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Bucky and Steve worry about Tony outside of the suit. But only until someone tries to break into the workshop and by the time they get down there he has knocked out three of his attackers with a wrench and Dum-E is chasing a fourth around with a fire extinguisher and beeping angrily. "Should... should we stop him?" Bucky asks awkwardly. "Nah, he's having fun," Tony answers, shrugging, and then hits an intruder with the wrench again when he starts to shift. Steve clutches his chest. Jesus Christ.

Bucky and Steve are breathless for once when they arrive at the lab. JARVIS’ intruder alert has both of their pulses quickening and they expect the worst.

The lab is Tony’s sanctuary. If someone managed to get in there, they must be smart. Who knows what they’ve done to Tony-

Yet when they dash towards the broken glass doors, the chaos they see is not the chaos they expected.

There stands Tony, disheveled, his hair a mess. He’s bleeding from a cut to his forehead; the red mixing with the smears of oil on his skin.

He’s beautiful.

Once the first big wave of relief has passed, Steve and Bucky take a closer look at what is going on. There are three men lying on the ground. It doesn’t take a genius to see what knocked them out. They all got matching bruises where supposedly Tony’s wrench struck them.

It’s… kind of baffling.

The only thing that is even more surprising is DUM-E, who’s grasping a fire extinguisher and beeps angrily, while he’s chasing a fourth black-clad guy around the lab.

“Should- Should we stop him…?”, Bucky blurts out. Tony turns at the sound of his voice and his whole face lights up with a brilliant grin. He waves at them, all casual. Like it’s nothing new for him to be ambushed in the workshop and take the attackers out on his on.

“Hey boys”, Tony greets, brown eyes sparkling with mischief. “You’re late to the party.”

Steve looks like he might have a heart attack any second. His eyes shoot back and forth between Tony, DUM-E, and the men on the ground.

“Just- Just to be clear, should be stop DUM-E before anything happens?”, Bucky asks again. He’s absolutely not prepared for a situation like this.

Tony shrugs.

One of the guys to his feet shifts with a pained groan and Steve and Bucky both blink in surprise when Tony knocks the guy unconscious again.

Then, still while grinning like it’s the most fun he’s had in days, Tony gestures with his head towards DUM-E and replies: “Nah, let him. He’s having fun. Wanna go grab a bite once we’ve got this cleaned up?”

Bucky reaches out and puts his hand on Steve’s shoulder, squeezing. Steve looks like he’s about to faint. Bucky understands him.

But, after all… they knew what they were getting in for with Tony Stark as their boyfriend.

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I just finished reading your Otayuri fic and ADORED IT and I initially followed you for your captive prince writing and now I was looking at your AO3 page and I DISCOVER YOU WROTE QUICKENING DAYS away back when Merlin was a thing, and that fic is like one of maybe like 5 specific merthur fics I remember reading and loving in those days, and I remember going back to it and rereading at one point as well. So like, well done <3

hello! I love hearing that people have stumbled across me in multiple fandoms as though I am some kind of BENEVOLENT CURSED PENNY that keeps popping up again and again. and quickening days was probably the first time I realised that I could write plot, if I tried. it was a definite turning point.

“I will never not love you.”

