quickie before bed


His body is tight, rigid next to hers as he holds her hand in bed, the sheets pulled down on his exposed chest.

He’s shaking.

Sweat creases his brow, the brow Mor runs her fingers over, she herself still half asleep.

“Azriel, love,” she says softly and lays her head on his chest. Tilting her chin up so she can whisper close enough to his ear, she murmurs, “I love you. Please - Az. Don’t be afraid. I love you.”

Shadows chase. His wings jerk. And then he is still. Absolutely still.

But he holds her a little closer as the planes of his face even out.

Morrigan drifts back off to sleep tucked around him when she’s sure it’s safe again, Azriel nuzzled into her side, her neck, her hair.

They don’t wake the rest of the night.

A(nother) quickie of Bucky before bed… I’m sorry I like to draw him so woeful, but his face is perrrfect for it! Those puppy eyes and pouty lips… I’ll leave Steve to hug him better! ^^

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