quickie miguel

Let me give y'all a playlist...

Beyonce- All Night
Jodeci- Alone
Janet Jackson- Any Time, Any Place
R Kelly- Baby Baby Baby Baby
Chris Brown- Back To Sleep
Ari Lennox- Backseat
Usher- Bedtime
Chris Brown- Beg For It
French Montana- Bend Over
Wale- The Body
Ace Hood- Body 2 Body
Ciara- Body Party
Omarion- Bria’s Interlude
Keith Sweat- Chocolate Girl
Teddy Pendergrass- Close The Door
Aaliyah- Come Over
Kelly Rowland- Dirty Laundry
Trey Songz- Dive In
LL Cool J- Doin It
R Kelly- Down Low
Chris Brown- Drown In It
The Dream- Falsetto
D'Angelo- Feel Like Makin Love
R Kelly- Feelin On Yo Booty
Jodeci- Feenin
Jodeci- Freakin You
The Notorious BIG- Fuckin You Tonight
Keith Sweat- Funky Dope Lovin
Chris Brown- Glow In The Dark
R Kelly- The Greatest Sex
Pretty Ricky- Grind On Me
R Kelly- Half On A Baby
R Kelly- Honey Love
Keith Sweat- How Deep Is Your Love?
Michael Jackson- Human Nature
Boyz II Men- I’ll Make Love To You
R Kelly- Ignition
Dru Hill- In My Bed
Keith Sweat- In The Mood
J Cole- In The Morning
Keith Sweat- In The Rain
Trey Songz- Inside Pt 2
R Kelly- It Seems Like You’re Ready
Chance The Rapper- Juke Jam
Rihanna- Kiss It Better
Kelly Rowland- Kisses Down Low
August Alsina- Kissin On My Tattoos
Total- Kissin You
Lloyd- Lay It Down
Usher- Lay You Down
TLC- Let’s Do It Again
Marvin Gaye- Let’s Get It Down
Chris Brown- Like A Virgin Again
Tory Lanez- Looks
Wale- Lotus Flower Bomb
112- Now That We’re Done
Trey Songz- Love Faces
Usher- Love In This Club Part II
Lil Jon- Lovers & Friends
Chris Brown- Madusa
Twista- Make A Movie
Keith Sweat- Make It Last Forever
Chris Brown- Make Love
Avant- Makin Good Love
Dej Loaf- Me U & Hennessy
Marques Houston- Naked
Frank Ocean- Nature Feels
Trey Songz- Neighbors Know My Name
Usher- Nice & Slow
Chris Brown- No Bullshit
Keith Sweat- Nobody
Jacques- Pandora
Trey Songz- Panty Droppa
Trey Songz- Panty Wetter
Kid Cudi- Pillow Talk
Kendrick Lamar- Poetic Justice
Ginuwine- Pony
Chris Brown- Poppin
Drake- Practice
Ciara- Promise
TWENTY88- Push It
Miguel- Pussy Is Mine
Miguel- Quickie
TLC- Red Light Special
Jodeci- Ride & Slide
Ciara- Ride It
Aaliyah- Rock The Boat
Beyonce- Rocket
Trey Songz- Scratchin Me Up
Chris Brown- Sex (In My Zone)
Chris Brown- Sex (Before The Party)
R Kelly- Sex Part 1
R Kelly- Sex Part 2
Rihanna- Sex With Me
Marvin Gaye- Sexual Healing
Ginuwine- So Anxious
Chris Brown- Songs On 12 Play
Trey Songz- Still Scratchin Me Up
R Kelly- Strip For You
Tyrese- Sweet Lady
Chris Brown- Sweet Love
Chris Brown- Take My Time
TLC- Take Our Time
Chris Brown- Take You Down
Maxwell- This Woman’s Work
Usher- Trading Places
Teddy Pendergrass- Turn Off The Lights
D'Angelo- Untitled (How Does It Feel?)
Chris Brown- Wet The Bed
Twista- Wetter
Busta Rhymes- What’s It Gonna Be?
Keith Sweat- Whatever You Want
Trey Songz- When We Make Love
Babyface- When Your Body Gets Weak
Dru Hill- Xstacey Jones
Rihanna- Yeah, I Said It
R Kelly- You Remind Me Of Something
Tony Braxton- You’re Makin Me High
R Kelly- Your Body’s Callin
Beyonce- 1+1
TWENTY88- 2 Minute Warning
R Kelly- 12 Play


“LATE” this is my latest mix for the month of February featuring various artist… Enjoy!