Warnings: Alcohol, drinking

Pairing: Brooke x Reader

Words: 471

Originally posted by carlsonycung

You laughed at something silly Noah had mumbled under his drunken breath. “You’re insane.” Audrey laughed and leaned back on the wall. Brooke watched the three of you from afar in the sea of drunk teenagers. She was slightly tipsy herself and her inner bisexuality was coming out. To say that Brooke had an immense crush was an understatement. She felt her heart swell every time you walked in a room and her breathing quicken whenever you were near her. “Y’know, I heard its better if you just go up to the person you like instead of watching them from afar like a creepy person.” Emma taunted from behind her, holding a slick beer bottle in her hands. “Well, I..” Brooke tried to think of an excuse but came up short. “Well, at least now I’m at a place with alcohol instead of lockers and books.” Brooke chugged the rest of the contents in her red solo cup before filling it up with more vodka and cola. Her vision soon got blurred and her walking was sloppy. “Maybe we should lie you down.” Jake said, grabbing ahold of Brooke. “No! I need to do something! I need to. Jake let me go.” Jake removed his hands quickly and watched his best friend walk up to you. Brooke made her way up to you, pausing as she watched you flip your beautiful hair over your shoulders. Brooke swallowed her pride and reached to put her arm around your shoulders, “(Y/N)!” She yelled over the loud music. You steadied her swaying body before sending her a smile, “Hi there. Parties great, Brooke but maybe we should lie you down or let you rest?” Brooke put her finger against your lips before shouting, “Wait. I need to tell you something.” Audrey watched in amusement, Noah was away probably trying more booze but you stood there patiently. That’s what Brooke loved about you, you were so patient and loving and beautiful… “Yes?” “(Y/N) I love you.” Surprise filled your emotions. The house was bursting with life, music, and dancing, but all you could focus on was how serious Brooke was. “What?” Brooke groaned and twirled a piece of your hair between her fingers. “I love you. God. I love you. Not like a friend. But I’m not gay, but you make me want to kiss you and hold you and. God you could be like the shortest person in the world and I’d still love you. I will never like not love you (Y/N). By the end of her rant, Brooke felt extremely tired and leaned closer to your warm body. “I.. I love you..” Brooke’s whisper made you shiver. You pressed a small kiss to her forehead as she dozed off. “So, she loves you?” Audrey questioned you with a raised eyebrow, “Yeah… yeah.” You smiled with blushed cheeks.

Aries: Sometimes forgiveness is easy. Living with the consequences will always be the hard part.

Taurus: Learn to stop regretting your choices, or start making new ones. Because this misery doesn’t suit you.

Gemini: You’re worth more then that. Start holding people to the standards you hold yourself.

Cancer: Learn to enjoy the winter, they can’t take away the snow from you too.

Leo:  Some bruises just weren’t meant to heal. Learn to work around them.

Virgo: going back to old habits will never solve any problems, just quicken your walk to a shallow grave.

Libra: stop clinging to the people who are trying to destroy you. They aren’t worth it.

Scorpio: Never stop looking over your shoulder, you can never be too careful these days.

Sagittarius: welcome home. Now to settle down and have a drink with old ghosts.

Capricorn: recovery is never going to be pretty. Learn to love your scars.

Aquarius: You’ve won the war, why the fuck are you still trying to fight?

Pisces: Do you miss who you use to be some days when you look in the mirror?

—  This week’s horoscope

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BTS reaction to you giving them a bj in public

Yoongi : He’d quietly watch you until he ends up chuckling lowly because he can’t believe it’s really happening.

Jungkook : He’d be fine with it until a few minutes later he’d start getting edgy. He’d grab your hair and force himself further inside your mouth to quicken his orgasm.

J-Hope : Being the most nervous/anxious about getting caught he’d tell you to stop and wait until you two are home.

Jimin : He’d be too into it at the moment to care if you two get caught cheering you on in a whisper.

“You like that cock baby.”

Jin : Asks you if you could hurry up worried you two will get caught always thinking he hears a sound coming close.

Taehyung : He’d give you a confused than appealing look as you went down on him. He’d not stop you just came unexpectedly.

Namjoon : Leans/sits back just like you two are at home. He’d rub the back of your neck gently as a way for you to not worry and to calm you down.



— Broken? Me? Oh no, Ana. Just the opposite.” He reaches out and takes my hand. “You’re my lifeline,” he whispers, and he kisses my knuckles before pressing my palm against his. 
With his eyes wide and full of fear, he gently tugs my hand and places it on his chest over his heart—in the forbidden zone. His breathing quickens. His heart is beating a frantic, pounding tattoo beneath my fingers. He doesn’t take his eyes off mine; his jaw is tense, his teeth clenched.
I gasp. Oh my Fifty! He’s letting me touch him. And it’s like all the air in my lungs has vaporized— gone. The blood is pounding in my ears as the rhythm of my heart rises to match his.

Ya Allah grant me and your believers,
another chance to reach Ramadan as You have granted to us previously.

Ya Allah grant us to make hajj this year, to draw closer to You. And to visit the holy land ameen.

