Safe and Sound

Amelia shifted in the bed uncomfortably.  She felt bad, she was probably keeping Sirius up, but her lower back was killing her and she couldn’t get comfortable no matter what she did.  She laid on her back too long her legs went numb, she laid on her sides and her back ached more, and her stomach wasn’t even an option.  She finally gave up, sitting up on the edge of the bed and sitting there for a moment, rubbing her lower back and trying to ease some of the tension there, but it seemed to get worse the moment she stood up.  

She paced for a moment, before walking down the stairs to the common room.  Sometimes a walk calmed her back pain, sometimes a glass of milk helped her sleep.  Sometimes… she stopped walked as she hit the last step as she felt the gush of water.  “Okay,’ she said, her breath quickening.  “It’s okay,” she told herself as she paced.  “SIRIUS!” she yelled up the stairs.  

piety and weakness

Ragnar stopped walking when he realized that Athelstan was no longer behind him. He glanced over his shoulder and noticed Athelstan lingering in the doorway. He scratched his cheek, wondering what had got into him this time. He started walking back to the door, but Athelstan disappeared into the house. Ragnar didn’t quicken his pace, but he did follow him.
“What is the matter, priest? Must I find you another rope?”

Even though we’ve learnt a little about ancient elven lore in Inquisition, there are still a lot of mysteries left over from Origins.

Namely that we never saw a purely elven ruin in the game. In the Dalish origin, Tamlen notes that elven and human architecture is blended together.

Later in the Brecilian, the ruin the werewolves used for their lair was home to elves and humans. The arcane warrior will tell you lived together, and fought and lost against an enemy of some kind.

So what happened? Ancient elves viewed humans as pests and a disease, if I recall. Probably considered quickened elves to be diseased and lost to them, too. So… did Arlathan pull a Kal’Sharok and wipe out a possible site of “infection”? Was it after the fall of Arlathan during the civil war, leavng Tevinter as the most likely culprit? Something else?

There’s a lot left I don’t know. And it bugs me.

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Can I request a Yixing/Taemin drabble based off of this imgur[.]com/H5wr0Ti interaction from SMTOWN 2012?

A Chance Meeting

Yixing stood awkwardly in the back, watching as the more experienced idols expertly made their way around the stage to greet their fans. He was nervous and his anxiety levels were rising despite the concert being done but he was still immensely happy with their performance. He had never expected being on such a large stage in front of a big crowd just after debut, and although he was happy, he couldn’t deny that the pressure he felt was immensely overwhelming.

His Korean was lacking. He worried about whether his dancing was okay. Did he even fit the standards that the business demanded? He felt his breath quicken at the thought of not being good enough. He was just a part of EXO-M. He didn’t even feel like a big part of the concert considering he could barely follow along with the Korean being spoken around him. He just scraped by, mainly only knowing the lyrics to the Korean versions of the Chinese songs he was meant to sing in his own country. 

Idols were passing by him either in groups or one by one, patting him on the back and briefly congratulating him before moving on to the next part of the massive platform they stood on. He wasn’t complaining though. Everyone in the company, or at least the few he had met so far, had been nothing but kind to him. They gave him advice and tried to keep their words as simple as possible, knowing his struggle to keep up with the language.

He looked to his left and noticed a familiar face coming towards him. He had seen SHINee’s maknae many times around Jongin, but he had never gotten the chance to have his own conversation with his sunbae. He had secretly been following SHINee for quite some time, and couldn’t deny that Lee Taemin had become someone he truly admired, having started so young and intimidate so many older, more experienced people with his talent. 

Just as the younger was passing by him with a kind smile his way, Yixing reached out and grabbed his hand, effectively pausing the other’s steps. Taemin looked towards him as bowed in respect towards him, nervous and giddy all at once just at touching the other’s hand.

“It was a pleasure working with you, sunbae,” he says, his voice shaky and his words broken, but Taemin seems to catch it anyway as his smile widens. 

Taemin bowed towards him as well. “You don’t have to be so formal you know. You are older than me,” Taemin says slowly. Yixing looks at him and shakes his head.

“You are more experienced than I am though, so I should show you more respect,” he replied. 

Taemin moved closer towards him and put a hand on his shoulder. “Maybe, but from what I saw, you’ve definitely got a lot of talent. You’ll get far in this industry. Of course, SHINee will always be on top,” Taemin said teasingly. Yixing laughed lightly, going along with the teasing.

“I don’t know sunbae. EXO has gotten some good reviews. I think we’ll be the best out there one day,” Yixing replies. Taemin laughs and nods in agreement, but not before reminding him that SHINee will forever be number one and that no one will take them from that spot, and Yixing can do nothing but nod, because Taemin’s smile and laugh have him mesmerized. 

Yixing looks down, seeing their hands still connected, and immediately lets go. Taemin laughs a bit more, and waves at him, reminding him that he should move around the stage as well to great his new fans. 

“I’ll see you around,” Taemin says, offering him one last smile before continuing on his way, and Yixing can’t help the smile on his face, because he’s definitely looking forward to their future meetings.

He’d force Jongin to give him Taemin’s number too. 

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Have you ever ridden western? Or ridden a western trained horse english? I ask this just out of curiosity, I rode a western horse english yesterday and it was the weirdest thing ever! She carried her head so low since she does western pleasure.

yes i have ridden a western trained horse English and it is VERY weird! you might of seen a horse i posted the other day called Dodge who is new at work and he is western trained and was used as a rodeo pick up horse (picks up the cowboys off bucking broncs) and he has a ridiculous hard mouth that makes it so hard to stop him so we have no idea if he was trained to stop some other way but we still haven’t figured that horse out yet! and then we have another gorgous strawberry roan mare who was also western trained and as soon as you tense up she quickens her pace but as soon as you relax she slows down


Natalie Keyssar: Meet the Dancehall Queens of Brooklyn

At around 1 am on a late-winter night in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, a small line of young men and women forms outside Sugar Mills nightclub. Attendees are searched by a team of bouncers before entering. Inside, dancers watch each other from the edges of the floor. As girls run circles around each other, the quickening beat of the music creates the sensation of a gradually building fever. One dancer, Sarah, moves her head in a serpentine rhythm, a wig framing her striking features. As she dances, she spins and floats in a maelstrom of implausible flexibility. For Sarah, and the other members of a Brooklyn-based Dancehall team called Zero Nation, these weekly parties at Sugar Mills are a keystone of their community.