PND - Lets Get Married
R Kelly - you remind me
Ying yang twins - bed room boom
Tyus- XXX
Ty Dolla $ign - 1st night
R Kelly - your body’s calling
Miguel - vixen
Ginuwine - so anxious
Tyus - city of the rose
Wale - lotus flower bomb
Miguel - quickie
Partynextdoor - sex on the beach
SWV - weak
TLC - red light special
Chris brown - take you down
Miguel - adorn
H town - knocking the boots
Aaliyah - rock the boat
Ty Dolla $ign - missionary
Bobby Brown - rock witcha
Partynextdoor - thirsty
Aaliyah - one in a million
Tony Toni Tone - Anniversary
Frank Ocean - pink matter
Aaliyah - you are love
Lauryn Hill - Nothin Even Matters


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Harry Styles One Shot Part 4*

*smutty smut is V V smutty

part 1, part 2, part 3

Background: Your friend brought you to a club where you had a very heated encounter with Harry Styles.  However, after one month of him not calling you back and avoiding your texts, you run into him at a friend’s record label party on a rooftop deck of a high-end hotel.  What happens when you’re stuck in a hotel with the man you’re caught between loving and hating?

“Do you think I’m easy, Harry?  Do you think I’d reward you that quickly?” I hissed.  My hand stopped its movements, his cock deprived of the friction it had received from sliding along my clothed center.  I knew he could still feel my wetness through the underwear, hell, he was practically coated in it already, but I was the only one smirking while his eyebrows drew tighter together in frustration.

At this point it was as though my inner fangirl had surpassed hiding away.  She had gone missing and was presumed dead, replaced by a sexier and more demanding alter ego.  Though I couldn’t deny she was seriously tempted to rise up and throw out this erotically confident impersonator due to the fact that Harry Styles, the man she’d endlessly fantasized about with her roommate, was actually naked and at her disposal in a five star hotel she didn’t even have to pay for.

“You’re not easy Y/N,” he strained, voice husky and low.  His eyes quickly looked down to my still hand clutching his length, then back to my maddened eyes, quite possibly contemplating if I was contemplating about ripping it off.  “Actually, in this position, I’d say you’re anything but,” he muttered.  

I was reminded of the flowers and the room he’d prepared in a way that made it look like it was for a freakin honeymoon.  How he’d assumed I’d have sex with him tonight.  As if he expected I’d somehow find him in this giant ass hotel and come crawling back to him like some love-struck puppy.  

How easy had sex been before with other fans and how many had he slept with that it was natural for him to automatically think I was just like them?  It made me sick, but a part of me knew that despite all of that, it didn’t change a thing.  Even if he did have STDs from escapades in the past, if this was the only chance I was going to have with Harry, I was going to take it.  Sad, but true.

That doesn’t mean it didn’t bother me.

“Wrong answer,” I gritted out, simultaneously letting go of his dick.  I took two steps backwards, my eyes scanning over his naked frame, and I watched as his chest rose and fell in anxious pants.  

“Bed. Now,” I demanded. I saw his mouth turn in a half-smile, both astounded and impressed at my forwardness, though after literally grabbing his dick in the hallway I was shocked he’d be surprised at all.  I watched as he obediently walked to the King sized bed and sat down at the very end of it, his body tight and tense, unsure of what my next move was.  Honestly I wasn’t so sure myself, but my poker face was on as I leisurely strolled closer, making sure that the slit on the robe was evident.  I extended my legs in the most elegant way possible and stalked towards a speaker system similar to the one Y/F/N and I had used when we jammed out to ABBA in our hotel room earlier.  The tension could be cut with the knife and the intense gaze on me wasn’t helping.  This quiet was too…intimate.  Even with my back turned while I scrolled through the songs I could feel his desire that, if I could see those emerald eyes, would surely cause the butterflies in my stomach to become unbearable. Chills ran down my arms from the electric energy, and I mentally stomped on those stupid butterflies as hard as I could, taking a deep breath.  I needed to keep it together if I wanted to survive this night in one emotionally stable piece.  

