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I was in a dark place mentally when I suddenly remembered Yuri crying in the bathroom. The first time we see our protagonist is after he ranked sixth in the Grand Prix. It didn’t matter that he is the sixth best male figure skater in the world that year, his incredible self critical mind is berating him.

Yuri is an unreliable narrator. We don’t realize that he’s probably one of the best skaters in Japan, in the world, until later. In that same vein, I wondered the same thing about myself. I may not be the best at what I do, but am I actually such a bad person that I hate myself so vehemently sometimes?

Sometimes it’s hard to be nice to yourself, especially when you’re tired and stressed out. But maybe if Yuri Katsuki can pull himself up and win silver at the Grand Prix, I can try to move forward a little too.

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im really curious to see how ashi would handle the wedding night with her ongoing ruse lmao

OH MANNNNN. Well, Ashi wouldn’t be too keen to sleep with the enemy, but she will if she has to. Meanwhile, Jack would just be…

Ashi would then expect Jack to be this horrible, selfish, depraved man. But to her confused surprise…he just literally goes to sleep (he senses that she’s not really comfortable(?) or something(?) and doesn’t wanna rush her). Ashi naturally thinks he’s not interested

and is INSULTED.


“We Maximoffs, we have each other. That’s all we’ll ever need.”