Leap Of Faith - Eleven

A hour later and Spencer and Seph were sitting outside on the balcony, heating lamps turned on to ward off the autumn chill, a bottle of wine and a chess board between them on the table.

Spencer set the board up, Seph watching him intently her legs crossed underneath her on the chair and a blanket she’d found in one of the closets wrapped around her shoulders.
They had a quick dinner of pasta and chicken, Seph melting cream cheese and using it to flavour the pasta.
Spencer could tell that Persephone had wanted more details about Maeve and why it had caused him to storm off when Hotch had bought her up. Shutting himself off from her as they got back to their home away from home, he’d thought back to his boss’s words, realising that to some extent he was right. He hadn’t been able to save Maeve, he’d done his best to negotiate with her killer but she’d seen through his ruse and pulled the trigger anyway. This was a different situation, he was trying to save someone from themselves rather than another person even though he knew that really, the only person who could truly save Persephone was herself. But essentially it was the same thing. Spencer Reid trying to come to the rescue. He wondered how badly this would break him if he failed. And that was why Hotch was worried about him.

He’d been surprised when she’d joined him on his bed, her touch startling him initially but then calming and soothing him. He would normally have shrugged anyone else touching him off and asked them to leave him alone. But she’d left him alone for long enough and well, he needed to stop brooding. The incident had happened ten months ago now, but it still cut like a knife to the bone whenever someone mentioned her.

Surveying the chess board in front of him, he took a sip of his wine before glancing at his opponent.

“How much do you know about chess?” he asked Seph, wanting to gage her knowledge first.

“That I have to check mate someone? And to protect my King at all costs right?”

“Kind of,” Spencer went on to explain the basics and how the game worked, surprised to see that her eyes didn’t glaze over as people’s normally did when he talked about a topic for any length of time. She actually looked interested, leaning forward in her seat and interrupting him to ask questions if she didn’t understand something.

“The important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t be trying to check mate your opponent in the opening. You should be focusing on getting your pieces to their optimal places on the board. You ready to try?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be Spencer Reid. Just… Go easy on me,” she wriggled on her seat, uncrossing and recrossing her legs.

“I thought you didn’t want that Persephone.” The emphasis on her full name again. He could see this was now going to be their thing. Wow… Knowing someone for 24 hours and already having a thing. Hopefully a thing that wouldn’t be over in 23 days.

“I see you’ve chosen to take my flirting in the good way,” she grinned at him and took a gulp of wine.

He nodded at her, a slight smile on his lips. He had chosen to take her flirting in a positive way. Initially he’d felt awkward and wasn’t sure how to take her remarks, but seeing the smile on her face when he bantered back was worth any awkwardness he felt. It was a smile that reached her eyes too, not one that looked false and plastered on.

“Okay so white goes first so I’ll move okay. Just ask if you’re not sure and I’ll try to hint at what you should do without out rightly telling you.”

He moved his first piece, waiting for her move.

Three hours later and Seph was staring intently at the chess board. They’d played through three games already, she’d picked it up quickly after the first go and Spencer was actually enjoying playing against her.
It was rare he lost a game of chess, the only person who’d been able to beat him had been Gideon. Normally he was very good at anticipating an amateurs next move, having already mapped out the game in his head. Seph wasn’t playing like an amateur though. He could see her studying the board, her lips moving as she recounted the rules in her head, running through her possible moves. And when she did move, it was often the opposite to how he’d expected her to go, causing him to actually have to think his turn through. A bit more practice and she could actually turn out to be a formidable player. But she wasn’t going to win tonight.


She moved and he checked the board seeing what she hadn’t. Three moves later and “Check mate.” He had her King trapped, with no available moves on her side.

She let out a groan of frustration, closing her eyes briefly. When she opened them she stared at him, “I thought I might have had you then. But I doubted myself and went a different way.”

She thought she might have had him?

“Show me what you would have done differently.”

She reset the board back to two moves prior and showed him.

“I thought if I moved this piece to here,” she mimicked her actions on the board, “Then you would have had to move here, and then I could have moved this piece to that square and checked you. But I couldn’t remember if it was an illegal move or not and I didn’t want to ask.”

This girl would definitely be a formidable player after a few more practices.

“You should have gone with your instincts Seph. If you’d have done that, then I would have lost for the first time in five years….. To an amateur as well. Wow.” He couldn’t hide the astonishment from his voice.

“Can we play again another day?” she asked.