Quickie by Miguel started playing as I turned around, his hungry eyes immediately going to the space between the tops of my thighs.  For a second I was wondering what he was staring at, but then I realized the slit had opened at the bottom to reveal my black satin lingerie.  And he was staring at his goal.  

“Come on then,” he said.  I could tell by the way he was gripping the sheets he was losing patience.

“My terms Harry,” I purred.

I started swaying with the steady slow borderline Jamaican rhythm, the music carrying me to a place where I once again felt confident.  I danced like the night he first saw me - hips slowly rotating, hands running down my body, and hooded eyes that watched him closely before I turned around.  I moved my ass in a slow circle while I danced my fingers along the opening of the robe, undoing the string that was barely holding anything together in the first place and dropping it off one shoulder.  I did the same to the other, and soon the robe had fallen.  I heard Harry’s intake of breath and a smug smile settled on my face.

I don’t want to be loved, I don’t want to be loved

I just want a quickie

I whipped my hair around and bent down to the floor, butt out and back arched when I rose up slowly.  But when I spun around to face him again, my eyes widened and a tingle spread below. Harry was stroking his pulsing member, his big hand engulfing it in long steady strokes.  His breathing was already ragged and he didn’t stop when I turned around, he just looked me in the eyes.  He smirked at my stunned expression, his hand never leaving his hard cock.

No scratches, no hickies

If you can get with that, mommy come get with me

“I didn’t say you could touch yourself Harry,” I scoffed.  Bet you weren’t expecting that response Mr. I Get Every Girl I Want.  I watched as he gulped, his hand stilling its motions, but still wrapped around the base of his dick.

“What are you going to do about it?” he countered.

Knock on this wood, get rocked by this thunder

The music seemed to fade as I stalked closer, pushing him down so he was lying flat against the satin comforter that probably cost more than my college tuition.  I leaned down far enough so his brown waves touched the side of my cheek.

“Relax Harry,” I purred.  My gentle tone contrasted my harsh grip that suddenly assaulted his wrists, throwing them over his head and locking them there with one hand.  I rose slightly, my chest hovering over his while my hips ground themselves onto his dick that was now lying flat against his happy trail. I felt like I was grinding against Mt. fucking Everest, it was certainly hard enough to be rock, but the sharp grunt that escaped his plump lips brought me back from the clouds.

“Fuck Y/N,” he moaned, his head pushed against the bed and he tried bringing his hips up to meet me.  My folds were escaping the confines of the underwear and I know he could feel the new skins contact and the wetness that came with it when his tongue ran along his bottom lip before he bit down.  His hips started jutting against mine even harder in a way that left me panting.  He was trying to restrain himself from moaning any more, but as I continued to grind my hips, applying more pressure at the head, he couldn’t win.

“D-don’t stop,” he finally stuttered.  His eyebrows were pinched together, eyes closed, lips parted where rough pants escaped, and I couldn’t help but feel satisfaction that he was actually close.  This had almost been….easy.

I let go of his hands and lifted my hips off of his.  He glared at me with anger for the first time and I couldn’t help but feel more turned on than I already was.  Angry Harry was hot Harry.

“What the f-”

My lips crashed into his before he could finish his sentence, our tongues dancing a dangerous game.  This one was more sensual than the borderline spiteful attack we’d shared in the hallway.  This time my hands clutched the sides of his face, and the feeling of his strong jaw and rough stubble moving beneath my fingertips was something I thought I would never tire of.  His hands immediately went to my ass, squeezing what had been tormenting him for so long.   Coupled with the slow, deep grinds, Harry’s ass grabbing and his hot tongue exploring every inch of my mouth made a familiar sensation start to creep in. I pulled away, running my open mouth along the edges of his and we breathed each other in.  Our pants. Our desire.  Our need.

