Peridot Eyes and Garnet Lips: Sparkly Olive-gold Eyes and Glossy Crimson Lips

This is an evening look that pairs a soft lined smoky eye with a very strong red lip. Here’s a quick breakdown:


Luminous, and light in texture. I created the effect using Laneige’s new Snow BB Soothing Cushion, which is a sweat-proof, radiance-enhancing BB cream that comes in a compact with a sponge pad inside. (I’ll do a full review after I use it for a longer period of time!)

Then I used MAC Studiofinish Concealer on dark circles and spots, then set with Lancôme Teint Miracle Pressed Powder using a powder brush.

You can just use any alternatives you like as long as they still leave a bit of glow to your skin. (No super-matte face here!)


Shu Uemura Hard Formula 9 pencil in Seal Brown to fill in, then a light brown brow mascara from CANMAKE to set and soften the color.


A little 70s-80s inspired. Recently I’ve really enjoyed fading deeper shadow shades up from the socket towards the brows for a warmer look, instead of leaving the brow-bone pale/highlighted.

Note: This shadow is a limited edition, and it’s quite similar in texture to a MAC Lustre, so if you can’t get hold of it, simply look for a MAC or use any very shimmery beige that is slightly lighter than your skin tone, and apply it dry.

Just use any soft medium brown shadow you have!

Tip: This line of black isn’t meant to be too obvious later, because I’m going to go over with the olive-gold pencil. This step just darkens the lash line. I used Maybelline Master Drama in Midnight Drama.

Product: My olive/khaki metallic pencil of choice is Clinique’s Quickliner Intense in Intense Peridot. Absolutely gorgeous color.

Now, see how the olive pencil goes over most of the black (above). I don’t apply the olive too close to the lashes. I want just the barest hint of black right at the roots of the lashes, for definition.

Then finish with black mascara. (Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Mascara in Lacquer Black used here.)


Glowy, warm, but not too strong. The focus should be on the lips and eyes.

I just dabbed and blended a coral gold blush (TheBalm Hot Mama) along the cheekbones.


MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass is super sticky, which is a texture I don’t particularly enjoy, but when a shade is as gorgeous, pigmented and dimensional as Driven by Love, I’m happy to bear it. This is a rich cherry-red with subtle red shimmer in the formula.

I simply applied it straight from the tube without primer or lip liner, because the gloss is not 100% opaque and I don’t want to change the texture and appearance by layering liner below. It does last beautifully because of the super-thick texture.

Of course, if you’re worried about the gloss bleeding into fine lines around the lips, you can apply a touch of flesh-colored lip primer around the edges of your mouth to stop any bleeding before you apply the gloss.


Beautiful Clinique Quickliner Intense and Laura Mercier Metallic Créme Eye Colour Swatches!

Here are some relatively new eye products in my collection that I am REALLY enjoying.

Clinique Quickliner Intense

I wrote about Clinique Quickliner Intense (Intense Black) in a couple of preview posts, I like the hint of dark blue that makes it stand out more against the skin.

I finally managed to get hold of 3 of the newer shades and can I say these colors are absolutely gorgeous?

  • Intense Peridot - Deep metallic olive-gold
  • Intense Peacock - Metallic dark-forest green
  • Intense Aubergine - Dark pearlescent plum

Same as the black, these go on very smooth, and you can easily smoke them out and wear them as an eyeshadow base over the entire lid (as long as you quickly blend before it sets). Then after it sets, it really sets.

Clinique Quickliners aren’t all metallic and dramatic the way Urban Decay pencils are but these are a great balance between style and functionality if you want pretty smudge-resistant colored liners that aren’t too crazy for work and school. The 2 you definitely have to check out are the olive-gold and the green.

Intense Peacock is a nice twist on typical black liner because it has all the definition but flashes green at certain angles. Intense Peridot is a great accent shade along the upper lash line if you want to jazz up your look quickly without too much effort.

Intense Aubergine is less metallic and dramatic, so it’s probably a good alternative to brown pencil.

Laura Mercier Metallic Créme Eye Colour

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August Beauty Favorites I’m hardly monogamous when it comes to beauty products and while I try tons of stuff (and genuinely enjoy many of them), there are usually a handful that “stick” more than the others for various reasons. Here are the ones that drew my hand like a magnet this month! (I’m not including skincare, because I don’t switch my skincare around all that much!) – 1. Lancome Hypnôse Star Eyes Palette in Brun Adoré

Hello? Who would this set of pigmented, flattering, satiny browns NOT look good on? 

Definitely my pick out of the entire range if you want to choose a neutral palette with a lot of mileage. I always say that I like palettes with a good mix of dark and soft shades, because it has enough darkness and light altogether so you don’t need to use a separate shadow for highlighting and defining.  This goes from soft day looks to smoldering night looks easily, and complements pretty much any lip and outfit color you’re wearing.  Bonus? It has enough sheen to illuminate but it’s not so sparkly or metallic that it will emphasize lines around your eyes.
2. Bliss Fabulips Lip Softening Balm

They came out with a breath-freshening version, but I still love the original stick balm with that slight candy-like scent. It’s lightweight enough to layer on top of a thicker, more nourishing product, and it feels good on its own as well if you don’t need so much moisture.

–  3. Givenchy Teint Couture Compact Foundation

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Quickliner for Eyes Intense

Eyeliner is a fickle thing — most of us find a brand that works and stick with it. Clinique’s new Quickliner for Eyes Intense is a worthy challenger to high-end liners. The Intense sticks are more richly pigmented than the original Quickliner, with a color-saturated effect akin to a liquid liner. Though the consistency is creamy, the water-resistant formula doesn’t smear like liquid or melt away like dry pencils. The texture enables even, fine lines with a swipe, but the stick also comes with a smudger tip for creating a smoky eye.

nobunnyluvsyou tagged me in my 6 favorite beauty products!!

1. Aveeno moisturizer. No fail and keeps my skin wonderfully hydrated.

2. Josie Maran Argan Oil to add extra glow and for super soft skin.

3. Clinique Spot Healing gel to make me not want to cry every time I break out.

4. Dr. Jart BB Cream!! My favorite concealer/foundation. Water fuse and Black Label Detox. I use two kinds, the lighter shade, slightly heavier one for under eyes/around nose and the other one that matches my skin and is not as heavy for blemishes.

5. My Clinique quickliner in Intense Peridot to make my eyes look super pretty.

6. My Clinique chubby stick in Curviest Caramel which doesn’t make any sense since its like a dusty rose color. It’s very pretty and smooth and matches the purply/brown tone of my lips.


August Beauty Preview: Stuff to Watch Out for from CLINIQUE!

Clinique is one of the most trusted brands in the world for skincare and makeup, and there are a few things to look out for in the coming month. 

2 of these have just been launched in the US/UK, so it might not be news to those of you there, but for the rest, heads-up! More details and a few swatches below.

P.S. I’m going to do more of these “Beauty Preview” posts towards the end of each month to let you know what’s upcoming from various brands!

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +

Who doesn’t recognize that iconic rectangular yellow bottle?

Since its birth in 1968, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (DDML for short) has had generations of loyal fans. Besides being a defining product for the brand, as part of its 3-step skincare routine, it continues to outsell more “advanced" and “modern" moisturizers in many markets today.

So what’s different about DDML+?

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