—  And Ya Allah grant my parents and those of others to reach it peacefully. To amend the wrong we have done this year, and to be purified seeking nothing but Your pleasure ameen.

“A person does not hear sound only through the ears;
he hears sound through every pore of his body.
It permeates the entire being,
and according to its particular influence either slows
or quickens the rhythm of the blood circulation;
it either wakens or soothes the nervous system.
It arouses a person to greater passions
or it calms him by bringing him peace.
According to the sound and its influence
a certain effect is produced.”

~ from ’Mysticism  of Sound’ by Hazrat Inayat Khan ~

I look at you and there are so many things I want to tell you that it physically hurts. I start to tense up, dare I say sweat a little, and my heartbeat quickens its pace tenfold. All of a sudden I freeze. I can’t move. I can’t hold your gaze. I can’t smile at you. I can’t talk to you at all. And I don’t think that that’s how it’s suppose to feel. If we were meant to be something, I want to believe that it wouldn’t be this difficult. One of us would find the courage to do something. But I can’t seem to, and you never have.
—  11:00PM// I want to know you, I have to
  • Justin: "I'm a 28 year old dude, and my boyfriend is 52. My friends are all cool with the gay thing, but how do I approach the age gap? He's a pretty cool guy and not all a granddad. Cheers!" And this comes to us from 'Yes I Know It's Weird'.
  • Griffin: Okay listen. Are you listening?
  • Justin: I am.
  • Griffin: It kinda sucks that he's not at all a granddad. If I was a homosexual I would totally want a granddad boyfriend.
  • Justin: Yeah, totally.
  • Griffin: Think of the benefits.
  • Justin: Many.
  • Griffin: Too many to name.
  • ...
  • Travis: Oh, get him a t-shirt that says 'World's Best Grandpa' but mark out grandpa and write 'Boyfriend'.
Imbolc Playlist

Admit it.

Sometimes pagan jams are a bit too folksy or ambient for a gathering. I feel you. I love my ambient folk as much as the next witch but as your prepping the food, gathering the herbs, or post rit as the circle opens and it’s time to just hang skyclad with your coven in the hot tub after your group bathing ritual. You want something that hits a wider variety of musical tastes. 

I made this list with the idea that I could listen to it on the lead up to a Sabbat to get pumped and then as the party track list for while we’re doing the stuff before and after circle. Each track is themed for the Sabbat and I tried to hit as many genres as I could. 

That said, I can’t know all music. what else belongs on this playlist?

The Quickening by Spiral Dance 
Florence + The Machine - What the Water Gave Me
Adele - Set Fire to the Rain Lyrics
Princess Chelsea - The Cigarette Duet
Witchy Woman - Eagles
Anaconda - The Educational Version (Nicki Minaj Parody)
Blackmore’s Night - The Circle
Sesame Street Rubber Ducky Song
Medusaby MissNightMare
Rise Up by Spiral Dance
Kerli - Blossom
Inkubus sukkubus - Witches
Cauldron - Into The Cauldron
Cauldron - Empress
Melt The Ice Away
Brighids Kiss, Trinitiy
Deityby KeepMusicPagan
O.Children - Swimby Dan Amariei
Lisa Thiel - Imbolc 
The Gits - A Change Is Gonna Come
Brighid by Kellianna
Cracker - Another Song About the Rain
Bridget’s Song by Celia
Voltaire - Ravens Land 
Incubus & D.J. Greyboy - Familiar
Woman of the Earthby Nika Prusova
Avicii - Feeling Good (feat. Audra Mae)
Witch’s Rune by SJ Tucker 
Puscifer - The Humbling River 
Ibeyi - River
Daughter of the Elements ~ Music by Lisa Thiel
Portishead - Glory Box
Rock the Goddess by Serpentine Arborvitae
The Sword - Maiden, Mother & Crone
Мельница - Река (Ангелофрения. Аудио)
Mystic - Neptune’s Jewels
Cernunnos Rising - Imbolc 
Behold by  Spinner McBride
Goddess by Various Artists
The Gits - Second Skin
Bridget’s Song by RavynStar
Laura Mvula - Sing To The Moonby Hiago de Carvalho
Ibeyi - Oyaby
Mordred’s Lullaby- Lyrics by joanne zeehond
Madonna - Frozen
Ocean Gipsy by Neboola
Phaeleh - Whistling in the Dark feat. Augustus Ghost 
Brighid’s Flame~The Story Of Imbolc by Summer Rose
Tribute to our Goddess Lilith by Worland’s & Wills
O. Children - Oceanside - Apnea 
The Kinks - Better Things (1981)