Harry couldn’t stand the loss of contact and when he jutted his head to try and capture my lips with his again and I once more pulled away, he grew restless and moved a hand up my back, pressing his torso and his dick even tighter against me.  I almost shuddered when I felt his precum spread across my stomach.  He pressed hot open-mouth kisses along my jaw and I rolled us over so his toned body was now on top.  His mouth never left me and his kisses were leading a trail down my neck to the tops of the lacy bra.

“Why the fuck is this still on,” he grumbled between kisses, now peppering his soft lips over the tops of my breasts.  It only took a second before he expertly unclipped the bra with his large hand. The feeling of his fingers so delicately working against me brought back those memories again and I subconsciously ground against him again, my hips raising in desperate attempts.  He noticed.

“Patience, ‘member love?” I could feel his smirk against my skin as he discarded my bra, his lips instantly attaching themselves to my soft skin.  I felt his teeth sink into the flesh and I cried out at the sensation, before he licked over the mark and moved to my nipples, gently nibbling and causing them to instantly harden.  “God you’re beautiful,” he breathed.

Chills ran over my body and I wasn’t sure if it was from what he said or from what he was doing to me, or perhaps it was both.  He looked up at me from between my breasts and rose closer to kiss me, but my hands wrapped through his hair and halted his movement - pushing him down until he was hovering over the only part of me still covered.

“You missed a spot,” I said, voice sultry and dripping with lust.  His hands latched onto the fabric and were about to tear them off, but my hands stopped him once more.  “Your mouth,” I murmured.

The room increased in temperature for what seemed like the 50th time that night as Harry didn’t hesitate.  He lifted my legs and pressed his face against the inside of my thigh, his stubble scraping against me as he worked his way up with his lips, tasting every inch of me as he teasingly kissed closer to my pussy that was literally dripping for him.  When he pressed a particularly harsh one less than a centimeter from the fabric and then bit down I couldn’t help but whine.

“Stop teasing Harry.”

“You can dish it out, but you can’t take it?” he teased sarcastically. When I felt his hot breath hit my center I jolted and looked down to see him already staring at me with a wicked glint in his eyes.  Those darkened eyes drank in my distraught state as he ghosted his plump lips over the fabric, and he didn’t look away when he licked a hot stripe down the center. Before I could yell at him for being cruel, he got the fabric between his teeth and yanked down so hard it ripped. I heard it land somewhere and it was my turn to glare at him.

“Those were my favorite pair!”

“I’ll buy you another one,” he mumbled.  He didn’t waste any time and he literally buried himself in me, tongue darting in and out before I had the chance to breathe while his large hands gripped my hips and kept me down.

“Harry,” I moaned, hands once more wrapping themselves in his hair.  He hummed in reply and the new vibrations left me mewling, a hot mess in the sheets as his tongue delved further into me, exploring and retreating.  In and out. In, out.  “Fuck, feels so good baby,” I whined.  I felt my cheeks redden at what I’d called him, but he didn’t seem to notice, too preoccupied in the pleasure he was giving me.  I gasped when he suddenly moved his concentration to my clit, already swollen and ready for him, and started sucking.  He brought one hand from my hip up to my mouth and shoved his middle and index finger between my lips.

“Suck,” he commanded.  His mouth was still around my clit and I felt his words, the new tingle it triggered causing me to press my pelvis up so he would continue.  He did, and I sucked.  I ran a hot stripe over his fingers, swirling my tongue over the tops and biting down a little.  He moaned against me and withdrew his hand, dragging them down my lips.  He swiped his wet wingers once over my entrance, lubricating them even further with my arousal before inching them in.  My walls tried to resist him, but soon he was all the way in, prodding and exploring further than his tongue could go, his cool metal rings contrasting my heat and rubbing against my walls in the most delicious way.

“You’re so damn tight,” he growled.  He looked up at me then, green eyes locking with mine.  He saw me.  Hair mussed up, swollen lips parted in ecstasy, and brow furrowed by his ceaseless assault. The slick sounds of my arousal and his fingers constant intrusion seemed to overpower the music.  His fingers didn’t stop and neither did his plump lips, sucking and nibbling on my clit.  When his free hand groped my breasts, harshly kneading and flicking my hard nipples, I lost it.

“O-oh Harry!” I shouted, mind overcome with pleasure alone.

My hands gripped his hair as I shuddered, toes curling as a spread of warmth took over my entire body.  I felt him continue to kiss over my pussy, his tongue gently cleaning and drinking me up while his fingers went on at a slow rhythm, allowing me to ride out my orgasm as much as I could.  But when he ran his mouth up to my clit once more, I lurched at the newfound sensitivity and he slowly retracted his fingers, the tops of them still curled as he dragged down my walls.  My whole person was still tingling and could hardly register that he was kissing up my body, still feeling the lingering effects of the biggest orgasm I’d had in a long while.

A month to be exact.

I sighed as I felt his lips press against my cheek in a gentle kiss. He was supporting himself on his elbows now, hovering over me just as I had to him and I could feel his length over the top of my thigh.  His hot breath hit my ear when he said,

“Now do you remember?”

I let out a light laugh, still euphoric from what I’d just experienced until the meaning behind his words hit me.  He was thinking about the rooftop earlier that night, when I’d obviously lied to both him and Ed freakin Sheeran when I said I didn’t remembered how we’d first met.  That I didn’t remember how he made me feel.  

A smug look settled on my face.  “It may be coming back to me, but my memories still a bit foggy.”

Harry didn’t buy it for a second and he gently nudged my cheek with his nose, “’M sure, after you screaming my name it must be difficult to recollect anything else.”  I scoffed as if I was offended and tried to hit him, but he caught my hand, kissing the inside of it before turning his attention back to my eyes.

“Didn’t know you had a pain kink,” he teased.

“You don’t know me.”  I let that sentence hang there, the truth of it linger as we lay naked before each other. It didn’t feel like we were strangers though, it didn’t feel like that at all.  He clearly knew my body, and it was somehow translating into something more personal.  Was it hormones?  Or was he feeling the same way?

I watched as his eyes dropped from mine, to my lips, lingering there before slowly leaning in, waiting for me to turn away.

I didn’t.

Our lips met and it started slow, the roughness from his stubble and the softness of his lips both moved against me.  His tongue asked for entrance and I gladly accepted, opening my mouth to allow him to deepen the kiss.  And for the third time that night I made out with Harry Styles.  I tried to memorize the way his stubble scraped against me every so often as we moved our heads to the rhythm our lips created.  I suddenly became hyper aware of his raging hard on pressed against me and I could feel a steady pulsing.  Shit.  How could I possibly have forgotten?  

I reached down blindly and wrapped my hand around it, Harry automatically groaning into the kiss.

“Shit baby,” he breathed.  I latched my lips onto his again and in the middle of our passionate kiss, I pulled the head of his dick into my pussy.  Harry immediately stopped kissing me, a choked gasp escaping him.  His eyes searched mine and I couldn’t tell if it was just my imagination or if they darkened even further.  

“Are you sure,” he strained.

“Did you forget who was in charge Harry?” My mocking tone was answer enough and something else took over him.

“I’d watch yourself love.  You’re not the one on top anymore,” he grumbled.  He looked at me behind hooded eyes as he slowly inched in, groaning as my tight walls clung to him like a woman taking her husband after the war.  Through his own noises of pleasure I noted how he was cherishing the sound of my labored breathing as he spread me open.  He was huge.  Huge is an understatement.  He was bigger than Mt. fUCKING Everest and I was not prepared for the hike.  I felt like I was going to be split in two and he was probably only halfway in.  I’d climbed halfway up the mountain and realized I hadn’t brought a water bottle.

Safe to say, I hadn’t been with many guys before and this hurt like hell.

“Ah!” He’d hit a place I didn’t think was meant to be hit.  Ever.  And I couldn’t help but cry out at the pressure.

“Y/N?  You okay?” The concern in his eyes overshadowed his lust, but one hand was gripping the sheet and I could tell a lot of self-control was needed to stop himself from going any further.

