Just a quick note on the supposed collusion between the DNC and the “mainstream media” and the Illuminati and Lee Harvey Oswald and everyone else who apparently got together to crown Hillary Clinton as President of the world over Bernie Sanders...

16,847,084 people cast votes for Hillary Clinton in Democratic nominating contests this year. Bernie Sanders received about 3.7 million less votes than she did. No one conspired to make sure all of those individual people cast their individual votes for certain candidates. They voted for the candidate that they supported, just like everyone else should do. The DNC is a mess. The “mainstream media” is what you allow it to be. The people nominated for President are the candidates who received the most votes. The next President is going to be the person who wins the election in November. You have more power than the any of these consortiums that you think are controlling the world. They can’t even keep their e-mails secure.

If the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors by 3.7 million points, at what point would we be willing to give credit to LeBron James and his team instead of questioning whether the NBA fixed the game? What would it take?


Cloudy with a Chance of Solar Flares

It is time to talk about my favorite celestial object: THE SUN! Although it looks like a uniform glowing orb in the sky, the sun actually is very dynamic and very violent. You may have heard that Earth’s magnetic field protects us from solar weather and you might have thought WAIT what exactly is that? Are there thunderstorms on the Sun? How does it get here? Well, no, there are no thunderstorms on the Sun, but what is actually going on there is much more intense.

quick note: for those of you who are just reblogging and not visiting the post (no worries I am not judging), the images above are of CMEs not Solar Flares… I talk about both in the post!

Computer is sick :(

Hi everyone ! 

I’m writing from my other computer and it’s just a quick note to tell you I’ll send my computer for reparation. As you may know, he’s almost 7 years old and a brave soldier. I bought him when I started college, so he handled a lot of mess, corrupted files, dirty places, food on the keyboard, hot heat and everything. Last months, he started to blow and heat. I’m pretty sure he didn’t have any malwares, but who knows. 

Tonight, when my dad comes back home, I’ll ask him for his usb key to switch all my files to this computer (it’s an IMac I bought on a ebay auction for me and my family). When all my importants documents and paper works will be safe, I’ll take care of my sims folder and backup my saves. I’ll also upload some wip lots to my library. Normally, the technician won’t touch my files (because it’s all about dust and battery (is that the right word in english ?). It still works but I’ve multiples red flags about it, and I prefer to take care of this before he just wake up one day and say “Nope, I’m retiring. Good luck with the next one”. 

Like I said, my files are probably all right, but i think it’s nicer to let you know… especially if you’re waiting for a house or something. I don’t know how much time the guy need to pimp my dear computer and gives him all the lifting he needs. On his website, it says 24 hours. So, I’ll probably have him back thursday… just right in time for an other game patch *evil laugh*. 

If by the end of the week everything works properly, I’ll get back to building and release 2 new houses ! In the mean time, I’ll focus on my giant essay (studiing mass media is a real pain in the ass but I like it . A lot. *sounds a little bit rough and gay, lmao*). So guys, let’s not waste anymore time : if you have ideas for next build, tell me ! I’ll take mental notes and check for inspiration pictures. I think I’ll focus more on residential lots for now, but I’m taking request for everything. Have a nice day and thanks for all your feedbacks ! 




G o o d  m o r n i n g  L o n d o n

I’m back from my very short trip to London. Although 4 days are usually considered not a short trip, I understand.
This september will be my 10th anniversary : moving to London and starting at LAMDA.

Just a quick side note: back then one of my classmates was the wonderful @jellysnack
I am so proud of her and feel honoured to have had the pleasure to study with her back then. The only american girl on the team, who’s now having such a great career back in the states. If you are into theatre and love the backstage world, you should check out her tumblr.

Whenever I am in London, it always feels like I never have enough time.
Pushing through the crowds, trying desperatly to get from one part of the city to another. Trying to freeze everything into pictures.

I still feel somewhat guilty, not having appreciated my love ‘London’ enough when I had the chance, sometimes I’m still frustrated. I was always tired and gained weight, unfortuantely due to an underactive theroid, which the doctor did not check [you are living in the UK - you should watch what you eat]
I love the fastness that I can get into, while I’m in London now, and this time around I did the crazy thing: I got up at 4am in the morning to capture the town almost asleep and almost with no one around. Even on a sunday morning, that is almost impossible.
Looking at all my pictures from the past 4 days, I realise, I am truely blessed.
The quietness of the big old Lady, watching the sun rise, feeling the warmth of the sun and the wind on the millenium bridge.
There is so much beauty in this world, one has just to get up and go for it. I have not the slightest idea if I am ever going to have the chance to move to London or not, yet I still call it home.
For all those memories I will ever be thankful.