Orange Skies and Blue Eyes

I haven’t posted in like forever but since it’s Christmas, I’ve decided to finish all my requests and will open requests again when I’m done doing so. 

Also Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was awesome 💚 I loved it and cried so much when I watched it. 

Can you do a one shot where Draco places his head in your lap? Kinda like when he did that with pansy but you know, cuter -Anonymous

“Leave me alone, Parkinson” Draco sighed, quickening his pace to get away from the dark haired girl. She had been acting extremely clingy today and seeing as Draco was already having such a stressful day, he couldn’t handle the way the pug faced slytherin’s obsession with him was an all-time high at the moment. Pansy was like an animal during mating season every once a month. There are times when her love for him was at a minimal and there are times (like now) where her hormones blast like fireworks waiting to burst.

“But Drakey….” Pansy whined, trying to make her face puppy dog like but ended up making Draco visibly disgusted “You promised to help me with Potions! We can watch the sunset too once we’re finished” Her hands had created a death grip on his bicep, disabling the boy from getting away. Draco mentally cursed at how he couldn’t just push her away. He was a Malfoy, he still had a reputation to keep.

“I don’t recall that” He squinted at her. The day couldn’t have gone worse for him. He had gotten detention from McGonagall because of his little banter with the Golden Trio during their Divination class and the fact that he had a tiring quidditch practice this morning. He looked up and prayed to any god there was up there to help him.

And just like that.

“Draco!” He turned his head to find his favorite pair of (E/C) eyes and (H/C) hair. You stood behind the awkward duo, holding back a laugh. You and Draco had been best friends since you were children. You fathers worked together in the ministry and were delighted you were both sorted in the same house.

“(Y/N)” He breathed, happily. Relief flowed through him as he stared at the smiling girl in front of him. You tried your best to hold back your laughter due to his obvious discomfort. Parkinson on the other hand looked at you with uttermost hatred. During the sorting in your first year, you were nervous as to where the hat would place you. Draco knew of your uneasiness and held your hand the whole time until your name was called. From then on, she swore to make your life at Hogwarts hell. That plan never went accordingly since you never visibly shown you were affected.

“I’ve been looking for you all over the damn place” You smiled, sweetly as Pansy scoffed not caring if Draco heard her. Your smile disappeared, feigning a hurt expression. “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten…” The blonde gave you a baffled look.

“It’s Sit under a tree with your Best Friend Day!” You hollered, raising your arms for extra emphasis.

“That’s not a thing” Parkinson exclaimed, exasperated.

Draco slowly understood what you were trying to do and decided to play along.

“Oh yes. Of course I haven’t, love.” He grinned, scratching the nape of his neck. He looked down at the clinging girl next to him before he spoke “Sorry, Parkinson. It seems my schedule’s booked. Maybe on the 30th of February?” Pansy smiled, squealing in joy as she hugged Draco one last time. “You promise?” She batted her eyelashes making you gag.

“Yeah, I promise” Draco said, sliding his hand from her grip and wrapping an arm around you. You giggled realizing how dim witted Parkinson was. Well, they say love makes you blind but you didn’t recall that it also disintegrated your intelligence.  Pansy stuck her tongue out at you as if to say ‘I won’. You shook your head and giggled under your breath.


You made many happy memories in Hogwarts with Draco. Your first casting of a patronus, first duel and even your first skinny dip –that’s a story for another time. You’ve done everything together well except snog of course. Friends don’t do that. You sat down on your favorite tree to sit on. It had the perfect view of the castle and had the perfect shade to protect you from the sun’s rays. Draco sat next to you, sighing contently as he lent his head back against the tree. You looked at him with concern as he noticed how tired he looked. You knew he wouldn’t admit it but he does get tired of acting this way from time to time. It wasn’t easy having his kind of title; The Slytherin Prince.

