quickie pls

Quickie Commissions

Everyone likes quickies, amirite?

Okay but seriously. I need pocket money for Fanfest so I can spend way too much on merchandise (I’m looking at you lore book). Being as there’s less than a month left and the fact that I’m three weeks into my semester and grad school has already consumed my soul, I’m offering commissions I can push out quickly. That usually means cute things and busts. So. Samples and prices below! I’m only offering what is listed below for the above reasons, so I do apologize in advance for anyone wanting something else. Again, also only for FF14-based characters since I like to keep my blog to that only.

$10 USD for Flat Color
$12 USD for Shaded


$10 USD for Flats
$12 USD for Shaded


Want to know what your muse looked like as a wee baby? Want me to make lovechildren of you and your partner’s characters? I’ve been on a baby-making kick the last few days and had a lot of fun with this. While I don’t have any full examples to show, you can troll through the last couple posts on my blog for some ideas. But these will all be full body!

$12 USD for Flats
$15 USD for Shaded

Want a slot? Then send me a message through tumblr. DO NOT SEND ME ASKS OR COMMENT ON THIS POST, IT’S TOO HARD TO ANSWER/SEE. Make sure to include what you want and references, I’ll send payment instructions privately through there once I accept. I will reblog this post as slots fill and open and do commissions in the order I accept them.

1) @neekaxiv, Shaded Bust
2) @pettankoprincess, Kid Group Shaded
3) @rinkah-zahrae, Shaded Bust
4) @kibuto, Kid Pair Shaded