“We definitely can. But I have to say, I’m exhausted. Which is my only excuse for not being able to see that move you could have pulled in the first place. And it’s quite late. So bed? Tomorrow we’ll see about how we can accomplish some of these other points okay.”


Spencer stood to go inside, packing up the chess pieces and board. Seph made no move to follow him. He turned to her about to say something when she beat him to it.

“I’m just gonna stay out for a bit longer okay. It’s nice out here. Don’t worry, I won’t fling myself over the edge, I promise,” she gave him a small smile, pulling the blanket around her tighter.

“Okay…..let me know if you need anything.”
Her mood seemed to have dropped suddenly and he sensed that she wanted to be alone for a bit. He didn’t think she’d try anything, him now believing that she would keep her word.

Just as he was about to go through the door, he heard her say to him softly, “Thank you.”

Spencer couldn’t sleep. He’d been trying to for an hour but it wasn’t coming. His mouth felt dry so he heaved himself off the bed and made his way to the kitchen.

To his surprise the heating lamp was still on outside and as he made his way to the balcony door, he could see that Seph was still outside.

Her knees were tucked up to her chin, her arms wrapped around them and he could make out the movement of her shoulders racking gently. She was crying.

Did he go out to her? She’d stayed out there because she’d wanted to be alone.
But then again, she’d come in to him earlier and her presence had helped.

Making a decision he opened the door and stepped out, walking over to her and kneeling to the floor in front of her.
Her face was buried in her arms but he’d seen her move when he’d opened the door. She knew he’d come out to her.

Wordlessly he placed his hands on her arms, his thumbs making small stroking gestures. She sniffed and raised her head, her red rimmed eyes meeting his, tears streaming down her face. Lowering her knees she moved forward suddenly, wrapping her arms around his neck and clinging to his t-shirt, her face now buried into his shoulder her tears soaking the thin material.

Surprised by the sudden contact, he acted quickly and pulled her closer, his own arms now around her waist and rubbing her back in what he hoped was a soothing measure.
Not knowing the words to say to ease he pain, he just let her cry. He couldn’t take away her pain, but he could hold her whilst she cried through it.

He’d hold her for as long as it took.

Hot Spot

Imagine your OTP sitting next to each other at a lunch table. Person A slides their hand over to person B’s thigh, moving closer to the ‘hot spot’ with each rub. B gets really shifty while A’s doing it and people ask if B’s okay multiple times, while A’s just grinning. You decide what happens next.

“Hey little sis. What’s up?”

“Hi Val. Do you have time in that busy schedule for a quick dinner with me tonight? I know you’ll be at the studio all day tomorrow. I just wanted some time with you before the show starts and then you will be across the world all the time and…”

“Whoa there Laurie. Of course, I’ll meet you for dinner. Where do you want to go?”

“Oh good. Yay! Let’s go to the diner right near the studio so you aren’t too far. You’re going to bring Jenna, right? You know, now that you came to your senses and fixed things.”

“I’ll ask her.”

“Good. You know I like her a lot for you Val.”

“I know you do. I like her a lot too. Always have. I’ll text you when I hear from Jenna. What time?”

“I can be there within a half hour but whenever you can get out.”

“Half hour sounds good. I’ll see you soon little sis.”

“Yay! See you soon” Laurie says with a giggle. “You better have Jenna with you” she says just before she hangs up, not giving Val a chance to respond.

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Ok, I’ll be honest with you. I wasn’t planning on posting this picture on my tumblr, but then I realized: This is actually a REALLY good recipe and I use it SO OFTEN. And so here you go; an extremely delicious way to cook your tofu or seitan! 

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Noodle soup is love, noodle soup is life. I have a cold and I always have a feeling that copious amounts of garlic, chilli and tumeric can cure anything so this was born.


  • 500ml chicken stock
  • ½ tin coconut milk
  • 2 chicken breasts
  • ½ bag spinach
  • 3 cloves garlic, finely minced
  • 1tsp each of chilli flakes, tumeric, dried coriander, dried ginger
  • 1 portion egg noodles


  • First, heat a generous amount of oil in a wok, and gently fry the garlic and spices for a few minutes.
  • Add the stock and coconut milk and heat through for another couple of minutes.
  • Add the chicken breasts and simmer for about 15 minutes. 
  • Take the chicken out and shred on a chopping board with two forks. Then return to the wok for about 5 minutes. Add the spinach just before the end.
  • Meanwhile, cook the egg noodles in boiling water for 3-4 minutes. Drain them and add to a bowl with a drizzle of sesame oil so they don’t clump together.
  • Spoon the chicken and soup on top. Enjoy piping hot!

