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In the left picture I was just as lost as I look. Lost mentally, lost when it came to school, relationships, everything. It has been a long time coming and I cannot stress this enough, stop tearing down people who love everything about them. You never know how long it took for them to love their self. I have been around people who literally smacked my phone out of my hand and said I take too many selfies, out of hate bc I LOVE ME! What is wrong with admiring myself? this new body that I WORKED for. I deserve to take as many god damn selfies I want. If I call myself pretty everyday so what. I have to keep reminding myself that I am beautiful inside and out. So if you know someone who you think is “too cocky” or “too full of their self” don’t be so quick to judge.

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Hi, im curious as to what are your top 3 biggest tips to losing weight and getting fit?

Great question! So for me when I was trying to lose weight, these are the three things that helped me the most (for reference: SW 190ish, CW 130ish)

1) You gotta make time for it, and make time for it consistently

It’s easy to forfeit a workout one day because we’re “too busy” or “too tired” or just plain “not in the mood.” If you’re serious about losing weight, you’ve got to be serious about the everyday commitments that are going to get you there. 

It’s the same with school, right? If you’re serious about getting a good grade in a class, you don’t JUST stay up before the final and study really hard that one night. You study a little every day, do the homework every class, and so on. We want things to be quick and easy, but “weightloss” takes place over the long-run. And anything in the long-run – losing weight, acing a class, getting a promotion – requires making time for the little everyday commitments in a consistent way. 

This doesn’t mean you have to work out every single day (you probably don’t study every single day leading up to a test, or work your butt off every single day waiting for that promotion) – you’re going to need rest days, and they will make the good days even better. 

But the point is: you can’t give in to the temptation to make EVERY day a “rest day.” It’s only a rest day if you’ve got something to rest from, or something to rest for. It’s all about balance, and attending to the small commitments. Small, everyday stuff leads to big outcomes in the end.

2.) Do what you have to do to get yourself out the door, and the rest will come from there. 

Seriously. I know it’s cliche, but it’s true af: if you get yourself out the door, you can get yourself jogging down the block, or going to the gym, or whatever. THE hardest part of any workout, hands-down, is putting on your workout gear and deciding to go. So, just put on your gear. Even if you don’t feel like it. Sometimes just being “ready” for the run helps encourage you to do it. After all, you already put on your workout gear and stepped outside; you might as well go for a jog now, right? Even if it’s just 5 minutes. Tell yourself: just 5 minutes… Okay, now 5 more,… 5 more minutes… and so on until you’re really ready to stop. 

Working out is incremental, and it’s a process just getting out the door sometimes. But that’s the hardest part. Once you’re out there, you’ll go. So, just go. Put your workout clothes on before you go to sleep, and put your shoes right by the door, if that will motivate you to run in the morning–I used to do that and it helped me a lot :) Organizing a rad playlist can help a lot too!

3.) Dieting sucks. Because it feels restrictive. And if you’re not enjoying it, you’re probably not going to stick with it. So, don’t “diet.” 

Instead, make healthy cooking fun. Invite friends over, or cook with your roommates. To save time, prepare a week’s worth of meals in one afternoon. Browse cooking websites and look for something interesting you’re dying to try, or use MyFridgeFood to figure out what you can cook based on what’s already in your fridge/cabinet. Healthy food really can taste amazing and be super fun to make. You just have to explore what’s out there. If you don’t end up liking what you make, that’s fine – just don’t make it again; maybe trade some of what you’ve cooked with what your friends have, if you’re cooking together. 

Don’t decide, from a single bad experience, that healthy eating “just isn’t for [you]” or that all healthy food tastes terrible. It just takes some exploring to figure out what’s best for you. And if you need tips for what it means to eat clean or just eating tips in general, here are some recipes you can try and some sample grocery lists.

Lastly, here’s a tag guide to additional resources that may help with the weightloss process. I’ve got some motivation masterposts here, and some weightloss-specific tips here. Hope that helps, and wishing you the best of luck! 

Please feel free to reach out any time if you run into any more questions or any issues along the way!


Chocolate cake in 2 minutes 30 seconds? Yes please! 🙋

Especially when it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, and delicious! 😋

Simply mix together:

3 Tbsp almond flour,
2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (or you can use cacao for extra health benefits),
2 Tbsp maple syrup,
1 Tbsp original unsweetened almond milk,
½ Tbsp olive oil,
1 egg, and
a dash of sea salt.

