Episode 87 Live: quick notes

I’ll post more later but for now, a quick list of my favorite moments from tonight:

1) wet scraggly Vax puffing up like an angry cat/bedraggled bird

2) crow’s nest cuddles 

3) sea battle! 

4) Animus misfire in LOVING EXPLICIT DETAIL (anyone wanna made a vid clip of that? I’ll write you a fanfic of your choice if you make a vid clip of that)

5) Percy risking death to save someone in a cage like he once was, and there’s all sorts of references to when the team found Percy in a cell and I wanna know MORE about the pre-stream stuff omg

6) Keyleth worried about being a good friend and crying in a panic

7) “Science Bros” inventing a steampunk sniper scope

8) Percy and Vex FINALLY TALKING, and talking about SO MUCH OMG I’m still overwhelmed, both about their relationship and Percy’s personal fears and thoughts on death and what happened when he died that time

9) Keyleth finding out what happened to her mom maybe

10) Captain Adel(l)a

Just a quick note to my commissioners:

I need to beg for your patience. I have a very hectic day job (I’m a professor) and I’m also managing some chronic hand pain. I’ve been working on commissions when I’ve had a free moment to sit down and do so. However, due to my schedule, managing my hand pain, and the volume of interest, my process is going much more slowly than normal.

I really do appreciate all of your support, and would just ask that you be generous and patient 💖

chikadee  asked:

I'm Jewish and I want to get "Dam Yehudi Nakam" (Jewish blood will be avenged) with the lil fantasy that when I die I'll come back as a Golem to protect children and punch Nazis (obv not really. I do not mess with Kabbala). I definitely do not want to get the actual Hebrew tattooed on me for obvious reasons. I want to get it down my spine. I don't know how to orient that or what script. I'm assuming it'd look pretty dumb to have it horizontal and have to turn your head to read it.

Quick pedantic note: golem are created entities imbued with life through the power of the rabbi creating them and some sort of holy power–traditionally by writing “truth” or “אמת” or a similar magical formula. If you come back, you’ll probably be a dybbuk or an ibbur, both of whom are spirits who possess people! Possibly you will possess a Nazi and make them punch themselves in the face! :D

(If you, like me, are a nerd for such things,  Joshua Trachtenberg’s Jewish Magic and Superstition is available for free online– there’s a lot there for the magically-minded Jew!)

But, on to your actual question:
This is a composition issue. If you want the phrase in a straight line down your back, you’ll probably have to rotate it 90 degrees because of the way we naturally read English. You can consider centering the phrase at the base of your neck either on one line, or each word on it’s own line, leading into a graphic element down your spine.

Look into the tattoo artists you’re interested in and focus on the design elements you’re specifically interested in (probably balanced composition and smooth or creative lettering).

If you have a vague idea of the type of fonts you want but nothing concrete, I had a lot of fun with My Fonts. Enter the text and think about out what typographic styles work best with your ideas– then take those ideas to your tattooer.

quick note on one hundred ways: I am the self proclaimed queen of the slow burn, and since most chapters are written weeks if not months before I publish them, many of the new chapters are going to be canon divergent. I do also have a few AU chapters written, and more planned but just because karamel is canon now on the show doesn’t mean they will be together in every chapter.

As always, your incredible comments are what keep me going and I can’t wait until I have a functioning laptop so I can respond to all of them and post more. Thanks!!

A quick note based on my post-Brexit experience in the UK – in the time period after the election, your biggest threat will not be Trump and his government. It will be your newly validated bigot neighbours. After Brexit, hate crime shot up by 60% in the UK nearly overnight and it still hasn’t returned to its pre-Brexit level. I imagine the same will happen in America. Be careful. No matter who they are, Trump voters are not your friends. Be safe. Your biggest enemy right now is the neighbour you went to church with and the people you pass on the street every day. Lock down. Go to ground if you have to. Look out for one another. Please, be careful.

college witch tips!

being a witch and living in a tiny dorm or apartment is a hassle… but here’s some (cheap and easy) tips to make your life a lot easier coming from a college witch!

quick note: if you are a student, you can get six months free of amazon prime with a student email account, and from then on out prime is only $50 instead of $100! amazon is a great place for tons of cheaper witchy resources (and really worth it for textbooks).

💎 crystals! whether you’re sharing a room with someone or in a room by yourself, plenty of people collect and use crystals. check for local flea markets or see if there is an occult shop in your area, there’s bound to be some there. great starter crystals are clear quartz (an essential crystal), amethyst, and rose quartz!

📚 the library! your school library will have some sort of resources. also don’t worry about people thinking you’re strange for checking out books on magick… i promise they don’t care!

🕯 candles and incense! when i lived in a dorm, i hated not being able to light candles and burn incense. invest in some battery powered candles! you can get packs at local dollar stores or walmarts. as for aroma related magick, purchase some oils and mix them with some salt water and spray them around your room! oil warmers or wax warmers are also wonderful alternatives. 

📖 a grimoire/book of shadows! i highly suggest keeping a personal book. no, you don’t have to get some elaborate leather bound book that came straight out of hocus pocus for it to be legit. you could find a sketchbook somewhere, use a three ring binder, or buy a hardback book at a thrift store and paint over the pages! your book is what you make of it. it is your own novel of personal magical experiences and knowledge, so make it your own!