“You should rest, Draco…” You insisted, gently nudging his shoulder with yours. He opened his eyes to look at you, his signature smirk evident as he noticed the concern in them. “You could my lap as a pillow” You suggested, smirking as well “It’ll calm you”

“I’m not a child (Y/N)” He scoffed, noticing your teasing manner.

“I never noticed” You whispered, giggling after “Please?”

He could never resist you. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t. You had a way of controlling the him that had no need for dominance or violence; physical or verbal. He’s always seen you as more than a friend and if you were someone else, he would have asked you to be his from the start but you were you. He was afraid of you. Afraid of what you truly feel and how much it would affect him. The girl with (H/C) hair and (E/C) eyes. There are numerous girls with these colors but only you can bring out true beauty. God, he hated himself for sounding like a girl.

He shuffled rather messily to get into the right position. You couldn’t help but laugh at the way he looked so happy to be able to rest his head on your lap. He enjoyed it, especially at the way you caress his blonde locks between your fingers.  You knew again that this was something he wouldn’t admit to anyone –well except you.

“I told you it’ll calm you….Drakey…” You teased, looking down at him to see he was cringing at the name. You laughed, continuing your hand movements on his hair. “Don’t ever call me that” He groaned, placing an arm over his eyes.

“You should tell her the way you feel, Draco. Who knows what she’ll do next” You spoke in a joking manner but he knew it was laced with concern. He knew of what Parkinson tries to do to you when he wasn’t around but you’ve assured him countess of times that you payed no attention to the pug-face herself.

“You think she’ll try to get me to marry her?” He joked, trying to make you smile again. It mildly worked as he saw you had given him a half-smile. You looked up at the sky above you as it started to turn yellow-orange. The sunset in Hogwarts was always so beautiful to look at. The blonde removed his arm to stare at you. As cliché as it sounds, he thought you were more beautiful than the sun, moon and stars.

“(Y/N)” You tore your gaze away from the sky to see a better view of blue. His eyes were an ocean that you drowned in countless of times. He sat up, surprising you as he held the back of your neck with his hand. Your heart was beating rapidly unsure if he was going to do what you thought he was. He leaned in, capturing your lips in his. For once in his life, he actually felt something when he kissed a girl.

“You’re more radiant than whatever the sunset could bring” He said once he pulled away. You returned to your original position; His head on our lap whilst you relaxed against the tree, fingers wrapped around his soft blonde hair.

“Rest, Draco, my love. I’ll see you in a bit”

Good Boy.

You never forget the first time he says it. Spilling from his lips and burrowing straight into your yearning, submissive soul.

 “Good boy. Such a good boy.”

A flood of warmth. A sensation like there’s a wick inside your ribcage, and he just lit the tip, and there’s heat and light, shining in that dark place where you’ve been hiding your fears and pain and need for acceptance. Manifesting physically by a rush of blood to your head, skin prickling, your breath quickening.

 “You’re a good boy.”

 How can you rally a response? How do you vocalize how deeply this goes, how it makes you feel? Do you whimper thanks? Do you fall to your knees and hug his strong, unyielding legs? Is it done with a kiss? A moan of desire and gratitude?

“I’m so proud of you. Good boy.”

He keeps saying it. Does he know the effect? But with each repetition it becomes deeper. Pushing you further into subspace, intoxicated, head swimming as the rest of the world recedes and all you perceive is his voice, his presence, his approval, so appreciated, so needed. You needed this, without even realizing it. All your work and all your struggles, and nobody ever says it… nobody ever recognizes it… but he does. He does.

 “Yes boy. Such a good boy. You’re my good boy.”

The most divine pleasure strikes. More than ever and you fall completely. This man you need to serve, need in your life… said my. Ownership… recognition… love.  And you feel it, you hear it in his voice the warmth, the sincerity. Equally sincere your heart responds and you know that as long as you can be his good boy, you will belong to him always. Will follow him always. Will love him always. Just so you can fullfil your purpose and be his good boy. To make him happy. To make him proud. To make him – and you – complete.

