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Nightmare hospital plot theory.

Ok in september Steven Universe will FINALLY be back (and September 15th is my birthday btw, just pointing it out :p) and I keep seeing the promo and keep having the plot fly around my head. 

So this is what I think is going to happen.

So connie borrows Rose Quartz sword to train while she is away, yet her mother finds the sword and be the strict mother she is, takes it away with her. Having no place to hide it due to it’s size she takes it to work. The hospital. Connie panicked that she had lost Steven’s mother’s sword goes to Steven to apologise. 

When Steven finds out he become panicked that something might happen to the sword. Both Steven and Connie knowing they cannot go to hospital as themselves in fear of being caught. They fuse as Stevonnie and get to the Hospital with Lion as it is the quicker way.

When they get to the hospital both become scared (well because hospitals are sometimes scary) and they find out that hospitals are not like the sitcom’s they watch on TV. Eventually they find Rose Quartz sword and run out. They then hear allot of noise in the hall ways and see that Lion has entered the halls. They then see Connie’s mother who notice’s they have the sword. 

Connie’s mother then tries to get the sword back, the two panic and unfuse and accidentally reveal themselves to Connie’s mother.

Connie’s mom picks up the sword in shock and the two kids get on lion and teleport out too scared to back.

Later Connie’s parents confront the two kids and gems and talk about the powers and magic, gem stuff etc… and maybe even Rose. Connie’s parents although suspicious accept because it ain’t drugs and booze :)

Please don’t take this plot seriously and come and attack for having the wrong plot. IT’S JUST A THEORY. Bye

never a lawyer

Seeing Bahorel enter the cafe, Courfeyrac scooped up his hat and attempted to go. But Bahorel was quicker, making his way to their table in what seemed to be the mere blink of an eye and clapping a friendly hand on Courfeyrac’s shoulder– a friendly hand that also happened to force him back down into his seat. 

“And where are you off to in such a rush?” he asked. 

“Oh, I, uh–” Courfeyrac looked frantically to Bossuet, who offered nothing but a shrug.

“I cannot possibly come up with a lie for you,” Bossuet said. “I don’t know the truth, and the odds are good that in lying, I would accidentally stumble upon it.” 

“Did we quarrel? I am engaged in a number of them at present, it is possible I have lost track.” 

“No… no.” Courfeyrac appeared to make a silent resolution, and straightened. “I cannot face you, Bahorel. I cannot disgrace you with my company.” 

Bossuet and Bahorel exchanged glances. 

“And why?” Bahorel asked. 

Courfeyrac’s courage seemed to fail him, and the words came out in an inaudible mumble. 

“Once more,” Bossuet prompted. “This time with vowels.” 

I passed my exams.”

The words rang in the silence that followed. Bahorel took a step back, and Courfeyrac sprang to his feet, hands clasped in supplication.

“I didn’t intend to. The illustrious Monsieur de Courfeyrac began making rumblings about how if I was not intending to continue my studies, perhaps I had best return to Provence, and– well, I had to appease him somehow, but I never thought, never dreamed–”

“I cannot speak to you,” Bahorel said, continuing to back away. “I fear the contagion. I will speak to Joly about preventative measures, then perhaps, gradually, I can continue to share your company.”

“To be fair,” Bossuet said. “If your only plan was to avoid him, this has had the same effect. At any rate, take a seat, drown your sorrows. I, for one, am not above drinking with a lawyer. So long as he pays, of course.” 

Of Course

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Swearing, Injury

You were running as fast as you possibly could. Your lungs were burning and your legs were beginning to feel numb. You weren’t sure how much longer you could keep this up. You and the older Winchester were hunting a werewolf. You’d insisted on being the bait, knowing that the hunt would end much quicker that way. Your boyfriend, Dean, had tried to keep you from doing so, although he knew just how well you could take care of yourself. You’d been a hunter for as long as you could remember. It ran in the family. You dodged yet another branch and tried to increase your pace, not noticing the tree root sticking out of the ground in the dark of the night.

“Oh, shit!” you screeched as you tripped and rolled your ankle, going sprawling to the ground. You went to stand up, but the excruciating pain in your ankle made it impossible, forcing you to stay put on the ground. You noticed that your gun had flown out of your hand a few yards away from where you were currently situated on the ground. You started to crawl towards it, but stopped when you heard the heavy breathing from behind you. You turned and your eyes widened in fear when you realized that you had no way of protecting yourself from the monster that stood before you. You jumped when a shot suddenly rang out and the werewolf fell limp in front of you, grinning when you saw Dean standing there with a smirk on his face.

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Hale Pack/Sterek Headcanon

So I’ve been thinking a lot about how packs, especially family-based packs like the pre-fire Hales, probably practice social grooming as a way to show affection and bond with each other, like wolves do in the wild.

How we see it a little bit in canon, on the occasions when Cora brushes Derek’s hair away from his face, little moments like that, and how much MORE it probably was with their whole pack. How Cora probably couldn’t sleep without someone brushing her hair, and then she was out like a light. How even in high school, Laura let Talia fix her hair for her before school. How there was no quicker way to calm Derek down when he was upset, as a baby or as a teenager, than to run a hand through his hair. How when he first started to shave, his dad taught him how and sometimes did it for him, their special time together in the morning because though Talia was alpha and had that special bond with her children, Papa Hale had special little rituals with each of his children to show them how special they were (plus, as Laura and Cora could tell you, he was WAY better at fancy hairstyles than Talia ever was).