“Just do it you pussy,” I mumbled, “Like a band aid r-IGHT OH MY GOD!!”


“Y/N I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.”

All the blood rushed out of Harry’s face and he pulled back, about to take his mountain with him, but I held his hips close to mine.

“No, it’s fine,” I gritted out, the pain still pulsing from the tender area. “Didn’t know you had it in you Styles,” I joked.

Color filled his cheeks again and I nodded at him to move, hiding my wince in his shoulder as I bit down.  After a while, it didn’t feel like such a vicious attack and Harry’s grunting in my ear sure made it more enjoyable.  His hips started to pick up a steady rhythm and the slapping of our skin together was the only thing I heard.

“God, you’re so fucking tight,” he panted.

“Thanks, that’s what I hear.”

His motions stilled suddenly, eyebrows drawing together in an angry pout.

“Who tells you that?”  I could literally feel his jealousy. His dick twitched inside me, hitting a new sensitive spot and I let out a moan.  “Y/N.” He wasn’t kidding anymore, and his voice was harder than his cock.

“You know Ed, right?  Nice guy on the bar earlier tonight?  He asked me out to dinner and my GOD those lobsters were delicious.  Did you know you could get them that fresh this time of year?  I sure as hell didn’t- OHH FUCK, HARRY”

I was a whining mess when Harry thrust into me without warning, ramming every ounce of jealousy he could have possibly had into my pussy until I was sure to overflow with it.  

“Did you fuck him?  Did he make you feel this good Y/N?  Huh?”  My eyes were practically rolling to the back of my head the way he was viciously assaulting me, and his words were already making a familiar pressure build in the pits of my stomach.  “I can’t hear you,” he mocked.

He was thrusting into me so hard the inside of my thighs would surely be bruised the next morning and the headboard was banging against the wall with a vengeance so mean I was expecting a hole through the drywall.

“H-harry, I’m c-close!  Fuck right there.  HARRY!”

“Don’t forget it,” he seethed.  He thrust into me for the final time, the pressure finally releasing as a mind-shattering orgasm racked through my body.  His mouth claimed mine in a dominating kiss, quieting my screams as I came undone for the second time that night.  Once he felt it was safe, he broke the kiss, and quickly lifted his hips up so they were hovering over mine.  With one hand supporting himself by my head, the other grasped his dick, only having to stroke it once before he released a giant load all over my stomach. He moaned my name so loud I questioned whether he’d had sex at all, and he let out another groan as he let his forehead rest atop of mine.

We lay there for a while, legs entangled together, his arm snaking around my waist and holding me close.  I swore I would commit the way my name dripped off his lips to memory so God help me. Our panting and the remnants on my stomach were now the only evidence of what occurred.  I felt his fingers trace patterns along my side, and I turned my head slightly to see him already looking at me, a dimple showing on his left cheek.

“What?” I asked.  Despite every ounce of fangirl telling me to stay awake, I was completely spent, and my eyelids felt heavy as I peered up at him.

“Stay with me tonight.” He didn’t say it as the confident singer you see on stage, but he said it quietly and sincerely, like a plead from a schoolboy to his crush.

I didn’t say anything more, but gave him a small smile, letting his arms find their way around my body once more and pull me even closer against his body. With his lips pressed into my hair, I let sleep take me.  I couldn’t even tell you when.


Shit shit shit

The alarm clock was glaring red - 9:45 AM.  My essay was due at noon.

Fuck me.

I glanced at the boy sleeping next to me, so peaceful and unaware, completely vulnerable.  The covers were pulled down his chest, exposing his tattoos and his lips were parted slightly releasing deep, even breaths.  I had to tear myself away otherwise I would seriously risk staying there in his arms forever, but honestly, I couldn’t risk the grade.  Harry Styles was Harry Styles, but I was Y/N Y/L/N and I had a future to plan. Starting with a decent grade on a final paper.

In an expert manner, with borderline ninja talent, I untangled myself from his iron-like grip so he wouldn’t wake up.  Oh my gosh.  I had seriously underestimated the soreness that would be between my legs.  It’s like an angry lumberjack sledgehammered my vagina.

Poor Y/F/N probably thought I’d gotten abducted last night.

I searched around for the clothes that had gotten discarded the night before when I realized something - I hadn’t worn any.  And the only pair of underwear I’d brought had gotten ripped in half.   Well.

I spied a white v-neck lying on a chair and I threw it over myself. Thankfully, it covered enough of my butt that I could make it in a fast walk down the hallway.  

Regretfully, and with so much willpower, I walked out the door.  For a brief stupid naïve moment, I thought I should leave him my number.  You know, just in case.  But then I realized - he already had my number, and he hadn’t called before.  He probably didn’t want me staying any longer than necessary anyways.  He wouldn’t want a clingy hookup to linger.  Why would he?  This was just a one night stand.

And despite the pang in my heart, I was going to be okay with that. I had to be okay with that.

I made it halfway down the hallway in my best “not trying to flash my coochie” fast walk before I heard a hotel door shut.

“Where are you going?!”

The husky British morning voice stopped me in my tracks, and I froze like a deer in the headlights.  I turned to see him in all his morning glory and my heart ached at how adorable he looked. He was squinting and clutching the sheets around his lower half, his hair going every which way.

“Um, well, I have an essay to write.” I muttered, mentally cringing at how lame that sounded.

Even from this distance I saw his face fall.

“Oh,” was all he said.  There was an awkward silence that descended then, and I shifted my weight, once again becoming aware that I was only in a bra and t-shirt.  We finally spoke at the same time:

“Yeah, so goodbye-”

“I have a laptop,” he blurted out.

“What?”  My eyebrows rose at his statement, expecting him to take it back.  Did he actually want me to stay?

“I mean I have a laptop in my room, so, I- I dunno if you need anything else, but, I have wifi.”

A smile tugged at the corner of my mouth at how flustered he was.  “Harry, everyone in this hotel has wifi,” I said gently.

Once again his face fell.  “Oh. Right.”  He looked so sad then, I couldn’t stand to tease him anymore.

“I’ll stay, but you can’t distract me.”  It was if I flipped a switch and suddenly it was Christmas morning. He gave me the brightest smile I’d seen in a long while, dimples and all.  “No, seriously Harry, no funny business.  Also because I can barely walk right now, thanks for that.”

He was striding towards me now, still holding the satin sheets with one hand. He held out a hand, expecting me to take it.  “No need to worry about me Y/N, I’ll be a perfect gentleman.”

I put my hand in his, suddenly shy in the light of day.  He pulled me towards him and I let out a surprised squeal when he lifted me up bridal style, carrying me to the door of his hotel room.

“My friend’s going to think I died,” I muttered.

“What was that?” he asked, tilting his head ever so slightly.  How was it possible for a human to look this gorgeous?  

“Oh, nothing…but can I use your phone when we get in?”

“Of course,” he said, “I like you in my shirt by the way.”  I heard him mumble klepto under his breath and I gave him a light knock over the head.  It wasn’t until we got to the door that I realized he was holding me with two hands and when I looked down the hallway over his shoulder, I saw a satin sheet discarded in the hallway.  I let out a laugh and didn’t need to look down for clarification, though of course, which sane hormonal woman wouldn’t?

“Harry?” I asked.  He hummed as he held me tighter.  “You know these hallways have video cameras right?”

Maybe I could get copy.  For Y/F/N of course, totally not for my personal collection.  

Because after the night I had, there was no way in hell she was ever going to believe me.

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GDFR - Flo Rida fet. Sage the Gemini / FM$ (Freak My Shit) - New Boyz / Neighbors Know My Name - Trey Songz / Burnin’ Up - Jessie J ft. 2 Chainz / Use Me - Miguel / D2B - Problem ft. Bad Lucc & the Homegirl / We Can Make Love - Somo / Milkshake - Kelis / No Interruption - Hoodie Allen / No Angel - Beyoncé / Cockiness (Love It) (Remix) - Rihanna ft. A$AP Rocky / More - Usher / Wild Out - Borgore ft. Waka Flocka Flame & Paige / I’m In It - Kayne West / Quickie - Miguel / Don’t Drop That Thun Thun - Finatticz / Often - The Weeknd / 22 - Tayor Swift / Girl Almighty - One Direction / 2 Reasons - Trey Songz ft. T.I. 

