quicken essentials

Quicken Essentials has a really great update screen.

  1. Detailed breakdown of what’s changed.
  2. Clear distinction between bug fixes and features.
  3. Shows the previous version’s changes.

The only thing that sucks about it is the version numbering. “Hey Dave, are you running quicken 1.5.4f6423? It’s got some great new features!” to which he replied, “no, I’m still on 1.4.2f5075.”

sineincendium  asked:

He'd only passed the forge when the chaos reached his ears. Melkor's pace and heart quickened as he essentially flew down to where the forge was, hoping he wasn't too late, feeling the surge of energy that was more familiar to him when he had fought as Morgoth. Mairon was the only one ever in the forge, which mean there was only one reason for that kind of clatter. "Mairon!"

The forge doors were barred shut, cooled drips of what had once been the latch and lock crusted between them. However, entry was not barred, as the entire wall beside had collapsed into a pile of singed stone and smoldering wood that had once been shelves full of crafts. Metal still glimmered among the settling dust, some shapes still retaining glimpses of their former beauty even in their crushed, twisted state.

Mairon lay among them, half buried, and wearing armor that was now dented with stone.