I decided to let the approaching Halloween holiday influence my floral pattern for a darker twist.  I really enjoyed learning how to do something new this month and I’m going to keep practicing this technique to make more dynamic patterns in the future.


   This month I’ve been working on some band art, and I have leads for more which is always exciting.  I love illustrating for music.  Also, I am trying to study lettering so I can develop my skills (I want to be good like you, Jess!), and also so I can have beautifully drawn vulgar messages on my walls.  Because who doesn’t want that?  Also I am really excited about this months theme, I have spent waaay to much time reading folktales already!



This month, I’m working on finishing up a lot of motion projects, both animated and live action, as well returning to old sketchbooks and working out new portfolio material. 

01. Spookwood Title Sequence for Paige Money
02. Sketchbook stuff
03. Lars and the Real Girl title sequence for my final (!!) project for school ever
04. Motion tests

It’s nice to be here!
- Zoë