Good boy. Good boy. You are such a very good boy.

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I once read this quote that true love is recognizing another human being as real. I loved you because you were so real to me. Every scar, your eyes, your smiles. They were all so real to me. You smelled of rain and a childhood lost all too soon. You felt like hurricanes and your mother who just wouldn’t, couldn’t, love you the way you deserved to be loved. Your embrace felt like your parents battleground, you on the sidelines alone, wondering what you did wrong. 

You are complex, metaphoric, philosophical. You are part of my soul, the yin to my yang, my polar opposite. You are the quickening of my pulse, a heart beat pounding at the mere mention of your name.

You are the tears on my pillow at night. My trailing thoughts when my friends notice I’m lost in conversation. You are my every day dream.

Sticky - (A Baekhyun Drabble)

Genre: Smut (warning, restraints, Sub!Baekhyun, face sitting)

Anon: Baekhyun - whipped cream

Anon: Baekhyun and handcuffs (for him) for the drabble game, please. I don’t know, he just seems like a submissive little shit to me.

Word count: 1.7k

You looked down at your boyfriend, Baekhyun as he pulled against the cuffs on his wrists that bound him to the bedpost. The look in his eyes was nervous when he saw the can of whipped cream, nearly as nervous as he looked when you showed him the handcuffs and black straps. From your vantage point you could see the way his cock twitched and pulsed as he laid there helpless.

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why don’t people talk about the ds9 episode “the quickening”??

i see people going around calling bashir arrogant and immature but have you?? actually??? seen that episode???????

i mean. he was arrogant. but the character development in this episode was incredible and how anyone can dislike bashir after that is beyond me

Through The Night (Harry Styles Imagine) -- SMUT


Originally posted by crazymofas

Harry and I stepped out of the large black car to meet the sight of beautiful lit up lights surrounding a table for two. I smiled when I realised it was for Harry and I.

“Oh Harry. Thank you.” I gazed up at him with a grin, he was always so sweet to me. 

“You know I would do anything for you, (Y/N),” He said, causing my heart beat to quicken and butterflies to erupt in my stomach.

We walked to the table and Harry pulled out the chair for me to sit in before going to his own. I couldn’t help the grin that was stretched on my face, and when I looked up at Harry, I noticed him staring at me.

I chuckled, “What?”

“You’re just so damn gorgeous, I don’t deserve you.”

I frowned despite his compliment, “Harry, don’t say that. I’m with you, I love you, and nothing will change that. I love you, Harry.” I took his hand that was resting on the table, wrapping my small hands around his large one.

He glanced down at our hands entwined, and pursed his lips. “I love you too, babe.” I smiled at that.

Then at that moment, a few waiters came into the garden with our dishes. Harry had this all prepared. With our plates of food set right in front of us, we dug in. My mouth watered at how delicious it was, I quietly moaned but something told me that Harry heard it, and when I looked up at him I confirmed it.

Harry was biting his lip but avoiding my eyes, he was being shy. I giggled inwardly then took a sip of the expensive wine in my glass. “The food’s great,” I state and he let out a breath as though he was relieved.

“I wanted this to be a perfect night,” He muttered, blushing. 

“It’s perfect alright, Harry.” I raised a hand, placing it on his smooth cheek. He smiled against my warm palm, his cute dimples appearing. I took my hand back and continued eating.

By the time we were done, I was full and very happy. All throughout our dinner, he had me laughing with his incredibly lame jokes. We talked and talked about the future and about the adventures we’d have together. He made me so unbelievably happy, I don’t know what I’d do without him.

We stood up to leave, I thanked the waiters politely and they nodded in return. The familiar black car that we came in was already waiting for us, and once we got inside, the driver set off to Harry’s apartment.


Harry pushed opened the door and closed it behind us. I slipped off my maroon heels, sighing at the feeling of them off. I turned to Harry who’s white buttoned up shirt was now only halfway buttoned, revealing his toned and tattooed chest. My breath hitched at the sight and I gulped. My eyes trailed up to his structured face, watching closely as he took his bottom lip between his teeth.

