quick updo

Take a Deeper Look

{Part 1 | Part 2}

Pairing: Jay Park/You, Simon D/You

Genre: Yeah, still don’t know what’s going on here

Summary: AOMG’s newest producer has a lot to deal with including a flighty CEO who doesn’t understand the concept of “personal space” and feelings for yet another CEO who is so far beyond her reach she doesn’t even think she has a chance.

Content: Almost there, but no quiet | Daddy kink mentioned

Word Count: 3,549 

Notes: I suck at proofing. :<

You always prided yourself on being in control of your emotions, specifically in relation to your work. Music was not only what you did for living, but it was the reason you were able to get up every morning and face the day. It’s what kept you alive, warm, and fed: so you couldn’t fathom how that control had just slipped away with a simple prank pulled by your ‘oh so endearing’ boss. You were angry - not really at Jay but at yourself.

Your face still burned as you walked into the building the next morning. For some reason, you couldn’t shake the feel of Jay underneath you.Touching to most people was natural, but to you it was always an embarrassing mess that you did your best to avoid at almost any cost. Having the memory of you and Jay, your boss of all people, in such an intimate position was really doing a number on you. It was worse than having to hear his voice crooning obscenities in your ears while you edited. It made you feel extremely uncomfortable - even simple skin ship often had that effect - and strangely had a warm feeling pooling at the bottom of your stomach that you couldn’t explain.

Rubbing at your temples you made your way to Kiseok’s office. You hoped he would be in. It was only nine in the morning; all of the artists that were due to record for the day weren’t expected to start rolling in until around noon.

“Y/N, you are here awfully early,” his deep voice greeted you as you poked your head into his studio. He was lounging at his desk, nursing one of those gross breakfast replacement shakes that people without the skill or time to cook often took up.

“I can’t stand him,” you started immediately, dropping into a cushioned swivel chair next to him. “All he ever does is play around and I think Seonghwa should finish the last two tracks with him, because I don’t think I can.”

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NEW VIDEO ALERT🔔 5 Accessorized Curly HairStyles


Quick Messy Updo

I must admit, I am having fun figuring out how to style a lob these days. With just a few strategic sections and twists of hair, I am actually knowing like I know how to do stuff other than a top knot. All credit goes to those itty bitty clear hair rubber bands, a few bobby pins, dry shampoo, and my lack of ever wanting to wash my hair. 

Alas, here’s the latest twisted messy lob updo. Which (I promise) took under five minutes. 


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Natural Hair || Quick Holiday + Corporate Updo

Naptural85 writes:

I love this twisting pattern to make QUICK and EASY natural hair updos that last the week! This easy hairstyle can be worn out fluffy as shown, or keep the front twisted to turn it into an instant protective hairstyle! Perfect for the office and corporate attire, as well as any upcoming holiday parties! I hope you enjoy! XO! Nap


Two minute classic updo


Quick vintage updo

My hair style from last week–takes only five minutes to do and all I used were bobby pins. I filmed a tutorial for it and as soon as I started editing, I realised how blue the lighting was. Lesson learned: don’t try filming on a cloudy/rainy day. Sigh. Will re-film it though.

Also, this has been my go-to low manipulation style these last few weeks when I’m pressed on time or feel like doing something simple :-) 

Here is a perfect summer style done in 5 minutes and using 5 bobby pins.  Using your fingers backcomb hair in crown.  Start to do a simple 3 strand braid halfway down head and continue thru length.  Fasten with an elastic.  Wrap braid around itself loosely and while holding in left hand, pin where each finger was holding braid.  Spray with hairspray lightly.  Sweet and simple hair!