Top to bottom:
Birds on the Millenium Brigde [Tower Bridge in the background]
Piccadilly Circus
The National Gallery
Buckingham Palace
The Millenium Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral
Big Ben

Hufflepuff Quick Note 7

Despite our connections to the earth and an affinity to herbology, you will find that many Hufflepuffs in school are quite the hard workers which confuses many given how lost in thought we can be.  Though we are not Ravenclaws, similarly to them we too have an expansive mind although ours just usually is more to the affairs of life rather than to the pages of book.

what is UP my friends i, elle stdyngs, just got a five on my recent apwh exam, so here are some quick notes on how i survived the class + the test.

the class

  • do the coursework. i cannot stress this enough. ap world covers 10,000 years in eightish months and thus moves REALLY FAST and if you don’t do the work you will a. not understand the material and b. fall behind. both of which will suck when the exam rolls around.
  • the material is really intense but how hard the actual class is will kinda depend on how good your teacher is. if they’re kind of lax, it’s a good idea to depend a lot on the textbook. 
  • textbook notes are your friend! don’t make them super detailed but make sure to summarize the main points of each paragraph– paragraph-at-a-time is a good way to go. also, examples! for the essays.
  • in ap world the word “analyze” means “explain why”. 
  • if you’re having a bad time for out-of-class reasons, it’s easy to fall behind. i did. talk to your teacher, see about accommondation and things like that– they almost always want to see you do well in class and are willing to help


  • first off: not an exam you can get through with night-before studying. know your stuff.
  • a lot of people will tell you to rewrite notes, which is great for memorizing or whatever, but a. it eats up time a lot of us high-power kids don’t have and b. the fact is that ap world is not a class about memorization; it’s a class about understanding causes and effects in history. for me the best way to study is to look over prep books, notes, etc. and then when i’ve finished with a unit or a chapter or whatever i either pace my room and explain what i just reviewed to the wall or (preferably) grab a friend/family member/affable stranger, explain it to them, and then ask if it makes sense. when it does, you know you’ve got it.
  • practice questions! ap world history writers have a very specific style and it helps to get familiar with how to think about the questions. the cb has released some old ones here.
  • also, practice essays. even if you do them in class. and stick to the time limit for the actual exam! you can find all the released cb prompts here, plus sample essays and their scores. grab a friend and ask them to critique it, and compare your essays with the sample ones to see what scores you’d get. the essays are the hardest part and the only way to get really good at them is to practice.
  • prep books are your friend! this year i used crash course ap world history, which is excellent, concise and helpful. 
  • i’d recommend starting to prepare about two or three weeks before the exam, depending on how well you did in the actual class and/or how confident you feel about it.
  • please do not cram, please do not pull an all-nighter right before, you will be miserable. 

the exam

  • multiple choice is usually the easiest bit, obviously, but make sure you’re not just blazing through it. go fast, but think twice. 
  • take the ten-minute break to mentally prepare yourself for the essays. sit for a few minutes, clear your head, breathe. you can do this.
  • read all three prompts, then read the docs, then do the dbq first because it takes eight million years and you can budget your time for the (usually easier) ccot and comparative.
  • the essays do not have to sound good. all they have to do is hit the rubric points and provide the necessary info. stock phrases are your friend.
  • dbq advice
    • group your documents first, then write your thesis statement, which basically says what your groupings are while addressing the prompt. for example: for this one my thesis might be like “a cause of the green revolution was [blah blah blah] due to [blah blah blah], while two consequences were [blah blah blah] due to [blah blah blah] and [blah blah blah] due to [blah blah blah]”. (the prompt’s got the word ‘analyze’ in it, which means i have to explain why the cause and effect were a thing using the documents.)
    • you have to explain how the docs relate to the grouping. the phrase “this relates to [grouping] because [blah blah blah]” is invaluable.
    • don’t forget the additional document!
    • don’t take more than an hour on this one.
  • ccot advice
    • rule of three applies here: it’s ideal to have two changes and two continuities in the thesis, but three is fine.
    • pay attention to the wording of the prompt and make sure you’re using the relevant info– for example, if the prompt was about commercial life in the indian ocean between 600 and 1600 AD, you could use the introduction of new world stuff, but not the spread of islam.
    • again, why, why, why. explain why this changed and why that stayed the same. ap world is ALL about why.
  • comparative advice
    • this is the easiest one for me– two similarities, two differences, rule of three again.
    • unless the prompt is super hard, probably save this one for last
    • again, why, why, why! explain why! i cannot say this enough!
  • i wrote twelve pages total on my exam and got a 5; i have friends who wrote seven or eight and also got 5s. length doesn’t matter. keep it concise if you can because your time is really limited, but if you need more space to expound your argument, use it.
  • like, i cannot stress time enough. keep a real careful eye on the clock from the get-go so you don’t get in a tight spot.

after the exam

  • chill the FUCK out. you did it! it’s done! no more! even if you’re not confident, remember you can retake the exam next year if you need to. 
  • here’s a good post on what to do if you don’t do so hot on exams.
  • treat yo self! take a hot bath, go for a run to let off steam, eat some good food, go to a movie with a friend (or solo), whatever. you made it through alive! i’m SO proud of you!
  • remember i love you! i do not care if you made a 1 or a 5! you took the class and saw it through! go you!

extra resources


“Once in the deeper water Vane and Flint swim butterfly and IT.IS.MUSCLE FEST. Silver is like (*.*)”

More doodles inspired by this awesome Black Sails (modern!au) beach post by fuzzybooks and theheirsofdurin.

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