quick reminder

Quick reminder:

This is not a game.

What happened today shouldn’t be viewed as an embarrassment or met with glee and derision, but joy and gratitude. Thank the GOP Representatives who said “No, we don’t want this”–especially the moderates.

Thank the Democrats who held firmly together in order to guarantee that Obamacare would be protected.

And thank Obama for leading this effort from the beginning.. 

Hey quick reminder that Lucretia told the THB to run away from Red Robes and to never trust them and that that must have been so difficult to say because she was a red robe. Her closest friends and her FAMILY were red robes. Imagine how heartbroken she must have been when the thb told her about the red robe in Petals to the Metal because she must have known it was Barry and she probably wanted nothing more than to be with him and inoculate him and not be alone anymore, but no she needed to keep the thb and herself away because that was the only way to protect their plane and planet. Imagine how hard it must have been to see the Umbrastaff for the first time.  Griffin McElroy is the most dangerous an on this earth I stg         

Quick Reminder About Some Hannibirthday Stuff!

1) #BakeACake4Hannibal - A small baking competition, bake Hannibal a cake he’d be proud of (no people please) submit it by photo on twitter/tumblr with the hashtag #BakeACake4Hannibal and the winner will receive a Cards Against Hannibal deck from myself! (18+ but if you’re under 18 or don’t want the deck we can arrange something.) The deck is unique and you can’t buy them. So winning them is one of the only ways to get it!

2) #Happy4thBirthdayHannibal - A posting event, people are signing up for Hannibal episodes (and if we run out, certain characters) and preparing something to post on Tuesday the 4th of April, the day Hannibal turns 4! If you’d like to sign up for an episode, please drop me a message!

I hope you can take part in either way or both! Any Q’s, let me know!

hi hello annyeong, just a quick reminder

that you should

- stream beautiful music video on both starshiptv and 1thek

- stream their performance on mnet’s official youtube channel

- vote for monsta x for music shows like mnet countdown, show champion etc

- stream beautiful on naver/melon

- support monsta x as much as you can

remember that every vote and view counts and that we should not “just leave it to the other monbebes” because it is a collective effort

Btw expecting a dog to be 100% perfect always from the day it’s born to adulthood isn’t very realistic. Puppies are difficult. Teenagers are difficult. It’s okay and you’re probably not doing anything wrong. I have to remind myself several times a day that I can love Góa, the teenage pupper, without loving everything she does. 
Just work through it and you’ll get there eventually. 

Pidge is a she/her (Be nice)

Quick reminder to all the voltron peoples who keep using different pronouns for Pidge/Katie besides she/her, Pidge literally announced to everyone that she was a girl, it’s a canon thing. Don’t get me wrong, you can write her anyway you want to, but she’s canonically a girl, so don’t get mad when people use she/her pronouns. Another thing though, don’t hate on someone because they use other pronouns besides she/her for Pidge. The can do them, you can do you. Chill. Just respecting what someone believes in/says isn’t the same thing as agreeing with it. Keep that in mind.

there’s a lot of misconceptions about asexual people and quick reminder that we’re in a spectrum. some of us are sex-repulsed, some of us are sex-positive, some of us love orgasms but only solo, some of us only want a relationship that isn’t sexual, some of us are cool with getting our partners off but don’t necessarily need it for us, some of us would be down with sex

here’s a nice explanation on what is sex-positive, sex-neutral, and sex-repulsed in regards to being asexual

on top of it: asexual ≠ aromantic. someone who is asexual does not mean no romantic or sensual feelings! also it doesnt mean you can’t look at someone and find them aesthetically pleasing. what defines asexuality is not their labido either, but it’s “a lack of sexual attraction for someone” 

quick reminder that peggy carter and gabe jones got married and that white family photo in mcu peggy’s hospital room is a lie and in another world sharon carter is a black girl played by nicole beharie

“Thank you to CARATs who have given us a happy week as a present” 

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