed my life :( If you guys ever need someone to talk to I’m here just message me amores xox

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*This is in Pietro’s POV*

I opened my eyes for what seemed like the thousandth time tonight. Ever since Y/N came back from the mission she had gone with Stark and Nat I couldn’t help but think that something could have happened to her and I was not there to prevent it. I tightened my arm around Y/N stomach and pulled her back closer to my chest, scared that she would somehow disappear or slip out of my grip. She turned around in my arms and nuzzled her face into my neck. I smiled and shifted us in the bed so she could sprawl her arms and legs across my body, knowing that was her most comfortable sleeping position. She set her hand on my chest and wrapped her leg around mine. Her body was cold compared to mine. I set a gentle kiss on her forehead and my eyes couldn’t help but flicker down to her plump lips. I smiled down at her, moving strands that had fallen across her face and set them behind her ear. I looked down again at her lips and smiled, remembering the first kiss I ever shared with her, and ever shared in general.

I was a nervous wreck. It was going to be my official second date with Y/N and we were just going to go to the movies and have dinner. At dinner I had managed to spill water on the table, knock down a waiter with food, and almost set the table on fire when I knocked the candle on the table and set fire to the plants. We got kicked out and she was laughing. It relaxed my nerves hearing her laugh. It made me really happy that she was happy. Her smile was so big that it crinkled her skin causing small wrinkles at her eyes and her nose scrunched up and I myself couldn’t help but smile as well. I didn’t realize that I was staring at her until she asked me what I was looking at.

“I was just admiring you and your beauty.” I answered her. Y/N blushed and looked down in embarrassment. I chuckled and lifted her gaze up to meet mine.

“You’re even more beautiful when you blush. Don’t ever hide your face from me, please.” I whispered to her as she looked down at my lips, as I copied her actions. I leaned in and my heart was beating faster than I can run. I have been waiting for this moment for the longest time. When her lips captured mine I knew in that instant that this girl has also captured my heart. Her lips were soft against mine. My body didn’t freeze like I expected it too but instead I became warm all over and my heart and stomach felt light. I couldn’t help but smile into the kiss. I pulled her closer by her hips and deepened the kiss, letting out all the love I had for her and showing her how much she meant to me.

I smiled back at the day and thought about all the kisses we have ever shared in the past. I pulled Y/N in closer to my side and kissed her temple, shutting my eyes and trying to find sleep again.


Ship 2 : X-23 & Quicksilver (X-ietro)

No, do not refresh you’re screens because you are not imagining things. I do in fact ship was has been dubbed Xietro (have you checked out my name?), dubbed by who? Well myself LOL. Xietro is a FANON ship that came to be in the X-men Evolution fandom. They are my #2 OTP because of that fact that I was one of the first to write them (and one of the few to love them now) so they’re kind of like a baby to me :)

Why Them: I just really like how I imagine them to be. Pietro (in Evo) is cocky little boy who thinks he’s God gift to women. He needs a tough short little girl to kick his ass and bring him back down to earth. My opinion of course. And I also like the dynamic of opposite team love (ex. lancitty & romy)

Canon or Crack: Crack from another world!

On or Off: Can’t Be ON if you haven’t even met :(

Favorite Moment: The moment they met in my head!

Song: Sex and Candy - Marcy Playground (I balme you for that uncannysage)

All Manips made by me! So credit if you’re gonna take and NO HATERS!