This makes enough soup to freeze a couple of portions, which is ideal for a quick, thrown together dinner later in the week!

Quick and Healthy Chicken Casserole

Food prep and heathy dinners don’t have to be too time consuming! From prep time to food out of the oven this only takes about 40 minutes (depending on if you can multi-task). 


  • 2 chicken breasts
  • broccoli
  • 1 cup chopped onion
  • 1 cup uncooked brown rice
  • 1 cup chicken broth (I used reduced sodium)
  • ½ cup unflavored greek yogurt (or sour cream)
  • 3 cups shredded cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees F
  2. I grilled my chicken breasts and cut up into bite size pieces. (alternative would be to shred a rotisserie chicken)
  3. I cooked my rice according to the box
  4. Steam broccoli and any other vegetable you would like to add. (I got the steam-in-bag veggies to save some time)
  5. Once everything is precooked you can mix chicken, rice, broccoli and any other veggies, chopped onion, greek yogurt, chicken broth and ONE cup of the cheese in a bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  6. Add mixture to a greased casserole dish and add left over cheese on top. 
  7. Bake for about 20 minutes or until the cheese starts to bubble (remember everything is already cooked in the dish).

This made about 5 ONE cup servings for myself. 



a series of unlikely crossovers

Lemon & Garlic Tilapia

Here at Foodies in Training, we absolutely love seafood - oysters, salmon, crab, tuna - you name it, we’ll (most likely) eat it, so It was only fitting that I made a lemon and garlic tilapia to accompany the amazing broccoli slaw that Lily made a couple of weeks ago as a main dish.

For this dish, you’ll need:

- 4 tilapia fillets 

- ¼ cup of lemon juice 

- 2 cloves of garlic; minced

- 1 tbsp of parsley flakes

- 1 tbsp of butter

- 2 tbsp of panko 

- 2 tsp garlic powder

- A pinch of salt 

First things first - before you start doing anything, preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Growing up, my family hardly ever used our oven for cooking, but now that I’ve started to cook on my own, I’m becoming a little less apprehensive about using it and it doesn’t intimidate me as much anymore. 

Once I had the oven going, I got started on tilapia fillets. First, I rinsed them with some cold water and dried them using some paper towels. When I finished that up, I put them off to the side, so I could work on mincing up some garlic. I wanted to make a bit of a garlic butter sauce for the tilapia, so I cut off about a tablespoon of butter and got a pan out on the stove to cook these two ingredients together. 

Careful to not the garlic burn, I let the butter and garlic cook for a couple of minutes before taking them off the stove. I put the sauce off to the side, and got a baking pan out so I could get ready to put the tilapia fillets into the oven. We didn’t have baking spray in our house unfortunately, so I just melted some butter and coated the entire pan with it. 

First, I salted the tilapia and drizzled my garlic butter sauce on top. I sprinkled some parsley flakes on top, which added some nice color to the dish. I had Brittany, who was also joining us for dinner that night, help me squeeze some lemon juice into a measuring cup, which I then drizzled over my fillets. Lily recommended adding some panko to the recipe for some texture, and it was just what this dish needed. I liberally sprinkled panko all over my tilapia fillets because, let’s be real here, who doesn’t like their fish to be just a little bit crispy? 

Just before popping it in the oven, I added some garlic powder as extra seasoning. It only takes about 30 minutes or so for tilapia to bake in the oven, so this meal would be ready in no time! 

Half an hour later, our main dish was finally done! They looked and smelled so good, I had to resist the urge to jump up and down. It was my first time cooking tilapia ever, so I was really proud that they turned out so well. They ended up being just a tad overcooked - a lesson for the next time I make it, but they were still delicious and moist. We did have a bit of an accident, though - one of the fillets fell of the plate because we put it behind Lily’s laptop and forgot it was there. :( RIP tilapia fillet #3. 

This recipe is perfect for those nights when you want something light, yet filling for dinner, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Best of all, it’s super easy to make and requires very little prep work or time! 

If you have any quick dinner meals or ideas, we want to hear all about them! Email us at foodiesintraining@gmail.com, or leave us a message in our ask box. 

Until next time, 

Jess xx