Hey lovelies! 

For QDC’s horror film theme I chose to make 2 posters for “The Faculty.” I’m not generally into making myself scared but this movie is just the right amount of entertaining for its random mega talents and aliens. 



Sorcery (repeating pattern), Ink and digital color.

I’ve been inspired by a lot of magical and occult imagery lately, so that’s the direction I took for my pattern. I told my mom this would be a good design for bed sheets and she said “that would give me nightmares.” Ha!

–Kenton Visser



I carved my pumpkin with Jade! To keep with our Cartoon Network theme, I chose to do Rigby because Regular Show is one of my favs.

Next is my comp for this month’s horror movie poster!

And the last bit is a spooky halloween art project I worked on with some kids last week!


When I think of childhood memories, I usually default to embarrassing ones, the story this month’s illustration is based on is a family favorite:  

I’m the youngest of three, so my earliest years were spent bothering and being bothered by my older brothers which more often than not involved chasing one another at top speed around the house- on this occasion I was chasing my brother Alan and threatening to bite him as punishment for something neither of us can remember.

The chase went on for some time but finally I caught his arm, shaking with anger I closed my eyes and moved to bite him but at the last second he pulled his arm away, placing mine in the line of the bite. 

I bit my own arm and cried, my brother buckled over and called my mom in who stifled laughs and gave me a hug as she burst into laughing tears of her own. That day I stopped biting for good - nothing like mild humiliation to learn a lesson!


Infinity Pale Ale Beer Label. Ink and digital color, 2013.

Researching beer names for this project, I came across Blue Monkey Brewery’s Infinity pale ale and thought I could have some fun with it. I wanted to convey a transcendent, eternal mood for the illustration, but also couldn’t resist sneaking in a reference to the Infinite Monkey Theorem.

–Kenton Visser

This is a map of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, the strange land where I now find myself. The map mainly hits the big highlights of the two cities, but I made sure to include some overlooked favorites. All due respect to JFK and Big Tex, may they ever rest in peace.

–Kenton Visser


Hey Lovelies!

This month I settled into an apartment in Chicago, submitted to the Li'l Sebastian zine Vickie V is compiling, wrapped up my Orange Is The New Black zine submission, (a bit of process above) and carried on with my internship at the RedShift studio! 

I’ve never been much of a pumpkin carver which I think you can see with the attempt at a happy dimpled face which became sunglasses and a hand-body – next time I’ll think twice about using lino tools  … *whoops


Hey folks! 

This month I’m working on a few ongoing projects, catching up on some old work, continuing to ready myself to move, and soaking up fall! 

The portrait above is my August portrait contribution, one of my best best* friends, Rani! She’s very goofy and very glamorous~* we’ve known each other for eight years!

Tomorrow I’m driving to New Orleans with a buddy where I’ll be seeing QDC’s Julia & Jade!


So I’ve just moved to Brooklyn with fellow QDC member Jessica! We’ve been doing a lot of site-seeing and subway riding (tourist stuff). I’m seriously loving living here, *good life choices* I’ve also been Illustrating, duh. Working on a couple pieces for some amazing zines coming up soon, and some pieces just for gigs. That’s all for now! You stay classy, Planet Earth.


Kugel is hedonistic. It’s definitely not health food. I feel like I’m about to go into hibernation after eating it. The most work you have to do is cooking the noodles. When I make it, I put some of the melted butter on corn flakes and cover the top of the kugel with them.

This is based off of a recipe from my boyfriend’s grandmother. We made it for the first time because turning the oven on makes our apartment really warm, and that’s what I wanted to emulate in the recipe: comfort. Happy Thanksgivukkah!


What I’m Working On, August 2013:

1. My comics are gradually emerging from their cocoons. Look at this one: it is a beautiful butterfly.

2. I have some more graphic pieces in progress that are going to be screen printed soon.

3. Mostly coincidental to this month’s theme, I have several portrait projects are underway, mostly in the sketch stage. I’ve also been drawing faces a lot in my sketchbook.

–Kenton Visser

Lately I’ve been working on doing a series of illustrated horror movie posters, along with starting to do some freelance illustrating for Geneologie. I also recently went to Universal studios and Islands of Adventure with my future Brooklyn roomies, Nick and Jessica. While there i took a million pictures and had butter beer and shepherds pie every single day ~no shame. And recently I found out that I am a Hufflepuff, yes the rumors are true. It’s cool though because on Pottermore i was given the name “Moon Fang” and that’s pretty kick ass. That’s all for now *Laterrrrr*


Red Plum Blossoms, 2013. Ink and digital color.

To research for Theme Eleven I got a book on Japanese folktales from my local library. The story that really captured me is called Red Plum Blossoms, and it’s about a young girl who loves her plum tree so much she dies of grief when the tree withers. Later, she comes back as a snake, and her father has a vision of her floating away on a cloud, skin transformed into gold.

–Kenton Visser

   So, my character is based on a girl I saw at the park.  I liked the way she walked.  She’s bold, she’s beautiful, and she stops the squares in their tracks with her super hip powers. She has one of the most impressive record collections on the planet, and the moves to go with her expansive music collection.  She thinks in iambic pentameter, and can attract anyone with a fleeting glance.  Her only weakness?  She’s allergic to cats.  I think I’ll call her Angela.


Paul Bunyan and Babe! I’ve been thinking about roadtrips to parts of the country I haven’t seen and decidedly, it would be really cool to see one of the statues of these two. 

I also originally visualized this in motion, but Tumblr and GIFs don’t go together, so here’s an itty bitty one:

External image

~ Zoë