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I Don’t Want Be Love , I Don’t Want Be Love I Just Want A Quickie No Bit Marks No Scratches & No Hickeys If You Can Get With That Mami Come Get With Me, I Don’t Want Be Love I Don’t Want Be Love I Just Want A Quick Fix Up In Your Mix Miss Send Me Your Wish List Ill Have You Addicted So Mami Come Get This.

“Quickie” (Miguel Acoustic Cover) - Liam Horne

I Don't Wanna be Loved (Dirty Jacob Whitesides Imagine requested by @cryingbcmagcon)

It was less than an hour before Magcon started. Everyone was getting ready, getting food, or doing sound checks on on stage. You were Jacob’s girlfriend and you two were in his hotel room waiting for him to get ready.

“Babe! It starts in 40 minutes and you have to be out there in 20 doing sound checks!” You yelled. He turned around walking to you.

“Well why aren’t you getting ready, huh?” He asked while looking down at my body. I was only wearing one of his shirts and my underwear.

“I’m not in Magcon and I’m going later,” you giggled.

“But you look pretty damn sexy,” he leaned in kissing you deeply.

“Jacob, stop. We can’t, it’s getting late.”

“How about quickie?” He said “I don’t wanna be loved, I don’t wanna be loved,” he sang taking off your shirt revealing your bare chest.

“So no hickies, scratches, or bite marks?”

“Mmhh,” he nodded taking off his shirt, throwing it to the ground.

“Well then, let’s get to it then,” you said kissing him.

Your hand slid down to his jeans, unbuttoning them, lowering them down and having him kicking them off. His hand went toward your panties, slipping a finger inside.

“Babe, who got you this wet?” He asked entering a finger in you.

“Ah, no foreplay!”

“But that’s no fun,” he said taking off your underwear.

“Too bad,” you whispered kissing him laying in the couch. He started taking off his underwear, and your heard foil unwrapping as he put a condom on.


“Baise-moi plus fort que une star du porno, sorry I don’t know Spanish or Portuguese.” You winked.(Translation: fuck me harder than a porn star)

“Ah, you’re making me so hard baby,” he pounded into your dripping core making you scream, “baby say something. That was so hot,” he moaned.

“Baise-moi si fort que tout le monde dans le bâtiment peut entendre,” you moaned at the last few words. (Translation: fuck me so hard that everyone in the building hear.

“Shit baby, I can cum to that all day,” he leaned down kissing you, hitting your g-spot having you scream having your head through back.

“There baby?”

“Oui (yes) oh fuck Jacob I’m close! So close!” You yelled.

“Me too baby!”

“Ugh! Harder babe! Fais-moi pas marcher pendant des jours. (Translation: Make me not walk for days) Shit baby, I’m gonna cum!” You moaned.

“Ahh! Shit babe! Cum now! Cum now! Ugh fuck baby you’re so tight,” you felt something warm in you and you came. He pulled out laying next to you, panting and sweating, “ we should do that more often, and you can speak whatever that language you were speaking.”

You giggled, “It’s French.”

“Well you speaking French is the hottest, and horniest thing ever.” He kissed your forehead.



“I’ll be out in a minute,” he yelled getting his clothes back on. “When it’s over, we’re doing that again. You’re my dirty little French girl.” He kissed you. “So prepare.”

“Oui, je ne peux pas attendre pour vous frappez moi insensé, crier votre nom, jouir sur vous. (Translation: yes I can’t wait for you to bang me senseless, screaming your name, cumming all over you.) I love you,” you smiled.

“I love you too. Oh right you didn’t cum, I didn’t know you can squirt like that.” Your eyes widen. I didn’t know I could even do that

“I wha-”

“WHITESIDES,” Taylor and Dillion both yelled.

“Gotta go,” he opened the door and left.

You sat there, naked and sweaty. You grabbed your phone and went to music playing “Quickie” by Miguel over and over, replaying what you and Jacob just had while doing other thing if you know what I mean.

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