Things You Said with No Spaces between Us

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         “And then I said, “You can’t go in there!” But did he listen to me? No. Typical kids.“ Tina nodded her head at the man rambling on next to her. Her eyes shot to Jimmy Junior sitting across from her and a few seats over. His body language showed he was annoyed; but when his eyes caught hers, he gave her an apologetic look. Tina rolled her eyes slightly before returning her glaze to the man next to her.
         It had been half past nine at night when she suggested they go out for something to eat. Their meal was great. Their travel back home was a different story. On the walk back, he thought the subway would be ultimately a quicker way home. Upon entering the crowded subway car, there were little to none seats available. Unfortunately for them they had to sit apart. Jimmy Junior currently sat in between two snoring men and Tina besides a chatty grandfather complaining about something his grandson did earlier today.
         “He fell out of that tree faster than a race car at a nascar race.” The older gentleman shook his head. She glanced back over at her boyfriend as the man continued rambling. He gave her a smirk before leaning back and gently resting his head on one of the snoring men next to him. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth acting like he was asleep as well. He took in a deep breath and let out a loud snore that not only scared Jimmy Junior, but also stirred the sleeping man next to him. Tina quickly put a hand over her mouth to hide her giggle. He sat up straight as fast as he could before the man awoke, looking at him strangely.
         “You alright there sir? Your snore seems to have woke you up.” Jimmy Junior said to the now awake man. He gave Tina a wink before placing a finger over his lips and mouthing ‘shhh’ to her.
         The man stretched slightly and checked out his surroundings. “Ah, yes. My apologies.” He muttered before leaning back to fall back into his slumber once more. Jimmy Junior let out a sigh of relief and looked Tina’s way. She was sitting there, trying her hardest to stifle her laughter.
         She quickly composed herself when the gentleman to her right smiled at her. “Well, this is my stop. It was nice talking to you! Have a nice night, young lady!” The man tipped his hat at her before standing up and leaving the car along with many other people. Jimmy Junior quickly stood up and sat in his place once he was gone.
        “Is this seat taken, miss?” He asked her, trying to sound as prim and proper as possible.
         She giggled at his lame impersonation. “It is now.” He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and leaned back into the seat.
         “Oh now I see why he sat here for so long. It’s the best seat in the house.”
         “What’s so great about it?” She asked him, tilting her head curiously.
         “It has an excellent view of you.” She playfully punched him in the chest. He laughed slightly. “Well I’m not wrong.”
         The subway car started up and they were rolling again. Jimmy Junior pulled her closer to him as he looked over the remaining passengers. Most of them were asleep or listening to headphones, off in their own world. He looked back at her. She was resting her head on his shoulder and let out a yawn. “Oh no, not you too.”
         She giggled slightly at his joke. “Sorry, train rides make me sleepy. Plus it is after midnight you know.”
         “I know.” He chuckled. “I know.” Tina’s eyes started to close to the rhythm of the train’s movement.
         “Hey Jimmy Junior.”
         “I love you.”
         His lips curved up into a smile before he kissed her head. “I love you too.”

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I even with the button I have for “Asks and Story Only” It’s a lot to go through xD

I’ve been kinda sorta telling a story with Sweet but with the random asks in between (which I LOVE doing by the way >w<) It can get lost from those spaces in between XD

So if for some reason your curious enough to go through the blog the quicker way and not miss anything I made a button for that now! XD

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where do you download your teen wolf episodes?

i either get torrents from here and use utorrent, or i wait for the upload on here 

here is also sometimes helpful

i wish i knew a quicker, more concrete way of downloading 1080p logoless episodes each week heh but this is the best i got :)

A helpful thing for those who don’t like autoplay/get scared by it or something else. It’s a quicker way of shutting it off than looking around for someone’s player.

All you have to do is enter the following into your browser (must be Chrome):


And then enable it. Restart your browser and you now have the ability to mute tabs by clicking on the little audio icon.

I hope this helps someone like it did me!

quick sketch of this gorgeous ray of sunshine (HA) to take a break from working on my header! 

art fiesta


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not to be mean but I kind of get a lot of asks and if you ask something that can be answered with 1 google search I suggest googling first instead because that’s way quicker and more useful for everyone

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i'm sorry but isn't this whole thing actually not about theory at all? but about elle and her rapist. either you believe elle to be the victim OR elle to have been a rapist. phoenix sided against elle and for elle's rapist. so did drew. mean it's obvious what these animosities are actually about. it's about harboring rapists and how that destroys communities, not about theory.

neither phoenix nor drew did any such thing and pretty much immediately cut all ties with elle’s rapist. for what it’s worth, they both did so way quicker than i did. phoenix and drew both frequently critiqued whatever-you-want-to-call-the-clique-of-trans-women-who-harassed-them for protecting rapists and for fostering an environment in which critique or ideological disagreement was basically impossible without being ostacised. to characterise drew or phoenix as rape apologists is. a pretty grossly inaccurate description. it’s like, the inverse or what happened :1

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Faux locs are gorgeous they just take so long cuz they're 2 styles in one (You reblogged something wanting questions in your inbox..)

They really do, it’s exhausting just sitting in that damn chair that long, so I know the hairdressers are having a grand ol’ time. Damn it, I wish there was a quicker way!

Two Ways of Acquiring Knowledge:

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (rahimahullaah) said: There are two ways of acquiring knowledge:

Acquiring it from trustworthy books written by scholars who are known for their knowledge, trustworthiness and sound beliefs, free from innovations and myths.
Acquiring it from a teacher who is trustworthy in terms of his knowledge and religious commitment. This way is quicker and more reliable for knowledge, because in the first method a seeker of knowledge may go astray without realizing, either because he misunderstands or because of a lack of knowledge, or for some other reason. But if a seeker of knowledge combines both methods, that is better and more complete. The student should get his priorities straight, and brief books on various subjects before studying books that deal with them in detail, so that he will move from one level to another, and he will not move on to the next level until he has mastered the one that comes before it, so that his progress will be sound.

[Source: Kitaab al-‘Ilm, p. 64, 65]

I’m not the kind of person to quickly pass judgment or hold reservations. I do my best to give people ample opportunity to showcase their goodness and I don’t like not liking people.

But there is no quicker way to get on my shit list than buying gallons of room temperature imported artisan water with carrying handles, and then asking me to double plastic bag them for you