I’m not dead yet, don’t worry. Just busy / using the little free time I have to play videogames insted of drawing. So I did this quick “draw the squad” meme, original template by croxovergoddess in this post.
I’ll probably do more in the future

As for the subject of the pic, Star’s… interests are basically already canon.

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for that quick fic meme: aragorn/arwen reverse au (i.e. aragorn as royalty, arwen as ranger)

Her hands are rough. He always marvels a little over that, when they’re lying together amid the rich furs and linens of his bed. Her hands are rough—calloused where a sword would sit in her palm, scarred from old burns and older fights. She wears it around her eyes too, a long life lived hard, with all its ghosts and old blood.

I am called the Evenstar, she had said, a little abashed, the first time he traced many-pointed star inked into the hollow of her breastbone. Because I am so often the last thing men see before darkness falls.

Hidden away, sheltered from that which would corrupt him, told to wait, to be ready for some distant, vague day—he is called Estel, the secret hope. He would give anything to be seen, and not just by this Ranger who stumbled into his secluded kingdom by chance one day while hunting. (Every time she is gone longer than she said she would be, he panics—what if she does not come back? She is beautiful and strong, brown from the sun and scarred, laughing, why would she come back to him?)

Her hands are rough from touching the world he has never known, and she carries the smell of strange forests in her hair. You’re the only real thing I have, he breathes.


Quick! Act Casual!

I couldn’t find the link to the orginal post so if you have it, feel free to add it!

I really like doing the whole “Draw the squad like this” thing. It’s great when you want to draw but have trouble drawing something new.

I hope ya’ll enjoy this! Please don’t remove credit k thanks bye

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:Chanel popularity is at an all time low because Karl fucking Lagerfeld won't stop on hopping on these instagirls' dicks like jesus fucking christ Kendall at aw14 was bad enough and now the hadids? Nothing in this industry is sacred anymore, no one knows what a good walk looks like, all talent is bought with money and connections. To sum it all up, the apocalypse is here and it all started with that vogue cover. You know which one.

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roman + mercury: "ah!"

Send “AH” to pin my muse against the wall 
but letting a RANDOMIZER choose: FURY 

This was it. She’d known it all along, that someone like her didn’t deserve forgiveness. It had been too good to be true, how easily he forgave her ––– how quickly he trusted her. Of course it had been a lie, a distraction so that he could catch her off guard.

❛ We never really met before, did we? Because I’d remember you. ❜