How after the fire, Laura and Derek shared a bed for a long time, not only for proximity, but also because when Derek would cry in his sleep, Laura would sit awake with his head in her lap and just pet him until he calmed. How Derek watched youtube videos to learn how to do ponytails and braids so that he could sometimes do her hair for her when she was feeling sad, and how he would use his mother’s old trick of using one of his hands to do the pain-pulling trick when he brushed her hair so she didn’t feel a thing (he almost wished for longer hair when he was younger, just so him mom would use it on him, too).

So maybe that’s why Derek’s always so impeccably groomed himself–why he bothers to wax, why his hair is always perfect and his eyebrows never get too unruly and why, when he decides to grow his beard, it always is neat and symmetrical and perfect. It’s not because he’s vain, it’s because it’s a comforting thing for him, a thing that reminds him of better times, and because when he closes his eyes he could almost pretend that the hand in his hair isn’t his own, that it’s actually his father’s steady hand holding the razor to his cheek.

And when Cora comes back, they’re both touch-starved but a little shy about it, and they don’t really groom each other much until one night Cora comes to him with a hairbrush and whispers that she can’t sleep, and Derek knows just what to do.

AND OF COURSE STEREK, because when Stiles comes back from college with that scruffy little beard, Derek just thinks longingly of his razor (and not just because Stiles looks a little silly with his sad little unkempt beard, but also because he thinks of using a straight-razor, how intimate it would be, and he has to swallow hard and look away), and Stiles at first is a little offended that Derek thinks so little of the FANTASTIC beard that he WORKED HARD to grow, but he texts Cora all offended and she’s just like, ‘dumbass, of course he wants to groom you, that’s what wolves do,’ and then Stiles is almost flattered, because Scott’s beard is WAY worse than his, but Derek doesn’t look nearly as tempted to hold him down and shave it off like he does with Stiles.

So Stiles screws up his courage and shows up at Derek’s door with a can of shaving cream (and Derek immediately throws it out, because he would never use that cheap stuff on Stiles’ perfect skin), and when Derek has him all presentable again after a tingly, intimate few minutes with his neck bared and Derek leaning over him all warm and intent, Stiles finally kisses him and they never really go back.

(And of course, once Stiles learns that Derek has a distinct THING for a hand in his hair, neither does their sex life.) 


Pretty impressive as his following list is pretty impressive. Do you have a tool to sort through them and find a specific person?

But, if that is true they have made one hell of a statement. They are obviously saying they are disgusted with the nad name he has put on fundamentalist lifestyle.

Have you noticed almost everyone that has a celebrity position in ATI ends up being immoral bastards?

songinstormcage said: 

You can do it more quickly by looking at the list of people Lawson/other Bates follow. For example Lawson is following around 30 people and Josh isn’t one of them while the other Duggar family members are. Can be done much quicker that way.

wesayso-foundation said:

I have a twitter handle “Talk Soup” and around 800 followers, probably less cuz I am never on there anymore. Every free moment I am here. I forgot there is a search feature.

supermodelindisguise said:

You’d just search their name and click unfollow.

asklakitu asked:

The lakitu closed the door of the queen's office behind him, as he walked in the chaos that the castle was at taht moment. He decided to take a quicker way to give the queen his daily report, to find the place empty. Jumping on his cloud, he wandered around the place, over the heads of the hurried servants, searching for the queen's right hand. After a while, he found him, and as quick as he could, he reached him. "Polaris! finally..." he gave a quick look around "Why is the castle so agitated?"

“Please! W-We’re terribly worried that they must’ve done something awful to her majesty!”


Okay, so, recently (read: this afternoon) I decided that I should probably learn how to do my line art digitally, because it’ll be a quicker/cleaner way of drawing, eventually, and also because I won’t have to buy as many sketchbooks as I do now.

Right now, it’s definitely not a quicker way of drawing, and it kind of feels like having to learn how to draw all over again, haha. But! I think I should be able to get the hang of it pretty quickly. Behold, the first 100% digital thing I’ve ever drawn *hesitant jazz hands*

Just because I’m on vacation and not working on cosplay this week doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about working on cosplay!

I’m pretty sure one of these badass ladies is going to be my next Dragon Age cosplay. It probably won’t be happening for a while, but hey, if I start planning now, things’ll go way quicker in a few months.

Soooooooo help. Which one?

Pros: I’ve wanted to make this outfit since I saw it in the trailer in 2009. Origins Leliana speaks to my soul because I too am cute and like murder and pretty shoes.
Cons: leather and scalemaille are currently beyond my skill level so this would be a hard outfit for me to make.

Pros: have you seen me? Do you see Meredith? She’s like my perfect typecast cosplay character - blonde, bitchy, and fully armored. The armor is well within my skill range so it’s an easier build.
Cons: I’m actually really pro mage and should probably stop cosplaying Templars.

Help me, I’m indecisive.