goldengrasp asked:

In the awoiaf website they sited Quickfinger as an assassin. Is that truly who he was? Or was he just a thief... trying and failing to steal Dragon eggs... as briefly mentioned in the Sworn Sword. But nothing more on it there. And how could some dragons eggs have assisted the Blacks against the Reds? Thanks...

On AWOIAF they don’t call Quickfinger an assassin? This is the whole article:

Quickfinger was a thief caught with stolen dragon eggs during the First Blackfyre Rebellion. He had sided with Daemon Blackfyre.

There’s nothing more about Quickfinger in the article because that’s literally all we know about him.

Dragon eggs might have helped Daemon Blackfyre’s cause by giving him the appearance of legitimacy. If you have a dragon egg, you must be a true Targaryen, right? (Even though that’s obviously not true because Aegon IV gave his Hand Lord Butterwell a dragon egg in exchange for him not raising a fuss when Aegon deflowered and impregnated Butterwell’s three maiden daughters in one night.)

Or maybe the rebels hoped that Daemon, as the true and noble king, would actually be able to hatch the dragon eggs where the vile bastard Daeron Falseborn and his ilk had failed. Indubitably they would have been as wrong about this as they were about Daemon and Daeron, but it’s still good that they never had a chance to find out.

Or, maybe they just wanted to sell the dragon eggs to fund the Blackfyre cause. (And buy more guns and ships weapons and mercenaries.) Dragon eggs are worth a very large fortune, don’t you know.

Anyway, maybe we’ll learn more about Quickfinger and the dragon eggs in D&E, or Fire and Blood, or even ASOIAF itself. Or maybe we won’t, and it’ll just remain a random name and barely explained event that GRRM only included for color. I’m certainly not placing any bets…