🌵 plants! invest in cacti and succulents especially if you are a beginner or live in a tight space, they’re easy to manage throughout the rough mishaps and late nights of school work. cacti are great for protection and banishing negativity, where succulents bring love and healing. both plants can represent the ability to survive through conditions others cannot. if you have a balcony, take advantage!

⚗️ jars! now is a great time to collect containers from thrift stores, gather old pickle jars, and look for sales and coupons craft stores may have since most of them will have all sorts of neat jars.

🔮 an altar! if you don’t have a roommate to worry about, great! do your thing. if you do (and the don’t exactly seem cool with the whole witch thing), you can make a subtle altar of candles, crystals, and some plants or flowers. they don’t have to be elaborate. you could keep a small altar in a shoe box or draw one in your bos/grimoire! get creative!

✍️ sigils! use sigils. abuse sigils. put them everywhere. write them in binders or on your skin, write them on sticky notes or ripped paper and put them places you’ll see them or bury them outside. sleep with a protective one under your pillow. there’s so many things to do and its so easy to use them!

🎨 get creative! you can make crystals out of salt (another thing you should invest in), learn how to read playing cards if you can’t afford a tarot deck, and never forget you can find the coolest things at thrift stores. paint can be your best friend!

☕️ tea and coffee! a keurig is a wonderful investment. whether you like coffee or tea, it gives you boiling water fast without leaving a dorm. enchant your keurig and remind yourself of the properties in your drink to help you learn.

✨ decorating! take advantage of things like twinkle lights and washi tape! if you don’t know about washi tape, its a decorating tape that does not damage walls. create constellations or sigils with washi tape on your walls! amazon also sells many cheap tapestries. give yourself a comfortable and pleasant space to live and work!

⏳ plan! enchant your planners to help you remember due dates, and while you’re at it, keep track of moon phases and other events! many calendars will tell you when full moons are.

⚖️ meditate! this is something i find very important to stay sane during hard semesters. if you have a roommate, maybe meditate in the morning or late at night laying in bed. you could also meditate when they have classes. its okay if you cant every day, but its important to remember to save time for you.

🏃‍♀️ walks! if you live in a dorm there’s a big chance you’ll be walking to class. enjoy these walks with nature, read outside every now and again, but make sure that you are always safe.

⏱ take your time! you do not have to collect all of these things in a week, month, or even year. witchcraft is all about intent and energy. you hold the power, the items are only there to help. manifest your own power, collect at your own pace.

🔎research! always research properties of things. buy cheap dried herbs from grocery stores and work with them, figure out what to put in your coffee to help you with your day, and learn how to enchant crystals to help you feel a little more confident about your studies. most importantly, learn to balance your studies and your witchy research, and don’t let witchcraft get in the way of your schoolwork. school should come first always!

i hope this helped some of you college witches, new and experienced! i am always open to answer questions! happy casting!


full body of marduk for @valishtu (please full view, it’s a big piece)

i’ve never seen a dragon i’ve wanted so badly like, ever. this boy (based on an OC) is an obsidian/crimson/crimson plague first gen who’s going to be an imperial!! huge goals. another congrats to val

anonymous asked:

i hope i'm not too late but i would like to request Yoon Bum from Killing Stalking ! i really love your art style it's sooo amazingly smooth and i love looking at it! thank you for everything you do!

yea of course!! thank you so much!! :^) i hope i’m not too late,, i lost this ask in my inbox:(

Returning to The Walking Dead after hiatus like:

Simon: *peeks out from behind menu he’s not reading*

Baz: *glares*

Simon: *visibly blushing*

Baz: *narrows eyes*

Simon: “So, I was feeling… something… and I did… something…”

Baz: *places down menu in the restaurant they’re sitting at* *takes deep breath* “Simon… what did you d-”

~music starts playing… sexy violins… romantic stylz music~

Waiter #1: *brings giant bouquet of roses*

Waiter #2: *brings giant red velvet cake to the table, adorned with many a decorative, edible flower*

Waiter #3: *brings comically large valentines card over (even though it’s only half way through January)

Baz: *actual rabbit in the headlights*

Simon: *starts babbing* “So, that feeling I was feeling was love and I got carried away and gosh, I was just thinking about everything and things and then you! And then I asked these waiters to come over here and bring all this stuff and so *takes deep breath* Basilton Grimm-Pitch… will you be my valentine?

Baz: *deadpan glare*

Simon: *puppy-dog eyes, looking adorable*

Baz: *deadpan glare*

Waiters: *uncomfortable squirming*


Simon: “Still…”

Waiters: *still uncomfortable, now also confused puppies*

Baz: *resigned sigh* Yes, I will be your valentine

Simon: *fist pumps in the air* *whooping and holling with pure joy* *high five’s confused waiters*

Baz: *blushes* *hides behind his menu and secretly grins at his adorable amazing sunshine husband and thanks his lucky stars he’s married to the most wonderfully amazing goofball in the whole wide world*


Full Refund

Summary: It all starts with a silly text to Derek.

Notes: A quick little fic inspired by @stileshale‘s tags on this post. (On AO3)

Stiles drags himself up to his room, feet heavy on the stairs. He’d thought, now that summer was starting, he’d have a better chance. With all this free time, surely someone would let him take them on one date. But he’d been turned down time and time again.

So he’s back at his dad’s place, and it seems even less likely that he’ll find someone, now that he’s away from campus.

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