“Kiss me.” His voice was deep and husky, I felt a blush creep up to my cheeks. Gone was his shy demeanour, and out was his sexy and demanding - but not too rough - side. I didn’t realise I was spacing out ‘till Harry pulled me to him, his hands gripping my waist tightly. “Kiss me,” he whispered against my lips.

Leaning forward, I enclosed the space between us, pressing my lips to his. Our kiss was soft and gentle, full of love. I ran my hands through his curly hair, tugging at the ends desperately, then he tightened his hold on me.

I moaned and stepped back, out of breath, but one look at his lips and I was back in his arms. This time it was deep and rough as he ran his tongue over my bottom lip, asking for entrance to which I granted. His large hands went up to caress the back of my neck before returning to its original spot on my hips. 

There was a burning pit in my stomach as Harry’s kisses moved to my neck, sucking and nibbling softly which I’m sure was leaving marks. I was breathing heavily from our make out and so was Harry. He stopped and peered into my eyes, our faces so close. Ever so lightly, his fingers pushed the dress straps off my shoulders, the dress slowly falling to the ground. I was now only in my bra and panties in front of him.

“Fuck.” He mumbled lowly, I almost didn’t hear him. Then in a blink of an eye, his lips were all over me. “Jump,” And I followed, my legs now wrapped around his waist with his hands clutching my thighs.

I unbuttoned his shirt completely as he kissed my neck. I was dropped onto his soft bed, Harry shrugging of his shirt and removing his jeans. I bit my lip, urgent for his touch. He came down and hovered over me, undoing the clasp of my bra as I lifted up for him, throwing my bra somewhere in the room. 

He stared down intensely, my nipples hardening. Then he bent down, and twirled his tongue over them, sucking and oh so gently nipping. He massaged my other nipple, rolling it between his fingers. I could tell I was dripping wet, growing more aroused by the second, Harry leaving a series of wet kisses as he went down. 

My core was aching, my knees shaking. Harry noticed and planted a firm kiss on my inner thigh, I was struck. “Harry,” I moaned pleadingly.

He groaned, “yes?”


“Please what?” He continued to pepper kisses along my area, knowing the effect it was having.

Breathless, I said “please take me.” I writhed.

He listened, dragging my panties down my legs. I was now bare, hot and ready for him. I could feel him settle between my thighs, just his breath over my sensitive spot, but instead I lead his face up to mine and kissed him eagerly.

Without breaking the kiss, I reached forward and tugged the waistband of his boxers in a way of asking him to remove it. He understood. Both of us finally naked, I pushed him onto his back and smirked, palms flat on his chest. And excruciatingly slowly, I took him in, eyes shut in ecstasy as I adjusted to how big he was.

I whimpered, my legs trembling as I rode him fully. His chest rumbled, loud and resonant groans escaping his mouth. Harry’s big hands squeezed my ass and I gasped.

“Babe, f–fuck, you feel amazing.” He let out a string of curse words and thrusted into me once again. We switched positions and this time I was below Harry, his thick length hard against me.

“Mmm.” I bit my lip, observing him rubbing his cock that had my juices all over. With a few more pumps, he thrusted back into me causing me to clench tightly. He moaned in pleasure. 

He began to go rough, the sounds of skin slapping echoing around the room. My nails clawed at his back, my mind going into overdrive. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pushed further. 

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Harry pounded into me deep and sensuous, “(Y/N), fuck.”

“Harry, i’m gonna–i’m gonna cum!” I shouted. “Harry! Fuck me!”

“Yes, yell my name. Make sure everybody can hear you, baby.” He panted.

“Harry! Shit!” The throbbing at my core was becoming stronger, and I waited for Harry’s permission.

“Cum for me, (Y/N),” He held me.

Another wave of pleasure flowed through me, enough to push me over the edge and at last, I climaxed. Harry pulled out from inside me and I sat up, his cum shooting out onto my breasts. We were both exhausted and drained.

We collapsed on the bed beside each other, taking a short rest before going to take a shower. I turned to look at my loving boyfriend, “I love you Harry,” I placed a hand on his cheek.

“I love you too, angel.” He smiled and kissed my forehead.