Microwave times vary based on mug and microwave so maybe try popping it in for 1 min 30 secs and then at 30 second intervals until at desired consistency (it usually takes me between 2 - 2.5 mins).

Let cool for a couple mins, top with some rainbow sprinkles, and enjoy!

A quick and easy breakfast today. I tried 2 new things today the first being this tetley boost tea. It tastes good and has some good ol’ B12 so good for all my vegan people! The second thing I tried was warburtons “protein” bread which tasted fine (not a life changer but perfectly edible) but was (to my mind) offensively small but I…portion control I guess….😒😅. Topped with my usual and sided with a big helping of fruit and almonds.
Have you guys tried any of these yet?


Looking for a fast, healthy, great tasting breakfast, well 3 steps will give you just that!

 Yogurt parfait is one of my favs, not only is it healthy for you, it’s also extremely easy and fast… did I mention that it’s taste is beyond delicious? 

First step: Choose what you would like to put in your parfait, what’s your favorite fruits? yogurt? and granola? If you can’t even decide, try switching it up once in a while.

Step Two: Add some yogurt to a bowl, cut up you fruit and start creating this masterpiece. 

Step Three: mix it all together and ENJOY!!! 

 This is perfect for anyone who has those early mornings or even a great breakfast on the go! Add to a container and eat it on the bus or train! If you’re not in a hurry and want to enjoy this at home, then why not add a hard boiled egg for that extra energy for your day!

 <3 Much love! Girlbrushedpink3 

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Quick progress selfie! It’s not the best picture, but I am slowly losing the belly and gaining an ass! I’m never gonna have skinny legs haha, but I am replacing the fat with muscle (or at least that’s the plan😂) I was feeling good in this, it’s a feeling to hold on to ❤️

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OMG how did you lose all that weight?? please tell me i want to lose weight.

Well i’m a teenage boy with testosterone and all that manly shit which is key to most of my quick weightloss. 

Girls have a harder time in general losing weight than boys just throwing that out there for any of you girls who might follow my technique 

My whole process was a two phase thing

Phase 1 was the diet phase:

  • Drink nothing but water. I stripped any unhealthy drink from my diet and i lost 10 pounds in two weeks. 
  • EAT HEALTHY!! SERIOUSLY JUST PUT DOWN THE CHIPS N SALSA FOR A SEC YALL ITS OK. I ate so much fish and veggies it’s unreal. Salad is your best friend. Also, fruits will always be there to help your sweet tooth. PORTION CONTROL IS EVERYTHING! PORTION WhatYOU EAT AND PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CALORIE INTAKE!
  • Don’t binge eat. Eat at least 2 meals a day with only a couple snacks. 

Phase 2 started 6 months after i began my healthy diet. 

  • I went to the gym twice a week for one hour. But, I did have a personal trainer who taught me so many amazing work outs
  • Keep an open mind when it comes to exercise, there’s more to exercising than push ups and sit ups. 
  • Do intervals, change it up within the hour you’re working out. 
  • STAY MOTIVATED. omfg motivation is key. Everytime i go to the gym i think about six packs and finally being physically attractive. 

I hope i helped some…

this is what worked for me..

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Hey, I'm 16 and I'm not quite overweight but I'm on the border for my height. I am 128lbs and 5ft3 but I'm super insecure and I often find myself depressed about my weight. My friend has just asked me to come on holiday with her but I am dreading wearing a bikini around her. How can I lose weight fairly quickly but around all of my exams? Thank you xx

I don’t have guide for quick weightloss or a get bikini ready quick program. I don’t do that stuff.
What I can suggest is to eat healthy foods and get active.

When you engage in healthy activities you feel better about your self! No number on a scale will make you feel secure on the beach. What can help you feel secure with yourself is living a healthy life 8) healthy foods make you feel good!

Some readers might see this message and think “16 is too young to be focusing on weightloss” and I disagree with that. When I was 16 I was 230 pounds. I needed to be active and focus on living a healthy life, I was extremely overweight.

You’re not in the category, but what is important is to embrace a healthy lifestyle at an early age 8)
I don’t mean: go vegan/raw/low carb/ Paleo etc overnight and spend 5 hours in the gym.
I mean things like: grab an apple vs chips, add a walk to you day, go on a jog with your friends, add some extra veggies to your meals, have some peanut butter toast for breakfast over a doughnut. Those sorts of healthy swaps.

I have more ideas on my clean eating page: